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به نقل از خبرگزاریها در مورد human beta version : samsung has started pushing out a new oreo beta build to eligible galaxy s8/s8+ units. arriving as software version zra5 and weighing in at around 595mb, the update brings bug fixes andthe android security patch for january. this is highly likely to be the last beta update, as the beta program is scheduled to end on january 15, which will be followed by a public roll out for the update. the latest/last beta build is currently available in india, although other regions where the beta program has been launched should also get it sooner than later. via huawei has started rolling out a new update to honor 8 units in india. arriving as version frd-l02c675b310, the update brings along android nougat (version 7.0) and emui version 5.0. the update was being beta tested until now, but now the beta phase has come to an end. "honor 8 with nougat and emui 5.0 is open to users in india now," the chinese company said in a blog post. "frd-l02c675b310 be e open to public a week ago. the same version will be available to all users in batches by end of february." global roll out for the honor 8 nougat update began last month, and units in the... with the flagship update done, hmd has turned to the nokia 5 and brought it to the beta labs. for now, you can sign up to test drive a closed version of android 8.0 oreo. so the software isn't ready yet but if you can live with a few bugs and want to help the devs squash them, you can join beta labs. #androidoreo for #nokia5 has landed on nokia phones beta labs! android has never tasted sweeter.what's more, android 8.0 oreo™ beta for #nokia6 is coming soon!— juho sarvikas (@sarvikas) december 12, 2017 chief product offers juho... just over a couple of weeks after the huawei mate 9 was spotted in a benchmark ing with android 8.0 oreo on board, the chinese company has launched an oreo beta program for the device. while this is definitely good news for mate 9 users willing to give android oreo a try early on, there are a couple of catches. firstly, only 250 users will be able to run the beta build. and secondly, the beta update is currently only available for units running firmware version mha-l29c432b194. those interested in being part of this beta program will first have to and install the... last week we heard a beta program for android 8.0 on samsung galaxy s8 is about to start it should be available for starting tomorrow, and now we got intel on which countries will get early access to oreo. the first wave includes south korea, the united states, and the united kingdom. there is also a second wave of markets which would get the to beta-test android oreo. the countries are germany, spain, france, poland along with india and china. to test the beta version, you must be a member of the galaxy beta program, available through the samsung members app. the start and... ever since the initial showcase back in july, tensions surrounding miui 9 have been high, with eager xiaomi users anxiously checking back for release schedules. as promised, the xiaomi mi 6 and redmi note 4x were first in line for the beta earlier this month. now the rollout has expanded to a second wave of xiaomi devices, which is significantly larger than the first: mi mix mi note 2 mi 5 mi 5s mi 5s plus mi max 2 mi max redmi 4 redmi 4x it is worth noting that the current 7.8.24 release is a beta one. we are also discussing the global rom version, although the chinese... this spring iphone 6 (and later) users will regain control over the performance of their phone. ios 11.3 will add more detailed info on the battery's health and whether or not the chipset is throttled. if it is, there will be an option to return it to full speed. this new version of ios e out in beta today, but the battery toggle has not been implemented yet. it will be added in a later beta release. some of the other additions in ios 11.3 are available, though. new animojis for one: dragon, bear, skull and lion bring the total of available characters to 16. business chat will... last we heard, nextbit was beta testing the nougat update for its cloud-focused robin smartphone. that was back in november and the beta update was based on android 7.0. however, now it looks like the device may get the android version 7.1.1 instead. the company has in fact already started testing the update as a robin device running the latest nougat version has been spotted on the gfxbench benchmarking website. sadly, there's currently no information on when exactly the update will be rolled out, although reports say that's likely to happen early next month. here's hoping that... if you are currently