i m the best next thing

به نقل از خبرگزاریها در مورد i m the best next thing : the war on drugs - strangest thing

summer ride
howl at the day
i've been hiding out so long
i gotta find another way

late at night i wanna see you
well my eyes, they begin to fade
am i just living in the space between
the beauty and the pain?
and the real thing

now the sky is painted
in a wash of indigo
i've been holding on too long
in the howling of this cold

i recognize every face
but i ain't got everything i need
if i'm just living in the space between
the beauty and the pain
it's the strangest thing

yeah, she runs surrounding me
surrounded by the [?]
surrounded by no other
i wanna run home

yeah, i can run slowly
don't run away again
yeah, i can run [?]
don't run away again
i wanna run, i wanna run

make a kind of candlestickthat is very nice and prfect emotion when you can make some thing with your hand and do not pay lots of money. but you need a little creativity to make this handy craft. first you need some empty fish cans then you need color or some thing else that depends on you but in my opinion colored scotchs are more better than color water or eny thing else you need a pice of wood or plastic. do not forget glue and thread
سلام هدف باید یه چیزی باشه که بهش نشه رسید. فورد توی west world بود. یه همچین چیزی تعریف میکرد.
a greyhound is a racing dog. spends its life running in circles, chasing a bit of felt made up like a rabbit. one day, we took it to the park. our dad had warned us how fast that dog was, but... we couldn't resist. so, my brother took off the leash, and in that instant, the dog spotted a cat. i imagine it must have looked just like that piece of felt. he ran. never saw a thing as beautiful as that old dog... running. until, at las. ...i said to my soul, be still, and wait without hope;for hope would be hope for the wrong thing; wait without love,for love would be love of the wrong thing;there is yet faithbut the faith and the love and the hope are all in the waiting.wait without thought, for you are not ready for thought:so the darkness shall be the light, and the stillness the dancing.whisper of running streams, and winter lightning.the wild thyme unseen and the wild strawberry,the laughter in the garden, echoed ecstasynot lost, but requiring, pointing to the agonyof death and birth.
       . so we’ll just keep giving
and we can’t stop now
it can’t kill you if you don’t stop running
we are, we are, we are tonight
so we’ll just keep living and we won’t stop
it can’t kill us if we don’t stop running
we are, we are, we are tonight
we are tonight

