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به نقل از خبرگزاریها در مورد deal grab a motorola moto z play for : there's already zero doubt that motorola will be announcing a second generation of moto z devices. we've already seen the moto z2 (or z2 force) in leaked press renders. unsurprisingly, they will look quite similar to the 2016 moto z models given that the company promised that those who invested in motomods would also get use out of them with the next iteration of the moto z. today we take a first look at the press render obtained by technobuffalo. much like the moto z play, we expect the z2 play will be a mid-range version of the moto z2/moto z2 force with something along the likes... the motorola moto z play android nougat update availability has expanded to a couple of new markets. the update is now hitting indian units as version npn25.137-15-2. the update has also started hitting units in brazil: for those in the us waiting for the update, roll out there will begin sometime next month. recently, motorola germany had also said that the moto z play update has been delayed, and will be rolled out in march. source release notes are you ready for the sweetest os update yet? it’s one that speaks your language (particularly if you speak fluent emoji), offers the ability to seamlessly switch between apps with just a double-tap, more efficient notification controls and improved battery and data saver features.

we’re happy to confirm android 7.0 nougat is on its way to a lot of our smartphones, we’ll be starting in q4 with moto z and moto g (4th gen).

here’s the full of our smartphones that will be getting nougat:

moto g (4th gen)
moto g plus (4th gen)
moto g play . if you are a motorola fan in the us, and are planning to purchase the company's latest moto z2 force flagship smartphone, you'll be glad to know a nice deal is currently available for it. best buy is offering a $200 discount on the verizon, at&t, and sprint variants. keep in mind the deal is only available when you buy and activate the device with a monthly installment plan. also, it's worth mentioning that discount on sprint's moto z2 force isn't new, but verizon and at&t variants have received fresh price cut. no information on when the deal ends. so those interested in... if you are a motorola fan in the uk, and are planning to purchase a new smartphone, you might want to take a look at the deal retailer john lewis is offering: 32gb moto z for £299.95. available color options include black/silver and white/gold. that's a discount of around £200 given that motorola uk is officially selling the handset at a starting price of £499. the deal also includes a 2-year guarantee. there's currently no information on when the offer expires, so those planning to avail it may have to act fast. source via the moto z2 play is the successor to last year's moto z play, the phone that won praises from critics and was quite possibly the highlight of motorola's lineup last year. like the last phone, the new one focuses on providing good performance and great battery life without blowing a hole in your wallet. if you're eagerly awaiting lenovo to release the moto g5 we've got a fresh leak for you. courtesy of an olx ing we get a sneak peek at the upcoming budget droid itself along with its retail contents. the ing appears to have been pulled, which only lends credibility to this leak. motorola moto g5 if the retail package is the real deal then the moto g5 will come with a charger, usb cable and headphones, and what looks like a spare battery. that's the same battery (gk40) that the moto g4 play uses. the stickers on the moto g5 reveal the specs we've come to expect from the... the motorola moto z2 play, which was made official last week and has only been available in brazil so far, has now arrived in india. the device costs inr 27,999 ($435). pre-orders for the moto z2 play start today in the asian country. it will be available through both online and offline channels, with flipkart being the official online sales partner. the pre-order period ends june 14. those pre-ordering the phone will get some freebies, including 50% discount on selected mods and free armor pack. flipkart lenovo's latest mwc announcement the motorola moto g5 is available for purchasing with a next day delivery on a uk online retailer's website. the device is ed for £169 which is about €193 or $206. motorola announced two new phones at the mwc - the moto g5 and the moto g5 plus. it's unclear when exactly the g5 plus will join its sibling on british soil but it shouldn't be long now. if you want to know more about the moto g5 you should check out our mwc hands-on. thanks for the tip, james! source last year's moto z play gathered much praise at the office for a lot of things, among them its great battery life. well, its successor may be a different story, if the numbers posted on tenaa's website are correct. the chinese regulator has certified a motorola device with xt1710-08 internal designation, which by the looks of it is none other than the moto z2 play. there won't be much playing done on a single charge though, judging from the ed 2,820mah battery capacity. the first-gen moto z play had 3,510mah worth of juice at its disposal, and initial rumors pointed