participating in sony's playstation beta program, then you might already be running the beta version of firmware 4.50. if that isn't the case, there is still quite a lot to be excited about if you are running the new ps4 pro, as well as the older ps4. like the numbering scheme suggests, 4.50 is a big milestone and a hefty update. it brings some interesting features to the table, like custom backgrounds, a new quick menu, the ability to post updates to your psn feed and 3d bluray support on ps vr. digging a bit deeper into the beta build, however, members of the ps4... zte's axon 7 has been pretty successful in the us, at least as far as any handset sold unlocked can claim to be. to appease owners who've been asking for an oreo update for a while, the chinese company announced back in december that the update would roll out this april. not only that, but zte is giving up on its mifavor ui in favor of something called stock+. and now you can beta test that purer interpretation of the os if you want. zte is inviting owners of the a2017u version of the axon 7 (running the current build b35) to apply for a spot in a new preview program. the first group will... youtube go is google's way of ensuring that even those who can't access a mobile data connection as freely as others in more developed parts of the world can watch youtube more freely. google's first initiative was to offer the ability to videos for offline viewing later on the youtube app. you can do this in other regions, however, a youtube red subscription is required. youtube go is a lightweight version of the youtube app whose beta launched back in april of this year for india. the app is no longer in beta and has a stable and public release on the play store in india and... ahead of the final roll out, which is set to begin sometime next month, huawei has started pushing out the nougat beta update to its honor 6x smartphone. the information was revealed by the chinese company's pakistan subsidiary on twitter. if you have the huawei nova plus or the honor 6x, you can try out the beta version of the android nougat 7.0! #huaweipakistan— huawei mobile pk (@huaweimobilepk) february 5, 2017 the tweet, as you can see above, also reveals that the company's nova plus smartphone is also getting the update. the device, in case you... although android wear hasn't made any significant progress relative to its competitors (samsung's tizen and apple's watchos), google has announced that android wear beta is now available for flashing to a test device or via the android emulator. google mentions the update is "mainly a technical upgrade to apu 26 with enhancements to background limits and notification channels." this means that the android wear update will likely be an incremental update something along the lines of android wear 2.x. google is offering "notification channels" on its next version of android wear so... late last month, it e to light that the nokia 6 oreo beta is not available in some key markets, including the us and china. while india is not on that , users in the country have been facing issues participating in beta labs. hmd had earlier said they've identified the issue and working on fixing it. and now, cpo juho sarvikas has said the company will be pushing a couple of improvements this week (that will likely fix the problem), before making available the oreo beta build through beta labs. here's what the executive exactly said: this is why i shouldn't give hard dates. we... the xiaomi mi max is getting a beta android 7.0 realease via an over the air update that tags along the may security patch. the update is so far only appearing on models with 3gb of ram (no word on the 4gb/128gb prime model, but if the rollout goes smoothly the final version should come soon to all devices) and is based on the global miui rom. xiaomi mi max update xiaomi's largest screened phone got a refresh in the form of the mi max 2 last month but is still very relevant with 3gb of ram and a 4k capable era. thanks, emmanouil, for the tip! source via it looks like the samsung galaxy s8 oreo beta program has entered its second phase, as the beta build is now available for units in india. you can register through the samsung members app (home->notices->register for galaxy beta program). once that is done, you can the update by heading to settings -> software update -> updates manually. the update weighs in at around 1,395mb. it's worth mentioning that samsung hasn't yet officially announced that this is the second phase for the galaxy s8 oreo beta program. previous reports said the second wave of countries... today google has officially unveiled the android o beta program. like the android n beta program