160 illegal pakistani residents deported from saudi arabia

به نقل از خبرگزاریها در مورد 160 illegal pakistani residents deported from saudi arabia : saudi arabia will offer a tender in the fourth quarter for 400 megawatts of wind power at a project in the northern area of domat al-jandal, he said. us president donald trump will speak by phone with the leaders of saudi arabia and the united arab emirates on sunday, according to the white house. oil steadied after a third weekly loss as predictions by saudi arabia and russia that crude markets will rebalance vied with signs that u.s. companies are drilling even more wells. the new york times reported on september 26 that saudi arabia declared an end to its longstanding ban on female drivers. before this day, saudi arabia was the only country in the world to prohibit women from driving. german chancellor angela merkel met with saudi arabia’s king salman and his successors in her first visit to the kingdom in seven years, saying she pressed them on women’s rights, the war in yemen and other sensitive issues. although given their persistent hostile views toward iran, hearing such positions from high-ranking israeli and american officials e as no surprise, when saudi arabia and turkey decided to join them, the situation be e more interesting. just days after he signed an executive order that critics say unfairly targets muslims, president trump spoke on the phone with the leader of a country that is not only the home of islam's most sacred sites, but also widely accused of abetting some of the religion's worst extremism: saudi arabia. egyptian president abdel fattah al-sisi will start an official visit to saudi arabia on sunday, in an effort to break the ice after months of tensions. wearing a barcelona shirt in saudi arabia now carries a risk of €135,000 fine and up to 15 years in prison. russia and saudi arabia will ask opec to hike production by 1.5 million barrels a day in the third quarter of 2018, russian energy minister alexander novak said on urday. the uk and saudi arabia are set to agree closer ties in areas including defence, security, intelligence and trade. iran on monday sent a delegation to saudi arabia to discuss regaining access to the annual pilgrimage to mecca for its citizens, iranian foreign ministry spokesperson bahram ghasemi said on monday. despite the of reports attesting to the non-impact of the saudi arabia-led diplomatic boycott of doha, new estimates by bloomberg’s economic survey predict that 2017 will be qatar’s slowest year of gdp growth since 1995. british prime minister theresa may said on tuesday she would raise "hard issues" with saudi arabia's leaders as domestic critics urged her to pressure riyadh over its war in yemen and human rights record. while going ahead with its plan to totally stop iran’s oil exports by november, the united states counts heavily on its allies in the persian gulf, especially saudi arabia to fill the gap in the energy market. however, riyadh’s real potential to undertake such a task is highly questionable. u.s. president donald trump and first lady melania trump board air force one for his first international trip as president, including stops in saudi arabia, israel, the vatican, brussels and at the g7 summit in sicily, from joint base andrews, maryland, u.s. may 19, 2017. reuters/jonathan ernst indifferent to numerous international criticisms, saudi arabia is continuing its strikes against yemen. the latest wave of saudi airstrikes has caused the death of tens of civilians, including a dozen of women. iran has once again strictly condemned saudi acts in yemen. in his first foreign trip since becoming the president of the united states, donald trump will visit israel (occupied palestine), the vatican and saudi arabia. in addition to the us ties with the israelis, reports of trump’s plans to sell billions of arms to saudi arabia has doubled the importance of his trip. saudi arabia has hailed a "historical turning point" in relations with the united states after a meeting between us president donald trump and deputy crown prince mohammed bin salman at the white house. energy minister khalid falih said that saudi arabia is interested in the continuation of the dialogue between the organization of the petroleum exporting countries states and non-cartel oil producers to stabilize the crude market. malaysia welcomed saudi arabia's king salman on sunday for the start of a rare, month-long asian tour, where the monarch will build ties and seek to draw more investments to the oil-rich gulf nation. the foreign ministry of iran has responded to the statement of mohammad bin salman al saud, crown prince of saudi arabia, about reality of war between two states, reports irtag news agency. saudi arabia and germany will sign several agreements during the visit of chancellor angela merkel, who will arrive in jeddah on sunday, german amb ador dieter w. haller said on urday. paigners have lost a high-profile case calling for uk arms sales to saudi arabia to be stopped over humanitarian concerns as the high court ruled exports could continue. ripples of reform from riyadh have been attracting positive press for the saudis in washington. the government recently pledged to permit women to drive, allow movie theaters into the country and to teach physical education to s in schools. these are important steps, especially for gender equality. this month, saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin salman, who has gotten credit for many of these reforms, ended up winning time magazine readers' poll