i gave my heart to grow
it’s the only thing i’ve got
i’ll give you everything i’ve got
i saw crashing through the skies
time is not our friends
but she’s the only thing we need
if we only just believe
and see the world through tired eyes
so let’s run out together
the starts they dance tonight oneplus has pushed out oxygenos 4.1.0 for both the oneplus 3 and the 3t, which brings with it a couple of additions and miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes. the first big change is the upgrade to android 7.1.1 from the 7.0 that was in the previous build. 7.1.1 comes with a bunch of changes on the nexus devices, however, the of changes on custom roms like oxygenos is very small and the only thing we could spot is a new emoji set with more gender diverse emoji. another thing that the update adds is expanded screens s, which lets you scroll and take longer screens s. the... نام : داستان والدینم – the thing about my folks
ژانر: کمدی، درام
کارگردان: raymond de felitta
ستارگان: paul reiser, peter falk, olympia dukakis
محصول کشور:
سال انتشار: 2005
امتیاز: 6.6 از 10
مدت زمان: 1:37:36
اطلاعات بیشتر: کلیک کنید
خلاصه داستان: سم، پدر بن است. همسرش (یعنی مادر بن) او را ترک کرده و یک یادداشت بجا گذاشته است. همسر بن و سه خواهرش شروع به گشتن به د. findalender1000.com an instant payday loan is usually for an amount of $500.00 or less. this loan is usually paid back by the borrower's next payday. some items that are required by you when you apply for an instant payday loan are a few of your pay stubs and an id. this is not only to ensure that you have a job, but it lets the lending company know approximately how much money you bring home every payday, and how often you get paid. many people get in a bind and need money fast, so they turn to lending companies, to come up with some quick cash. the fees are approximately $15.00 to $30.00 per. what do you do if your iphone 6 just can't handle the day-to-day stuff you throw at it anymore? well, samsung thinks it's time to upgrade to a galaxy s9 or s9+. it's driving this point through in a new video ad released today. have a look: where even to start on how ironic the whole thing is? there's the fact that samsung is making fun of apple for pushing people to upgrade to a newer phone, while doing exactly the same thing itself. that's the point of this ad, after all. then there's the fact that the iphone is slow and "lagging" (that's the word used in the video description).... the oneplus 6 is the latest device to get the full dis embly treatment from ifixit. the teardown reveals some interesting bits about the device's construction as well as some pitfalls. the biggest issue seems to be the gl back, which makes the device harder to repair and more prone to damage. the first thing ifixit found is that the gl cover on the oneplus 6 is relatively easy to remove compared to other gl phones and once you get it out of the way, the battery is the first thing you can access. this is important for those who plan to keep the phone for longer than two... that night i realized that the whole thing is about the smile you might or might not wear because of what has happened at some point during the day. it needs not to be a special reason, but there has to be something.  it's just like i'm having loads of thing to do, and i just sit & watch a movie, birdman this time, for tenth time!what's going on with me?p.s: started friends today, quite fun :)p.p.s: the english is because of the movies, that's what happens with me she made me crazy and feels excited. we went out and i invited her to coffee shop and sitting and talk with each other, i know it was my birthday but wasn’t too much important for me because the most important thing was being with each other. when where out and talking with each other i could see something in her eyes but couldn’t understand exactly . when we were having coffee suddenly she said lets go lets go it’s too here i shocked why she should do it by the way we went out suddenly she said lets have one corn because we didn’t have any plan to go after corn i told her let’s call. انیسون تقویت کننده دهانه معده انیسون تقویت کننده دهانه معده است و افرادی که دچار رفلا معده هستند انیسون برای آنها بسیار مفید است
طبیعت انیسون : انیسون گرم و خشک است.
ترکیب شیمیایى انیسون : اسانس روغنى فرار ۳- ۲ درصد- آنتول- پى. متو ى‏فنیل- آستون- چاویکول‏
خواص درمانى انیسون :
۱- انیسون را در دهان بجوید، طعم نامطبوع بعضى از . common mistakes

::::::::::"steal" & "rob"::::::::::

(a). steal:

don't say: someone has robbed all her money.
say: someone has 'stolen' all her money.

(b). rob:
don't say: some men stole a bank last night.
say: some men 'robbed' a bank last night.

the object of "steal" is the thing taken by the thief, such as money, a watch, a bicycle, etc.
while the object of "rob" is the person or place from whom (or which) the thing is taken, such as a man, a house or a bank. البته این جماعت فامیل - خوب یا بد - همیشه با من همینجوری رفتار . همیشه، همینجوری. mary's last words:
"sherlock holmes and dr watson"
they are the guys who can give u a motivation and a new thing to daydream about...
i do love it...
it was really really good...
how much i was shocked when i watched s04: e01 e02 that i saw sherlock in that situation... now it's o.k!
i'm so glad to get a chance during my examination and watched all 4 seasons in about 1 month...
u know what?! there is another think that i love so... so... so much!
oh gosh! i wish there will be s05!!! i love it's craziness...
i love it's logic...
i love it at all!!!
i was thinking about shak who really was a fan about it...
who loved james moriarty and even had a pin of it...(oh i remmember what i've did in front of mr.madahian with my pin and i felt literly embarrecing...such an idiot i was!)
she asked me that if i knew sherlock or not i saied yes but i was wrong...now she is gone and there is no hope to see her again and have a chat about it!!! any thing to say?! check it up! (cnn)fbi director james comey warned wednesday that americans should not have expectations of "absolute privacy," adding that he planned to finish his term leading the fbi.
i am not a pattern to be followed
the pill that i'm on is a tough one to swallow
i'm not a criminal, not a role model
not a born leader, i'm a tough act to follow
i am not the fortune and the fame
or the same person telling you to forfeit the game
i e in the ring like a dog on a chain
and then found out the underbelly's sicker than it seems
and it seems ugly but it can get worse
'cause even a blueprint is a gift and a curse
'cause once you got a theory of how the thing works
everybody wants the next thing to be just like the first
and i'm not a robot, i'm not a monkey
i will not dance even if the beat's funky
opposite of lazy, far from a punk
ya'll oughta stop talking
start trying to catch up, mother er

