eu mulls options to shield businesses in iran counter us sanctions

به نقل از خبرگزاریها در مورد eu mulls options to shield businesses in iran counter us sanctions : iran’s central bank is increasingly negotiating with moscow to circumvent sanctions from the united states, according to tehran’s state-run news agency. persistent attempts made by the us administration to once again increase pressure on iran is apparently paying off, as it’s reported that the major european powers are devising a new set of sanctions against the islamic republic. however, iran has warned that such a move could spark serious implications. iran has called on china to help safeguard the nuclear deal it reached with other major world powers, saying tehran will resort to “other options” if its interests are threatened by us sanctions. france’s supermajor total sa continues to work on the south pars gas project in iran despite the uncertainty over potential new u.s. sanctions on iran, total’s chief executive patrick pouyanne told french newspaper le monde in an interview published on tuesday. after more than a year of wrangling, senators announced a bipartisan bill thursday to impose mandatory sanctions on iran over its spate of bal ic missile tests and support for a group that president donald trump may soon dub a terrorist organization. the trump administration moved on friday to impose sanctions on iran in response to the country's recent bal ic missile test. the white house already said iran was "on notice" following the test, though trump's national security adviser didn't elaborate on possible actions the u.s. would take. us president donald trump's fresh sanctions against tehran have spooked india into reviewing its marquee connectivity project in central asia, the chabahar port in iran, imperilling a prime ministerial promise and a key route to afghanistan byp ing pakistan. federal prosecutors in new york announced on wednesday the filing of a new indictment that charges a former turkish economy minister and three other turks with participating in a broad conspiracy to violate the united states’ sanctions against iran. marc short, the white house legislative director, told reporters that the administration backs the new sanctions on russia and iran. but he appeared to object to a key part of the legislation that would give capitol hill a much stronger hand in determining russia sanctions policy. oil prices on monday morning in asia receded from last week’s multi-year highs as resistance emerged in europe and asia to u.s. sanctions against major crude exporter iran, while a relentless climb in u.s. drilling activity pointed to further increases in output. oil prices fell on wednesday, weighed down by ample supplies despite ongoing output cuts by producer cartel opec and looming us sanctions against major crude exporter iran. the current us administration led by president donald trump has showed clear signs of dis isfaction over the iranian nuclear deal. now, after refusing to certify iran’s commitment to the deal, trump has apparently reached a new agreement with israelis to counter tehran. after taking tough positions against iran’s bal ic missiles program during about the last two weeks, the gop senators are preparing the ground for the new phase: imposing a new round of sanctions against iran. zte is about to feel the heavy boot of the us department of justice after it violated the trade sanctions against iran and north korea. the chinese company imported smartphones with qualcomm chipsets for years, including during the ongoing investigation. for this offense the company has to pay $892 million fine with $300 million to be paid if the agreement with the doj is violated, totaling to $1.19 billion. zte axon 7 - one of the phones, sold in iran the us trade sanctions against iran and north korea are some of the oldest embargoes the usa has against other countries because...

tehran, feb. 9 (mna) – head of iran national hand-weaved carpet center has said iranian negotiators had asked for removal of sanctions on iran’s hand-weaved rugs. mohammad baqer aghaalikhani told in a press conference sunday that persian carpet exports to the us would probably resumed soon with sanctions removal on carpet industry in first half of 2014. head of iran national hand-weaved carpet center added that carpet sanctions were directly imposed by the us and had not been removed so far while the other sanctions had been gradually removed. “$ 66m has been allocated. us president donald trump has withdrawn from the iran nuclear deal and is set to renew sanctions on iran. in an interview sunday with cnn's fareed zakaria, iranian foreign minister javad zarif discussed what iran would do if the u.s. and its allies withdraw from the p5+1 nuclear deal or impose more sanctions on iran. with a looming deadline on whether to continue the suspension of sanctions on iran, the trump administration is frantically working to demonstrate tehran’s non-compliance under the so-called iran deal and thereby fulfill an ill-conceived paign promise. زیر نویس فارسی سریال فوق العاده دیدنی agents of shield
