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به نقل از خبرگزاریها در مورد deal grab a motorola moto z play for : the motorola moto e5 series is now available for purchase in the us. the standard moto e5 is missing (we already knew it is only destined to europe, latin america and the asia pacific), but the e5 plus and e5 play are now up for grabs. the motorola moto e5 plus, the device is only available through sprint, which is offering it for $288, or $12/mo on 18-month flex lease plan. the model up for sale is the 32gb, gray variant. the moto e5 play is available through verizon as well as cricket and boost mobile. boost is selling the phone for $80 ($20 discount), while verizon and cricket... the motorola moto z play will get the android 7.1.1 update. this was confirmed by a company representative during a chat session. there was, however, no information on when the update will be rolled out. the device started getting the nougat (version 7.0) update back in january this year. units in europe got the update first, followed by regions like india and brazil. then in the month of march, the update arrived in canada as well as the us. source via the moto z2 play oreo update started rolling out earlier this month, and now, motorola has released the kernel source code for the update as well - it's posted on github. so if you are from the developer community, and have been waiting for the company to do this, here's you chance to take a look at what's going on in the oreo update at the code level, and come up with a custom rom (if that's your aim). source via motorola is currently offering discounts on several of its phones, including the moto z2 play, moto x4, and moto g5 plus in the us. starting with the former, the device - the 64gb variant - has received a $100 price cut. moving on, the moto x4 discount stands at $50, while that for the moto g5 plus stands at $20 for the 32gb variant and $40 for the 64gb one. the android one moto x4 has also received a price cut. the device is currently going for $324, down from its usual price of $399. so that's a discount of around $75. all these are limited time deals, with those on z2... there's already zero doubt that motorola will be announcing a second generation of moto z devices. we've already seen the moto z2 (or z2 force) in leaked press renders. unsurprisingly, they will look quite similar to the 2016 moto z models given that the company promised that those who invested in motomods would also get use out of them with the next iteration of the moto z. today we take a first look at the press render obtained by technobuffalo. much like the moto z play, we expect the z2 play will be a mid-range version of the moto z2/moto z2 force with something along the likes... most companies are done with their h1 2018 announcements, but motorola is still holding back with the moto g6 series. those should be coming shortly though as a m ive leak just e showing us what two of the phones will look like and revealing most of their specs and even prices. moto g6 play moto g6 play will be the most affordable device in the series with 5.7" display and hd+ resolution, confirming that motorola will also move to tall screens. the chipset is rumored to be snapdragon 430 with an octa-core cpu and up to 1.4 ghz clock speed. the circular era... the motorola moto z3 play be e official at the start of the month in brazil and it's now making its way to shelves in india and the us. we already reported that amazon will add the moto z3 play to its prime offers and will start shipping the phone on july 29. motorola's own site is accepting pre-orders and promises to ship them starting on july 2. according to early retail information, indian buyers will be able to get their hands on the moto z3 play in the first week of july. there's no price information for india yet. the brazilian asking price starts at brl 2,299 (inr... the motorola moto z play android nougat update availability has expanded to a couple of new markets. the update is now hitting indian units as version npn25.137-15-2. the update has also started hitting units in brazil: for those in the us waiting for the update, roll out there will begin sometime next month. recently, motorola germany had also said that the moto z play update has been delayed, and will be rolled out in march. source release notes motorola moto z3 play is arriving on june 6, as we reported on friday. the phone will be able to work with older moto mods, will have "immersive" 6" display and revamped 12 mp dual era. according to a new leak, courtesy of xda developers, the z3 play will be able to reach 5g speeds thanks to a new moto mod that will debut alongside it. the image shows there is a bit of antenna, peeking out of the top end of the mod. it is said to enable 1 gbps speeds on the z3 play since snapdragon 636's x12 modem can reach only 600 mbps. we sincerely hope this mod will have practical use in... despite a few delays, motorola is still planning to release a new moto series of affordable handsets. by all accounts, the launch event will be held on april 19, in brazil and the lineup will include the moto g6, g6 plus and g6 play. the latter of the three devices was spotted in a very short clip. despite its mismatched title, we are pretty confident the g6 play stars in the video, since the single main era is clearly visible. plus, leaks on the moto g6 family