from last year, this will let anyone with a supported device test the next release of the operating system before its development is finalized. a developer preview of android o has been out since march, but google has advised non-developers not to risk running that, especially on essential handsets, because it was an early release so bugs are to be expected almost everywhere. the situation should be different with the beta builds, the first of which is expected to go out today. if you... if you own a nokia 8 and would like to get early access to the new android 8.0 oreo (currently in bet), nokia has just the thing for you. announcing nokia phones beta labs! be the first to test #androidoreo on #nokia8 (physical oreos not included!)— juho sarvikas (@sarvikas) october 25, 2017 introducing nokia phones beta labs, where you can sign in to test drive android 8.0 oreo for the nokia 8 before it's ready for a firmware roll out. joining the nokia labs beta is completely free although as with everything beta-related you can... apple has already begun rolling out the fourth build for three different firmwares. the first is ios 10.3, which can be ed by both registered developers, as well as public beta testers. the new beta build brings a few new features the find my airpods option within the find my iphone app, wi-fi calling for icloud connected devices on verizon, and a new notification that alerts users that 32-bit apps can't run properly (suggesting they may not run at all as of ios 11. watchos beta 3.2 also has a few new features like a proper theater mode, something that the apple watch had... when google announced the android 7.1.2 beta roll out late last month, it was said that nexus 6p's beta update is still being worked on, and is expected "to release soon." well, those who've been waiting for it will be glad to know that the the update has started rolling out. it's a large update, weighing in at around 1.30gb. needless to say that your nexus 6p device should be part of the beta program to get this update. a point worth mentioning here is that the update doesn't bring along the fingerprint gestures support that the nexus 5x got as part of its android 7.1.2 beta... oneplus has pushed out another oxygenos open beta build for its oneplus 3 and 3t smartphones. the update arrives as version 15 and 6, respectively and includes a new dialer and in-call interface. the update comes with a new action bar for messages and settings. the new release also brings optimizations, related to bluetooth, night mode, and high power usage notifications. the ui for messages, settings, and contacts has also been optimized. source 1 2 via a day after lg announced the roll-out of the final oreo build for its v30 smartphone, it has come to light that the south korean company is already testing oreo update for the g6. the beta testing is currently going on in china. a user even shared screens s of an oreo-powered g6 unit. take a look: the software version is v19a, and the of supported models includes lgm-g600l, lgm-g600s, lgm-g600k, lgm-g600lr, lgm-g600sr, lgm-g600kr, lgm-g600lp, lgm-g600sp, and lgm-g600kp. no information yet on when the final rollout will begin, although that shouldn't take long now. for more... just a couple of days after announcing the honor 6x nougat beta program for the us, huawei has started pushing out the update to participating units in the country. the update is followed by an email detailing how to report bugs. beta testers will have an option to revert back to marshmallow/emui 4.1 after installing the nougat beta, which weighs in at around 2.3gb. as for change-log, the chinese company has provided quite a lengthy one - take a look at it in the tweet below: is huawei's honor 6x nougat beta changelog long enough? via @jccpalmer— david ruddock... although it beta tested android 8.0 oreo for its first smartphone last year, ultimately essential decided against releasing that version of the os to every single customer (not that there are very many of those, but still). the company said 8.0 wasn't stable so it would directly send out the 8.1 variant of oreo to non-beta testers. that day has finally come. essential has officially announced that the rollout of android 8.1 oreo for its phone is underway. you can apparently already check for the update in settings and it should show up. if it doesn't, don't fret - the release may be one of... the nokia 8 first received android 8.0 at the end of november and recently started experimenting with a second serving - 8.1 beta. that didn't last long as the stable android 8.1 oreo update is now rolling out.juho sarvikas (cpo of hmd) just made the announcement, but at least one person in the twitter