alleged specs suggest the sony xperia xz3 will use xz2 premium s dual era

به نقل از خبرگزاریها در مورد alleged specs suggest the sony xperia xz3 will use xz2 premium s dual era : specs of a sony flagship, codenamed h8216, appeared several days ago. now we have the first alleged render of the phone that might arrive as the xperia xz2 or the xperia xz1 premium. the image suggests the device will have no bezels on three sides of its screen akin to the xiaomi mi mix 2. the phone appears to have the power on on the side, most likely with the fingerprint scanner embedded. there is also a volume rocker and dedicated era on on the right side. the tall screen spans all the way to the bottom, leaving a small bezel on top for the speaker, proximity sensor,... it is still monday but sony already delivered what will likely be the biggest announcement of the week. the japanese company just introduced its first phone with dual eras - xperia xz2 premium. the phone has a 4k hdr screen, snapdragon 845 soc, 6 gb ram and the ability to capture p os and videos in extremely low-lit environments. the triluminos display is 5.8" with a resolution of 2160 x 3840 pixels in the standard 16:9 ratio. w ped between a 2.5d gorilla gl 5 and a gl back, the phone follows the ambient flow design that was introduced with the xperia xz2 and xperia... sony xperia xz2 premiumsony xperia xz2 premium گوشی جدیدی از سونی است که قرار است در ربع سوم سال 2018 روانه بازار شود patience pays off - after eu and korean pre-orders, americans are next in line to get a sony xperia xz premium. at least those with $800 to spare. amazon, best buy, fry's and other retailers will offer the sony flagship (but no carriers, for now). you'll be able to pre-order on june 12 and the phone will be shipped a week later on june 19. you should be familiar with the specs that make the xz premium unique (if not, read our review), but do keep in mind that the fingerprint reader will be disabled. also on june 12, pre-orders for the plus-sized p og hy buff, the sony xperia xa1... the xperia xz2 premium has only barely gone on sale in select markets and going up for pre-order in others, but the dual- era sony handset is only available in chrome black and chrome silver. a new report suggests that the sony xperia xz2 premium will be made in a third color: chrome gold. a live image o old-clad version of the xz2 premium has leaked online. this color hasn't officially been confirmed by sony, so we're expecting it may be announced soon or for a future edition to come well after the phone's initial release. source: of course, the image's... sony unveiled the xperia xz2 premium back in april, but we still don't have a price for it. that might change on july 5 as sony mobile taiwan has scheduled an event, where it is expected to reveal the price tag for the dual era flagship. according to info from earlier this month, sony will start accepting pre-orders in china on july 2. the price wasn't announced officially, but a cny 6,000 ($965) estimate was kicked around the rumor mill. the sony mobile japan website puts the release date of the phone in late august. with an ntt docomo contract the xperia xz2 premium will cost... sony is changing up its design language as we've seen in several leaks. the latest gives us a front and rear view of the sony xperia xz2, the larger counterpart of the xz2 compact, which we saw from the side. the xz2 duo should be among the first to feature snapdragon 845 and will be sony's first to go 18:9. this particular unit will have a 5.7" screen with 1080p+ resolution according to the latest info from @evleaks. the xperia xz2 reportedly upgrades the xz premium era to f/1.8 aperture (down from f/2.0). interestingly, the super slow-motion video recording (at 960fps) has been... the affordable sony xperia l1 is the latest phone to come to our office and we are rushing to share our first impressions with you. it certainly lacks the geeky appeal of the xperia xz premium, but it has something few of its entry-level peers posses - a distinctive design. while its specs sheet is understandably modest, the xperia l1 is an instantly recognizable member of the sony family. it even comes with a back panel that changes from pink through pearl to white depending on light, suggesting more premium materials than is the norm in the price range. sony says the polycarbonate... months before the sony xperia xz2 premium was unveiled, we saw the user agent profiles for two phones with 4k screens, the h8116 and h8166. so this could be nothing, but at the end of may tenaa certified a phone with the latter model number. it has 5.8" display like the xz2 premium, however, the