داستان همکاری huawei و leicaچطور huawei و leica آغاز شد

به نقل از خبرگزاریها در مورد داستان همکاری huawei و leicaچطور huawei و leica آغاز شد : the huawei p10 premiere is one month away and the rumors are thriving already. we've heard the p10 will come with a refined design, a curved qhd display, the latest kirin 960 chip, and second or third-gen leica era with monochrome and rgb sensors, both ois-enabled. we've seen some p10 renders already, and today we get to show you even more. the renders below supposedly reveal the two new special paintjobs - green and purple - which should spice up the lineup. huawei p9 got red and blue flavors in celebration of its popularity, but this time around huawei may be including the... مشخصات فنی پی 20 پرو هواوی مشخصات فنی پی 20 پرو هواوی (huawei p20 pro) در آستانه معرفی لو رفت. به نظر می رسد یکی از دوربین های هواوی پی 20 پرو، 40 مگاپی لی است! 27 مارس (7 فروردین)، هواوی به صورت رسمی از خانواده جدید p20 رونمایی خواهد کرد. در میان آنها، p20 پرو قوی ترین مدل خواهد بود که سازندگان در بخش ... نوشته مشخصات فنی پی 20 پرو هواوی ؛ منتظر دوربین 40 مگاپی لی باشید اولین بار در گجت نیوز. پدیدار شد. the huawei p20 and p20 pro debuted yesterday and their leica eras were understandably met with a lot of excitement. performance wasn't so much in focus as the kirin 970 that powers them was introduced back in october with the mate 10 series. huawei p20 pro still, we though to give the soc a test to see how it fares on the new taller screens of slightly higher resolution. the kirin 970 premiered at ifa last fall. it is built on the 10 nm process by hisilicion, native huawei division. the chip is housing an octa-core cpu - four cortex-a73 cores clocked at 2.4 ghz for performance... it's nice to see that huawei isn't resting on its leica laurels - it will push through the now common dual era setup and go up to three eras. and don't you forget it, huawei's entire marketing paign for the p20 phones is centered on that. here's the latest video: a match made in heaven. putting professional p og hy within your grasp. #seemooore #huaweip20 pic.twitter.com/jslcwuxhim— huawei mobile (@huaweimobile) march 6, 2018 notice how the triple era setup is horizontal rather than vertical, contradicting the leaked promo from yesterday. the promo does confirm that... huawei's new mate 10 family will be announced in a week, on october 16, and we'll be there to bring you the complete coverage of the devices. but until then we can enjoy the latest leak, showing one of the three or four family members, the huawei mate 10 pro. we've seen the mate 10 pro on another occasion, courtesy of evan bl , and now get two new renders by way of china weibo's @ichangezone. the renders offer more of the same - a front housing an 18:9 aspect screen and a dual-toned back design, two eras with leica branding and a back-mounted fingerprint scanner. huawei... huawei is one of the big smartphone players that skipped on the mwc 2018 announcement game. the chinese manufacturer decided to push the launch of its new flagship the p20 for march 27, giving more time for leaks and rumors to power the rumor mill. latest p os from chinese sources suggest a horizontal dual setup next to an led light next to what appears to be a third era, all of them branded by leica. alleged huawei p20 the phone is not powered (most likely a dummy) and we can't see the screen, but it will most likely be fullview with 18:9 ratio like the one in the... we've said a lot about huawei mate 9. it's leica dual- era is amazing, the battery is fascinating and can last two days with normal usage and the design is slick. but when the device was revealed in germany back in november, another phone actually caught the eye - porsche design huawei mate 9. this is the first partnership between the design company and huawei and now you can preorder the product of their collaboration for ‘only' €1395. there's a lot in common between the regular mate 9 and the designer's one. the chipset is an octa-core kirin 960, the battery is 4000 mah in both... ویدیوی رسمی هواوی میت 10 به دنبال انتشار تصویر دعوت نامه جدید هواوی، حالا نیز نخستین ویدیوی رسمی هواوی میت 10 (huawei mate 10) با تمرکز روی دوربین دوگانه آن با برند لایکا منتشر شده است. اگرچه در این ویدیو مستقیما نام «میت 10» آورده نمی شود، اما با اشاره سازندگان به محصولی جدید از سری میت، شکی نیست که تیزر جدید ... نوشته نخستین ویدیوی رسمی هواوی میت 10 ، دوربین دوگانه لایکا را نمایش می دهد اولین