crude oil dips on signs of ample supply despite opec cuts iran sanctions

به نقل از خبرگزاریها در مورد crude oil dips on signs of ample supply despite opec cuts iran sanctions : while american president donald trump has canceled the iran nuclear agreement and imposed economic sanctions on that nation, several european and asian nations have announced that they will disregard the sanctions. several ship transport companies that also sail to american ports, have chosen to suspend transportation services to and from iranian ports. however, other modes of transportation will likely flourish despite the sanctions. oil prices rose on thursday, supported by an expectation that the us will re-impose sanctions against iran, a decline in output in venezuela and strong demand. crude oil prices posted their biggest weekly gain in eight months with rising geopolitical risk in the middle east threatening security supply once again. the iranian petroleum minister said urday tehran will agree on prolongation of the agreement on reduction of oil output reached by the organization of the petroleum exporting countries (opec) and non-cartel member states, if other parties to the deal agree to do so. energy minister khalid falih said that saudi arabia is interested in the continuation of the dialogue between the organization of the petroleum exporting countries states and non-cartel oil producers to stabilize the crude market. the european union on monday failed to agree on new sanctions against iran, reuters reported. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu said on monday he planned to push u.s. president donald trump to renew sanctions against iran during a visit to washington next month, complaining that iran had once more tested a bal ic missile. iran’s central bank is increasingly negotiating with moscow to circumvent sanctions from the united states, according to tehran’s state-run news agency. the deal opec+ is effective, however, the parties of the deal need to pay attention on high levels of oil production in libya and nigeria, said bijan namdar zangane, oil minister of iran. iran could do a lot of different things to kind of skirt possible tighter sanctions on its oil sector, such as sending oil to different places, michael cohen, head of energy commodities research at barclays, told bloomberg on monday. france’s supermajor total sa continues to work on the south pars gas project in iran despite the uncertainty over potential new u.s. sanctions on iran, total’s chief executive patrick pouyanne told french newspaper le monde in an interview published on tuesday. after more than a year of wrangling, senators announced a bipartisan bill thursday to impose mandatory sanctions on iran over its spate of bal ic missile tests and support for a group that president donald trump may soon dub a terrorist organization. the first delivery of iranian crude oil to russia under the oil-for-goods program has been completed and the sides aim to extend the deal for five years, according to russian energy ministry aleksandr novak. after the us senate imposed a new round of sanctions against a number of people and companies with the pretext of missiles and human rights concerns, iranian ministry of foreign affairs took a reciprocal step, imposing sanctions against 15 american firms involving in terrorism and supporting israeli crimes. the uae energy minister suhail bin mohammed al-mazroui's was reported by reuters as saying that: federal prosecutors in new york announced on wednesday the filing of a new indictment that charges a former turkish economy minister and three other turks with participating in a broad conspiracy to violate the united states’ sanctions against iran. marc short, the white house legislative director, told reporters that the administration backs the new sanctions on russia and iran. but he appeared to object to a key part of the legislation that would give capitol hill a much stronger hand in determining russia sanctions policy. two weeks ago, opec held a meeting with some of the producers and cited its members iraq and the uae, as well as non-opec signatories to the deal kazakhstan and malaysia, as laggards in compliance. the us jury in the explosive iran sanctions-busting trial of a turkish banker paused friday for the christmas holiday without reaching a verdict and will resume deliberations on january 3. as the syrian crisis has entered a new phase after the recent us missile strike against a military airbase in the country, there are signs of an upcoming more cooperation between iran and russia on the syrian issue. russian foreign minister’s recent remarks could be regarded as a sign in this regard. in line with the attempts made by israel, saudi arabia and some of the other arab regimes to put pressure on iran in the region, morocco has announced that it cuts official ties with iran over allegations that iran supports a moroccan insurgent group. tehran however has strongly denied these claims. after taking tough positions against iran’s bal ic missiles program during about the last two weeks, the gop senators are preparing the ground for the new phase: imposing a new round of sanctions against iran.

