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به نقل از خبرگزاریها در مورد android and iso : vulkan - the open source g hics api project, widely considered to be the multi-threaded spiritual successor to opengl has played already a significant part on the android gaming scene over the past few years. it has officially been a part of the android core since android 7.0 nougat, powering more and more a nced g hics engines. recently, the khronos group, in charge of vulkan, released a new 1.1 specification for the api and while looking through some android p source code, the guys over at xda have already confirmed it will be part of the android p core. it appears that the... emojis are a big part of any messaging app nowadays, and facebook-owned whatsapp knows this. that's why it's now working on making the emoji experience better on android, regardless of which version of the os your phone happens to be running. inside the latest beta iteration of whatsapp for android (2.17.44), you can find a lot of new emojis that have debuted on ios 10.2 and android 7.1. we're talking about unicode 9.0 emojis, for those in the know, and these are now available in whatsapp even if you're not on android 7.1 (and given its distribution numbers, you probably... the nokia 6 and friends were sold on the promise that the company will take android updates seriously. sticking to that promise, hmd global has officially confirmed that the 6, 5 and 3 will be updated to android o. presumably this extends to other devices that may launch soon. google is still tinkering with android o, it is slated to launch sometime the third quarter of this year. and then it will take some time for hmd to port the new os over to its phones - the company did not commit to any time frames. the hope is that the mostly pure implementation of android that the nokias use... evan bl (a.k.a. evleaks) has revealed the android one edition of moto x4 on twitter. the twitter didn't say much about the pricing and availability of the device or even its name. it's highly likely the android one edition of x4 won't be called the x4 and will have some other name. well isn't this interesting...— evan bl (@evleaks) september 9, 2017 android one recently got a s in the arm with the launch of the xiaomi mi a1, a variant of the mi 5x, running stock android instead of miui, developed in collaboration with google. while the first batch... in keeping with the new release schedule it established last year with n, today google has made android o official. what's more, the company has also published factory images for the first developer preview of the new android version. this build will not be made available through the android beta program, however, it's meant only for developers to be able to get an idea of what's new. speaking of which, let's see what google's putting into o (which doesn't have a full name at this point, despite the entire internet wanting it to be called android oreo). background limits there will be... a few weeks after google announced the rollout of android auto wireless, kenwood confirmed in a press release that in addition to google pixels (both first and second gen) as well as nexus 5x and 6p, the feature will also be available on other devices running android p. now kenwood has offered an update, saying google has confirmed to them that support for android auto wireless will also be available on devices with android 8.0 os. following is exactly the addendum exactly says: in our press release below, we indicated that future smartphones would require android 9.0 os to be... last month, google officially announced the availability of android auto wireless, a feature that lets you connect your phone to your car's android auto head unit using wi-fi. as of now, the of supported smartphones only includes pixels (both first and second gen), nexus 5x, and nexus 6p. however, going by what kenwood's latest press release says, the of compatible phones will grow as android p starts rolling out. here's the excerpt we're referring to: the only devices that currently support wireless android auto are four versions of the google pixel—the... during the mwc, alcatel - tcl's own smartphone brand announced a bunch of new devices, including the company's first smartphone to run android go - a leaner version of android designed to run on lower-end hardware. this android go-powered phone is called the alcatel 1x. for the record, android go was renamed to android oreo (go edition). given the price and specifications of the aclatel handset, we were unsure if we were going to see the alcatel 1x arrive to the united states. alcatel confirmed to the verge that it was going to bring two new alcatel smartphones tot the us: the aclatel 1x... at the phone launch event in barcelona, hmd global said all nokias from nokia 3 and above would be part of the android one program, meaning they will receive security updates up to 3 years after their launch. the android one program is a line of smartphones with pure android, a limited amount of pre-installed apps to allow more storage and highest grade of security. phones under this project are the first to receive the monthly updates, and in this particular case, the nokias will get android p once it arrives. the full of nokia android one smartphones is: nokia 3, nokia 5,... just yesterday, we told you that whatsapp's support for blackberry platform has been extended till the end of this year. now, it has come to light that the facebook-owned company's website has been updated to reflect that the app will continue supporting older android versions till 2020. if you recall, back in february last year, whatsapp said they'll stop supporting android 2.1 and android 2.2 (and some other, non-android platforms) by the end of 2016. but a quick look at the same webpage now reveals users will be able to use the service on "android versions 2.3.7 and older" till... every year we get excited about which dessert could possibly be named the next version of android. it's honestly such a trivial piece of information that hard-core android enthusiasts get riled up about. a new theory suggests that the next version of android, 8.0, could be named oatmeal cookie. the theory is strengthened by a couple of hard pieces of evidence. the first piece of evidence was found in android's source code as "oc-dev" which was used on several occasions, the most notable of which is the code which states that a google pixel devices is running the android o developer preview... google has announced some ui design changes to android tv, which will be arriving with android o. the homescreen now has a completely new look. with the help of new apis, app developers will be able to let their apps make multiple channels, which will be visible as rows on your screen. the app can then populate these channels with programs that it sees fit. at the top will be a permanent section for your frequently used apps and below it will be watch next that will feature content based on your watching preferences. along with the ui redesign, google is also bringing istant to... مجموعه آموزش تصویری برنامه نویسی مبتنی بر سیستم عامل android به زبان سی شاپ و تحت mono android را برای کاربران عزیز آماده کرده ایم.