بار در گجت نیوز پدیدار شد. huawei loves dual rear era systems so much that it's basically been employing this arran ent in all of its flagships and mid-rangers for a while now. next year, though, the chinese company may take things to a whole new level. in fact, huawei's next p-series smartphone - perhaps to be dubbed the p11 - might be showing up with not one, not two, but three eras on the rear. this setup will allegedly enable 40mp p os, as well as 5x "hybrid zooming". selfies won't be forgotten either, for you will be able to take 24mp s s with "low light enhancement". the new leica-branded optics... huawei is a company on the rise and part of their success is the high-end positioning of a select few of their devices. but it's not only the market segment they've chosen, it's also about the consistent product quality that they deliver. as a huawei mate 9 user, you can understand my excitement when the mate 9 pro arrived for a review today. mate 9 is an amazing phone with an incredible battery life and a fabulous leica dual- sensor and the mate 9 pro is even better. our unit e in haze gold. unlike the titanium grey device, this one actually is golden all over - both on the... معرفی huawei p20 و huawei p20 pro و huawei mate rs از زبان هواوی   هواوی با شعار آینده عکاسی با هوش در گوشی های جدید huawei p20 و huawei p20 pro از این دو گوشی در کنار نسخه لو porsche design huawei mate rs در پاریس رونمایی کرد. در ادامه متن بیانیه مطبوعاتی و معرفی مشخصات و ویژگی های این 3 گوشی جدید را از زبان هواوی مطالعه خواهید ... نوشته معرفی huawei p20 و huawei p20 pro و huawei mate rs از زبان هواوی اولین بار در گجت نیوز. پدیدار شد. promo materials for the huawei mate 10 and mate 10 pro have leaked, revealing the highlights of the upcoming flagship. almost invariably they connect back to the kirin 970 and its ai capabilities. the huawei mate 10 is all about ai-enhanced functionality for one, the ai will recognize up to 14 scenes and automatically adjust the settings of the era. it will also power a digital istant that can look through the era. the istant will be able to translate text seen through the era entirely offline - all running on the chipsets npu (neural processing... another day, another huawei smartphone appears. this time is the huawei nova 2i that appeared on the malaysian department of vmall, the manufacturer's official online retail store. it comes with fullview display and four eras and just barely resembles the already launched huawei nova 2 and huawei nova 2 plus. the phone might look familiar from images - this is actually the international version of the huawei maimang 6 that got announced last week. huawei nova 2i has a kirin 659 chipset with octa-core cpu. the ram is 4 gb, while internal memory is 64 gb. the screen is with 18:9... huawei introduced three new phones yesterday in munich - the huawei mate 10, the huawei mate 10 pro and the huawei mate 10 porsche design. all three phones come with dual eras with a f/1.6 aperture on both lenses and the kirin 970 chipset that huawei markets as the "first kirin ai chipset". a day after the announcement, huawei mobile posted three promo videos, highliting the key features of the mate 10 series. the first video emphasizes on the 4,000 mah battery, coupled with the new chipset. through fancy g hics and strong beats, huawei also explains about the "ultimate... if you are in the uk and have been considering the new huawei p10, you will be glad to know that the phone will be available through all major carriers. according to android central, the huawei p10 will be available through ee, vodafone, o2, and three. apart from that, the phone will also be available through carphone warehouse. this information was confirmed by huawei vice president of handsets product line, bruce lee. huawei did not confirm the availability of the larger earlier on, a huawei exec said that the p11 will "probably" be announced at the mwc. it seems that those plans are solidifying as representatives at an event in germany confirmed that the new flagship will be unveiled in q1 2018. there are plenty of speculations about the huawei p11. some that we half way believe, like the three era setup, and others that we hope are not true (notches are not a good thing). huawei p10 anyway, the huawei p10 was announced in february at the mwc and went on sale the following month. we're probably looking at the same time frame for the p11 next... the huawei nova 2s