page does not say anything about the resolution. the physical dimensions of the phone also match the premium. sony h8166, perhaps an xperia xz2 pro, but probably just a version of the premium however, the battery capacity - 3,400 mah - matches neither the regular xz2 nor the xz2 premium.... sony's xperia xz premium is certainly one of the test names of the season. it keeps coming back to our office and we keep coming to it. we had fun with the bronze pink xz prmeium last month and we already clocked in a preview from the mwc show floor. and yesterday we showed you what the snapdragon 835 chipset in the xperia xz premium can do so this time we're going to move back from tests and focus more on the feel of the thing. the xperia xz premium is undoubtedly one of the best looking phones around even if it doesn't have the bezel allergy that quite a few handsets have these... sony definitely brought the big guns to the ifa 2017 show floor. both the new xperia xz1 and xz1 compact have truly impressive flagship specs to boast and as it turns out, an equally solid os foundation as well. both devices will ship, running a fresh new sony-skinned android 8.0 oreo rom from the get-go. thankfully, the japanese giant has thought about its current lineup as well. most of its 2016 handsets will be updated to oreo. this includes the: xperia x xperia x performance xperia xz xperia x compact xperia xz premium xperia xzs xperia xa1 xperia xa1 ultra xperia xa1... earlier this week sony had us over at an event promoting the pending launch of the xperia xz premium - their flagship phone. we had already had a few hands-on sessions with the xz premium around the mwc 2017 back in march but now that sony is getting ready to release the phone, we finally got a unit that we could play with as much as we wanted. the event's venue on the sunny troia peninsula in portugal offered us a great opportunity to walk around and take a few comparison s s with the xz premium and the iphone 7 plus, which we had around. here they are, enjoy! sony xperia... sony xperia xz premium owners started receiving the latest firmware update for their phones. the build number moves from 47.1.a.12.34 to 47.1.a.12.75 and brings february security update that fixes "meltdown" and "spectre" cpu vulnerabilities. sony xperia xz premium security update the new firmware is version 47.1.a.12.75 and it doesn't mention any other changes, so chances are you won't notice much difference in terms of user experience. the 120mb size also suggests no major changes. the upgrade is now seeding to dual-sim phones, but single-sim versions should be getting it... not only the htc u11, the sony xperia xz premium has also started receiving its first update. the update arrives as build number 45.0.a.5.1 for most regions, 45.0.a.5.6 for the single the sim variant (g8141) in south korea, and 45.0.a.5.8 for dual sim model (g8142) in taiwan. as for included changes, the update brings along android security fixes for the month of june. no other major changes are there. given that it's an ota roll out, it might take time for the update to hit your device. via it took some time for sony to catch up with that double era craze, but it's already done it with the xz2 premium and now we hear it will go one step further and add four eras in total for its upcoming xperia xz3 flagship. news about the device are rather scarce although, with sony's biannual release cycle of flagships, we can expect the xz3 to arrive in just two months - probably during this year's ifa in berlin. in any case, the leaked p o suggests a dual era on the back and another dual setup at the front. sadly, we don't know anything about those sensor's... sony's xperia xz premium has been added to the company's open devices program. the company is happy to provide developers with the resources to build aftermarket roms for participating devices. the xperia xz premium is sony's latest flagship phone. if you drop money on a premium product, sony wants to make sure you can get the most out of it, especially if you're all about flashing roms. the open devices program is also a great way for sony to learn from outside developers. by providing the software binaries for its devices, sony can take notes on what the developer community is... back in february when sony announced the xperia xz premium, it only showcased it in two color versions: luminous chrome and deepsea black. then last month a third option be e official, and it's known as bronze pink. however, it turns out that those aren't all the hues you should expect to see the phone clad in. today a fourth variation has been leaked, and we'll simply call it what it