towards a... last month, motorola started taking pre-orders for the moto g5s plus in the us ahead of its september 29 release. and if you pre-ordered, you got a neat $50 off the usual selling price of the device, regardless of which ram/storage combo you picked. now the same deal is back, for a limited time only though - it's valid until october 14. if you buy a g5s plus straight from motorola's online store before that, you can once again save $50. so the version with 3gb of ram and 32gb of storage goes for $229.99 instead of $279.99, while the model with 4gb of ram and 64gb of storage can be yours... the moto z2 play is now extremely cheap, much more so in fact than when it launched at verizon back in june priced at $408. right now you can pick one up for a mere $239.76, but you will have to choose paying for it using big red's two-year installment plan. when you do that, you shell out nothing for the device upfront, then followed by 24 monthly installments of $9.99. overall, you save $168 compared to the recommended price. as usual when installments are involved, if you cancel wireless service at any time before you've paid off the entire phone, the remaining balance becomes due.... back in january we heard an odd rumor saying that future motorola handsets would run zuk's zui in china, instead of the near-stock android builds that the company ships elsewhere. zuk is, like motorola, owned by lenovo, so at least from that point of view this made some sense. what wasn't as clear was why the company would go this route. we still don't know that, but one thing is clear: the new moto z2 play does indeed run zui if you pick one up in china. this is evidenced by the screens you can see to the left, showing the about screen for the device, which has an entry for the zui... motorola's upcoming moto z2 play has been leaking a lot lately, and a few days ago one such leak has revealed that it should become official on june 1 (tomorrow), at least in brazil. in the meantime, motorola's arm in canada has teased an announcement for tomorrow too. so it's pretty much a given that the z2 play will finally be unveiled in a matter of hours. as usual in these cases, one retailer simply couldn't wait (or got the embargo ending wrong) and has ed the new, still-unannounced handset on its website. this time it's happened in brazil, which makes sense since that's a big... moto z2 play is at the helm of a new marketing strategy free of any lenovo branding that may burden the series with unnecessary heritage. navigating through the lucrative but overcrowded upper-midrange territory sure isn't easy, but a useful innovation as the mods expansion, a super amoled screen and cl -leading era may help the z2 play to cast an anchor. the motorola moto g5 and g5 plus are seemingly set for a barcelona unveiling next month, but oddly it's been just the plus version that's been the star in recent rumors. well, it's the non-plus that's stopped by the fcc, for a change. moto g4 the us telecom regulator has given it the green light, and even if it's typically not the most prolific source of intel, sifting through the papers you could still find a few interesting bits. for one, the g5 will support nfc - a first for the g-series (if you don't count certain regional versions of the moto g4 play, as pointed out in the... available to pre-order since last week, the motorola moto z2 play has now gone on sale in china. the device carries a price tag of cny 3,299 ($485), and can be purchased through the company's official website as well as retailer jingdong. color options include gold. in a separate development, the blackberry keyone has been okayed by the chinese telecommunication authority tenaa, something which usually indicates an imminent launch for devices in the country. the handset has already cleared what's known as china compulsory certification (3c). via 1 2 if you are in the us and are in the market for motorola's modular flagship smartphone the moto z, here's a deal for you: retailer b&h p o has the device ed for $449.99, which - if you compare - is down $250 from the price tag the device usually as well as officially carries. not only this, those purchasing the handset from b&h will also get freebies worth around $125. these include b&h p o video smartphone p o bundle, spieltek vr-m2 virtual reality smartphone headset with magnet on, and b&h p o video $25 b&h e-gift card. the deal ends feb 7 at 2:59 am est, so those... some bad news for motorola owners were delivered by the german branch of the company. two of the moto handsets face delays on their nougat updates. the company successfully launched the moto z upgrade to android 7.0 nougat two days ago. not two days later it said that moto x update will have to wait until may. moto x play, moto x style and moto x force were all in the waiting line but it appears some last-minute issues have pushed back the rollout. leider verzögert sich das rollout des android 7 updates für die moto x serie voraussichtlich bis mai. wir bitten um eure geduld.