is not far away - it's announcement will be on december 7 - but new details are emerging daily. the last bit of information we got is the pricing - the huawei nova 2s will cost a projected cny 2,599 (around €330) for the 4gb/64gb variant and cny 2,999 (around €380) for the 6gb/128gb model. huawei nova 2s we also get a few new pics of the device in the wild sporting three paint jobs - black, white and blue. rumor has it there will be red and pink as well, rounding off a very colorful palette. huawei nova 2s the huawei nova 2s will have two... we've had some back and forth on the next huawei p-series phone and it's starting to feel like huawei itself hasn't made the decision yet. first, the company trademarked p20, now it trademarked p11. the application was filed in the us, the uk, taiwan, hong g and other countries. the huawei p20 trademark was filed in the us only and that was months ago. the company's web team was also caught preparing info pages for huawei p11 and p12, making it more likely that huawei will continue counting upward without skipping any numbers. the p12 will probably have to wait for next year,... huawei just announced the honor v10 and we're already seeing glimpses of its upcoming projects. the latest leak comes brings us images and specs of the huawei nova 2s. the phone looks similar to the huawei mate 10 lite and might end up to be a new name for the previously rumored huawei nova 3. huawei nova 2s the huawei nova 2s has a 6-inch 18:9 screen with fhd+ resolution, a 20mp+16mp dual era on the back, a dual 20mp era on the front and a 2016-flagship grade kirin 960 chipset with 6gb of ram. the software on board is android 8.0 oreo with emui 8.0. all that remains... phone companies rarely pick paris as the stage to launch their new flagship, but if you're going to launch a era-focused phone, we'd say it's a beautiful choice. both the huawei p20 and p20 pro will be made official today (probably followed by a porsche design). we're on location so we can deliver first-hand impressions from the premium duo and their ai-powered leica eras. for those of you watching at home, here's a livestream so you can follow the announcements as they happen. the streams starts at 1:30 pm gmt. the venue promises good p o opportunities, so we'll try to... huawei is launching the p20 pro next week, but the leak train is already at full speed. the phone, codenamed charlotte, will have kirin 970 chipset and run android 8.1 as confirmed by a geekbench ings. the huawei p20 pro, ed with 6 gb ram, reached impressive numbers that are even higher than the leaked benchmarks of the vanilla huawei p20. jrg h_expandable_version = false; geekbench 4.2 (multi-core) higher is better samsung galaxy s9 8830 sony xperia xz2 8466 huawei p20 pro (unofficial) 6729 huawei mate 10 ... have you ever wanted to use your phone to declare your love for chicken wings? well, neither did we, but this didn't prevent kfc and huawei from launching the huawei enjoy 7 plus in red with engraved colonel sanders on the back. the phone (also known as huawei y7 prime) commemorates 30 years since kfc opened its first restaurant in beijing as well as 30 years since the establishment of huawei. only 5,000 units of the kfc phone will be made and they will cost cny1,099 or around $160 each. source (in chinese) huawei wants to flood the global smartphone market with plenty of devices with kind of an unusual strategy - launch one device with different names across different markets. the huawei p8 lite (2017) was announced in january for some european markets. then it reached the coasts of baltic sea where it was renamed honor 8 lite before hitting the japanese islands with the name huawei nova lite. and now it appeared on a turkish website named huawei p9 lite (2017). huawei p9 lite (2017) mediamarkt's turkish website ing of a device called huawei p9 lite (2017). at first, we... huawei knocked it out of the park with the p10 flagship. over 70% of voters in last week's poll saw the potential of its high-scoring leica dual era and powerful kirin chipset. there were some worries about the price, but that's the flagship way. and as mixkhata007 points out, you can wait a couple of months for the price to come down a bit. if you want it now, pre-orders have already started. it is already available in germany and should be shipping in the netherlands. brits will have to wait until march 31. spain should get it a few days