huawei teases p20 s triple era in new videos

به نقل از خبرگزاریها در مورد huawei teases p20 s triple era in new videos : huawei's honor line of phones will welcome a new member of the family on april 5. it will start at 10:30 gmt and you can attend the launch event virtually (we're guessing a regular livestream, unless honor goes 360° like nokia). what phone will we see? a poll teases several options - honor v9, honor magic and honor 8 lite. the rumor mill suggests that the honor v9 (which is already available in china) will launch in europe as the honor 8 pro. and the unveiling is allegedly scheduled for april 5 - that's more than a coincidence. the huawei honor magic is in a similar position -... گوشی هواوی پی 11 ای کانال یوتیوب “concept creators” در جدیدترین ویدیوی مفهومی خود، گوشی هواوی پی 11 ای (huawei p11 x) و طراحی خاص آن را به تصویر کشیده است. هنوز زمان زیاد تا معرفی پرچمداران جدید هواوی باقی مانده است که علاقه مندان با انتشار رندرها و ویدیوهای مفهومی از محصولات آینده این شرکت که بر اساس شایعات طراحی ... نوشته گوشی هواوی پی 11 ای را در این ویدیوی مفهومی تماشا کنید اولین بار در گجت نیوز پدیدار شد. with mwc coming in two weeks leaks tend to clear pictures around long-awaited flagships little by little. we already know huawei p10 and huawei p10 plus pricing and memory versions, but there was nothing official about the phone from the company itself. until now. huawei mobile released a 20-second teaser video on youtube. it says "change the way the world sees you", divided by s s with two eyes, hinting at the dual- era setup we've already seen in huawei p9 last year. on the upper side is the company's logo while on the lower side we see "barcelona 26.02.17", reminding us that... about a year ago, huawei unveiled the p10 at the mwc - a popular venue to debut flagship phones. not so much this year, however. anonymous sources claim that the company will push back the launch of the huawei p11 from the mwc to a dedicated european event in april. polishing the hardware (like the triple era) and ensuring steady supply of chipsets are quoted as further reasons to delay. huawei's difficulties in entering the us market allegedly also played a role in this decision. lg will not be unveiling its next flagship at the mwc either - instead, we're getting a revamped lg... we received a message from vodafone uk confirming that the carrier will carry three upcoming variants of the yet-to-be announced huawei p20: the p20, p20 lite, and p20 pro. moreover, this confirms that huawei will be announcing at least three p20 models in paris. the message only said that the phones "will be available soon at vodafone uk". so we can expect to hear about uk availability as soon as the phone is announced in paris later this month on march 27. earlier today, huawei teased that the p20 will have a triple era setup arranged horizontally, which we expect will have at... بررسی هدفون 1more triple driver
هدفون درون گوشی triple driver محصول 1more، هدفونی بسیار خوش قیمت با عملکردی فوق‌العاده است. the lg g6 announcement is just over a week away and the hype is getting real. lg keeps boosting that with little teasers that focus on specific features of the device. this time we got two videos, focusing on the device's water and dust resistance. lg teased the outline of the device along with sneaky background, hinting to the ip certification. the first 11-second clip is just a swimming diagonally across a pool with the outline of the device and lg g6 appearing in the end. there's also a copy "taking a day off at the pool? just relax and enjoy lg g6", hinting that you can go... ahead of huawei's grand unveiling event that takes place on march 27, evan bl (better known as @evleaks) has decided to give the company's entire p20 family the leaked press render treatment. the images show iphone x-inspired screen notches on all three models. the p20 and p20 lite get dual rear eras, while the p20 pro will have the much rumored (and teased) triple shooter setup on its back. huawei p20 pro all of the phones' rear eras are aligned vertically on the left, a move that once again seems inspired by apple's latest top of the line smartphone. oddly though, a... russia’s 15-year-old figure skating sen ion alina zagitova performs a fast triple lutz-triple loop combination on the