caviar will sell you a gold iphone x if you have a spare 4 510 lying around

به نقل از خبرگزاریها در مورد caviar will sell you a gold iphone x if you have a spare 4 510 lying around : there are some companies out there that will take an iphone 7 or 7 plus, cover it in gold and/or other expensive materials, and then sell it to you for a few thousand bucks. but maybe you're not into that. you want your iphone to be pristine, yet still have more money than you know what to do with. here's an idea, then. louis vuitton made some iphone cases. they're called eye-trunk because the luxury fashion brand wanted a play on "i" and the fact that it used to make trunks. or something like that. anyway, the cheapest case costs $1,180 and the most expensive model goes for $5,500. and... apple introduced the iphone x in september, and the phone will go on sale on november 3. but if the starting price of $999/£999/€1,149 doesn't seem like much to you, you may want to consider one of the customized units by finnish company legend. it is selling 256 gb iphone x's with diamonds on the back and gold rim to add extra fancy to the premium smartphone package. some of the variants legend offers at €2,950 the aurum model is the cheapest in the rooster. it has a 24k gold-plated back panel, nacre (mother of pearls) inlaid logo and a solid 18k gold rim. the fusion... the iphone x is already outselling the iphone 8 plus in some markets, according to ihs markit. and the 8 plus is the first to sell more than the non-plus model. anyway, it's looking like a good year for apple, despite the delayed launch of the x (the 8 duo launched over a month earlier). in eight countries - typically high gdp markets - the iphone x already makes up over 2% of all iphones (including the old models). in the us, iphone x adoption after three weeks matched the adoption of iphone 8 plus and beat early adoption levels for both the iphone 8 and 7 plus. only the iphone 7 model... فروش گوشی آیفون اگر مدتی است به فروش گوشی آیفون خود فکر می کنید، بهتر است هر چه زودتر دست به کار شوید. اما دلیل مناسب بودن زمان فروش آیفون در حال حاضر چیست؟ ید و فروش آیفون در مقایسه با دستگاه های اندرویدی بسیار راحت تر است، چرا که برخلاف آن ها، تعداد انگشت شماری گوشی موبایل آی او اسی وجود دارد. ... نوشته بهترین زمان برای فروش گوشی آیفون شما همین حالا است! اولین بار در گجت نیوز پدیدار شد. نسخه لو آیفون 10 به نام “iphone x imperial crown” با بیش از 300 سنگ گران بها، نشان ملی روسیه با پوششی از طلا و قیمتی باورن ی توسط caviar رونمایی شد. apple has recently launched an updated version of the iphone 6 for asian markets. while the iphone 6 originally launched in 2014, it was available in 16gb, 64gb, and 128gb memory tiers. this new iphone 6 will become available with 32gb of internal storage in the gold finish. this particular model has already been available in china as a low-end model, sold by third-party retailers. the same model will become available for taiwan mobile on march 10. by contrast, the low-end model that pertains to larger markets is the iphone se, which has better internals than the iphone 6, along... نرم افزار home design 3d gold حجم:258 mb(آیفون و آیپد) ورژن: 2.8home design 3d gold app size:258 mb(iphone & ipad) version: 2.8 mirror linkiphone screens here are a couple of good uk deals for two of the best phones from 2016 - the iphone 7 and oneplus 3t. these are unlocked refurbished handsets and their software support story is pretty good. the iphone 7 starts at £260 for the 32 gb version in good condition, £330 for the 128 gb model and £370 for 256 gb. a pristine unit will set you back £425 (new units are available from apple for £550), it's available only in 32 gb flavor. the oneplus 3t is £170 with 64 gb storage, gunmetal and soft gold colors are available. the iphone will get ios 12, which was unveiled just a week ago.... آیفون 10 گلد caviar به عنوان یکی از شرکت های سازنده گوشی های هوشمند لو ، آیفون 10 گلد را با قیمتی بسیار بالاتر از قیمت واقعی پرچمدار سال 2017 اپل معرفی کرد. اما قیمت آیفون ای گلد شرکت caviar چقدر است؟ آیفون ای گوشی هوشمندی نیست که هر کاربری قادر به ید آن باشد. قیمت نسخه پایه آن هزار ... نوشته آیفون 10 گلد با قیمت بالایی توسط caviar معرفی شد اولین بار در گجت نیوز. پدیدار شد. قبل از اینکه گوشی های سری ۸ آیفون روانه بازار شوند می توانستیم بگوییم که پیشرفته ترین گوشی های این شرکت iphone 7 و iphone 7 plus هستند. با این حال گزارشاتی در مورد گرم شدن این گوشی ها در دست است که ما سعی می کنیم در این مقاله روش حل آن را به شما[ادامه مطلب] گوشی های آیفون اگر چه قابلیت های خیلی خوبی دارند اما گرم شدن بیش از حد آن ها می تواند معضل مهمی به شمار آید تا حدی که چندی پیش دست به کار شدیم و راه حل مشکل گرم شدن iphone 7 و iphone 7 plus را بررسی کردیم و توصیه های خوبی برای آن یافتیم. اما[ادامه مطلب] t-mobile had a deal on the iphone 7 with 256 gb internal storage back in october and it's doing it again now. the clearance sale let's you buy the phone for $600 in three colors. the phone is not offered by apple anymore. for comparison, the 128 gb variant can be bought from both the telecom and manufacturer for $650. with the proper credit rating in the us, the iphone 7 256 gb can be purchased for $25 per month for 24 months. jet black and pink colors are out of stock, so the phone is available in either gold, silver or red. for people who want to buy the phone at the moment but... gene munster, a long time analyst and purveyor of research notes related to apple's business, thinks the company is now entering a new phase, one of "greater iphone visibility". he predicts that apple's strength going forward will be about services and sustained iphone sales, and not necessarily unit sales figures and product hype. that's a nice way to basically say the company's market share in smartphones has or is about to peak. even so, that's not a bad thing - continued sales growth that goes on forever is simply impossible. munster expects apple to sell about 220 million iphones... vi reparerar och lagar din iphone 6 har du tappat din iphone i marken och fått displayen spräckt? lugn i
stormen. vi på idofix i linköping är specialiserade på alla typer av iphone
reparationer. vi lagar allt från hörlursuttag till laddnings takter. skicka in din
trasiga iphone redan idag och få den reparerad av proffs. det går också bra att komma
förbi vår butik linköping för att få din iphone lagad. till dig som vill skruva själv erbjuder vi även ett stort utbud av reservdelar till
iphone. i vårt sortiment hittar du, bland mycket annat, nya displa. unsurprisingly, the iphone 8 or x has been getting the most attention from the rumor mill as the other two are said to be iterative updates. the iphone x will use the new a11 chipset with a 6-core processor and 3gb of ram. iphone x will sport the latest a11 chipset and 3 gigs of ram so how much or how little has the iphone 7s changed? let's turn to antutu for an answer. the iphone 10,4 showed up with ios 11 running on an apple a11 chipset. the screen is the same as the iphone 7 - that is 750 x 1,334px resolution - and the memory is the same - 2gb ram, 32gb storage. going by the... the sprint mvno has announced that it will begin offering certified pre-owned iphone 7 and iphone 7 plus handsets at $350 for a 32gb iphone 7 or $350 for an iphone 7 plus, also with 32gb of storage. by comparison, a new iphone 7 goes for $550 and a new iphone 7 plus starts at $670. these go on sale starting next month. virgin mobile already offers pre-owned iphone 6s and iphone 6s plus, so the addition of iphone 7 devices offers a water-resistant iphone with stereo speakers for a lot less. those go start at $230 and $280, respectively. virign's certified pre-loved iphones come... avatar: legends of the arena

character unlocks:
when in the character screen, click the "secret code" on
then enter one of the cheats:
seventh chakra - unlocks aang.
painted lady - unlocks katara.
metal bender - unlocks toph.
breath of fire - unlocks zuko.
western air temple - receive 500 gold.
boomerang - receive 500 gold.
mai - receive 500 gold.
metal bending - unlocks toph.
painted lady - unlocks katara.
gondola - to unlock 500 gold.
dragon - to unlock 500 gold.