earlier. it would be easy to confuse the p10 for a leica phone - the german era brand features so prominently on the new flagship. the leica dual era 2.0 on the back features summarit-h lenses, feeding light into one 12mp color sensor and one 20mp monochrome sensor. the complex system features a 4-in-1 hybrid autofocus, optical image stabilization and can create instantaneous depth of field effects. the selfie era gathers twice as much light as the previous generation. there's brains behind this 8mp eye too, it automatically switches to wide-angle mode when it sees more people join your... at its press conference on february 26 at mwc in barcelona, huawei might unveil more than just the oft-rumored p10. it turns out that we could see a new smartwatch from the company becoming official at the same time (although such plans may still change). the huawei watch 2 would thus be outed almost exactly two years after the original, which was first introduced to the world on march 1, 2015. according to a new rumor, the second generation of huawei's wearable will come with a "sportier" look than the first one, whatever that may mean. the huawei watch (pictured above) has been... last week huawei announced a new midranger with the name enjoy 7s. the phone comes with kirin 659 chipset, dual eras on the back and the latest emui, based on android oreo. according to evan bl who proved himself in leaking valuable info, the phone will be sold outside china as huawei p smart. the huawei p smart will keep the same specs as the enjoy 7s - 5.65" display with fullhd+ resolution and octa-core cpu, working at 2.36 ghz. the memory combinations are 3 gb ram + 32 gb storage or 4 gb ram + 64 gb storage, but huawei would not surprise anyone if it decides to try... we are just a day away from the huawei p20 and p20 pro launch event in paris, france. but the overwhelming leaks throughout the past weeks have left little to imagination. and now we have even more of those. first, you can see the huawei p20 venue being prepared for the event. the colored mooore logo hints about the new triple era and the abundance of era testing setups suggests huawei really is confident that it will deliver a top notch shooter. huawei p20 launch venue one particular promo wall catches the attention with the porsche design huawei... huawei will present its flagship the p10 tomorrow. the event will be streamed live and we already reported the social media channels it would be available on. but according to a m ive leak, the element of surprise is already gone. images reveal the key features of huawei p10 along with all the available colors. key features the press images reveal that huawei p10 will have a fingerprint scanner on the front, opposing its predecessor huawei p9 which had it on the back. unlike apple and htc, huawei has decided to stick with the 3.5mm jack for their flagship. we find it on... welcome to your first real look at the huawei mate 10 pro, courtesy of evan bl . we can see the near bezel-free front, the two leica-branded snappers on the back as well as the phone's design and color scheme. mind you, the mate 10 pro is only one of the upcoming versions - along with lite, regular and porsche edition. image courtesy of evan bl if you zoom in on the image you can spot the f/1.6 aperture of the main era. as for the strip that contains the era equipment on the back, it has a lined pattern and could be gl . the brown color option is unique too. a... huawei announced the mate 10 with a price tag of €699 and date of availability from november 2017 for 11 first-wave launch markets. one of them is malaysia and the fans there are getting a pretty sweet deal through online retailer 3ex - the mate 10 costs myr2,699 or about €540. but wait, there's more - the seller also gives freebies worth myr999/€200 with each pre-order. screengrab from 3ex the exclusive freebies include huawei car supercharger, huawei smart scale, bluetooth monopod, 3m screen warranty and huawei vip service membership. the huawei mate 10 is offered in only one... renders of a yet-to-be-announced huawei phone have surfaced online - in high resolution and two color schemes. now, not to be ungrateful to evan bl for digging up the images, but we're inclined to disagree with the leaker calling the phone a 'huawei-branded honor 8 pro' - it's more of a huawei-branded honor 7x in our book. unnamed huawei phone, model number bnd-l34 of course, to