ice. the moment p es by so quickly, and it’s hard to see what’s going on from your seat in the back of the stadium. the huawei mate 10 series that is set to arrive on october 16. we received a tip from a huawei distributor, saying the new mate might appear in three variants, instead of the two rumored so far - standard huawei mate 10, bezel-free huawei mate 10 pro and budget-friendly huawei mate 10 lite. huawei mate 9 pro next to the huawei mate 9 according to our tipster, the huawei mate 10 will have an ips lcd screen with 5.9" diagonal and full hd resolution. unsurprisingly, the new chipset is expected to be full hd, and the dual era on the back will be leica-branded with sport a bright... -سید رضا تحویلدار روضه حسین و حضرت رقیه حمید علیمی-روضه حسن زمینه-حمید علیمی-مدینه و دم غروبش زمینه2-حمید علیمی-مادر غروبای مدینه دلگیره زمینه3-حمید علیمی-یادم نمیره بار غمت رو میکشیدم سنگین-حمید علیمی-دارم به سرخی جگرت گریه میکنم سنگین2-سید علی مومنی-ممنونم ای زهر جفا کردی مرا حاجت روا سنگین3-سید علی مومنی-من جگر زهرایم و جگرم ذکر-سید علی مومنی شور-سید علی مومنی-بزم روضه هات پرچماتو عشقه شور2-آرش پیله ور-کربلا بهشت و جنت عاشقای حسین شور3-آرش پیله ور-حرمت زیباست کربلا غوغاست شور4-آرش پیله ور-کلب کوی رقیه حسینم شور5-سید علی مومنی-رنگ غلام سیاه گرفتم شور و لطمه زنی-سید علی مومنی ذکر المومنین-سید علی مومنی گوشی موبایل هواوی پی 10 به تازگی کمپانی چینی هواوی با الهام از هفته مد نیویورک، تیزری جدید از پرچمدار خود را منتشر و رنگ های مختلف آن را پیش از معرفی رسمی به نمایش درآورده است. هرچند بر خلاف شایعات قبلی، گوشی موبایل هواوی پی 10 (huawei p10) در رنگ ارغوانی تولید نشده و درعوض، رنگ آبی جایگزین آن خواهد بود. به علاوه ... نوشته تصاویری از گوشی موبایل هواوی پی 10 در رنگهای طلایی، سبز و آبی اولین بار در گجت نیوز پدیدار شد. lenovo just announced the new moto g5 and g5 plus smartphones at the mwc. the two phones continue the moto g legacy of offering an adequate amount of features at an attractive price. the company has now released some videos for the new phones that highlight some of the features of the new phones. the focus here is mostly on the bigger and the more expensive g5 plus, which comes with a few extra bells and whistles. you can watch all the videos below and let us know what you thought of them and the phones themselves. the triple era has been the cornerstone of the huawei p20 pro marketing paign, but concrete details have been scarce. the new era, co-developed with leica, may pack a 40mp sensor, the likes of which haven't been seen since the pureview days. here's the breakdown. the 40mp sensor will serve as the primary era. next to it is an 8mp telep o era with "hybrid zoom". according to unconfirmed info this will provide 3x optical zoom, which along with info from the 40mp sensor will help achieve high-quality 5x magnification. the third sensor will have 20mp resolution and... the s pen and the dual era separate the samsung galaxy note8 from the galaxy s phones, but it won't be until september 15 at the earliest before you can try them yourself. for now you can watch these videos that will walk you through the best parts of the stylus and era. there's a video that shows off the dex dock too - this one will be a freebie for europeans who buy a note8 before september 24. here's a play of 5 videos that show off the best of the new flagship, including productivity features and its design story. source

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لینک های : کیفیت 270p کیفیت 360p کیفیت مایکروسافت نام اپلیکیشن فوتوز را به p os & videos تغییر خواهد داد
مایکروسافت بعد از استفاده‌ی آزمایشی نام استوری ریمی برای اپلیکیشن فوتوز در ویندوز ۱۰، این بار نام p os & videos را برای آن در نظر گرفته است. if you are in the uk and have been considering the new huawei p10, you will be glad to know that the phone will be available through all major carriers. according to android central, the huawei p10 will be available through ee, vodafone, o2, and three. apart from that, the phone will also be available through carphone warehouse. this information was confirmed by huawei vice president of handsets product line, bruce lee. huawei did not confirm the availability of the larger huawei sub brand honor has announced that global sales of its x series of smartphones - consisting of devices from the honor 4x to honor 7x - has hit the 40 million milestone. the company also revealed some sales figures for the newly-launched honor 7x smartphone. 