have been rather abundant, leaving little to the imagination. moto g6 play as per current info, the g6... motorola is launching its g6 series on thursday, but the three phones surfaced with press renders in all colors. the moto g6 play, moto g6, and moto g6 plus will arrive on thursday in sao paulo, brazil with a tall screen and are also expected to have android oreo and quick charging support. moto g6 play the most affordable of the three phones is the play variant. according to geekbench, it should have a snapdragon 430 chipset with octa-core cpu running at 1.4 ghz. the display panel is 5.7" in diagonal with hd+ resolution. there will be 3 gb ram and 32 gb storage on board, microsd... few brands can boast such a monumental legacy as motorola - one of the original forefathers and titans on the mobile scene. and it's not just the brick-like phones of the past that contribute to this special status either. you only need to turn the clock back five years or so from now to see the original moto g at the forefront of a budget smartphone revolution. the motorola moto g6 is now in stock sim free in the uk with domestic and international shipping available. the moto g6 in deep indigo is priced at £219, which coincides with official pricing in the netherlands where the moto g6 is ed at €250. currently only uk retailers unlocked-mobiles and clove have the moto g6 in stock. others have the device projected for a may 9th availability. meanwhile the moto g6 plus is also expected to fill the shelves on may 9 while the moto g6 play will make become available later on in may. hat tip to james for sending this in! source 1 ... motorola unveiled three affordable e-series phones, which in many ways mirror the new g6 trio. all three phones will launch "in the coming months" with android 8.0 oreo and even the most affordable model has a fingerprint reader hidden in the motorola logo along with water-repellent coating. also, the selfie eras have led flashes and your p os can be stored at full resolution at google p os for free. but don't think of these as the junior team, we think this first one might actually be a better phone than the moto g6 play (and at a lower cost to boot). moto e5 plus the moto e5... most of the h1 2018 flagships are already out, but motorola is yet to show its hand. the expected moto z3 play just appeared in case renders, revealing the modular design will stay for the third generation of moto z phones. a big noticeable difference is the fingerprint scanner, finding its way on the right side, probably because there will be no room on the front where a taller display is fitted. the front of the moto z3 play is shown with one era, while the circular module on the back will house two snappers, coupled with a dual-led flash. the mods contact module has been... while the moto g6 play is the most member of the newly announced trio, spanning the moto g6 and moto g6 plus, it still has a lot to offer, especially for a price tag of around €200. in fact, the whole feel of the device doesn't seem all that different compared to the other two versions - it feels just as sturdy and solid in the hand despite its downgraded housing. while the moto g6 and g6 plus come with gorilla gl 3 on the back, the g6 play features plastic on its rear panel. thanks to its rounded back panel, the handset rests comfortably in the hand while the power on is... as scheduled, motorola has started pushing out the nougat update to the moto z play smartphone. arriving as firmware version npn25.137-15-2 and currently hitting units in europe, the update brings android os version 7.0. as is usually the case with ota roll outs, it may take some time for the update to hit your device. meanwhile, if you feel impatient, you can manually check for the update by heading to your handset's settings menu. for moto z play owners in the us, the update will start rolling out in march. via the motorola moto z play has started receiving a new update in the us. arriving as version opn27.76-12-22, it's a major update that brings along android oreo os. as you can see in the screens below, in addition to the usual oreo goodies, the update also includes android security fixes for the month of april. the moto z play oreo update started rolling out last month, with india becoming the first market to get it. it took over a month, but it's good the update has finally arrived in the us. the moto z also started receiving oreo a few days ago. via the motorola moto g6 play was launched by the company in the later half of this month, and it's not yet available in most markets around the world. however, that's not stopping the company from releasing its kernel source code. the code is now available for from github, where it's hosted under device names "aljeter" and "jeter." so developers and enthusiasts can now take a look at the code, and even develop custom roms by making changes to it. for those who missed, the company recently released kernel source code for the moto z2 play oreo update as well. source 1 2 ... last month, motorola started taking pre-orders for the moto g5s plus in the us ahead of its september 29 release. and if you pre-ordered, you got a neat $50 off the usual selling price of the device, regardless of which ram/storage combo you picked. now the same deal is back, for a limited time only though - it's valid until october 14. if you buy a g5s plus