thread has already ed the update. nokia 8 now receiving stable android 8.1 oreo the update - v4.84a - has the same change log as the beta version, except that the security patch has been bumped up to february. the update is a hefty 1.5gb so you better sit down and connect... google has announced the availability of the second and last developer preview of android 8.1. the first dp (and beta) went out last month, and the finalized version of this release should be rolling out in december. until then, if you have a supported nexus or pixel device you can try this new beta software, which comes with "near-final" system images and official apis (level 27). of course some unnamed bug fixes and optimizations are baked in too. perhaps the most important feature in android 8.1 dp2 is the activation of the pixel visual core chipset in the pixel 2 and pixel 2 xl.... four weeks ago, oreo landed on the oneplus 3 beta channel. soon, its successor - the oneplus 5 - will join it, judging by results found on geekbench. this is not official mind you, the beta channel for the 5 still distributes android 7.1.1 nougat. and even once it hits the beta channel, the final release will be some way off. there's time for oneplus to launch the oreo update around new year's like it did last time. oneplus was pretty quick with the nougat update for the 3 - the beta arrived at the end of november, the rollout was on january 1. that said, 3's oreo is still in beta... three out of four major us carriers already went through with the nougat update for samsung galaxy s7. verizon was trailing behind, but it's finally catching up - you can snatch google's latest right away. the official update follows a galaxy beta program which let users try out the new version of the os themselves on their galaxy smartphone. verizon dropped out after a month leaving its users in a dilemma - either stay in beta or get back to marshmallow. verizon's updates are pretty much the same as others': it has the latest android security patch from february 1, 2017;... the oneplus 3 and 3t have started receiving a new oxygenos open beta update. weighing in at around 75mb, and arriving as version 18 and 9, respectively, the update bumps the oneplus community app to v 1.9. in addition, it brings along several bug fixes, including those related to duplicate notifications, app locker, battery percentage, era, and sending files with 3rd party apps via spot. certain display issues with oneplus font and the weather app have also been fixed. for detailed change-log, head to the source link below. source via huawei sub-brand honor has certainly been a busy bee today. not isfied only with announcing the honor 8 pro and the honor 6c for european markets, it's prepared something for its american audience as well. it's not a device, though, it's the honor beta program. this lets you trial pre-release software and hardware from the company, in exchange for "candid feedback". the honor beta program has its own facebook group where all the details are laid out. that said, if you want to join the program you need to fill in the form at this website. you don't automatically get in. there's an... according to a new report, samsung has started working on the oreo update for its galaxy s8 series of smartphones. the update could carry firmware version of g955fxxu1bqi1 and g950fxxu1bqi1 for the s8 and s8+, respectively. while there's no information on the roll out time-frame, the report notes the south korean company will likely kick off a beta testing program before pushing out the update to all. it also says the firm might not implement all android 8.0 features in the update. recently, oneplus started pushing the oreo update to the oneplus 3 closed beta channel. among other... nokia has started rolling out the android 8.0 oreo beta update to the 2017 nokia 6 devices in india. the update is part of the beta labs program and is still a work-in-progress. nokia cpo confirmed the same on twitter today. we are starting today oreo beta labs roll out for #nokia6 in india. i understand that some of you may have been waiting for this 😬. remember that beta labs is a test platform and commercial release is well on track 😀. please jump in and give us your feedback!!!