—... the android nougat update for motorola's moto z family of phones - the moto z, moto z force, and moto z play - is now available in germany. this was revealed by the german arm of the company in a tweet. das android 7 nougat update für die #motoz familie kann jetzt per pull gezogen werden 💪— moto deutschland (@moto_ger) january 30, 2017 please note that germany is not the first european country where the moto z family of devices have started getting nougat - in fact, european moto z units have been getting the update since early this month, while moto z play units started... motorola launched a trio of g4-branded phones last year, including the g4, g4 plus, and g4 play. while the first two got nougat last year, the g4 play wasn't lucky enough. initially, the company said the update will arrive in june, but it's only now starting its rollout. the update brings along android nougat version 7.1.1 and also bumps the android security level to november. there's no information on the reason behind such a huge delay, but it's good to see the update arriving nonetheless. via of the three g4-branded phones it launched last year, motorola has already updated the g4 and g4 plus to android 7.0 nougat. the software rolled out in some markets last october, and made its way to the us in march. but what about the g4 play? the cheapest and lowest-end g4 is still on marshmallow, and you may have expected things to stay that way given its affordability. software update expectations are generally low in that price bracket. yet motorola begs to differ. the lenovo-owned company has confirmed to android authority that the g4 play will indeed get its very own taste of... after months of leaks, the moto z2 play has finally gone official. the new phone brings changes to the design, internals, era and also the battery. there will also be a few new moto mods to go with it. moto z2 play the moto z2 play looks similar to the outgoing model at first glance but there there are quite a few minor tweaks, such as the redesigned fingerprint sensor on the front and an antenna band that runs along the entire edge of the back side. crucially, the phone is also thinner by about 1mm compared to its predecessor. the frame of the phone is the same dimensions,... motorola razr v3 was released in 2004 but over a decade later people still remember it fondly. moto malaysia decided to toy with the emotions of many and teased that "an icon returns" as a moto mod. the malaysian department of motorola published an image on its facebook page, stating it is bringing back "the iconic moto that changed the 2000's." but this time it won't be another rebirth of the razr name like motorola did with the droid razr series in 2011 and 2012. the company says that "this time it's new and improved as a moto mod." we already know motorola has chosen the... motorola has already made the z2 play official, but the successors for last year's moto z and z force have not yet received the same treatment. that's finally going to change towards the end of this month. the lenovo-owned company has started sending out a "save the date" teaser image for an event on that day, and thankfully this reveals exactly what the june 27 unveiling will introduce: the moto z2. motorola's invite and a crop of the relevant part showing the z2 the woman in the picture is holding a motorola smartphone with the instantly recognizable design of the z series... moto z2 play بطور رسمی معرفی شد
شرکت موتورولا رسما گوشی moto z2 play را به‌عنوان جانشین گوشی moto z play معرفی کرد. برای اطلاعات بیشتر با زومیت همراه باشید. you can currently grab the snapdragon 835-powered sony xperia xz premium for $550 in the us, $150 down on its usual price. both amazon and best buy are offering the deal, but while the latter has black, gray, and pink available, amazon is only offering the $150 discount on black and pink models. the red model is discounted as well, but by only $100. those looking to spend less can check out the b&h deal on the moto z play. the retailer has the device ed for $299.99, down from the usual $499. not only that, a free b&h p o video basic p o/video kit is included with... motorola's moto mods are still a work in progress but at least motorola is keen on keeping progress going. the latest mod is the gamepad and it can turn a moto z-series phone into a portable nintendo switch-like console. the gamepad moto mod has all the controls you need - dual shock sticks, a d pad, x/y/b/a ons and dual switches in the left and right top corners. on the back there's a red symbol that illuminates during gameplay. outside of its styling, what makes the gamepad moto mod better than the myriad of bluetooth gamepads out there is the seamless connection. simply... همانطور که طبق شایعات شنیده بودیم و انتظار داشتیم، شرکت لنوو از مدل جدید گوشی moto z play رونمایی کرده است. گوشی moto z2 play تفاوت چندانی با مدل قبلی نکرده و هنوز هم باتری شگفت انگیز مدل اصلی را در خودش دارد. while lenovo is expected to announce details about the next moto z devices, leaks are revealing them bit by bit. latest renders show the moto z2, moto z2 play and the moto e4 from a bunch of different angles. all three phones are lying on their back in the p os, hiding any details about the era setup. moto z2 the moto z2 will come with a dual-led front facing flash, according to the images. the era module is still circular for the motomods to fit, and there is an usb-c port on the bottom. lenovo omitted the 3.5 mm jack in the moto z, and its successor also will not have... the x