lauryn said money change the situation
big said it increase the complication
kane said don't step, i ain't the one
chuck said an uzi weigh a mother ing ton
and i'm just a student of the game that they taught me
rocking every stage and every place that they brought me
i'm awfully underrated but e here to correct it
and so it ain't mistaken, i'mma say it for the record
i am the opposite of wack, opposite of weak
opposite of slack, synonym of heat, synonym of crack
closest to a peak, far from a punk
ya'll oughta stop talking, start trying to catch up mother er

oh, when they come for me
i'll be gone
oh, when they come for me
i'll be gone
oh, when they come for me
i'll be gone
syria's chief negotiator said on urday that the "only thing" achieved at 10-day talks in geneva was an agreed agenda and that the government wanted a unified opposition delegation as its negotiating partner. ام وی ام ای 22 (mvm x22) در تهران رونمایی شد مشخصات فنی و قیمت خودروی جدید چری در ایران ام وی ام ای 22 شرکت مدیران خودرو امروز در مراسمی در تهران به صورت رسمی خودروی ام وی ام ای 22 (mvm x22) یا همان چری تیگو 3 ای (chery tiggo 3x) را رونمایی کرد. در این مراسم، قیمت این کراس اوور چینی در ایران نیز رسما اعلام شد. در ادامه به بررسی امکانات و مشخصات فنی این خودروی جدید خواهیم پرداخت. 

[ادامه مطلب را در اینجا بخوانید ...] در این قسمت جملات زیبای شخصیت های بزرگ قرار داده می شود.
einstein quotes
"i never think of the future. it comes soon enough."
the most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. it is the source of all true art and all science. he to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand t in awe, is as good as dead: his eyes are closedonly two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and i'm not sure about the former."the only real valuable thing is intuition"
intellectuals solve p. هواوی پی 8 لایت (2017) معرفی شد ؛ پردازنده kirin 655 و اندروید نوقا در میان رده ی جدید چینی هواوی پی 8 لایت (2017) - huawei p8 lite 2017 : مشخصات فنی و قیمت گوشی هواوی پی 8 لایت (2017) جدیدترین میان رده عرضه شده توسط این کمپانی چینی محسوب میشود که لحظاتی پیش از آن رونمایی به عمل آمد. این مدل در واقع نسخه ی آپدیت شده ای از مدل اولیه ی هواوی پی 8 لایت است که دو سال پیش و در سال ۲۰۱۵ میلادی روانه ی بازار شده بود. 

[ادامه مطلب را در اینجا بخوانید ...] http://cdn.gsm.ir/static/files/image/2017/7/9/844-110-2.gifولوو xc60 پولستار قوی ترین خودروی این خودروساز سوئدی خواهد بود ولوو xc60 پولستار بازوی پرفورمنس ولوو پکیج قوای محرکه قدرتمندتری را برای کراس اوور کامپکت این خودروساز سوئدی ارائه می کند. به این ترتیب ولوو xc60 پولستار ، قوی ترین خودروی این شرکت خواهد بود. 