money and characters:
aang :sev. often reliable analyst ming-chi kuo from kgi has released another note to investors today, attempting to predict the performance of apple's new smartphone trio during the key holiday quarter and at the start of 2018. kuo estimates that the iphone x will sell between 22 and 24 million units in the last quarter of the year and will maintain its strong performance in the early months of 2018. the flagship's production is expected to grow 35% to 45% over the next quarter as supply shortages finally ease off. meanwhile, people will allegedly come to realize that their concerns about the major... در کمتر از یک ساعت مانده به رویداد اپل که قرار است در آن آیفون 6 و احتمالا دستگاه های دیگری مثل آیفون 6 پلاس معرفی شوند، ع هایی که این دستگاه را به رنگ طلایی نشان می دهند درز کرده اند. قطعا این پرسش پیش می آید که آیا این ع ها واقعی هستند یا .................... is having a bit of a discount on iphone cases in the us. cases fitting the iphone x, iphone 8 and the iphone 8 plus are a few bucks cheaper than on note that the latter two also fit the iphone 7 and iphone 7 plus respectively. you can save a tenner on an official black leather case for the iphone x - it's $40 on amazon. the other colors get no discount. iphone 8 cases start at around $37 for the black, saddle brown and dark aubergine leather. some of the other hues like (product)red and cosmos blue keep their original price tag of $45. iphone x leather... -ksy that speech is not a right, and not to lie, not a philosopher. someone who lies to his right and one is obsequious and flattering. . anyone who takes the money to the dealer lie. . gdast someone is lying to get money. . anyone who takes money to judge right and wrong diagnoses. . anyone who takes money to lie and lie right to counsel is the right expression. . anyone who says anything other than straight guys. . someone who lies to himself is arrogant and selfish. . who is the fool who believes his own lies. . false words of a poet is someone who is sweet. . who, despite his propensity c. happy st. patrick's day, 2013 everyone! wait, what? htc is offering one lucky pub dweller a chance to win a "super limited 24k gold plated edition" of the original htc one. yes, the one from 2013. and to be clear, this is gold plated so the amount of actual gold is very little. at least you could smelt down old vertus, but no amount of green beer can make this sound like a solid idea. htc one (from 2013) plated in 24k gold... this leprechaun needs to upgrade more often if you do want a piece of gilded nostalgia, you can subscribe to htc's mailing , that's all you need to... apple held its big iphone event yesterday and all went as expected. we got the iphone x with a bezelless oled, we got more powerful iphone 8 and 8 plus, and we got an lte-powered apple watch series 3. we also saw a few features apple finally implemented that we've been wanting for years. all three of apple's new iphones have both wireless charging and fast charging, which is huge. nowadays even the midrange android smartphones have some form of id charging while an iphone 7 or 7 plus takes ages to top up. that's no longer the case with apple's iphone x and iphone 8 duo as apple... apple just revealed the new iphone x, iphone 8, and iphone 8 plus, and you're probably wondering when you'll be able to purchase them, and how much they will cost. here's what we know so far. pricing note that the following prices are all for the 64gb base models of the handsets. bear in mind us prices don't include the mandatory sales tax, which varies from state to state while the eu prices include vat. country iphone 8 iphone 8 plus iphone... m production of the iphone 7s plus and iphone 8 has allegedly started. the claim is backed up with schematics of the two devices that give exact measurements. the multitude of leaks this far should have made the designs of thees phones familiar, we've even seen their