is: red. that said, undoubtedly sony will come up with a much more posh-sounding moniker for this color. red sony xperia xz premium the red xz premium has starred in a rather extensive, if... the sony xperia xz2 premium is the company's top-tier smartphone packing the latest and greatest from the japanese company, so it's only logical to charge a price premium. yesterday we learned that its us price will be $999, which is the same as the base iphone x and raised some concerns of how the device will do in emerging markets, for example. well, it seems that the pricing of the xz2 premium in china is considerably lower, so it might actually be in a better position. the xperia xz2 premium is ed on sony's official website at cny 5,699 ($855) and just for comparison, the... sony introduced a new era for the xperia xz premium and xperia xzs, which fixed the corner softness that was so characteristic of sony eras. and now the company has fixed the remaining issue of the wide-angle lens it uses - the distortion. part of the oreo update, the feature is hidden behind a toggle in the era settings. if you've updated your xz premium, you can go ahead and enable it. the xperia xz premium gains an option to correct geometric image distortion the new motion eye era is also used on the xperia xz1 and xz1 compact, which already run oreo. these will... the iphone 8 and 8 plus have dominated the era game according to dxo's latest era testing procedures with scored of 94 and 92, respectively. the sony xperia xz premium was also reviewed by the era reviewers and scored 83 points. considering that smartphones have been competing for dxo's top spot including the google pixel and htc u11, sony doesn't seem to be trying on the era front. either that, or dxo's testing protocols aren't in sony's favor, we'll let you be the judge. dxo says that sony does a well enough job with still p og hy and video, but doesn't break any... typically it's not a great idea to launch a product months after the initial announcement, but sony seems keen on proving otherwise. the company unveiled its xperia xz2 premium flagship in april, but availability isn't going to start before the end of this month. and the launch event for the phone in china suggests the wait in the local market will be even longer as pre-orders will only open on july 2. the device is expected to start at cny 5,999 ($963) and really needs to impress with its top of the line specs like 5.8-inch 4k (2160 x 3840px) screen, sd845 chipset, 6gb of ram and... we have already seen spy s s of what is said to be the xperia xz successor, as well as the xperia xa one. now, the latter apparently made a stop over at the fcc. sadly, this yields little to no actual new information on the handset itself. it is somewhat interesting to note that sony appears to be sticking with its usual placement for the fcc id on a hidden label, next to the sim slot. if, however, the document does indeed describe the xperia xa2 or xa (2017), it makes an unveiling at mwc 2017 a lot more plausible. sony xperia xa2 (allegedly): square-shaped and... as we near the start of sales of the xperia xz premium, sony has a surprise for us - a bronze pink color option. here's what xperia color designer (that's a job position apparently), oshi aoyagi, has to say about the new hue: "we wanted to find a colour that represented a feeling of warmth whilst at the same time exemplifying the premium features and design. the bronze metallic finish adds a feeling of depth to the gl on the front and back." sony xperia xz premium in bronze pink bronze pink (don't call it pink gold) certainly adds a pop of color to the monochrome... as we near the start of sales of the xperia xz premium, sony has a surprise for us - a bronze pink color option. here's what xperia color designer (that's a job position apparently), oshi aoyagi, has to say about the new hue: "we wanted to find a colour that represented a feeling of warmth whilst at the same time exemplifying the premium features and design. the bronze metallic finish adds a feeling of depth to the gl on the front and back." sony xperia xz premium in bronze pink bronze pink (don't call it pink gold) certainly adds a pop of color to the monochrome deepsea... the sony xperia xz premium has a gorgeous 4k display. better yet, a 4k hdr display! the latest snapdragon 835 chipset is pulling the strings and delivering lightning-fast lte while the adreno 540 is firing up millions of pixels in a heartbeat. with or without the mirror finish, this is one of the cl iest designs around and waterproof, too. the sony xperia xz premium soaked up quite a bit of spotlight at this year's mwc. if