series used to be motorola's flagship line but they had to step down wen the z series e to be in 2016. the last moto x, the x force, e and went in 2015, so we were really excited when we heard that motorola was bringing the x line back in 2017. the subsequent moto x4 has no flagship chipset nor flagship screen. but if you look past what the moto x4 isn't, you'll see just how great it is. the first thing you notice when you take the moto x4 out of its retail box is just how beautiful it is. its shiny gl reflects the light in different ways depending on angle so... the x series used to be motorola's flagship line but they had to step down when the z series e to be in 2016. the last moto x, the x force, e and went in 2015, so we were really excited when we heard that motorola was bringing the line back in 2017. the moto x4 has no flagship chipset nor flagship screen. but if you look past what the moto x4 isn't, you'll see just how great it is. the first thing you notice when you take the moto x4 out of its retail box is the beauty of its gl back. it reflects the light in different ways depending on angle so you're never sure if the... the moto g5 plus was unveiled this february at mwc, but plenty of rumors have convinced us that motorola is already working on a g5s plus with dual rear eras. it's unclear if that model will replace the g5 plus or be sold alongside it, but its imminent arrival may have had something to do with this price cut. you can now purchase the unlocked g5 plus in the us for just $199.99 or $249.99, depending on which version you choose. the one with 2gb of ram and 32gb of storage can be had for $199.99 at newegg, while the iteration with 4gb of ram and 64gb of built-in storage is currently being... موتورولا موتو z play آپدیت اندروید نوقا را دریافت می کند
گوشی موتورولا moto z play آ ین عضو از خانواده گوشی‌های moto z است که بروزرسانی اندروید 7 نوقا را دریافت خواهد کرد. while motorola has already unveiled the moto z2 play at the beginning of this month, that can't be said for the moto z2 or the z2 force. these upcoming models (which may just be one and the same, by the way) are still not official. and so it's good to see one of them in a benchmark's database, since it means we're fast approaching its release. it's the moto z2 this time around, and it was spotted in the database of geekbench. this means someone in possession of a prototype has run that benchmark, and this has resulted in a few of its specs being outed. the moto z2 will be powered by... the motorola moto g5 has already cleared the us fcc and is expected to be made official at this year mwc along with the moto g5 plus. and now we learn its market launch could happen shortly after the unveiling. popular tipster roland quandt revealed this information on twitter: motorola moto g5 will be in retail shortly after mwc launch it seems - this coming from a uk retailer.— roland quandt (@rquandt) february 1, 2017 the tweet also contained an image revealing gold and grey color options for the device, as well as its memory configuration: 2gb ram... motorola unveiled a 360° era mod for its customizable moto z phones. the mod covers the entire back in order to connect the pogo pins at the phone's bottom to the two fisheye eras on the top of the mod itself. moto 360 era mod for the motorola z series unfortunately, little is known about the moto 360 era mod itself - not the resolution of the still p os, not of the videos, not even price or a potential launch date. the mod was unveiled at an event in ghana, you can watch the video below (the relevant part starts at 14:36). the event was centered on the moto z,... in a surprising development, motorola owner lenovo is today announcing the moto tab for at&t. this is the first motorola branded slate in quite a while, and it will become available at the carrier on friday, november 17. the moto tab has a 10.1-inch full hd ips touchscreen, and a 7,000 mah battery to let you enjoy life without worrying about recharging. the device is powered by qualcomm's snapdragon 625 chipset, which should further aid in that - since it's pretty much an endurance champion among the mid-range socs. moto tab the moto tab comes with 2gb of ram and 32gb of expandable... motorola canada has officially confirmed that it will be launching its "next bold phone" on june 1. unfortunately, not much else was revealed. moto/lenovo has certainly been working hard on a handful of smartphone releases including an alleged return of the moto x series. guess what?! the next bold phone from motorola is coming your way on june 1st.— motorola canada (@moto_can) may 30, 2017 whether the phone to be announced will be the moto x or moto z2 remains to be known. the date of june 1 lines up with another leak that claims the same day for a... شرکت موتورولا در حال توسعه نسل جدید سری moto z است و تصمیم دارد تا گوشی های ماژولار جدید خود را هرچه سریع تر وارد بازار نماید. به تازگی، موتورولا moto z2 play از tenna تاییدیه دریافت کرده است و آن طور که به نظر می رسد، این گوشی با یک باتری با ۲۰ درصد ظرفیت کم‎تر در مقایسه با نسل[ادامه مطلب] the motorola moto c plus will arrive in india next week. the company sent out media invites for a june 19 event where the device is expected to be unveiled. not only this, through its social media channels, motorola has also confirmed that the phone will be a flipkart-exclusive in the country. yes, it's a cool place to be at! the #motocplus will come to you, exclusively on @flipkart. stay tuned.