— juho sarvikas (@sarvikas) january 6, 2018 nokia started the registration for oreo... اخیراً ios 10.3 beta 3 برای کاربران آیفون و آیپد منتشر شده است. البته این آپدیت فقط برای توسعه دهندگان ثبت شده، ارائه شده است. just days after teasing oreo open beta for the oneplus 5t, the company has pushed out the update. the android 8.0-based oxygenos open beta 1 is now rolling out. so those part of the oneplus 5t beta program will be able to experience oreo goodies now. the update also includes android fixes for the month of december. following is the complete change-log published by the chinese company: launcher optimized the app shortcut style combine icon options with app shortcuts now able to upload p os to s on oneplus system added picture in picture added... essential has announced the roll out of the oreo beta 2 build for its ph-1 smartphone. the company took to twitter to announce the update, which arrives as build opm1.170911.213. we're rolling out oreo beta 2 (build opm1.170911.213) with bug fixes and new features including smart text selection, picture-in-picture and more. the update is going out now via ota to current oreo beta 1 users. learn more:— essential (@essential) december 20, 2017 as per the tweet, some of the new features there in the beta 2 update include smart text selection and... حدودا سه هفته پیش دومین نسخه آزمایشی ios8 برای توسعه دهندگان اپل منتشر شد. اما روز گذشته نسخه سوم از این سیستم عامل منتشر شد که در این پست به ویژگی های آن پرداخته ایم. این نسخه از بروزرسانی ios که 368 مگابایت حجم دارد روز گذشته برای توسعه دهندگان اپل منتشر شد و کاربران اپل می توانند از بخش تنظیمات گوشی و در بخش برورزسانی این نسخه را دریافت کنند.

اما ios8 beta 3 دارای چه ویژگی هایی است ؟ در این پست به ویژگی های اضافه شده به ios8 beta 3 پرداخته ایم. hmd global's cpo juho sarvikas just confirmed that oreo beta testing for the company's nokia 6 and nokia 5 smartphones will begin soon. yes, nokia 6 and nokia 5 next. just reviewed today, we will open beta labs for those models soon— juho sarvikas (@sarvikas) november 24, 2017 this comes shortly after the final oreo build started rolling out to the nokia 8, making it the first nokia smartphone to get the new android os. sadly, there's currently no information on exactly when the nokia 5 and 6 will start receiving beta builds. source a new oxygenos open beta update has started hitting the oneplus 3 and 3t smartphones. arriving as version 28 and 19, respectively, the update brings a bag full of changes, related to launcher, gallery, contacts, and system. specifically, the update adds support for aptx/aptx hd as well as includes ui fixes for quick settings. other system-level changes are mostly optimizations related to wifi and battery. moving on, while launcher-related changes are all optimizations, those related to gallery include new p o map to view p os by location and some ui enhancements. as for changes... if you are rocking a huawei p10 or p10 plus, and are waiting for the oreo update, here's some news for you: the company has launched a beta testing program for the update in europe, and is currently looking for participants. as per the announcement made by the company, p10/p10 plus units with the following software versions are eligible for the beta program: vtr-l09c432b180, vtr-l29c432b180, vky-l09c432b181, and vky-l29c432b181. those interested in joining the program can head to the source 2 link below. source 1 source 2 the title is pretty descriptive in itself, so just to clear a few things up before we get to the details: this is a open beta channel release and the first time oreo has appeared on this particular branch for the pair of phones. closed beta oreo builds have been in circulation for some time, but this constitutes another step forward. and secondly, the oneplus 5 is not on the of supported devices in this release. as per latest info, it is still lagging behind on the oreo front. some builds for it were expected by the end of september, but since that didn't come to p , we are still... android nougat 7.1.2 has been out for a few days now and is already seeding to most compatible devices. the nexus 5x is still on the waiting for the beta, but it should be coming shortly as well. android 7.1.2 beta the update itself was thought to be rather small and light, however, the nexus 5x did receive an unexpected new feature that the nexus 6p will likely get too. it is the convenient swipe gesture for the fingerprint reader. just like on a pixel, it can now be used to bring down the notification shade, without having to reach all the way up to the top edge of the... did you know that the first android os version code name was petit four? it means small bite-sized appetizer and served as inspiration for the desert-based names of future versions. that was version 1.1. the first publicly available version was android 1.5 cupcake, launching with the t-mobile g1. then in mid-2010 eclair (versions 2.0 to 2.1) took over as the most popular version, about half a year after its introduction. 