[ادامه مطلب را در اینجا بخوانید ...] نواخته شدن زنگ مهر و مقاومت در مدارس منطقه مهربان مراسم نمادین جشن بازگشایی مدارس و نواخته شدن زنگ مهر و مقاومت در مدارس منطقه مهربان ، با حضور و بخشدار مهربان ، رئیس اداره آموزش و پرورش منطقه مهربان ، شهرداران و شوراهای ی ای مهربان و شربیان ، جمعی از مسئولین ادارات و نهادها از بخش مهربان و شهر شربیان ، فرماندهان نظامی و انتظامی ، خانواده های معظم ء و ایثارگران ، جمعی از خیرین ، انجمن اولیاء و مربیان دبیرستان رس و دانش آموزان ، در دبیرستان رس و زینبیه شهر شربیان برگزار شد . north korean leader kim jong un said his nuclear weapons are a “powerful deterrent” which guarantee north korea’s sovereignty, state media reported on sunday, hours after u.s. president donald trump said “only one thing will work” in dealing with the isolated country. انقدر فرندز و ازین دست ا دیدم الان بخوام با یکی به هم بزنم میرم جلوش میشینم میگم: ok, here's the thing... یعنی ذهنم انگلیسی فکر میکنه بعد باید ترجمه ش کنم به فارسی : « این عشق که می گویند، چیست؟ / what is this thing called love» یکی از قطعات گروه «جیپسی جز باند هایر / gypsy jazz band hire» است. اجرای زنده این قطعه جز را با ترکیبی از سازهای گیتار و کنترباس در تابناک می بینید و می شنوید. داستان مادر زن و پدر زن a woman had 3 s. خانمی سه دختر داشت. one day she decides to test her sons-in-law. یک روز او تصمیم گرفت دامادهایش را تست کند. she invites the first one for a stroll by the lake shore ,purposely falls in and pretents to be drowing. او داماد اولش را به کنار دریاچه دعوت کرد و عمدا تو آب افتاد و وانمود به غرق شدن کرد. without any hestination,the son-in-law jumps in and saves her. بدون هیچ تاخیری داماد تو آب پرید و ماد. خدا به سه طریق به درخواست های ما جواب می دهد: می گوید آری و آنچه می خواهی به تو می دهد. میگوید نه و چیز بهتری به تو می دهد. می گوید صبر کن و بهترین را برای تو فراهم می کند. in reply to our requests, god acts in three ways: he would say a "yes" and your wish is granted; he would say no, but would provide you with even a better thing; or he would call you to wait and give you the best asking for instructions how do you (do this)? how do i . . . ? what is the best way to . . . ? how do i go about it? what do you suggest? how do you suggest i proceed? what is the first step? giving instructions first, (you) . . . then, (you) . . . next, (you) . . . lastly, (you) . . . sequencing before you begin, (you should . . .) the first thing you do is . . . . i would start by . . . the best place to begin is . . . starting out after that, the next step is to . . . the next thing you do is . . . once you've done that, then . . . when you finish that, then . . . to begin with, continuing . writing-daily
writing every day on a regular basis has always been a wish for me. there were lots of reasons and mental barriers that held me back, for example i have always been afraid of making mistakes and didn’t have bravery to accept them as part of me, accept my current “me” and try to improve myself. this post written by m. shabanali denotes that we have enormous errors and mistakes in writing even in our native language, farsi, so making mistakes in english isn’t a big deal! another example for these barriers is that i always thought i should have a really great thing to say, every parag h of my writing should have some very important contents. now i know that writing itself is the thing that currently matters. and if having valuable content is really my concern, there are lots of ways to fix it and these are the things that currently doesn’t matter. there are numerous benefits for writing daily. first of all, it makes you think and look for something new every day, if you don’t do that, you won’t have anything (valuable enough) to write about. if you don’t take a deeper look on your surroundings, you won’t have any topic to think about. (i have to confess that i don’t know the exact definition of thinking, literally!) the next good thing about writing daily is that it helps improve my skills in writing, either in english or in farsi. and it doesn’t need to say that writing effectively is a vital factor for academic success and career progress. seems to be enough for my first post! i normally try to act after thinking! however the result is not always what i have predicted after some months i have finally taken the plunge and figured i'd better postpone some of the things i had planned to do to another time in the future sooner or later i'm going to get married; hence i have to be prepared to afford a living. so the first thing i need to do is to save up some money to meet the needed expenses i decided to put off some things i had planned to do and to cut down on my hobbies. for instance i've planned to take up lessons after marriage, and not to change my cell phone to a. lately, i've been, i've been losing sleep dreaming about the things that we could be but baby, i've been, i've been praying hard, said no more counting dollars we'll be counting stars, yeah we'll be counting stars ... i see this life like a swinging vine swing my heart across the line in my face is flashing signs seek it out and you shall find oh, but i'm not that old young, but i'm not that bold i don't think the world is sold i'm just doing what we're told i feel something so right doing the wrong thing i feel something so wrong doing the right thing i could lie, could lie, could lie everyt. امروز صبح که بیدار شدم، قبل از اینکه بخونم خوابم برد! و بعد از طلوع دوباره پاشدم. قبلن این مشکل فقط تو ماه رمضون پیش می اومد، که چون تمام شب بیدار بودم، دم اذون خوابم می برد و مثلن نیم ساعت بعدش بیدار می شدم. ولی امروز قشنگ بیدار بودم، کتاب خوندم، دعا خوندم، خوابم برد!
بالا ه یه جایی پیدا که بشه آهن این و دان کرد! خدایا باورم نمیشه من عاشقشم. #breakthrough#عالیه... ♥♥♥ اصن گور بابای هر چی اینترنت حجمی! من الان بدجور رفتم تو فاز آهن قدیمی، من عاشقتم انریکه! so don't turn off the lights god, save meeeee just found best thing ever #that tonight i'm f^ckin you,,, enrique# lying, thinking
last night
how to find my soul a home
where water is not thirsty
and bread loaf is not stone
i e up with one thing
and i don't believe i'm wrong
that nobody,
but nobody
can make it out here alone.