straight from motorola's online store before that, you can once again save $50. so the version with 3gb of ram and 32gb of storage goes for $229.99 instead of $279.99, while the model with 4gb of ram and 64gb of storage can be yours... motorola is expected to announce the moto z3 play at its event on june 6. while we get ready for that the phone has been leaking more and more lately. last week, a huge outing of information seemingly told us everything there is to know about its specs. there's just one problem with that. the moto z3 play has been spotted in the geekbench database, as you can see from the screens below. and it ran the benchmark with a qualcomm snapdragon 660 chipset on board. that's contrary to what the aforementioned leak stated, namely that we'd see the snapdragon 636 inside the z3 play. this... last year's moto z play gathered much praise at the office for a lot of things, among them its great battery life. well, its successor may be a different story, if the numbers posted on tenaa's website are correct. the chinese regulator has certified a motorola device with xt1710-08 internal designation, which by the looks of it is none other than the moto z2 play. there won't be much playing done on a single charge though, judging from the ed 2,820mah battery capacity. the first-gen moto z play had 3,510mah worth of juice at its disposal, and initial rumors pointed towards a... lenovo's latest mwc announcement the motorola moto g5 is available for purchasing with a next day delivery on a uk online retailer's website. the device is ed for £169 which is about €193 or $206. motorola announced two new phones at the mwc - the moto g5 and the moto g5 plus. it's unclear when exactly the g5 plus will join its sibling on british soil but it shouldn't be long now. if you want to know more about the moto g5 you should check out our mwc hands-on. thanks for the tip, james! source motorola has started sending out press invites for a product launch event on june 6 in brazil. while the invite does confirm a smartphone will be the star of the event, the company didn't reveal exactly which device will be made official. but it's not difficult to guess. since both moto g6 and e5 are already official, we're definitely looking at the moto z3 play. recently, the device be e subject of a major leak that revealed almost all key specifications, including snapdragon 636 chipset, 6-inch 18:9 display, 4gb ram, and 32/64gb storage options. the device will have a... motorola has already launched the fifth generation of the g series this year at mwc. however, the moto g4 plus from last year is still on sale. not only that, but it's now cheaper than it's ever been. you can buy an unlocked unit from b&h for only $149.99. that's $100 less than the phone's initial price in 2016, $90 compared to b&h's previous price, and $50 less than what amazon is asking for. it's also $80 less than what the moto g5 plus goes for. if this deal sounds interesting to you, note that it will only be available until urday, june 17, at 11:59 pm et. while already a year... lenovo's latest mwc announcement the motorola moto g5 is available for purchasing with a next day delivery on a uk online retailer's website. the device is ed for £169 which is about €193 or $206. motorola announced two new phones at the mwc - the moto g5 and the moto g5 plus. it's unclear when exactly the g5 plus will join its sibling on british soil but it shouldn't be long now. if you want to know more about the moto g5 you should check out our mwc hands-on. thanks for the tip, james! source following its release in india a couple of weeks ago, the moto z2 play is now available for purchase in the us as well, in gray and gold. there's a catch, however: at the moment you can only buy from verizon, or from motorola's online store for use on verizon. an unlocked model will be sold by motorola "later this summer". the handset was made official at the beginning of this month after many weeks of unending leaks. it can be yours for $408 full retail. alternatively, if you want to use an installment plan you'll put down $0 then followed by 24 monthly payments of $17. deliveries... a few days ago, a couple of images appeared online showcasing the moto z3 play but this new batch gives more details about the device and its moto mods. two of them are already familiar but the rest are fresh. moto z3 play renders the new leak confirms the motorola branding on the lower chin as well as the support for moto mods, the gl back design, the dual era setup and an unknown on positioned on the left. the right side of the device houses the power on that doubles as a fingerprint sensor with the volume rocker right above it. the rest of the images... back in january we heard an odd rumor saying that future motorola handsets would run zuk's zui in china, instead of the near-stock android builds that the company ships elsewhere. zuk is, like motorola, owned by lenovo, so at least from that point of view this made some sense. what wasn't as clear was why the company would go this route. we still don't know that, but one thing is clear: the new moto z2 play does indeed run zui if you pick one up in china. this is evidenced by the screens you can see to the left, showing the about screen for the device, which has an entry for the zui... a new update is currently hitting at&t branded samsung galaxy s7 edge and s7 active