molds. leaked schematics: iphone 7s plus • iphone 8 here are how the dimensions of the new generation compare to those of the outgoing handsets. the iphone 7s plus is virtually the same size as the 7 plus, growing only a fraction of a millimeter (which we think will go unnoticed). (in mm) iphone... analysts from cirp delivered their q1 report which says iphone 8 and iphone 8 plus are the best-selling apple smartphones in the first quarter of 2018. of all devices, sold between january and march, 23% were iphone 8, 21% were iphone 8 plus. at third comes the flagship iphone x which took just 16% of the sales. josh lowitz, cirp co-founder, said that the $999 phone saw it share fall, compared with the holiday season in the us. this might lead to a quarterly drop of the average sales prices, but it still will be an yearly increase, therefore not hurting apple's bottom... take a look at what could be a pretty close rendition of the entry level iphone for 2018. the renders were made with the recent rumors and leaks in mind and show an iphone with a 6.1-inch lcd, which is slightly larger than the iphone x. another differentiating factor is the single era on the back and possibly the use of aluminium for the frame, instead of the stainless steel used in the iphone x. the back of the 6.1-inch iphone is said to be gl , like on all current iphone models so it's an easy umption that it will also have wireless charging. if a recent rumor... we've already heard countless times that this fall apple will introduce a new lineup of three iphones - an iphone x successor, a much bigger 6.5" model which we'll call iphone x plus for now, and a third, cheaper handset with a 6.1" lcd touchscreen. if you've been wondering what to expect from this upcoming roster in terms of pricing, the analysts at rbc have delivered their thoughts in a new note today. original iphone x from 2017 the 'cheap' lcd iphone should go for $700+ and drive the highest sales volumes of the trio, around 35 to 50%. the iphone x successor is interestingly... apple's chip providers started ramping up production after a request from the company. because of high sales expectations from apple, manufacturers will build over 50 million chipsets per quarter during the second half of 2017. chinese soc production sources revealed that the expectations are apple to sell around 220-230 million units of its 10th anniversary iphone, likely dubbed iphone 8. apple's custom-designed processor a11 that is expected to power the device will be manufactured by tsmc with help from nxp and qualcomm. in the first quarter of fiscal 2017 that ends on december... so you have an iphone 7 or iphone 7 plus and after yesterday's keynote you are unsure if there's any reason to switch to the iphone 8 or 8 plus. or maybe you're just looking to find how much of an upgrade the new models are. either way you've come to the right place. we went through all differences between the new iphone 8 plus and found 7 solid ones to justify an upgrade over the 2016 to the 2017 iphones. design the iphone 8 plus has an all new gl back and one new color option. apple promises that its new ion-strengthened gl is the toughest yet on a... apple users have gradually become more sensitive to the size of their iphones - some want to go big, others prefer small phones. back in june we looked at some leaked dimensions for the iphone 7s duo and the iphone 8. now that we're closer to launch - maybe just two weeks away - it's time for another look. iphone 7s and 7s plus dimensions (rumored) the dimensions are basically identical to what we saw earlier, off by just a tenth of a millimeter here and there. compared to the outgoing generation of iphone 7, the dimensions are slightly bigger. (in mm) iphone 7 ... u.s. cellular customers will be able to begin pre-ordering the iphone 8 and the iphone 8 plus starting tomorrow, septembegr 15 at u.s. cellular stores an online at the new apple