این مجموعه محصول appdev است و مربوط به mono android 4 و visual studio 2010 می باشد.به کاربرانی که قصد یادگیری برنامه نویسی سیستم عامل محبوب آندروید به زبان سی شا را دارند توصیه می کنیم این مجموعه فوق العاده را کنید.همچنین ع. hmd will update the current nokia roster to android 8.0 oreo but the company has committed to do more than that - it will update these phones to android p as well (the next major android version). all the current nokias launched on nougat and will live to see two major os updates. that's better than many androids get, especially on the lower rungs of the ladder where the nokia 3 lives. we guess those are the a ntages of running near-stock android - hmd doesn't have to do as much to push out the update. anyway, hmd's chief technology officer has commented that the company is open... based on the information uncovered in an apk teardown of the latest (v2.9) android messages app performed by android police chances are that google is getting ready to launch a few significant new features for android owners that apple users have had for a while: a desktop interface for its official sms/messaging app and enhanced sms/rcs features. starting the with the web interface there are strings of evidence that support the idea that android messages will be able to pair to a web browser so you can carry your sms conver ions from your computer. phrases like "messages for web", "scan... you've probably gotten used to motorola's naming scheme already, so it's not hard to guess that the moto e5 play is a slightly more affordable version of the already cheap moto e5. today, however, the company announced the so-called moto e5 play android go edition worldwide, which is an even further downgrade, over the original moto e5 play. the android go edition, as you've probably guessed by its name, is based on android oreo go. that allows the os to run on ultra low-end hardware, thus pushing the price down even further. compared to the standard e5 play, the android go edition has a... google has revealed that the first smartphones running android oreo (go edition) will become official at mwc next week. the company hasn't named any of the upcoming products, but mentions that some of them will sell for less than $50, which is rather amazing if it pans out (and there are no caveats). android oreo (go edition) is the version of the os that's specially optimized for low-end hardware. it's a streamlined iteration of android, which ships with optimized default apps and an optimized variant of the play store that highlights lightweight apps. google tells us to expect 15% faster... google has released the android 8.1 ota and factory images for the google pixel 2, 2 xl, original pixel and pixel xl, nexus 6p, nexus 5x and the pixel c tablet so you can go and them and flash them onto your device. the 8.1 update will start rolling out to google pixel and nexus devices next week, while today google is seeding android 8.1 to the android open source project. android 8.1 includes the neural networks api which gives apps access to machine learning and hardware acceleration, there are enhancements to autofill, memory optimizations, bug fixes and security... if there is one thing you can be sure of to find in a new version of android now, it's a new set of emoji. back with nougat, google redesigned the entire set with a more refined version of the gumdrop emoji that it introduced with android 4.4 and has been altering ever since. the redesign in 7.0 made the facial expressions more in line with what apple is doing with the ios emoji set, which is the most popular and commonly used one at the moment. android o goes one step further and drops the gumdrop shape entirely in favor of completely round emoji set that look even more like... the xiaomi mi a1 showed us that people take great interest in a xiaomi smartphone running stock android. xiaomi mi 5x owners got the chance through a stable android one rom courtesy of the mi a1. now the xiaomi redmi note 4 and redmi note 4x are getting the chance to test out android 7.1.2, ported from the xiaomi mi a1. the rom comes courtesy of xda developers' senior member glokin666, but at this point it's nowhere near stable. noteworthy issues are non-functional fingerprint scanners and infrared blasters. the era on the redmi note 4 isn't stable under the android one rom as... سیستم عامل android things 1.0 سیستم عامل android things 1.0 بعد از طی مراحل آزمایشی، سرانجام توسط گوگل معرفی شد. android things 1.0 با پشتیبانی طولانی مدت، برای دستگاه های iot یا اینترنت اشیا توسعه پیدا کرده است. android things، یک سیستم عامل مبتنی بر اندروید از گوگل که دستگاه های اینترنت اشیا را هدف گرفته است، از سال 2016 تا به امروز ... نوشته گوگل سیستم عامل android things 1.0 را با پشتیبانی طولانی مدت معرفی کرد