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  marvel 039s agents of shield 2013, سریال marvel 039s agents of shield 2013 با , سریال marvel 039s agents of shield 2013 با کیفیت بلوری, فصل 4 سریال marvel 039s agents of shield 2013, فصل اول سریال marvel 039s agents of shield, قسمت 7 سریال agents of shield, قسمت اول سریال agents of shield 2013, زیرنویس قسمت 8 سریال marvel 039s agents of shield 2013, سریال, ف. in the post-nuclear deal situation that iran has been relaxed from most part of the western sanctions, rouhani’s visit could be interpreted as an attempt by iran to engage more seriously in regional multilateral structures. french energy giant total will finally sign its multi-billion-dollar agreement to develop an iranian offshore gas field on monday (jul 3), the oil ministry said, in the biggest foreign deal since sanctions were eased last year. as the united states has decided to unilaterally withdraw from the nuclear deal with iran, an important question is the future of iran’s energy sector in the shadow on new us sanctions. iranian officials ure the flow of oil exports will continue, while talking about the possibility of working with the european countries. the trump administration is enforcing economic sanctions on russia, and will deliver a new round of sanctions within 30 days, treasury secretary steven mnuchin said on monday. more than €143 million worth of irish exports to iran are under threat from us president donald trump’s decision to pull out of the international nuclear deal and to reimpose sanctions on the islamic state. iran is readying its first round of oil and gas exploration tenders since the easing of economic sanctions, hoping to attract the likes of bp and gazprom, an iranian energy official said on monday. when president donald trump announced two months ago that he would not certify iran’s compliance with the nuclear deal, he automatically triggered a 60-day review period during which congress could decide to snap tough economic sanctions on iran back into place -- a move that would effectively kill the landmark nuclear arms agreement. u.s. republican senators plan to introduce legislation to impose further sanction on iran, accusing it of violating u.n. security council resolutions by testing bal ic missiles and acting to "destabilize" the middle east, a u.s. senator said sunday. donald trump is expected to disavow the iran nuclear deal in a speech on friday denouncing the government in tehran, but he will not call for the us to abandon the agreement, according to officials briefed on the president’s intentions following the us-russia business council (usrbc) in new york, the russian amb ador to the us anatoly antonov has said that the us businesses executives were wary more of their own government's policy rather than the sanctions against russia. russia's united nations envoy says his country does not believe washington has made a sufficient case that iran has supplied missiles to yemen’s huthi rebels, indicating he would oppose increased sanctions against tehran. at ces earlier this month nvidia unveiled its second-generation shield tv console running android tv. it's smaller than the original from 2015, it runs the latest nougat-based android tv build, and will be graced with support for google istant later this year. that said, the insides are identical to those of the shield tv (2015), with a tegra x1 chipset and 3gb of ram. the new shield tv has an hdmi port, two usb 3.0 ports, and gigabit ethernet. it comes bundled with a gamepad and a remote, and the whole package can be yours for $199.99 if you're fine with 16gb of storage. this model is... donald trump is planning to decertify the landmark iran nuclear pact negotiated by his predecessor barack obama, paving the way for potentially reopening sanctions, two leading us dailies said friday. مائده دوست، منصور براتی
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*m.a. of north american studies- faculty of world studies- university of tehran, **ph.d. candidate of political thoughts - faculty of law and political science- university of tehran, this study focuses on iran sanctions’ media coverage by two notable media outlets, politico and the hill by utilizingentman’sframing theory,which highlights the role of media on how individuals and groups perceive and construct varied forms of reality that eventually ّfull text متن کامل مقاله
once again apple has removed some of the iranian apps from its store. plus the company has been rejecting new updates from iranian apps in the past few months due to u.s. sanctions against iran.   only iphone has a one billion dollar market in iran   iran is a country of 80 million people and most of them are tech-savvy. there are 48 million smartphones and 47 million social media users in the country. iphone’s billion dollar market, the 1.2 million illegally imported iphones per year and an estimated 7 million iphones in the country (14.5% of iran’s smartphone market) a. the un security council has unanimously adopted a russia-tabled draft that will see a technical extension of sanctions against yemen. it comes after russia vetoed a rival resolution that blamed iran for fueling the conflict there, rt reports. chinese president xi jinping asked us president donald trump in april for a period of 100 days to strengthen its sanctions against north korea before washington imposed any sanctions of its own on chinese companies linked to pyongyang, japanese media reported on monday. no nuclear deal unless sanctions removed: rouhani iranian president h an rouhani says there will be no deal on iran’s nuclear program unless unfair sanctions imposed on the islamic republic are lifted. “the world, the p5+1 group, the us administration, us president [barack obama] and senate should know that there will be no deal if the sanctions are not removed,” rouhani said during an address to an audience of people in rasht, the capital of the norther iranian