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به نقل از خبرگزاریها در مورد china involvement in south america : foreign ministers of the ociation of south east asian nations are worried about "recent developments" in the south china sea and urged restraint and dialogue to prevent any escalation, the philippine foreign secretary said on tuesday. china is “strongly dis isfied” with the mention of the east and south china sea issues in a group of seven (g7) statement, and the g7 allies should stop making irresponsible remarks, a chinese foreign ministry spokesman said. a look at recent developments in the south china sea, where china is pitted against smaller neighbors in multiple disputes over islands, coral reefs and lagoons in waters crucial for global commerce and rich in fish and potential oil and gas reserves. refuting domestic criticism that of its soft stance on china’s militari ion of the south china sea, the philippines said it was prepared to go to war with the country if any of its military personnel are harmed in the disputed waters. the south korean politician expected to become its next president, moon jae-in, called on china on tuesday to stop economic retaliation against south korean firms over the deployment of a u.s. missile-defense system. cnn - rex tillerson, who was sworn in as us secretary of state wednesday, takes responsibility for us policy in one of the world's biggest flashpoints: the south china sea. vietnam's most powerful leader has called for greater unity among southeast asian states at a time the country has appeared increasingly isolated in challenging china's territorial claims in the south china sea. southeast asian nations would adopt a softer than usual tone about south china sea disputes at a leaders' summit on urday in manila, and exclude references to militarization or island-building, according to a draft of the chairman's statement. china's appalling air quality isn't just sending the chinese into despair. it's also badly affecting people in neighboring countries. that, at least, is the contention o roup of disgruntled south koreans who on wednesday launched a suit against the governments in beijing and seoul. he british warship hms sutherland docked in australia on the weekend. the royal navy’s type 23 anti-submarine frigate will conduct exercises and patrol operations with the naval forces of allies and partners in the indo-pacific region. more important, it will sail into the south china sea while returning home from down under next month. needless to say, leaders in beijing are already sharpening their knives. reining in north korea’s nuclear ambitions will top south korean president moon jae-in’s agenda in beijing during a visit this week aimed at breaking the ice after a furious row with china over seoul’s deployment of a u.s. anti-missile system. japan plans to dispatch its largest warship on a three-month tour through the south china sea beginning in may, three sources said, in its biggest show of naval force in the region since world war two. hong g — the united states said on tuesday that it had begun deploying an a nced and contentious missile defense system in south korea, prompting china to warn of a new atomic arms race in a region increasingly on edge over north korea’s drive to build a nuclear arsenal. the pentagon criticized what it called china’s “continued militarization” of island outposts in the disputed south china sea, where the chinese air force landed long-range bombers for the first time, putting entire southeast asia within their range. china on wednesday launched its first domestically built aircraft carrier, which will join an existing one bought second-hand, amid rising tensions over north korea and worries about beijing's ertiveness in the south china sea. ran has threatened to give petroleum giant total's stake in the south pars gas fields to china if the french company could not secure protection from u.s. nuclear-related sanctions. shortly before united states defense secretary james mattis’ visit to south korea, harry b. harris, commander of the us pacific command (uspacom), proposed deploying the cutting-edge zumwalt destroyer to south korean jeju island. a peace activist said in an interview with sputnik that by rushing to deploy the terminal high altitude area defense (thaad) system on the korean peninsula, washington is trying to "up the ante" in the region, provoking extreme opposition in china, north korea and south korea. america's top diplomat in china has resigned over president donald trump’s decision to withdraw the united states from a landmark climate change treaty, two sources told nbc news monday. u.s. defense secretary jim mattis is expected to press for greater cooperation to contain north korea's nuclear and missile threat at a regional security forum in singapore later this week, where for years washington has sought