اولین بار در گجت نیوز. پدیدار شد. لینک مستقیم : android 8.1 is the first maintenance release after android 8.0 oreo. currently, pixel owners can and install the android 8.1 beta now, before the update is publicly available. the new update brings a few notable changes like the possibility of chrome and sms integration and self-dimming navigation ons to prevent burn-in. one other new feature that was spotted on android 8.1 is the ability to restore data from a google account after choosing to skip the option during the phone's initial setup. the change was discovered by henry roggy, who reported the change on his google+... as scheduled, nintendo has started rolling out super mario run on android. users in the united states, at least, can now and install the game on their android devices. the game is already available on ios - the ios launch happened back in december last year. the android version of super mario run is said to be identical to the ios version, including the pricing ($10 after the initial few levels). so far, the game has brought in over $50 million for the japanese company. source via نسخه پیشنمایش android o چند روزیست که گوگل نسخه پیشنمایش android o ، آپدیت بزرگ بعدی اندروید را در اختیار توسعه دهندگان پلتفرم موبایلی خود قرار داده است. همانطور که شما نیز احتمالا می دانید، این نسخه تنها از طریق گوشی های ن وس و پی ل گوگل قابل دریافت خواهد بود و با توجه به نسخه آزمایشی بودن آن مناسب استفاده ... نوشته نگاه نزدیک به نسخه پیشنمایش android o ؛ شما آن را دوست خواهید داشت اولین بار در گجت نیوز پدیدار شد. دیزاین :

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radio on radio on = new radio on(newcontext);
radio on.text = dt.rows[i]["title"].tostring();
/* radio on.tag = convert.toint32(dt.rows[i]["id". strava, the popular running and cycling tracking app, can now track your activities on certain android wear smartwatches without the need for a smartphone. thanks to android wear 2.0's standalone functionality the app can use a smartwatch's built-in connectivity and gps. strava on android wear 2.0 watches with cellular connectivity and gps will be able to track distance, time, laps, heart rate and pace. a strava app is in the works to take a ntage of the apple watch 2.0's built-in gps as well. via today google has officially unveiled the android o beta program. like the android n beta program from last year, this will let anyone with a supported device test the next release of the operating system before its development is finalized. a developer preview of android o has been out since march, but google has advised non-developers not to risk running that, especially on essential handsets, because it was an early release so bugs are to be expected almost everywhere. the situation should be different with the beta builds, the first of which is expected to go out today. if you... as hinted at during the introduction of the pixel visual core custom soc, android 8.1 is a thing. and from today it's not in the "coming soon" aisle anymore. google has launched the first developer preview for android 8.1, which is now available for the following supported devices: nexus 6p, nexus 5x, pixel, pixel xl, pixel 2, pixel 2 xl, and pixel c. to get it, you can enroll one of those in the android beta program and then wait for an over-the-air update which will install 8.1. or you can manually flash a system image if you're into that kind of thing. this is one... as expected, google today decided to finally unveil the moniker of the next iteration of android. known simply as "o" for the past few months while a few developer previews and public betas went out, it now officially has a full name. it's android 8.0 oreo. so yes, the most rumored name actually turned out to be what google chose to call its latest sweet treat. it's only the second time in android's history when there's a commercial partnership involved - for version 4.4 kitkat google teamed up with nestle (which owns that brand), and this time around the search giant managed to... همانطور که می دانید به روز رسانی اندروید جدید یا android oreo برای برخی گوشی ها آغاز شده است. در این باره لیست هایی ارائه شده که در زیر آن ها را خواهید دید لیست گوشی های پشتیبانی کننده از android oreo google has added another name to the of markets where its mobile payments service android pay is now available. the company has launched the service in belgium, making it the tenth country in the world to support android pay. the service is currently accepted at over 85,000 retail locations throughout belgium, including carrefour, mcdonald's, media markt, and h&m. supported cards/banks include mastercard and visa credit card from bnp paribas fortis, fintro and hello bank. belgians will also be able to use android pay to make payments from within apps like deliveroo,...