30,000 units were sold within the first two hours of november 11 sale in china, and 20,000 units were sold out in one hour in each of the three flash sales in india. in london, sales in the first two weeks were double that of the honor 6x, while in russia, the number was triple, making honor one of the top 3 brands in the... earlier on, a huawei exec said that the p11 will "probably" be announced at the mwc. it seems that those plans are solidifying as representatives at an event in germany confirmed that the new flagship will be unveiled in q1 2018. there are plenty of speculations about the huawei p11. some that we half way believe, like the three era setup, and others that we hope are not true (notches are not a good thing). huawei p10 anyway, the huawei p10 was announced in february at the mwc and went on sale the following month. we're probably looking at the same time frame for the p11 next... the huawei nova 2s is not far away - it's announcement will be on december 7 - but new details are emerging daily. the last bit of information we got is the pricing - the huawei nova 2s will cost a projected cny 2,599 (around €330) for the 4gb/64gb variant and cny 2,999 (around €380) for the 6gb/128gb model. huawei nova 2s we also get a few new pics of the device in the wild sporting three paint jobs - black, white and blue. rumor has it there will be red and pink as well, rounding off a very colorful palette. huawei nova 2s the huawei nova 2s will have two... we've had some back and forth on the next huawei p-series phone and it's starting to feel like huawei itself hasn't made the decision yet. first, the company trademarked p20, now it trademarked p11. the application was filed in the us, the uk, taiwan, hong g and other countries. the huawei p20 trademark was filed in the us only and that was months ago. the company's web team was also caught preparing info pages for huawei p11 and p12, making it more likely that huawei will continue counting upward without skipping any numbers. the p12 will probably have to wait for next year,... huawei just announced the honor v10 and we're already seeing glimpses of its upcoming projects. the latest leak comes brings us images and specs of the huawei nova 2s. the phone looks similar to the huawei mate 10 lite and might end up to be a new name for the previously rumored huawei nova 3. huawei nova 2s the huawei nova 2s has a 6-inch 18:9 screen with fhd+ resolution, a 20mp+16mp dual era on the back, a dual 20mp era on the front and a 2016-flagship grade kirin 960 chipset with 6gb of ram. the software on board is android 8.0 oreo with emui 8.0. all that remains... huawei unveiled the mate 10, the mate 10 pro and the mate 10 porsche design at an event in munich back in october, but a fourth member of the mate family started reaching markets under the radar even earlier. it is the huawei mate 10 lite, and it has just arrived for a review. if that name does not ring a bell, but the phone looks familiar, you may actually know it by huawei nova 2i in malaysia, huawei maimang 6 in china or huawei honor 9i in india. to make the mate series available to various markets and customers, huawei launched the mate 10 lite as an excellent offer for... huawei is launching the p20 pro next week, but the leak train is already at full speed. the phone, codenamed charlotte, will have kirin 970 chipset and run android 8.1 as confirmed by a geekbench ings. the huawei p20 pro, ed with 6 gb ram, reached impressive numbers that are even higher than the leaked benchmarks of the vanilla huawei p20. jrg h_expandable_version = false; geekbench 4.2 (multi-core) higher is better samsung galaxy s9 8830 sony xperia xz2 8466 huawei p20 pro (unofficial) 6729 huawei mate 10 ... have you ever wanted to use your phone to declare your love for chicken wings? well, neither did we, but this didn't prevent kfc and huawei from launching the huawei enjoy 7 plus in red with engraved colonel sanders on the back. the phone (also known as huawei y7 prime) commemorates 30 years since kfc opened its first restaurant in beijing as well as 30 years since the establishment of huawei. only 5,000 units of the kfc phone will be made and