phones and the cellular-connected apple watch series 3 will be officially released at the carrier on september 22. if you'd rather wait around for the iphone x (which would be wise considering the iphone 8's four-year old design), preorders for the futuristic iphone x will be available on october 27. while the official launch date of the iphone x is on november 3, u.s. cellular customers may... put-iphone-x-iphone-8-iphone-8-plus-into-dfu-mode-itunesدر این مقاله به شما یاد می دهیم تا گوشی های آیفون x، آیفون 8 و آیفون 8 پلاس خود را در آیتونز به ح dfu ببرید و از آن ح خارج کنید رتبه بندی مدال ها 1 چین 52 41 28 121 2 بریتانیا 29 16 19 64 3 اوکراین 22 19 21 62 4 18 17 14 49 5 برزیل 9 18 10 37 6 استرالیا 7 14 14 35 7 نیوزلند 7 3 3 13 8 هلند 6 8 12 26 9 ازب تان 6 4 13 23 10 نیجریه 6 2 1 9 11 آلمان 5 10 7 22 12 تونس 5 4 3 12 13 مکزیک 4 1 3 8 14 اسلواکی 4 1 0 5 15 کانادا 3 7 2 12 16 کره جنوبی 3 6 8 17 17 ایران 3 5 1 9 18 فرانسه 3 3 5 11 19 آفریقای جنوبی 3 2 2 7 20 کوبا 3 1 5 9 21 تایلند 3 1 2 6 22 بلژیک 3 1 0 4 23 بلاروس 3 0 2 5 24 ما ی 3 0 0 3 25 لهستان 2 8 3 13 26 اسپانیا 2 4 6 12 27 یونان 2 2 4 8 28 صربستان 2 0 2 4 29 ایرلند شمالی 2 0 1 3 29 لتونی 2 0 1 3 31 ایتالیا 1 7 6 14 32 الجزایر 1 5 4 10 33 مصر 1 3 3 7 34 آذربایجان 1 3 2 6 35 سوئد 1 2 2 5 36 امارات 1 2 0 3 36 عراق 1 2 0 3 38 کلمبیا 1 1 6 8 39 آرژانتین 1 1 2 4 39 ویتنام 1 1 2 4 41 نروژ 1 1 1 3 41 کرواسی 1 1 1 3 41 هند 1 1 1 3 41 مراکش 1 1 1 3 45 قزاقستان 1 1 0 2 45 اسلوونی 1 1 0 2 47 ترکیه 1 0 3 4 48 کنیا 1 0 2 3 49 دانمارک 1 0 1 2 49 سنگاپور 1 0 1 2 51 ترینیداد و توباگو 1 0 0 1 51 گرجستان 1 0 0 1 51 بحرین 1 0 0 1 51 کویت 1 0 0 1 55 ژاپن 0 4 5 9 56 مجارستان 0 3 4 7 57 ونزوئلا 0 1 3 4 58 نامیبیا 0 1 1 2 58 فنلاند 0 1 1 2 60 اتیوپی 0 1 0 1 60 اردن 0 1 0 1 60 لیتوانی 0 1 0 1 60 قطر 0 1 0 1 60 سوئیس 0 1 0 1 65 پرتغال 0 0 2 2 65 مغولستان 0 0 2 2 67 اندونزی 0 0 1 1 67 جمهوری چک 0 0 1 1 67 کیپ ورد 0 0 1 1 67 اتریش 0 0 1 1 67 رومانی 0 0 1 1 67 فیلیپین 0 0 1 1 67 عربستان 0 0 1 1 67 چین تایپه 0 0 1 1 - پورتوریکو 0 0 0 0 - زیمباوه 0 0 0 0 - فلسطین 0 0 0 0 - سنگال 0 0 0 0 - سیرالئون 0 0 0 0 - 0 0 0 0 - تاجی تان 0 0 0 0 - اوگاندا 0 0 0 0 - اروگوئه 0 0 0 0 - کره شمالی 0 0 0 0 - رواندا 0 0 0 0 - نیجر 0 0 0 0 - عمان 0 0 0 0 - پا تان 0 0 0 0 - پاناما 0 0 0 0 - پرو 0 0 0 0 - ارمنستان 0 0 0 0 - آنگولا 0 0 0 0 - افغانستان 0 0 0 0 - آلبانی 0 0 0 0 - بوتسوانا 0 0 0 0 - بلغارستان 0 0 0 0 - بورکینافاسو 0 0 0 0 - بوروندی 0 0 0 0 - کامرون 0 0 0 0 - شیلی 0 0 0 0 - کاستاریکا 0 0 0 0 - قبرس 0 0 0 0 - فیجی 0 0 0 0 - جمهوری دومینیکن 0 0 0 0 - اکوادور 0 0 0 0 - السالوادور 0 0 0 0 - استونی 0 0 0 0 - ایسلند 0 0 0 0 - ایرلند 0 0 0 0 - جامائیکا 0 0 0 0 - گواتمالا 0 0 0 0 - هائیتی 0 0 0 0 - هندوراس 0 0 0 0 - هنگ کنگ 0 0 0 0 - گابن 0 0 0 0 - گامبیا 0 0 0 0 - غنا 0 0 0 0 - مونته نگرو 0 0 0 0 - موزامبیک 0 0 0 0 - ماداگاسکار 0 0 0 0 - مالاوی 0 0 0 0 - مالی 0 0 0 0 - م 0 0 0 0 - کوزوو 0 0 0 0 - قرقیزستان 0 0 0 0 - لسوتو 0 0 0 0 - لیبی 0 0 0 0 ihs markit published its latest analysis on the production cost of the iphone 8 and the iphone 8 plus, announced by apple earlier this month. the report shows estimates the total cost of the components at respectively $247.51 and $288.08 iphone 8 plus cost breakdown according to analysts, the price of the iphone 8 plus 64 gb is $295.44 after the actual process of production and embly. this is $17.78 higher than the iphone 7 plus. the reason for the higher price is, as ihs markit puts it, "a result of slower annual component cost erosion tied in with additional features". the... the apple was criticized for releasing the most expensive iphone ever, namely the iphone x, but that didn't stop the latter taking the number one spot for the best-selling smartphone for q1 2018. and if you are surprised, just take a look at the ranking below - the iphone 8 and iphone 8 plus follow its more expensive sibling closely in the chart. according to strategy analytics, apple has shipped the whopping 16 million units during that period while