nothing else, you got to hand it to sony that the handset is quite bold with a 4k 5.46-inch display and impressive 960 fps slow motions video capture. all the fan hype is definitely putting some pressure on the japanese oem for a speedy release. and it looks like it might be coming a bit sooner than initially anticipaced. according to sony's local branch in the netherlands, the handset will go on pre-order on may 1. the first units should then hit shelves around the end of may or the beginning of... the sony xperia xz premium was among the first devices to have a snapdragon 835 inside and naturally we were curious how fast exactly it is. we've already seen what the s835 can do in our detailed galaxy s8 review so let's compare it to sony's flagship phone. we compared the engine inside the xperia xz premium could only be against the exynos 8895 octa inside the international versions of the galaxy s8 duo, the snapdragon 835 in their us models, apple's a10 fusion chip and huawei's hisilicon kirin 960. we also included the older snapdragon 820 and snapdragon 821 via the likes of... a new update has started hitting the samsung galaxy s8/s8+ flagship duo as well as sony's xperia xz premium. arriving as firmware version g950fxxu1aqg5 and g955fxxu1aqg5 for the galaxies and version 45.0.a.7.90 for the xperia phone, it brings along android security fixes for the month of july. for samsung phones, the update - which is currently hitting units in germany, turkey, the uk, and the uae - also includes a new firmware for the era. coming to the xz premium, both standard as well as dual-sim variant of the device are getting the update. as is usually the case with... sony has issued an over the air update to the xperia xz premium, which brings the september 1 security patch, improvements to wi-fi performance as well as the run of the mill bug fixes and optimizations. the firmware carries the build number 45.0.a.7.137 and should roll out gradually among xperia xz premiums. its footprint is rather modest at 115.7mb so chances are it doesn't include any hidden features not mentioned in the change log. leave us a tip if you received the update, mentioning the market where you got your phone. source hello and welcome to the week 16 edition of our sunday q&a! this week we talk galaxy s8, sony xperia performance and xiaomi battery tests. peter: i am very much interested in buying the xperia x performance dual (64 gb). i heard it is only for the asian market - is that true? can i use it in europe? the sony xperia x performance dual is indeed mostly officially available in asian markets, but some european retailers are importing it so if you are willing to pay a bit of a premium you can still have it. its penta-band 3g and quad-band 2g support mean it will work anywhere in... someone has performed a benchmark test on a sony xperia xz premium device which carries the model number: g8141. geekbench was the test of choice which also revealed ram and the android version: 4gb and 7.1.1, respectively. the geekbench ed scores the xperia xz premium with 1943 and 5824 in the single and multi-core tests. despite having the same snapdragon 835 chipset as the samsung galaxy s8+ the device's performance numbers are slightly different. the samsung flagship got the scored higher at 6106 in multi core, but its 1915 in the single core test was lower. either sony... sony was off to a rocky start ever since it shed itself of the xperia z series to give birth to a new category of devices that would be known as "premium standard". the xperia x didn't do very well given its price point, choice of processor and lack of features from the xperia z lineup. yesterday's sony ir (investor relations) day has seen the company confirm that it will no longer be making smartphones in the ~$500 price range or what it calls its ‘premium standard' category of smartphones. from now on, sony will only focus on the midrange xa lineup and the flagship xperia xz... the sony xperia xzs, which was unveiled at this year's mwc along side the xperia xz premium, is now up for pre-order in europe. specifically, the netherlands-based retailer belsimpel has the device ed on its website, and is offering it for €649. those pre-ordering the phone before april 2 will also get a free sony srs-xb30 speaker (worth €169). in case you aren't aware, the xperia xzs will officially only be available in three european countries, including germany, italy and the netherlands. at mwc, sony confirmed that the handset will be launched on april 5 and will start at... we've been hearing rumors about alleged xperia devices but sony is keeping its lips tight about any releases and launches. we