they will cost cny1,099 or around $160 each. source (in chinese) huawei wants to flood the global smartphone market with plenty of devices with kind of an unusual strategy - launch one device with different names across different markets. the huawei p8 lite (2017) was announced in january for some european markets. then it reached the coasts of baltic sea where it was renamed honor 8 lite before hitting the japanese islands with the name huawei nova lite. and now it appeared on a turkish website named huawei p9 lite (2017). huawei p9 lite (2017) mediamarkt's turkish website ing of a device called huawei p9 lite (2017). at first, we... the huawei watch is still one of the nicest android wear smartwatches you can get, despite the huawei watch 2 and watch 2 cl ic. even so, the first huawei watch is still waiting to get the android wear 2.0 update. the great news is the update should be hitting huawei's first android wear device by the end of march, according to huawei deutschland. this comes as an og watch customer inquired about the update on twitter. @mabr3 die auslieferung der watch 2 hängt vom modell ab. ein genaues release-datum für wear 2.0 haben wir noch nicht. gruß #huaweiservicede— huawei service de... at its press conference on february 26 at mwc in barcelona, huawei might unveil more than just the oft-rumored p10. it turns out that we could see a new smartwatch from the company becoming official at the same time (although such plans may still change). the huawei watch 2 would thus be outed almost exactly two years after the original, which was first introduced to the world on march 1, 2015. according to a new rumor, the second generation of huawei's wearable will come with a "sportier" look than the first one, whatever that may mean. the huawei watch (pictured above) has been... last week huawei announced a new midranger with the name enjoy 7s. the phone comes with kirin 659 chipset, dual eras on the back and the latest emui, based on android oreo. according to evan bl who proved himself in leaking valuable info, the phone will be sold outside china as huawei p smart. the huawei p smart will keep the same specs as the enjoy 7s - 5.65" display with fullhd+ resolution and octa-core cpu, working at 2.36 ghz. the memory combinations are 3 gb ram + 32 gb storage or 4 gb ram + 64 gb storage, but huawei would not surprise anyone if it decides to try... huawei pulled the w s off the huawei p10 and p10 plus at the mwc in barcelona just moments ago. the new flagship duo improves on design, display, chipset, and of course, the iconic leica era setups. huawei p10 huawei p10 has a refreshed design with a 2.5d curved gorilla gl 5 at the front, and an all-metal backplate with hyper-diamond cut and sandblasted finish. there are two iphone 7-like antenna bands at the back, which are almost unnoticeable on the g hite black model. the p10 has a very unique appearance though, thanks to the long piece of gl emphasizing the... huawei launched its emui 5.0 launcher based on android nougat 7.0 along with the flagship mate 9 and seeded it to the p9 and p9 plus and mate 8 since. the company isn't done yet though as the affordable huawei smartphones will also get the upgrade shortly. a roadmap leaked on weibo shows us huawei nova will be the first lucky device in march, followed by huawei honor note 8 and huawei g9 plus in april. honor 6x e out two months ago and looks like it needs some time to live along with the previous emui before getting the 5.0 upgrade in may. the same month will be the lucky one... huawei announced the mate 10 with a price tag of €699 and date of availability from november 2017 for 11 first-wave launch markets. one of them is malaysia and the fans there are getting a pretty sweet deal through online retailer 3ex - the mate 10 costs myr2,699 or about €540. but wait, there's more - the seller also gives freebies worth myr999/€200 with each pre-order. screengrab from 3ex the exclusive freebies include huawei car supercharger, huawei smart scale, bluetooth monopod, 3m screen warranty and huawei vip service membership. the huawei mate 10 is offered in only one... renders of a yet-to-be-announced huawei phone have surfaced online - in high resolution and two color schemes. now, not to be ungrateful to evan bl for