for person of the year. russia's rostec state corporation is in negotiations process with saudi arabia and kuwait on the t-90 tank deliveries, rostec ceo sergey chemezov said in an interview tuesday. hizbullah on urday condemned what it described as a “shameful bid” to target the mecca mosque in saudi arabia, the party said in a statement. the diplomatic crisis between qatar and a saudi-led bloc of arab countries is still ongoing with no clear resolution in sight. in a latest move, the qatar opposition gathered in london – apparently by a saudi initiative – to discuss the ways of replacing the current government in doha. saudi arabia’s crown prince mohammed bin salman has cast himself as a reformer, advocating equality for women and granting them the right to drive. on monday, saudi authorities decided to allow the opening of cinemas after a ban that lasted for more than three decades. south korea minister of trade, industry and energy paik un-gyu will visit saudi arabia in a bid to support south korea’s bid to win contracts to build nuclear power plants in the middle eastern country. twenty people were killed in an air strike by a saudi-led military coalition in southwestern yemen on friday, residents said, pa reports quoting reuters. as saudi arabia and its gcc allies continue to pose pressure on qatar, pressing ahead with their tough demands of the persian gulf kingdom, doha has made it clear that it has no intention to come up with the saudi demands. at the same time, it tries to shape a kind of international paign defending its positions. when saudi arabia and russia announced a new policy to revive oil production last week, one thing was missing: most of the other partners in their grand coalition. saudi arabia hopes to bring russia into the fold of an expanded club of global oil giants to sustain a stable market, leaving opec's role in question, analysts say. as the saudi government sought to step up its efforts to counter extremism, it dreamt up a competition for schoolchildren to take p os and videos that showed “the kingdom’s work in serving islam” or security forces’ fight against islamist militants. turkey hopes to sign a major defense export deal with saudi arabia, defence minister fikri isik said on wednesday, describing the potential deal as one of the biggest for turkey's defense industry. the united states are set to overtake saudi arabia as the world’s number two oil producer after russia this year, as shale companies, attracted by rising prices, ramp up drilling, the international energy agency said yesterday. recep tayyip erdoğan congratulated saudi arabia’s new crown prince mohamed bin salman in a telephone call early on june 22, with the two men expressing a desire for stronger ties between their countries, according to presidential sources. saudi arabia's king salman on wednesday landed at a military airbase in the capital of indonesia, the world's largest muslim-majority country, to kick off the longest leg of a month-long trip across asia. ousted pakistani prime minister nawaz sharif held meetings with some members of the saudi royal family on wednesday, a development which some pakistan muslim league-nawaz (pml-n) insiders described as “positive”. president donald trump spoke friday by telephone with saudi arabia's king salman about efforts to end the row with qatar, according to the white house. the secretary-general of the united nations has welcomed saudi arabia’s move allowing women to drive in the ultraconservative kingdom beginning next summer. iran says venezuela and iraq will join it in blocking a proposal to increase oil production that’s backed by saudi arabia and russia when opec and its allies meet in vienna this week. egyptian protesters opposed to a 2016 agreement to transfer two red sea islands to saudi arabia clashed with police in downtown cairo, just hours after a parliamentary committee approved the deal. in the latest development regarding the diplomatic spat between qatar and some other arab nations, it was announced today that saudi arabia and its allies have delivered a of their expectations to the qatari officials. however, observers express doubt whether those demands could even be applicable. yemen's houthi fighters have fired a bal ic missile targeting one of the royal palaces, where saudi crown prince mohammed bin salman was supposed to be present, located in a residential locality in the saudi arabian capital of riyadh. the projectile was intercepted by riyadh's patriot anti-missile system but saudi arabia has raised serious concerns after civilian areas are being targeted by the iran-backed houthis. as the diplomatic spat between qatar and other gcc countries is still far from resolved, doha officials have expressed desire to engage in a serious dialogue with saudi arabia and its allies. at the same time, they have made it clear that having positive relations with iran is a priority in the qatar’s foreign policy. short after signing a $110 billion arms deal with saudi arabia to invigorate the arab kingdom against iran, donald trump administration has apparently taken a new anti-iran step. the news regarding the appointment of a notorious agent as the head of iran affairs sector in cia has sparked many debates. us president donald trump has landed in saudi arabia in an apparent effort to publicly appeal to muslims worldwide to view him as a partner and not an enemy. in his trip, trump also tries to reshape the strained relationship with the saudis and to consolidate the economic and security relations between the two countries.