to spotlight china's expansion in the strategic south china sea. the united states started to deploy the first elements of its a nced anti-missile defense system in south korea on tuesday after north korea's test of four bal ic missiles, u.s. pacific command said, despite angry opposition from china. lg unveiled a trio of q7 phones last month, and now it's back to fill us in on the pricing and availability details. the q7 and q7+ will go on sale tomorrow, june 15, in south korea. in a press release, lg said the q7 and q7+ will be available through all three mobile carriers in the country. the lg q7 will cost krw 495,000 tag ($455), while the plus version will go for krw 570,000 tag ($525). the press release also says the q7 series will be available in asia, latin america, and middle east africa as well as europe. the company also mentions an 'early june' timeframe, but... south korea will never tolerate north korea as a nuclear state, nor will seoul have nuclear weapons, president moon jae-in said on wednesday, as china pledged to work on denuclearization after setting aside a dispute with seoul over an anti-missile system. following honor's success in the united states with its high-value x series, the company is announcing its expansion into latin american markets across central and south america. honor will begin to sell smartphones in stores starting next year. the company is certainly excited to see how it's honor 7x will do in the new region. the latin american market is certainly different from north american markets in that people are more likely to purchase an unlocked phone at a physical store or through a carrier than directly from an online retailer. it will be interesting to see how honor... while samsung has already confirmed that china is in the of countries where the galaxy s8/s8+ will land this month, now we have the exact date. according to a new report out of the company's home country of south korea, the flagship device(s) will be launched in china on may 25, following a showcase event which is set for this week (may 18). the report also notes that the tech giant's bixby artificial intelligence istant will start offering chinese language support starting next month. there's, however, currently no information on exactly how much the device(s) will cost in... president donald trump is considering exempting america's neighbours to the north and south from tariffs the white house has been publicly considering imposing on imports of steel and aluminium. year 1922-27 ,,, military intervention in china
know that "death to america" slogan is rational and has strong support
it is clear it does not mean death to american *nation
this slogan means death to american *policies. death to arrogance
sayyid ali khamenei (iran supreme leader)
military intervention in china rade tensions have been escalating between china and the united states recently, and it seems us president donald trump is not backing down from his tariff plans toward china and other trading partners. north korea said during rare talks with the south it will send a delegation of high-ranking officials, athletes and a cheering squad to the pyeongchang winter olympics in south korea next month, a senior south korean official said on tuesday. reports from south korea announced that samsung is closing one of its two smartphone factories in china. the korean giant will withdraw from the plant in tianjin by the end of 2018 due to difficulties and slowing growth. reuters said that samsung market share fell from 20% five years ago to less than 1% today, outgunned by local manufacturers like huawei and xiaomi. the giant is also under pressure for failing to deliver quarterly profit growth in times when competitors keep unveiling "cheaper, feature-packed models". the tianjin factory is one of two in china that work with... a top chinese drug enforcement official says the u.s. should cut down demand for the drugs fueling its opioid epidemic rather than stressing unsubstantiated claims that china is the major source of these chemicals. the samsung galaxy c7 pro, which was made official last month and has only been available in china since is now starting its journey across other markets. confirming previous reports, the device has been launched in hong g. the phone is now ed on the south korean company's official hong g website, although you currently can't place any orders. at least one third-party retailer is currently accepting pre-orders for the device, though, asking hkd 3,398 ($435) for it. source 1 2 japanese referee ryuji ohas been selected to officiate iran and south korea match in world cup qualifier. the 39-year-old referee will be isted by his countrymen. the fourth official is from sri lanka.
the match will be held in tehran’s azadi stadium on tuesday.
iran and south korea are paired in group a along with uzbekistan, syria, china and qatar.
