aloof از بین برترین، جدیدترین و آخرین خبر و مطالب فارسی جستجو و نتیجه آن به صورت خلاصه نمایش داده شده لذا مسئولیت آن بر عهده منبع مطلب aloof میباشد. we already reviewed the blackberry key2 in our typical detailed manner - the long-form text review has been up on our homepage for the past week or so. but if you'd like to see the device in action, ricky has prepared a pretty exhaustive video review too, which just went live on our youtube channel. the blackberry key2 is a real attention-grabber with its unorthodox form factor and rubber back cover. but it's bound to remain a niche product, or at least ricky thinks so. the majority of us have already gotten used to on-screen typing and switching back to a physical keyboard takes... after more than a month of id movement, the top 10 trending phones chart had finally had a relatively calm week. there are still three new names, mind you, but the top five contains the same phones as last week. the xiaomi redmi note 5 pro kept its lead ahead of the oppo find x and the only change on the podium is the samsung galaxy j8, which replaces its j6 sibling. the galaxy j6 is still around in fourth, just ahead of the xiaomi redmi 6 pro, which also slipped a position and is now fifth. the higher placed of two new entries is the huawei nova 3 in sixth, pushing the samsung... سامسونگ گل ی ای را به زودی عرضه می کند
سامسونگ برای پیشی گرفتن از اپل و تولیدات کشور چین، گوشی هوشمند انعطاف‌پذیر گل ی ای را به بازار عرضه می‌کند.