knew the company will have a press conference at mwc in barcelona next month and now we have an exact date for that. the press invite says february 27, 7:30 gmt. we are expecting to hear more about the alleged sony xperia xa successor which we saw earlier in renders. we've seen front panel leaks and press images of other devices, but we are yet to see if all of them will go official or some will have to wait until ifa in september. the gsmarena team will... sony has confirmed that the new 3d creator app - which was introduced at the ongoing ifa conference, and is already there on the newly-announced xperia xz1 and xz1 compact smartphones - will also arrive on the xperia xz premium. the confirmation e in the form of a tweet, where-in the japanese company revealed that the app will pushed as part of the android 8.0 oreo update. xz premium will get 3d creator as part of android 8.0 oreo software update.— sony xperia news (@sonymobilenews) august 31, 2017 for those who aren't aware, the 3d creator app allows you to capture images in... right on schedule, amazon has started taking pre-orders for the sony xperia xz2 premium in the us today. the top of the line device which was announced back in april can be yours for a whopping $999.99. to sweeten that financial blow somewhat, the retailer is bundling a free xperia ear duo true wireless headset with every pre-order of the phone. the xperia xz2 premium will be released in the us on july 30. you can get one in chrome black only at the moment, while the chrome silver color version should become available at some point in the future. the handset is the first to... sony took the w s off its xperia xz2 premium this week, and that means its predecessor is getting cheaper. the xz premium from last year can now be purchased for just $524.99. that's a whopping $275 less than the phone's initial price in the us, namely $799.99. the xz premium got its first price cut after only two months of availability, but even if you count from that $699.99 level, you're still getting $175 off with this deal. previously, we've seen the xz premium going for $585 and $550, but never as low as $524.99. if you want a handset with a 4k screen and don't mind the huge... someone has performed a benchmark test on a sony xperia xz premium device which carries the model number: g8141. geekbench was the test of choice which also revealed ram and the android version: 4gb and 7.1.1, respectively. the geekbench ed scores of the xperia xz premium were 1943 and 5824 in the single and multi-core tests. despite having the same snapdragon 835 chipset as the samsung galaxy s8+ the device's performance numbers are slightly different. the samsung flagship got the scored higher at 6106 in multi core, but its 1915 in the single core test was lower. either... we have more details on the uk launch of the the xperia xz premium. according to the device's ing on unlocked mobiles, the phone will go on sale in the country on may 22. here's what the ing exactly says: "stock update: sony xperia xz premium launch confirmed by sony for week commencing monday 22nd may. all pre orders will ship as soon as stock arrives." as for pricing, the retailer will sell the handset for £645, which translates into around $830. for rest of the europe, pre-orders will go live sometime this week, and the phone will cost €749. in case you are in germany, o2... a british online retailer claims to have the key specs of the device along with the official pricing for the uk. and that's not all - there's a page open up for pre-orders that actually works. still, it seems a bit fishy considering the xperia xz3 is due for release during this year's ifa in september. anyway, let's ume the store has a solid source. the ing reveals some of the key specs, which are in contrast to what we've heard so far. we've had a gfxbench ing pointing at qhd+ screen (1440 x 2880) and a 5.9-inch display. then again, sony has never had a qhd screen on its... سونی ا پریا xz پرو مشخصات فنی سونی ا پریا xz پرو به عنوان جدیدترین پرچمدار شرکت سونی لو رفت. این گوشی هوشمند با ویژگی های منحصر به فرد در نمایشگاه mwc 2018 معرفی می شود. بعد از انتشار اطلاعاتی مبنی بر معرفی پرچمداران جدید سامسونگ در خلال کنگره جهانی موبایل 2018، به نظر می رسد این رویداد میزبان سونی و پرچمدار جدید آن نیز ... نوشته سونی ا پریا xz پرو با نمایشگر اولد و 4k در راه نمایشگاه بارسلون اولین بار در گجت نیوز پدیدار شد. last week, sony launched a new, red colored variant of its xperia xz premium smartphone. japan was the first country to get it, with no information on if and when it will be available in other countries. well, the wait wasn't as long as we feared as the model is now