as well as motorola moto z play droid on verizon. arriving as build number g935aucs4bqc2 and g891aucs2bqc2 for the samsung duo, and version ndns25.137-24-1-4 for the motorola phone, the update brings march security patch. the moto z play droid update is also said to bring along some system enhancements as well as usual bug fixes. given that the updates are being rolled out ota, it may take time for them to hit your device. you can manually check for the update by heading to your handset's settings... motorola's upcoming moto z2 play has been leaking a lot lately, and a few days ago one such leak has revealed that it should become official on june 1 (tomorrow), at least in brazil. in the meantime, motorola's arm in canada has teased an announcement for tomorrow too. so it's pretty much a given that the z2 play will finally be unveiled in a matter of hours. as usual in these cases, one retailer simply couldn't wait (or got the embargo ending wrong) and has ed the new, still-unannounced handset on its website. this time it's happened in brazil, which makes sense since that's a big... if you are in the us and are in the market for motorola's modular flagship smartphone the moto z, here's a deal for you: retailer b&h p o has the device ed for $449.99, which - if you compare - is down $250 from the price tag the device usually as well as officially carries. not only this, those purchasing the handset from b&h will also get freebies worth around $125. these include b&h p o video smartphone p o bundle, spieltek vr-m2 virtual reality smartphone headset with magnet on, and b&h p o video $25 b&h e-gift card. the deal ends feb 7 at 2:59 am est, so those... we saw leaked renders of the motorola moto z2 play and z2 force but were yet to see the main event - the moto z2 - until now. a press render, obtained by androidauthority, shows the upcoming moto z2 in its full glory, the front at least. the device follows the same design language as recent moto smartphones as well as the upcoming, leaked ones - which is no surprise. the moto z2 looks to have a front-mounted fingerprint scanner as well as a front-facing dual led flash. the display could have been p oshopped out in the render as usually renders of motorola smartphones have a... after the international model last month, the verizon variant of the motorola moto g4 play has also started getting the nougat update. the update arrives as version npi26.48-38 and bumps the android security patch to december level. aside from the usual nougat goodies, the update - which weighs in at around 1gb - also includes fix for the krack vulnerability. if you haven't received the update notification yet, be patient, as ota roll outs usually happen in phases. source via less than a day after it launched in the us, the motorola moto z2 play is already available at discounted rates in the country. best buy has the device ed on its website for zero-down + $14.91/month for 2 years. that is a discount of $50 over the regular $17/month on contract offer. it's worth mentioning that the freebie offer - jbl soundboost 2 motomod with each purchase - still holds. for more information, head to the source link below. source via the android nougat update for motorola's moto z family of phones - the moto z, moto z force, and moto z play - is now available in germany. this was revealed by the german arm of the company in a tweet. das android 7 nougat update für die #motoz familie kann jetzt per pull gezogen werden 💪— moto deutschland (@moto_ger) january 30, 2017 please note that germany is not the first european country where the moto z family of devices have started getting nougat - in fact, european moto z units have been getting the update since early this month, while moto z play units started... last month, a motorola smartphone dubbed moto e5 leaked. and now, leaked renders for the play variant of the device have surfaced as well. the usually reliable tipster @evleaks leaked the info on twitter. the leaked images only focus on the front of the device. as you can see, the fingerprint sensor is no where to be seen, so it's reasonable to ume it will be on the back, and the placement should be same as in the case of the moto e5 - below the rear era module, with the company logo being placed over it. as per evan bl , both verizon and cricket will be offering the device,... after months of leaks, the moto z2 play has finally gone official. the new phone brings changes to the design, internals, era and also the battery. there will also be a few new moto mods to go with it. moto z2 play the moto z2 play looks similar to the outgoing model at first glance but there there are quite a few minor tweaks, such as the redesigned fingerprint sensor on the front and an antenna band that runs along the entire edge of the back side. crucially, the phone is also thinner by about 1mm compared to its predecessor. the frame of the phone is the same dimensions,... you can currently grab the snapdragon 835-powered sony xperia xz premium for $550 in the us, $150 down on its usual price. both amazon and best buy are offering the deal, but while the latter has black, gray, and pink available, amazon is only offering the $150 discount on black and pink models. the red model is discounted as well, but by only $100. those looking to spend less can check out the b&h deal on the moto z play. the retailer has the device ed for $299.99, down from the usual $499. not only that, a free b&h p o video basic p o/video kit is included with... if you are a motorola fan in the us, and are planning to purchase a high-end smartphone, you'll be glad to know that t-mobile is currently offering a solid discount on the snapdragon 835-powered motorola moto z2 force. the magenta carrier currently has the handset ed for $375, down from the usual $500 price tag the device usually carries there. it's worth mentioning that motorola is officially selling the t-mobile variant for $720, so purchasing directly from t-mobile will currently save you around 50%. moving on, if you are planning to purchase a voice controlled smart... moto z2 play بطور رسمی معرفی شد