-----------------------------------------------------------------اندروید microsoft has made the android version of the new edge browser publicly available on the play store. users will be warned that the app is still in development and will be unstable but they can still go ahead and install it. microsoft released edge on ios and android last week for windows insider users exclusively. the ios version of the app exceeded apple's 10000 user limit for testflight apps and is currently not available to anyone. edge on ios and android is primarily for those who use edge on desktop and would want to sync their bookmarks, history, p words and more on... last week, xiaomi ran a twitter poll asking people to choose between miui 9 and android one. as you may know, miui is the rom that majority of the xiaomi phones ship with while android one comes directly from google and is what you find on the mi a1. it seems xiaomi expected a landslide victory for its own miui over android one, but the good people of twitter had other thoughts. at last known count, android one was leading by 57%, with the remaining 43% going to miui 9. and then it happened. xiaomi deleted the tweet. but nothing is ever truly lost on the internet and predictably... do you know apps running on your android smartphone currently have unrestricted access to any network activity on your device (without explicitly seeking user permission)? you probably don't, but it's serious privacy issue, as any app can collect data such as when other apps are connecting to the internet and even what server they are connecting to. now google is finally plugging this loophole. a new code change has been committed to the android open source project that's aimed at preventing apps (with few exceptions) from exploiting this access. this means future android p... تست مقاومت اسنشال فون در این مقاله می توانید ویدیویی از تست مقاومت اسنشال فون (essential phone)، گوشی باکیفیت تیتانیومی ساخت خالق اندروید را مشاهده کنید. این گوشی چگونه می تواند در برابر تیغ برنده و خمیدگی با دست دوام بیاورد؟ پیشنهاد می کنیم خودتان در ادامه ببینید. اسنشال فون نام نخستین گوشی هوشمند ساخت شرکت تحت امر ر ن، خالق پلتفرم ... نوشته تست مقاومت اسنشال فون ؛ شکنجه گوشی تیتانیومی خالق اندروید (ویدیو) اولین بار در گجت نیوز پدیدار شد. kantar worldpanel published its report on the smartphone market for the three months ending in january 2017, and the numbers are clear - android and ios are the only players left on the field, while windows phone and blackberry os are quickly disappearing. in top 5 eu markets android had a 74.3% share to 22.7% for ios. android keeps growing in urban china where it hit 83.2%, raising with 9.3% over the same period last year, while apple 16.6%. the only place where ios grows and android loses points is the us market. google's os accounts for 56.4% of sales in q4 2016 while... shortly after the first developer preview for android 8.1 went live, the update has started rolling out over the air (ota). so those who have enrolled in the android beta program should expect the update notification soon (if not received already). it's worth mentioning that aside from ota, the only other option to get the beta build currently is to and flash a factory image - there's an ongoing problem with side loading ota images, and google seems to be working on it. source 1 2 there's no doubt that google has been working on the latest version of android since the release of the google pixel back in october. as a matter of fact, a "source familiar with the matter" told venturebeat that we can expect google to showcase a few features that may or may not make their way to the final version of android o. there are a few features rumored to make their way to android o. the first one is something called "copy less". the feature would be able to predict when you are trying to send an address to someone from, say, another app like yelp. gboard would show you a text... a new preview release of android p is available now if you have a pixel, pixel xl, pixel 2, or pixel 2 xl. today google has announced android p beta 3, "an early release candidate build" which comes with "near-final system behaviors". the official android p apis have been finalized with the previous beta, and this one seems to be all about bug fixes and minor improvements here and there. no major new features have been added this time around, but google keeps on polishing the software ahead of its graduation from beta to stable - which will happen in august or september most... it's been eight months since google unveiled android wear 2.0 at i/o last year and finally we have an official release date. well, sort of. mark your calendar: android wear 2.0 launches on february 9th.