tehran, feb. 9 (mna) – head of iran national hand-weaved carpet center has said iranian negotiators had asked for removal of sanctions on iran’s hand-weaved rugs. mohammad baqer aghaalikhani told in a press conference sunday that persian carpet exports to the us would probably resumed soon with sanctions removal on carpet industry in first half of 2014. head of iran national hand-weaved carpet center added that carpet sanctions were directly imposed by the us and had not been removed so far while the other sanctions had been gradually removed. “$ 66m has been allocated. washington’s sanctions against iran’s islamic revolution guards corps (irgc) are illegitimate and contravene international law, russian deputy foreign minister sergey ryabkov said on wednesday. poland's second-biggest oil refiner lotos is interested in securing a long-term supply deal with iran once it completes a new coking unit at its gdansk refinery next year, its chief executive said. during years of tough negotiations between iran and the six world powers over the nuclear issue, france was known to have one of the strictest positions against tehran. now that the us is trying to once again increase pressures on iran with non-nuclear excuse, it seems to have paris on board again. the new us bill seeking to step up sanctions against tehran and moscow violates the us constitution, consequently, its consideration by the us house of representatives faces a number of procedural issues, local media reported. a final decision on the oil production cut deal reached by opec national and partners, including russia, will be taken in early 2018 although this matter will be in focus of a regular opec+ meeting on november 30, russian energy minister alexander novak told rbc television channel on thursday. with a looming deadline on whether to continue the suspension of sanctions on iran, the trump administration is frantically working to demonstrate tehran’s non-compliance under the so-called iran deal and thereby fulfill an ill-conceived paign promise. اختصاصی از اینو دیدی تحقیق درموردمتن انگلیسی اپک جدید 1000 با و پر سرعت .
لینک و ید پایین توضیحاتفرمت فایل word  و قابل ویرایش و پرینتتعداد صفحات: 2 what is opec?frequently asked questions about crude oilfrequently asked questions about opecfrequently asked questions about the petroleum industrythe organization of the petroleum exporting countries (opec) is a permanent inter-governmental organization, currently made up of 11 oil producing and exporting countries, spread across three continents america, asia and africa. the members are algeria, indonesia, the islamic republic of iran, iraq, kuwait, the socia people’s libyan arab jamahiriya, nigeria, qatar, saudi arabia, united arab emirates & venezuela.these countries have a total population of about 545 million and for nearly all of them, oil is the main marketable commodity and foreign exchange earner. thus, for these countries, oil is the vital key to development – economic, social and political. their oil revenues are used not only to expand their economic and industrial base, but also to provide their people with jobs, education, health care and a decent standard of living.the organization’s principal objectives are:1. to co-ordinate and unify the petroleum policies of the member countries and to determine the best means for safeguarding their individual and collective interests;2. to seek ways and means of ensuring the stabilization of prices in international oil markets, with a view to eliminating harmful and unnecessary fluctuations; and3. to provide an efficient economic and regular supply of petroleum to consuming nations and a fair return on capital to those investing in the petroleum industry.the organization of the petroleum exporting companies (opec) was created in 1960 to unify and protect the interests of oil-producing countries. opec allows oil-producing countries to guarantee their income by coordinating policies and prices among them. this unified front was created primarily in response to the efforts of western oil companies to drive oil prices down. the original members of opec included iran, iraq, kuwait, saudi arabia, and venezuela. opec has since expanded to include six more countries, making a total membership of 11.opec represents a considerable political and economical force. two-thirds of the oil reserves in the world belong to opec members; likewise, opec countries are responsible for half of the world's oil exports. the fact that opec controls the availability of a substance so universally sought after by modern society renders the organization a force to be rec ed with.the first display of the effect opec power could have on the world's politics was in the 1970s. when the yom kippur war exploded in the middle east, the united states isted israel in defending itself against the egyptian and syrian armies. in what may have been a response to this interference in the war, opec instituted an oil embargo that targeted the united states and its european allies. the embargo lasted from october 19, 1973 to march 17, 1974.the effects of the opec oil embargo were widespread. immediate effects included inflation and economic recession in the united states and other countries targeted by the embargo. car owners in the united states were restricted to specific days on which they could purchase gasoline: even dates for cars with even-numbered license plates, and odd dates for cars with odd-numbered license plates.a national law introducing more restrictive speed limits was instituted, as well as a year-round daylight savings time. the opec oil embargo also drove auto manufacturers to produce smaller and more fuel-efficient vehicles. even after the embargo ended, oil prices continued to rise, and the united states economy continued to suffer.although opec is often seen as a villain in the political arena, the organization serves an important purpose. opec prevents its members from being taken a ntage of by industrialized countries, by ensuring that oil-exporting countries are paid a fair price for crude oil. because oil-exporting countries are dependent on industrialized countries for oil products, opec standards prevent industrialized countries from buying crude oil at rock-bottom prices, then turning around and selling oil products back at vastly inflated prices.