digging up the images, but we're inclined to disagree with the leaker calling the phone a 'huawei-branded honor 8 pro' - it's more of a huawei-branded honor 7x in our book. unnamed huawei phone, model number bnd-l34 of course, to be fair, huawei's entire naming scheme is a complete mess with seemingly identical phones called entirely different names across the world. we won't pretend we know marketing better than the... hmd looks set to launch a new smartphone in china this week. the company has sent out invites for an event which will be held on october 19, a couple of days from now. while there's currently no official information on the star of the event, the official tmall nokia store currently features an animated gif that teases a phone with the bothie feature. it's the company's nokia 8 smartphone that brought this feature along, so it's reasonable to ume that the teaser is the current flagship. if that's the case, it's highly likely that china will get the new 6gb ram variant, which... مجموعه گوشی های htc :
htc dream htc magic htc hero htc tattoo htc legend htc desire htc incredible htc google nexus one مجموعه گوشی های سامسونگ : samsung i7500 galaxy samsung i5700 galaxy spica samsung i8520 beam samsung 6500u galaxy samsung t939 behold 2 samsung i9000 galaxy s مجموعه گوشی های huawei : huawei u8800 huawei u8300 huawei u8230 huawei g6600 huawei u8220 huawei u8220 huawei u8100 مجموعه گوشی های accer : acer liquid acer liquid e acer betouch e400 acer betouch e110 the huawei y6 pro (2017) is now official and will start selling in germany, italy and france for a price of around €179. this is an improved variant of the already-available huawei y6 (2017) with a metal casing instead of the plastic and a snapdragon 425 chipset instead of the mediatek chip. finally the huawei y6 pro has a fingerprint scanner on the back. the rest of the specs of the huawei y6 pro (2017) are a 13mp main era with 5mp selfie snapper on the front, 2gb of ram, and 16gb of built-in storage with microsd card expansion. the display is a 5-inch ips lcd of ... huawei is having a press conference at the mobile world congress in barcelona and everyone is waiting the company to unveil long-awaited flagships huawei p10 and huawei p10 plus. richard yu, huawei ceo, announced today on weibo to expect another surprise - a new smartwatch with android wear 2.0. the post itself also included an image with a male in sporting gear, looking at his smartwatch. the tag line "made for free spirits" hints to a sporty device, though yu didn't mention any specs of the huawei watch 2. according to earlier rumors, the device will have mobile connectivity... huawei is wasting no time and has started work on porting the new android o to its premier phablet, the huawei mate 9. it's early in the development stage, but some unique o features like picture in picture are already working. a rom was unearthed by an xda senior member, who provided the first glimpse of what's to come. the emui version is 5.1 - a tenth higher than the last update, but the huawei p10 is already on v5.1 so this is likely not the final version of huawei's custom skin. huawei mate 9 running a test version of android o • the picture in picture feature the rom... things have been moving along quite idly for the huawei p10 and huawei p10 plus. a few price leaks, followed by early renders were apparently enough to make the chinese giant break the silence and tease the dual unveiling on february 26 at mwc. more renders and specs were quick to follow and now a geekbench ing has also been uncovered, to reaffirm previous hunches. from the looks of things, the huawei p10 will have 4gb of ram at its disposal and will ship with the latest android 7 nougat. huawei p10 renders (unofficial, of course) other previously suggested... android police, in collaboration with onleaks, has published 360 degree render videos of the upcoming moto c and moto c plus smartphones. we have already seen leaked images of the two phones in the past but these new videos show the phones in even more detail. granted this isn't the real deal but it's as close to it that we can get right now. not much else is known about these two devices than what we had reported in the past. source google, facebook and other internet companies could be