the less expensive iphone 8 and 8 plus take the second and third place with an impressive score of 12.5 and 8.3 million, respectively.... the upcoming iphone 8 (or iphone x, or iphone edition) that apple might unveil at a rumored event on september 12 will completely kill one of the most iconic features of all its predecessors: the home on. this has been a staple ever since the first iphone launched ten years ago, but according to a new report the iphone 8 will not have any semblance of such a on - not even a software-rendered one. instead, you'll use gestures to control the device and replace the multiple functions of the physical home on found on the other iphones. alleged iphone 8 dummy unit a thin... اولین آیفون 5 ساخته شده از طلای 24 عیار
gold iphone 5 - آیفون 5 طلا پس از عرضه آیفون، شرکت معروف gold & co لندن آیفون 5 زینتی خود را در دبی به حراج گذاشت. این آیفون از جنس طلای 24 عیار است که باعث شگفتی همگان به ویژه یداران آیفون 5 شده است. سرتاسر بدنه آیفون 5 از طلا پوشانده شده به جز قسمتهای بسیار کوچکی از کار که بیشتر به جهت زیبایی آیفون دست نخورده مانده است. آیفون 5 مشکی طلا پوش شده با قیمت 4628 دلار و آیفون 5 سفید طلاپوش شده با قیمت 5036 دلار به فروش می رسد. بسیاری از کاربران اپل پس از انتشار این خبر بسیار ناراحت شدند زیرا بر این عقیده بودند که با این پول می شود صدها گرسنه بی پناه را سیر کرد. نظر شما در مورد آیفون 5 طلا چیست؟ وقتی یک چینی آیفون 5 می د!

iphone 5- آیفون 5 analysts are becoming increasingly sure that the new oled iphone will be delayed - deutsche bank joins kgi in predicting that supply shortages of key components will not allow the overhauled iphone to launch alongside the iphone 7s. the 7s will be an incremental improvement over the current iphone 7 without much novelty. the oled-packing iphone (aka "iphone 8"), is a much bigger upgrade. the oled screen is just one of the new components, rumors also suggest 3d sensing eras and brand new 3d touch. we may be saying "goodbye" to the home on and screen bezels with this update... 4gb not enough for you? now you can get the oppo f3 plus with 6gb of ram in india. the internal storage remains 64gb, but you can expand that with a microsd card. the new model will be available exclusively on flipkart - here's the link - and will sell for inr 23,000 starting november 16 (this thursday). there are two color options - black and gold. oppo f3 plus with 6gb of ram in black and gold the old 4gb model of the oppo f3 plus is out of stock and is unlikely to return. it launched at inr 31,000 but fell to inr 25,000 eventually, so besides more ram the new model... a few images have surfaced showing what is allegedly the iphone 8's metal frame. the images feature an iphone 6 case for size-comparison purposes. the frame doesn't tell much about the upcoming phone but it gives us an idea of its footprint. typically the frame would be filled with all the different components of the phone. iphone 8 frame next to an iphone 6 case come fall apple is expected to announce 3 new iphones - the iphone 7s and 7s plus with the same 4.7" and 5.5" screen sizes and lcd display tech and an iphone 8 with an elongated oled display of 5.8"... apple held an event to formally introduce the phone (and its bigger brother, the iphone 6 plus) on september 9, 2014. notable features include a new 4.7" retina hd display, an updated body styling that is .7 mm thinner than the 5s, and nfc capability for apple's new mobile payment system apple pay. the iphone 6 also features expanded fitness tracking abilities with a new fitness-tracking application powered by the updated m8 motion coprocessor and a barometer used to sense elevation . the iphone 6 is part of the iphone line, succeeding the iphone 5s. processor: 1.2 ghz apple a8 chip with 64 bi. amazon india is holding its biggest sales event yet - the great indian festival. here are some select deals (click on the prices to go to amazon). there are iphones at up to 30% off. the iphone 7 is 30% off, down to