be fair, huawei's entire naming scheme is a complete mess with seemingly identical phones called entirely different names across the world. we won't pretend we know marketing better than the... هواوی میت 10 پس از معرفی هواوی میت 10 (huawei mate 10) و هواوی میت 10 پرو (huawei mate 10 pro)، اینک فرصت یافتیم تا نگاهی نزدیک به دو پرچمدار جدید هواوی داشته باشیم. سال ها پیش، هواوی برند ناشناخته ای خارج از چین بود و فروش محصولاتش به بازار چین وابسته بود. اما این روزها به دومین تولیدکننده بزرگ ... نوشته اولین نگاه به هواوی میت 10 و هواوی میت 10 پرو (huawei mate 10 & huawei mate 10 pro) اولین بار در گجت نیوز پدیدار شد. we've tried to make sense of huawei's flagship lineup, though we confess we're still not 100% sure which phone we like better - the "vanilla" mate 10 or the supposedly better mate 10 pro. we're fans of the pricing - huawei's (and leica's) greatest hardware for €700-€800 sounds great when the competition charges €900+. benchmark results are solid if not earth-shattering, the storage situation is good, though a tad confusing. the vanilla mate 10 only comes with 4gb/64gb storage, but there are two good news - there's a microsd slot and the customary €100 memory upgrade actually gets... the huawei y6 pro (2017) is now official and will start selling in germany, italy and france for a price of around €179. this is an improved variant of the already-available huawei y6 (2017) with a metal casing instead of the plastic and a snapdragon 425 chipset instead of the mediatek chip. finally the huawei y6 pro has a fingerprint scanner on the back. the rest of the specs of the huawei y6 pro (2017) are a 13mp main era with 5mp selfie snapper on the front, 2gb of ram, and 16gb of built-in storage with microsd card expansion. the display is a 5-inch ips lcd of ... huawei is having a press conference at the mobile world congress in barcelona and everyone is waiting the company to unveil long-awaited flagships huawei p10 and huawei p10 plus. huawei's richard yu announced today on weibo to expect another surprise - a new smartwatch with android wear 2.0. the post itself also included an image with a male in sporting gear, looking at his smartwatch. the tag line "made for free spirits" hints to a sporty device, though yu didn't mention any specs of the huawei watch 2. according to earlier rumors, the device will have mobile connectivity and... huawei is wasting no time and has started work on porting the new android o to its premier phablet, the huawei mate 9. it's early in the development stage, but some unique o features like picture in picture are already working. a rom was unearthed by an xda senior member, who provided the first glimpse of what's to come. the emui version is 5.1 - a tenth higher than the last update, but the huawei p10 is already on v5.1 so this is likely not the final version of huawei's custom skin. huawei mate 9 running a test version of android o • the picture in picture feature the rom... things have been moving along quite idly for the huawei p10 and huawei p10 plus. a few price leaks, followed by early renders were apparently enough to make the chinese giant break the silence and tease the dual unveiling on february 26 at mwc. more renders and specs were quick to follow and now a geekbench ing has also been uncovered, to reaffirm previous hunches. from the looks of things, the huawei p10 will have 4gb of ram at its disposal and will ship with the latest android 7 nougat. huawei p10 renders (unofficial, of course) other previously suggested... huawei's first android wear smartwatch is still a great smartwatch today. released in 2015, its looks still hold up today (better than the huawei watch 2 in our opinion). so you can understand why so many folks are patiently waiting for the new android wear 2.0 update. the huawei watch is now getting the aw update, however only those who are on the latest developer preview will get it first. once the update rolls out to experienced testers with no issues, huawei should give the green light to those units running stable software. the update should arrive for all variants of the huawei... ever since we got the huawei p10 plus for review, we've been itching to test how the era compares to the regular huawei p10. after all, besides the screen size, the wide era aperture is the second major difference between the two phones. اختصاصی از نیک فایل آموزش حذف frp گوشی 2017 huawei huawei-gr5 با اندروید 7 با و پر سرعت .