تحقیق درموردمتن انگلیسی اپک جدید 1000
french energy giant total will finally sign its multi-billion-dollar agreement to develop an iranian offshore gas field on monday (jul 3), the oil ministry said, in the biggest foreign deal since sanctions were eased last year. the gradual acceptance of digital currencies, with major exchanges about to launch bitcoin futures trading, may prompt some oil producing nations to ditch the us dollar in crude trade in favor of cryptocurrencies, an oil analyst says. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has welcomed new sanctions imposed by the trump administration on iran, saying its continued nuclear weapons program posed to a threat to the world. the eu is considering how to protect its companies in iran as well as retaliatory measures in the wake of the us pullout from the joint comprehensive plan of action (jcpoa), french national embly member delphine o said in remarks at the atlantic council. a dozen delivery and supply companies and affiliates based in turkey are banned from doing business with the u.s. government due to their roles in profiteering from humanitarian aid intended for syria, u.s. officials said on friday. more than €143 million worth of irish exports to iran are under threat from us president donald trump’s decision to pull out of the international nuclear deal and to reimpose sanctions on the islamic state. iran is readying its first round of oil and gas exploration tenders since the easing of economic sanctions, hoping to attract the likes of bp and gazprom, an iranian energy official said on monday. تحریمهای ایران در روابط و چین؛ نویسنده: اسفندیار خ ؛ انتشارات لمبرت آلمان، 2017
book: iran sanctions in us-china relations; by esfandiar khodaee, 2017 لینک ید کتاب link
اسفندیار خ
china and the united states have different perceptions of iran and its nuclear program. in order to make sanctions effective in pressuring tehran, the obama administration needed cooperation from china as a veto power in the u.n. security council and as the first trade partner of iran. washington tried to make beijing cooperate with sanctions through bargaining an pressure strategies. china didn't share western concerns over iran nuclear program and followed its own interests in this dispute. beijing even had some interests in a powerful and resistant iran to challenge us he ony over the energy-rich middle east and to make america entangled in this region away from east asia and chinese borders and dependent to china's cooperation. this study plans to clarify us strategies and china's responses in this regard. american carrot and stick policy could eventually make china vote to the u.n. resolutions against iran after some modification in texts. but beijing continued and even expanded relations with iran, and followed a bold policy to make us achievements costly and abortive without directly standing against washington.
u.s. republican senators plan to introduce legislation to impose further sanction on iran, accusing it of violating u.n. security council resolutions by testing bal ic missiles and acting to "destabilize" the middle east, a u.s. senator said sunday. donald trump is expected to disavow the iran nuclear deal in a speech on friday denouncing the government in tehran, but he will not call for the us to abandon the agreement, according to officials briefed on the president’s intentions china on monday said it had "lodged representations" with the united states over washington's new sanctions targeting iran, which includes chinese companies and individuals. oil minister bijan zanganeh said yesterday that us president donald trump’s decision to quit a multinational nuclear deal would not affect tehran’s oil exports if the eu could salvage the pact. “every new decision in opec needs unanimity… i believe that if the european union helps us… the level of the oil exports of iran will not change,” zanganeh told reporters after a meeting with the eu’s energy chief miguel arias canete. iran is looking for closer “good and constructive” cooperation with russia on the high seas, mohsen sheidayee, the commander of an iranian naval flotilla currently on a friendly visit in the russian caspian port of makhachkala, said in an interview with sputnik. nikkei asian review reported that apple will halve iphone x orders, based on information from the supply chain. the predicted number didn't quite line up with other estimates and it seems that the component suppliers themselves are hearings different numbers. murata claims "the figure sounds a little bit bigger", referring to the 20 million iphone xs estimate by nikkei. murata provides some of the wireless connectivity components for this generation of iphones. the company has heard talks of production cuts, though it seems no one is certain of the extent of those cuts. apple will... the current us administration led by president donald trump has showed clear signs of dis isfaction over the iranian nuclear deal. now, after refusing to certify iran’s commitment to the deal, trump has apparently reached a new agreement with israelis to counter tehran. more us sanctions aren’t going to change iran’s behavior and direct war doesn’t seem a possibility, but the situation could be defused during a meeting between vladimir putin and donald trump, says writer and middle east commentator sharmine narwani. the five-nation eurasian economic union (eeu) has signed a 3-year provisional agreement with iran to welcome the islamic republic into the bloc’s free-trade zone. the un security council has unanimously adopted a russia-tabled draft that will see a technical extension of sanctions against yemen. it comes after russia vetoed a rival resolution that blamed iran for fueling the conflict there, rt reports. uncertainty over use of currency for bilateral trade has impacted india’s basmati rice exports to iran following hesitation over the use of the dollar after fresh sanctions levied by the united states on the islamic country. an f-4 phantom fighter jet, operated by iran’s air force, has crashed in southern iran, leaving both pilot and copilot dead. “an operational-training jet [operated by] the army went down on tuesday near bakhtegan [lake] in fars province. unfortunately, the pilot and the copilot were killed,” brigadier general hossein mohammadi, a top iranian air force commander, said. he added that the plane, which crashed around 11:15 local time (0645 gmt), belonged to bandar abbas air base, but had taken off from shiraz air base in fars province. the general said an investigation has been launched into the deadly accident. the file p o of an f-4 phantom jet iran has expanded its aviation industry despite the us-engineered sanctions against the country's air industry. under the sanctions, international companies are banned from selling aircraft or their spare parts to iran.