both iran and south korea have seven points with two wins and a draw, but iran is ahead in goal difference, plus-3 to plus-2. sino lable - نمایشگاه چاپ برچسب 9 تا 11 مارس 2015 تا 20 اسفند 1393 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- sino-pack فناوری بسته بندی 9 تا 11 مارس 2015 - 18 تا 20 اسفند 1393 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- printing - south china فناوری چاپ 9 تا 11 مارس 2015 - 18 تا 20 اسفند 1393 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. china welcomes all countries to participate in this weekend's forum on china's new silk road plan, the foreign ministry said on urday, after the united states warned china that north korea's attendance could affect other countries' participation. ford tourneo transit gps device car dvd player china wholesale
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book: iran sanctions in us-china relations; by esfandiar khodaee, 2017 لینک ید کتاب link
اسفندیار خ china and the united states have different perceptions of iran and its nuclear program. in order to make sanctions effective in pressuring tehran, the obama administration needed cooperation from china as a veto power in the u.n. security council and as the first trade partner of iran. washington tried to make beijing cooperate with sanctions through bargaining an pressure strategies. china didn't share western concerns over iran nuclear program and followed its own interests in this dispute. beijing even had some interests in a powerful and resistant iran to challenge us he ony over the energy-rich middle east and to make america entangled in this region away from east asia and chinese borders and dependent to china's cooperation. this study plans to clarify us strategies and china's responses in this regard. american carrot and stick policy could eventually make china vote to the u.n. resolutions against iran after some modification in texts. but beijing continued and even expanded relations with iran, and followed a bold policy to make us achievements costly and abortive without directly standing against washington.
according to the political service atrak yesterday court in america, iran condemned the crime did not pay any money to be false. amounted to 1.75 billion dollars is our conviction that this money, the amount of money that is blocked by one of our nation's capital america is a country!

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conviction for violating the privacy o. special representative of the chinese government for korean peninsula affairs wu dawei will arrive in seoul monday on a five-day visit, south korean media reported sunday citing diplomatic sources. بالا ه مسابقات قهرمانی جهان تموم شد و لهستان اول شد. رده بندی نهایی مسابقات والیبال قهرمانی مردان جهان در سال 2014: 1. poland لهستان 9. finland فنلاند 17. beljik بلژیک 2. brazil برزیل 9. serbia(yugoslavia) صربستان 17. south korea کره جنوبی 3. farnce فرانسه 11. argentina آرژانتین 17. mexico مکزیک 4. germany آلمان 11. cuba کوبا 17. venezuela ونزوئلا 5. russian federation روسیه 13. bulgaria بلغارستان 21.  eroon کامرون 6. iran ایران 13. italy ایتالیا 21. egypt مصر 7. canada کانادا 15. australia استرالیا 21. por پورتوریکو 7. usa 15. china چین 21. tunisia تونس residents of seoul woke up thursday to the south korean capital's highest-ever morning low after the nation recorded its test temperature a day earlier. south korean troops are on full combat alert in order to respond to any north korea's provocations following recent missile tests carried out by pyongyang, south korea’s joint chiefs of staff said wednesday in a statement. the samsung galaxy folder 2 flip phone - which was made official back in september last year, and has been only available in china so far - has now arrived in the company's home country of south korea. samsung says both lte and 3g variants of the phone will be launched in the country. color options include black and burgundy. the handset will carry a price tag of krw 297,000 ($260). the galaxy folder 2 is powered by a snapdragon 425 soc, and sports a 3.8-inch display of a wvga resolution. it comes with 2gb ram and 16gb internal memory. the flip phone features an 8mp main era with... some two years since russia’s involvement in the 2016 presidential election roiled american politics, anger has again erupted over moscow’s potential role in the midterm elections. at a white house press briefing last week, intelligence community leaders averred that russia “continues to engage in malign influence operations” and warned that russian ers might resume targeting america’s voter rolls and voting machines as they did in 2016. the briefing undoubtedly had a domestic political purpose, but it is safe to ume that these officials would not make such ertions, nor would the whi. u.s. president donald trump agreed with south korean president moon jae-in to revise a joint treaty capping the development of the south’s bal ic missiles, moon’s office said on urday, amid a standoff over north korea’s missile and nuclear tests. us president donald trump on monday defended his decision to consider removing restrictive measures on china's state-owned company zhongxing telecommunications equipment, saying the company buys scores of parts from us companies and should therefore be part of a larger trade deal with china. russian president vladimir putin will travel to china in may for a summit and also plans to hold talks with chinese president xi jinping, ria news agency cited russia's amb ador to china as saying. north korea kept a low profile at the opening of a summit in beijing on china's new silk road plan on sunday, after the united states warned china pyongyang's attendance could affect the participation of other countries. pakistan is due to attend the international conference on peace that will be held in kabul on june 6. 25 countries are expected to participate in the conference including america, china, russia, india, iran and pakistan.