2.2 froyo rose to the top at the end of 2010, again about six months after launch. google was on a two releases per year schedule back then, introducing two major android... the galaxy s8 series is eagerly waiting for its oreo update. we already spotted an oreo-powered galaxy s8 in a benchmark ing, suggesting that the update is currently being tested by the company. and now, according to a new report, the south korean tech giant may launch a public beta program for the update soon. the report cites oreo firmware versions g950fxxe1zqi7 and g955fxxu1zqi7 for the s8 and s8+, noting that these are test/beta releases. of course, there's no official confirmation on this, as well as when the first beta release will roll out. via today, honor has launched its beta program for honor 7x owners in four european countries: france, germany, italy, and spain. the program will let you test non-final builds of emui 8.0 based on android 8.0 oreo. new features will include a refined ui, improved performance and stability, as well as some of huawei's ai features, though just the ones that don't require the kirin 970's npu. honor 7x the honor 7x will be receiving emui 8.0 oreo sometime in q2 of this year. so making the beta available now shows the phone maker is on track for a q2 release. if you have an honor 7x in... عرضه ios 10.2.1 beta 3 برای توسعه دهندگان     عرضه ios 10.2.1 beta 3 برای توسعه دهندگان عرضه ios 10.0.3 برای آیفون 7 و 7 پلاس با بهبود باگ اتصال cellular data اپل همواره به دنبال عرضه پایدارترین نسخ از سیستم عامل های خود است. پیش از عرضه هر نسخه از سیستم عامل های اپل، نسخ آزمایشی جهت تست در اختیار توسعه دهندگان قرار می گیرد تا تمامی بخش های سیستم عامل مورد بررسی قرار گیرد. حال شب گذشته اپل اقدام به انتشار ios 10.2.1 beta 3 برای توسعه دهندگان کرد. در این نسخه می توان شاهد پایداری بیشتر نسبت به نسخه آزمایشی پیشین بود. اگر شما هم از توسعه دهندگان اپل هستید، می توانید این نسخه را از بخش developer سایت اپل نمایید. کانال تلگرام اپل اپ را دنبال کنید: ios 10.2.1 beta 3 عرضه ios 10.2.1 beta 3 برای توسعه دهندگان  منبع: iclarified منبع
این برنامه از وبسایت اپل اپ قابل و معرفی گردیده است human factors are a major component of the causes of accidents in the workplace. estimates of the actual extent of the involvement vary markedly, but a study in the early 1980s of the causes of all work-related fatalities occurring in australia over three years revealed that behavioral factors were involved in more than 90% of fatal accidents. in view of data like these, it is important to have an understanding of the role of human factors in accidents. traditional models of accident cau ion placed superficial emphasis on human factors. where human factors were included, they were depicted as. just days after htc halted the nougat update roll-out for its htc 10 smartphone, it looks like samsung is following suit. reports from china are suggesting that the nougat update for the galaxy s7/s7 edge has also been halted to due to bugs. it's also being reported that the galaxy s7 edge has received yet another beta update in china - this is despite the fact that the nougat beta program for both s7 and s7 edge ended last month. the latest s7 edge beta update (with build number g9350zcu2zqa4) is said to bring new power saving mode as well as stability and performance... oneplus has started pushing out a new update to the oneplus 3 closed beta group. weighing in at around 800mb, the update in question brings android 8.0 oreo. the update, unsurprisingly, isn't stable - nfc isn't functional yet, wifi is buggy, spot and bluetooth is unstable, and so on. the chinese company is aiming to roll out the stable build by mid-september. it's worth mentioning that the oneplus 3t and 5 closed beta groups are also expected to get the oreo update soon. time-frame for their respective stable builds is same as that of the oneplus 3, which is... huawei has announced nougat beta program for honor 6x units in the us. in a tweet sent out by honor usa, the company revealed that it's currently looking for honor 6x owners in the country who would want to test the beta firmware. wanna be the first to test out emui 5.0 on your #honor6x? sign up to be a beta tester now. email your imei to [email protected] now.— honor usa (@honor_usa) february 28, 2017 those interested will have to share their device's imei number (or numbers, in case of dual-card model) with the company through email. the final... shortly after the first developer preview for android 8.1 went live, the update has started rolling out over the air (ota). so those who have enrolled in the android beta program should expect the update notification soon (if not received already). it's worth mentioning that aside from ota, the only other option to get the beta build currently is to and flash a factory image - there's an ongoing problem with side loading ota images, and google seems to be working on it. source 1 2