province of guilan, on wednesday. “the end of the negotiations [between iran and the p5+1 group] and the time of signing a [final] deal should be [the time of] declaring an end to and the lifting of cruel sanctions on the great iranian nation,” president rouhani added. in the upcoming nuclear talks, “sanctions” will be the main focus of the negotiations between iranian side and the p5+1 group, rouhani stressed. “we want interaction in return for interaction. we want goodwill in return for goodwill,” the iranian president added. rouhani stressed that whatever hardliners in the us and the senate, as well as the allies of the us in the region say is of no concern to the iranian nation and administration. the negotiating side in the nuclear talks is the p5+1 group, not the us senate or the house of representative, he stressed. expounding on iran’s strategy in the nuclear talks, he stressed, “our path [in the nuclear talks] will be the path of moderation, interaction, dialog and logic, and getting the right of the great iranian nation [to a peaceful nuclear program] recognized." the agreement between iran and the p5+1 countries on tehran’s nuclear program will benefit the entire world, rouhani stated. iran and the p5+1 -- the united states, russia, china, france, britain, and germany -- reached a mutual understanding on tehran’s nuclear program in lausanne, switzerland, on april 2. the two sides are expected to start drafting a final inclusive deal, which they seek to sign by the end of june. according to the joint statement, which is considered the basis for a final nuclear deal, the two sides have devised a mechanism to lift anti-iran sanctions after the agreement, known as the joint comprehensive plan of action (jcpoa), is reached. this is while the us has announced the sanctions will be lifted gradually. nvidia has started pushing out a new update to its shield and shield k1 tablets. ed as 'software upgrade 5.2', the update brings along a handful of changes, including improved compatibility with non-standard chargers. other changes include gps crash-related fixes as well as stability and security-related optimizations. the android security patch level has also been bumped to april 1. as is usually the case with ota roll outs, it may take some time for the update to hit your device. source 1 2 via the department of treasury announced tuesday that it is taking "immediate action" to implement president donald trump's decision to withdraw from the iran nuclear deal and begin re-imposing us nuclear-related sanctions on the iranian regime. iran’s tabriz named world’s carpet capital (19) iran’s consulate general in hamburg, abbas badakhshan, head of iran national carpet center, hamid kargar, head of the ociation of iranian carpet importers in europe, bahram tahbaz, and 50 iranian carpet traders held a meeting in the german port city on tuesday to discuss ways to expand the market for iranian carpet in europe. the need for effective marketing, advertisement and branding were highlighted during the meeting. persian carpets worth $330 million headed to 80 countries in the last iranian year (ended march 20, 2015) amid western sanctions imposed on iran over its nuclear program. the exports are expected to dramatically increase after the lifting of sanctions in early 2016. us officials are said to be concerned that this is a tactic being used by the north koreans to undermine the sanctions imposed upon them. the u.s. imposed visa sanctions on four countries that refuse to accept deported nationals, the homeland security department said wednesday. russia has lifted some of the sanctions it imposed on turkey after a turkish military jet s down a russian warplane near the syrian border in november 2015. nvidia released the android 7.0 nougat update for its original shield tv, which brings it closer to the new model. key features in the update are spread across gaming, video and smart home features. 4k hdr is enabled in multiple places as well. amazon video is the first uhd beneficiary, but also nvidia gamestream (the feature that lets you stream games from your geforce-powered pc to your shield). hbo got got cast support, plex now supports high-end speaker configurations (4.1, 6.1 and 8.1) and the shield remote got a pause function (double tap the volume slider). the nvidia games... japan’s chief cabinet secretary said that united nations security council should consider the introduction of new sanctions against north korea following the recent launch of a bal ic missile by pyongyang. کشور تعداد بازدید
1- ج. ا. ایران 611 2- 390 3- نروژ 15 4- آلمان 14 5- رومانی 14 6- انگلستان 11 7- هلند 10 8- جمهوری چک 5 9- سوئد 3 10- چین 2 11- فرانسه 1 12- افغانستان 1 13- عراق 1 14- فنلاند 1 ممنونم از تمامی دوستانی که از نقاط مختلف جهان ما رو همراهی می کنند. موفق باشید... the security council is set to vote monday on the us-led effort to impose harsher new sanctions against north korea, which has defied multiple measures to rein in its weapons programme the us has put several russian citizens, including an armenian, on its sanctions’ in connection with north korea, according to aravot (morning) newspaper of armenia. us-led sanctions and us president donald trump’s “maximum pressure” strategy had nothing to do with north korea’s recently declared intention to denuclearise, pyongyang said on sunday. for investors in russia’s energy and metals sectors, the us senate’s bill to expand sanctions was a blow. whether it will hurt russian companies targeted by the legislation is less certain.