— evan bl (@evleaks) january 17, 2017 the date, february 19 (2017, hopefully), comes from evan bl , who previously used to run evleaks. considering his track record, and his absolute certainty on the matter, you can pretty much take this to be certain date. android wear 2.0 is expected to bring improvements such as updated ui, standalone apps, watch face complications, and... shortly after the first developer preview for android 8.1 went live, the update has started rolling out over the air (ota). so those who have enrolled in the android beta program should expect the update notification soon (if not received already). it's worth mentioning that aside from ota, the only other option to get the beta build currently is to and flash a factory image - there's an ongoing problem with side loading ota images, and google seems to be working on it. source 1 2 انتشار آپدیت اندروید وضعیت انتشار آپدیت اندروید متاسفانه سال به سال به جای بهبود یافتن بدتر می شود. به این ترتیب بین عرضه دو به روزرسانی سیستم عامل متوالی هر سال فاصله بیشتری می افتد. شرکت گوگل به تازگی نسخه پیش نمایش اندروید 9 را برای توسعه دهندگان منتشر کرده است. اگرچه این خبر بسیار خوبی به شمار می آید، اما مشکل ... نوشته وضعیت انتشار آپدیت اندروید هر سال بدتر می شود! اولین بار در گجت نیوز. پدیدار شد. back in march google released the first android o developer preview (aodp). then last month during the google io developer conference, aodp2 got out - and this was the first preview build to also be available through the android beta program. today aodp3 has been released. this comes with the final o apis, so third party developers can pretty much start working on finalizing their apps for the next iteration of android. hundreds of bug fixes and optimizations are included in the latest aodp too. like previous releases, it can be installed only on the google pixel, pixel xl, pixel c, lg... یکی از پیش نیاز های برنامه نویسی چه با بیسیک 4 اندروید چه با برنامه ای دیگر اندروید اس دی کی android sdk است. اما مشکل بیشتر اقراد در نصب و راه اندازی این برنامه است . یکی از دلایل این موضوع تحریم ایران است . برای آموزش راه اندازی اندروید اس دی کی android sdk به ادامه مطالب مراجعه کنید. ادامه مطلب android 8.0 oreo has only been out for a couple of weeks at this point, and hasn't actually made it to every single supported nexus and pixel device out there yet. not to mention how long it's going to take for it to land on any other phone or tablet. even so, maybe you'd like to know what the next version of the os will be? it's android 8.1, by the way. this has been revealed by a teardown of the latest iteration of the beta google app. the sdk used internally by the company to build said app outright says so. as for the name, it makes most sense for google to keep using oreo - it... samsung and android go? yep, the initial rumors of samsung trying out the stock android experience on a low-end phone might turn out to be true after all. we've already heard about the device being prepared for the indian market, but the latest piece of info coming from sammobile suggests that the device will be coming in several other markets as well. the sm-j260g device model number, which is believed to be the android go device, has already been confirmed through leaked benchmark score sheet but the source names a few others as well. the sm-j260f is a device aimed at the united... samsung is currently testing galaxy note8 prototypes running android 7.1.1 nougat. this has been revealed through the 5test database, where a samsung sm-n950f is now featured. this is widely believed to be the note8's model number. a prototype ran the test and its browser, samsung internet 5.2, managed to score 488 points out of a total 555. this being a prototype, of course that's not really indicative of any real-world performance. it's interesting however that the note8 in question is running android 7.1.1 nougat, and not a newer o build. then again, android o is still in beta and... did you know that the first android os version code name was petit four? it means small bite-sized appetizer and served as inspiration for the desert-based names of future versions. that was version 1.1. the first publicly available version was android 1.5 cupcake, launching with the t-mobile g1. then in mid-2010 eclair (versions 2.0 to 2.1) took over as the most popular version, about half a year after its introduction. 2.2 froyo rose to the top at the end of 2010, again about six months after launch. google was on a two releases per year schedule back then, introducing two major android...