inr 39,000. the older iphone 6s is only 18% off, making it cost about the same as the 7, so not worth it. an even older iphone 6 is 14% off, down to inr 25,134. if you want to pay as little as possible for an iphone, then the iphone se is down to inr 19,000, 26% off. the iphone 5s is cheaper ta inr 16,500, but we think the se is a better deal (it's 3 years... you've already seen the new iphone 8 scratch, burn, and bend tested, and now it's time for us to get a look at its internals - literally. ifixit has created another comprehensive teardown, and its victim was the iphone 8 this time around. the handset be e available today, and this information should help those that are looking to repair it on their own at some point. the iphone 8 gets a 6 out of 10 repairability score (10 being easiest to repair). that's one point less than what the iphone 7 plus managed last year. the iphone 8 provides straightforward access to the two components... 2017 is a big year for apple and its fans, as it marks the 10th anniversary of the first iphone. because of this, apple fanboys and we tech media alike are excited to see what's coming. some speculate that apple will release a 4.7" iphone 7s, a 5.5" iphone 7s pus and a 5.8" iphone 8 (or, wait for it, iphone x) with an oled screen and specs straight out of some far-fetched wish . for starters rumor has it the iphone x could have a on-free design with an edge-to-edge oled screen with the home on somehow built in, no side ons but instead touch-sensitive inlays and some... apple's iphone has been the top selling smartphone in china since 2012, but that's no longer the case, as according to a new report from counterpoint research, it has been overtaken by oppo's r9. the report notes that a total of 17 million r9 units were sold in the country last year, which translates into around 4% of the market share. in comparison, apple managed to sell only 12 million units of the iphone 6s, capturing 2% of the market. while oppo's shipments for the year in china increased by 106%, those of apple's flagship declined by 21%. via stories about three new iphones in 2018 have been surfacing since november. analysts expect all of them to ditch touch id for face id, and latest reports from japanese sources give further information about the devices. as reported by macotakara, the flagship iphone 2018 with 6.5" oled display, dubbed iphone x plus, will be the same in size as the iphone 8 plus. it will have the bezel-less design, presumably complete with a notch. the 2018 flagship is about to get bigger the report says that the smaller iphone, rumored to come with a 6" lcd panel, instead of 6.1". it will also... many 2017 flagships were introduced in the past few days but one of the devices that keep getting our attention is the one apple will launch in september. there are a lot of rumors about the phone often dubbed "iphone 8" or "the 10th anniversary iphone" even though the name is not clear yet. this time the wall street journal quotes its sources and claims that the next iphone will have a usb-c port for charging and connectivity instead of lightning. top: iphone 5 with lightning • bottom: iphone 4s with 30-pin slot reports claim apple will ditch its propriety connector for the industry... مقایسه ابعاد آیفون 9 آیفون 9 (iphone 9)، آیفون ای اس (iphone xs) و آیفون ای اس پلاس (iphone xs plus) سه گوشی اپل در سال 2018 هستند. در این مطلب بر اساس نسخه های ساختگی طبق شایعات و اخبار، به مقایسه ابعاد آیفون 9 و آیفون ای اس پلاس با آیفون 10 به عنوان پرچمدار سال گذشته خواهیم پرداخت. ... نوشته مقایسه ابعاد آیفون 9 و آیفون ای اس پلاس با آیفون 10 اولین بار در گجت نیوز. پدیدار شد. the anniversary iphone is here. the iphone x. or the iphone 10. the name is as confusing as the product itself is game-changing. tim cook's vision finally overwhelmed steve jobs ideological remnants. a new dawn for the iphones has begun, free of the iconic home key and the notorious screen bezels.