ed on the company's malaysia website as well. sadly, it's not available to purchase yet. but the ing alone confirms that the variant will soon be available in other markets as well. as you'd expect, the red xperia xz premium has same internals as other color options. in japan, it's set to go on sale october... by the looks of things, sony is gearing up for at least a few interesting announcements at mwc 2017. a few days ago, we caught a glimpse, of what was said to be the xperia xa2. now, another source has leaked a few blurry s s of, presumably, the next xperia xz flagship. there are a few stills to analyze here and we did have to do a fair amount of investigative work to arrive at some conclusions, uncertain as they might be. first, there is a s , containing a total of four sony handsets. the source claims the xperia xz2 is the one in the bottom right corner. looking at the other units,... last month an unconfirmed rumor claimed that sony would unveil a new flagship device during its mobile world congress (mwc) press conference on february 27. this will apparently come with a 4k display, so it should be the successor of sorts to the xperia z5 premium from 2015, which itself had a 4k panel. today however a new unconfirmed rumor has surfaced on twitter, courtesy of user @ricciolo1, who has leaked mobile-related stuff in the past. he says that while a premium-branded flagship sony handset is indeed being worked on, we shouldn't expect it to become official at mwc. premium... the red color version of sony's xperia xz premium leaked back in may, but only launched earlier this month. at first it was only out in the company's home of japan, but then we spotted it in malaysia as well. today the red xz premium has arrived in europe too. it's not yet in stock, but you can already order one if you are in germany. all you need to do is go to sony's official online store and pick the red hue for the smartphone. at the moment, it's said to become available in four days, which depending on how you count (if they're working days or not) means the red model should be in... a second flagship sony xperia with a snapdragon 845 has visited geekbench. the model number is different, but the specs are the same - the chipset, the android 8.0 oreo, the 4gb of ram. these are either different variants of the same model - perhaps, the xperia xz2 - or one is the big unit (5.7" screen, allegedly) and the other is the xperia xz2 compact (5" screen). these two should bring a new era in sony's design language. sony will unveil the next-gen xperia phones on monday, but since its official teasers are vague, we have to rely on rumors for a preview. source via (in... a few days ago sony announced the third color version for its upcoming flagship smartphone, the xperia xz premium. it's called bronze pink, and after seeing the official press renders we umed that was just sony's way of saying "pink gold". but it turns out that there's more to the story. we handled an xperia xz premium in bronze pink at the european launch event for the device, which took place in lisbon. and we have to say, depending on how the light falls on it, this color version can certainly give some hints of "bronze" alongside the obvious pink. this is especially true of the... amazon has started accepting pre-orders for the sony xperia xz premium in the uk. a quick look at the ing for the device on amazon's uk website reveals a £649 price tag and a release date of june 1 (which is broadly in line with "late spring" launch time-frame sony revealed at mwc. as for color options, the retailer only has the black variant ed. aside from amazon, clove and unlocked mobiles are also accepting pre-orders for the xperia xz premium in the uk, asking £649 and £640 for the handset, respectively. source via the sony xperia xz premium has gone on pre-order in south korea. the phone carries a krw 869,000 ($775) price tag, and will go on sale in the asian market starting june 8. the handset will be available through third-party retails as well, including t worlddirect, and gmarket. those who pre-order will also get freebies, including smartbands and cases. color options for the phone include luminous chrome and deep black. source via رندر سونی ا پریا ای زد پریمیوم 2 ویدیوی رندر سونی ا پریا ای زد پریمیوم 2 (sony xperia xz premium 2) منتشر شد. بر اساس آن، پرچمدار سال 2018 سونی از نظر طراحی بدون حاشیه سرآمد سایر گوشی های موبایل خواهد بود. گوشی ا پریا ای زد پریمیوم 2 ممکن است در نهایت با نامی دیگر معرفی شود. یکی از گله مندی های اصلی کاربران طرفدار ... نوشته رندر سونی ا پریا ای زد پریمیوم 2 وعده گوشی بدون حاشیه خارق العاده ای را می دهد + ویدیو اولین بار در گجت نیوز پدیدار شد.