— moto india (@moto_ind) june 15, 2017 the moto c and moto c plus were made official by the company last month. the former arrived in india earlier this month,... it looks like motorola will soon start rolling out the android wear 2.0 update to its moto 360 sport smartwatch (if not already). a support page detailing the update recently popped up on the company's website, suggesting an imminent roll out. the update should arrive as version nxh20z, and bring along features like on-watch play store, material design & app launcher, google istant, lightweight doze, side on functions, and some regular bug fixes. motorola says roll out will be in phases, so be patient if your wearable is yet to receive it. for more details, head to the source... motorola has been working hard on releasing a slew of new devices this year. the moto z2 and moto z2 play have been getting a lot of attention as their announcement time of the early-summer inches closer. today, android authority reports of some images obtained from a trusted source. these images depict the moto g5s in three different colors: gray, gold, and dark blue. these phones look very similar to the moto g5 except that the g5s would be built with a full-metal body as opposed to the moto g5's combination of an aluminum back plate surrounded by plastic. also new to the g5s is the... motorola reentered the pakistan market and with the event to mark that there were some news for all moto fans. according to lenovo general manager for middle east sharay shams, motorola is about to launch 12 more mods this year. the company said it plans to keep pursuing the configurable phone dream with its mods for at least three years, so any worries that you are investing in something that might be abandoned shortly should ease up. mr shams also said that the company already sold 3 million moto z units globaly, half of them bundled with a moto mod. source via motorola also launched plenty of gadgets at the mobile world congress in barcelona. along with the long-awaited midrangers moto g5 and moto g5 plus, new moto mods were also revealed. the most impressive of them is an amazon alexa motomod. moto is aiming to change the way you use your moto z and the latest addition to the mod family is amazon alexa moto mod that easily does things for you on the go - setting the temperature at home when you leave work, requesting a uber or writing a shopping without actually having to open a text app like some kind of early-2016 caveman. the... when lenovo acquired motorola it vowed to put the beloved brand back on its feet and the moto g series is a big part of that plan. the moto g5 and moto g5 plus were long-awaited and leaked bit by bit and just a week before mwc a colombian retailer accidentally published the full specs . the most interesting thing about the midrangers is the display is smaller compared to the previous generation. moto g4 and g4 plus had 5.5" full hd displays but lenovo decided to go with a 5.2" in the new plus-sized device and with 5 inches for the g5. the resolution is still full hd so the... the upcoming moto z2 play is hardly a secret anymore. we've already seen official-looking press renders of it, it's been spotted in a benchmark database revealing some specs, it's had other specs outed through the tenaa certification process, and even lenovo itself confirmed its battery capacity. so you'd ume that at this point we are very close to its unveiling - and you'd be very right indeed. the moto z2 play will be showcased officially at an event in brazil on june 1, according to a new leak. the source of this information has also posted the p os you can see below, showing the... motorola has sent out an interesting save-the-date to the press. the g hic shows a colorful tunnel with the text "you won't want to miss this". the bottom of the invite reads "#hellomotoworld" which likely indicates a global launch. by contrast, the moto z was announced and released in separate global events and a dedicated launch event, where verizon pricing and availability was detailed. gif invitation motorola chose new york to showcase whatever it's announcing on the 25th. our hunch is that motorola could even be launching two devices: both the moto x4 and the moto... the lower-end of the g5 duo that motorola unveiled at mwc in february is finally almost ready to make its way to canada. the moto g5 will become available in the country on may 3. the phone will be priced at cad 250 with a no-term contract, and offered by the following carriers: bell mts, sasktel, videotron, and virgin mobile. unfortunately it's unclear if the higher-specced moto g5 plus will ever be officially sold in canada. so far motorola hasn't announced anything about it. the moto g5, in the meantime, comes with a 5-inch 1080p touchscreen, a 13 mp f/2.0 main era with led flash,... introduction the moto g5s plus is one of the most balanced phones motorola has on offer and it's selling at a really attractive price. and we finally got round to reviewing it, that is. oh well, our timing isn't spot on but the package and the price are.