آموزش حذف frp گوشی 2017 huawei huawei-gr5 با اندروید 7
آموزش حذف frp گوشی 2017 huawei huawei-gr5 با اندروید 7 آموزش حذف frp گوشی huawei huawei-gr5 با اندروید 7
آموزش حذف frp گوشی 2017 huawei huawei-gr5 با اندروید 7
لایکا شرکت هواوی (huawei) اکنون برای دوربین گوشی های هوشمند خود با یکی از بزرگ ترین سازندگان دوربین یعنی شرکت لایکا (leica) همکاری می کند. اما این همکاری چگونه شکل گرفت و از کجا شروع شد؟ هواوی که در حوزه عکاسی با هوش نمونه های موفقی در سری گوشی های میت 10 (huawei mate 10) به بازار عرضه ... نوشته داستان همکاری هواوی و لایکا چگونه شکل گرفت؟ اولین بار در گجت نیوز. پدیدار شد. آیا مایل به ید هواوی میت 10 یا میت 10 پرو هستید؟ (نظرسنجی) با معرفی هواوی میت 10 (huawei mate 10) و هواوی میت 10 پرو (huawei mate 10 pro)، پرچمداران هواوی نیز رونمایی شدند. آیا شما مایل به ید هواوی میت 10 هستید؟ دقایقی پیش، کمپانی چینی هواوی طی مراسمی که در مونیخ آلمان برگزار شد، گوشی های میت 10 و میت 10 پرو را به همراه ... نوشته آیا مایل به ید هواوی میت 10 یا میت 10 پرو هستید؟ (نظرسنجی) اولین بار در گجت نیوز پدیدار شد. huawei wasn't the first maker to use a dual- era setup with the p9, but that's what be e the spark of the multiple- era revolution. the p10 series lost some of that momentum by focusing on experience instead of features, but with the p20 huawei is back leading the era race. earlier today, huawei took the w s off the p20 and p20 pro, its latest flagship duo. neither of those devices will be officially sold by the company in the us, though. this is anything but surprising, given huawei's much publicized issues with offering the mate 10 pro through carriers in the country. in the end that didn't happen, because of pressure from us lawmakers (allegedly). you can still buy the mate 10 pro unlocked in the states, but that won't be the case for the p20 family. while huawei has made even the mate 9 available in the us in unlocked form, it's never gone the same... plenty of rumors already confirmed that huawei would showcase the mate 10 and the mate 10 pro at an event on monday. according to a tip we received, huawei is preparing a third phone named huawei mate 10 porsche design. the company teased a 5-second video on its facebook page where it confirmed the third mate 10 variant. chinese manufacturer huawei has announced that its appstore will be available in europe in the first quarter of next year, making it the first market outside china to get the digital marketplace. the announcement was made at the huawei eco-connect europe event in berlin yesterday. "huawei unveiled several new mobile services, content partnerships with 15 key app and game developers, as well as two strategic partnerships with key video content providers ahead of the launch of huawei appstore," the company said in a press release. huawei also revealed some interesting statistics,... when huawei p10 was launched at mwc 2017 in barcelona, everyone kept asking why the flagship does not have more ram. back then richard yu, coo of huawei, said that having more gigs is like being at a cold war - you don't exactly win anything, you only have some fictional psychological a ntage. that doesn't mean the hardware specs race is over. today we have the honor 9, made by a company, which is a huawei's subsidiary. we have here the 64 gb model and guess what, it comes with 6 gb ram. in a world where "revolutionary design" is having a new dazzling blue color, most phones tend to... just hours ago we reported that huawei will unveil a new phone - the nova 3e - in china on march 20 and that that new phone will likely be a renamed huawei p20 lite. today we got more proof of that thanks to a promotional poster for the nova 3e that you can see below. the design perfectly matches the leaked p20 lite renders from earlier. if the rumor is confirmed then we can expect the huawei nova 3e to share the rumored specs of the huawei p20 lite - a 5.84-inch screen of 2280x1080px resolution, 16mp+2mp dual era, 4gb of ram and a kirin 659 chipset. a hat tip to steve for... just hours ago we reported that huawei will unveil a new phone - the nova 3e - in china on march 20 and that that new phone will likely be a renamed huawei p20 lite. today we got more proof of that thanks to a promotional poster for the nova 3e that you can see below. the design perfectly matches the leaked p20 lite renders from earlier. we expect the huawei nova 3e to share the rumored specs of the huawei p20 lite - a 5.84-inch screen of 2280x1080px resolution, 16mp+2mp dual era, 4gb of ram and a kirin 659 chipset. we also managed to obtain a few more unseen up until...