prosecuted if they do not stop extremist videos from being seen on their websites by people in britain, the daily teleg h can disclose. ever since we got the huawei p10 plus for review, we've been itching to test how the era compares to the regular huawei p10. after all, besides the screen size, the wide era aperture is the second major difference between the two phones. more than a year after the launch of huawei pay in china, the service might expand to europe as well. the manufacturer filed for a trademark with the european union intellectual property office (euipo) of the name "huawei pay" and of an accompanying logo. according to a pdf at the euipo website that can be found in our source link, the logo, and the name are referring to computer software and financial services, leading to the conclusion that the service may indeed arrive in europe, instead of huawei just securing a patent to protect the name of its in-house wallet. huawei pay... آیا مایل به ید هواوی میت 10 یا میت 10 پرو هستید؟ (نظرسنجی) با معرفی هواوی میت 10 (huawei mate 10) و هواوی میت 10 پرو (huawei mate 10 pro)، پرچمداران هواوی نیز رونمایی شدند. آیا شما مایل به ید هواوی میت 10 هستید؟ دقایقی پیش، کمپانی چینی هواوی طی مراسمی که در مونیخ آلمان برگزار شد، گوشی های میت 10 و میت 10 پرو را به همراه ... نوشته آیا مایل به ید هواوی میت 10 یا میت 10 پرو هستید؟ (نظرسنجی) اولین بار در گجت نیوز پدیدار شد. huawei might be preparing for a launch of at least three new p20 phones, including a lite version, a regular variant and a plus-sized flagship, but more info about previously leaked fla-al00 device just arrived on tenaa. the phone, most likely to come as the huawei nova 3, will have kirin 659 chipset and four eras. huawei fla-al00 the alleged nova 3 is ed with three code names - fla-al00, fla-al10, fla-al20. the first version will come with 3 gb ram and 32 gb storage, while the other two are mostly different in sim availability. huawei has equipped the phones... when huawei p10 was launched at mwc 2017 in barcelona, everyone kept asking why the flagship does not have more ram. back then richard yu, coo of huawei, said that having more gigs is like being at a cold war - you don't exactly win anything, you only have some fictional psychological a ntage. that doesn't mean the hardware specs race is over. today we have the honor 9, made by a company, which is a huawei's subsidiary. we have here the 64 gb model and guess what, it comes with 6 gb ram. in a world where "revolutionary design" is having a new dazzling blue color, most phones tend to... huawei devices haven't exactly had a lot of exposure in the us. the company pushed some affordable mid-rangers through its subsidiary honor like the honor 6x that got sold out at its first flash sale. huawei also offered the mate 9 and even launched a superbowl commercial. starting next month, the manufacturer is teaming up with at&t and verizon to offer the huawei mate 10 and the huawei mate 10 pro as as the next step in its us expansion. many western markets, including the us, offer devices primarily through carriers, which is another reason why chinese makers are having a hard... just hours ago we reported that huawei will unveil a new phone - the nova 3e - in china on march 20 and that that new phone will likely be a renamed huawei p20 lite. today we got more proof of that thanks to a promotional poster for the nova 3e that you can see below. the design perfectly matches the leaked p20 lite renders from earlier. we expect the huawei nova 3e to share the rumored specs of the huawei p20 lite - a 5.84-inch screen of 2280x1080px resolution, 16mp+2mp dual era, 4gb of ram and a kirin 659 chipset. we also managed to obtain a few more unseen up until... the month started interestingly for huawei fans after a tenaa ing leaked the nova 2. now a poster about the official launch of the device appeared, confirming that the new nova will arrive on may 26, just eight months after the initial huawei nova launch. the new device might appear in plus version as well since the poster says "huawei nova 2 series." the key slogan on the poster translates roughly to "that's one small step for self-shooter, one giant leap for the value of the device." it hints to a 20 mp selfie era in the huawei nova 2 and two 12 mp snappers on the back,...