شرکت موتورولا رسما گوشی moto z2 play را به‌عنوان جانشین گوشی moto z play معرفی کرد. برای اطلاعات بیشتر با زومیت همراه باشید. we've got a general idea of what the phone might look like thanks to the leaked case renders. this includes a relocated fingerprint scanner and a dual era setup on the back. we also saw a dual era and a larger display. the latest motorola device has just gone through the fcc. first reported by nashville chatter cl , the fcc filing reveals a bunch of details about motorola's flagship line midranger. starting off, the phone's model number is xt1929. the moto z3 play will be available in 4gb + 32gb and 4gb + 64gb models. the phone packs a 3,000 mah battery which powers a qualcomm... if you are a motorola moto z play user on verizon, and have been waiting for the nougat update, you'll be glad to know that the update has started rolling out. arriving as software version ndns25.137-24-1-2, the update brings android os version 7.0. this comes shortly after canadian carrier rogers revealed that moto z play units on its network have started receiving the nougat update. as is usually the case with ota roll outs, it may take some time for the update to hit your device. meanwhile, if you feel impatient, you can manually check for it by heading to your handset's settings... a new leak of moto c2 and c2 plus brought us more press images, on the heels of the first one, which was just a few days ago. like the first pictures, these reveal only the design. in fact only one of the images is new, but the rest are much clearer this time. motorola moto c2 the device with the motorola logo under the screen is the moto c2. it packs a plastic body, a conventional 16:9 display and will likely have a snapdragon chipset inside. motorola moto c2 the moto c2 plus visually differs from the regular c2 in that it has a fingerprint scanner under its... two motorola moto devices were launched yesterday at mwc in barcelona, and they sure look promising. the moto g5 has a pretty decent 13 mp f/2.0 primary era and is powered by snapdragon 430. it also has a bigger sibling named moto g5 plus which is a 5.2" screen device with the power-efficient snapdragon 625 and a 12 mp dual-pixel era that records 4k video. india is one of the first countries to feel the moto experience with a launch date for the moto g5 plus on march 15. moto india, the official twitter account of motorola in the asian country twitted that you don't have to... the moto z3 play is due for announcement soon and we've already got a well-rounded idea of what to expect from it. that's in large part to an appearance at the fcc which gave us an idea of the specs, and some case renders that gave us an image to go along with those specs. today we get an even better-looking image from poetic cases, which already offer their karbon shield case for the moto z3 play. the images of the case reveal the phone's front, occupied solely by the 18:9 display, and the back, housing the dual- era module. case render, source - poetic cases what's... while lenovo is expected to announce details about the next moto z devices, leaks are revealing them bit by bit. latest renders show the moto z2, moto z2 play and the moto e4 from a bunch of different angles. all three phones are lying on their back in the p os, hiding any details about the era setup. moto z2 the moto z2 will come with a dual-led front facing flash, according to the images. the era module is still circular for the motomods to fit, and there is an usb-c port on the bottom. lenovo omitted the 3.5 mm jack in the moto z, and its successor also will not have... همانطور که طبق شایعات شنیده بودیم و انتظار داشتیم، شرکت لنوو از مدل جدید گوشی moto z play رونمایی کرده است. گوشی moto z2 play تفاوت چندانی با مدل قبلی نکرده و هنوز هم باتری شگفت انگیز مدل اصلی را در خودش دارد. after already having been certified by china's tenaa, the upcoming moto z2 play thought it would be wise to have a go at gfxbench. as such, the phone's most important specs have been outed once more, basically confirming what the tenaa ing has already told us. while gfxbench's info screen doesn't battery capacity, it's important to note that lenovo itself (motorola's owner) has confirmed that the z2 play will come with a 3,000 mah cell. that's down from the 3,510 mah unit inside its predecessor, the z play, which was widely hailed as one of the champions of battery life in 2016.... سال گذشته، شرکت موتورولا از دو گوشی moto z و moto z force در ابتدا رونمایی کرد و به فاصله چند هفته، گوشی میان‎رده و ماژولار moto z play ارائه شد. با این حال، موتورولا امسال روند متفاوتی را اتخاذ نموده است و گوشی moto z2 play در ابتدا معرفی شد و هنوز مشخص نیست که[ادامه مطلب]