alone, all alone
nobody, but nobody
can make it out here alone.

there are some millionaires
with money they can't use
their wives run round like banshees
their children sing the blues
they've got expensive doctors
to cure their hearts of stone.
but nobody
no, nobody
can. every time our eyes meetthis feeling inside meis almost more than i can takebaby when u touch mei can feel how much u love meand it just blows me awayi've never been this close to anyone or anythingi can hear ur thoughts i can c ur dreamsi don't know how u do wt u doi'm so in love with uit just keeps getting betteri wanna spend the rest of my lifewith u by my sideforever and everevery little thing that u dobaby i'm amazed by uthe smell of ur skinthe taste of ur kissthe way you whisper in the darkur hair all around mebaby u surround meu touch every place in my heartoh it feels like the frst ti. داشتیم حرف میزدیم...گیج شد و گفت so complicated بعد گفت: you know....right place and right time, thats all, its not any one's fault, only being in a right place and right time can change every thing... بعد گفت: background is background, no one can change it, right people they just accept it...don't take background as a burden.... raise up ur curiosity like your one and only child.... your curiosity is a wonderland.... you know it better than anybody else... what happened that being curios makes you so much sad? . . . you dont know that u hate your curiosity but i know you dont know becouse u got used to hate your curiosity it become and smartest part of your life yor existance that u hate it that you fell in failoure over and over .. . it hurts but raise your curiosity over and over use whatever talent have remained inside you to raise your gifts and grow it up it will grow believe it.. believe it... i know you have ne. megiddo or armageddon). so here's a image on the cross and of battle. a climb was up the tough aspect from the mountain: exhausting, complicated, screening their toughness.i've it to the very best of authority that because they climbed they ended up singing gospel tracks: i’m comin’ up over the tough facet with the reviews on ghd straighteners mountain, and i’m doin’ my most effective to hold on! one more tunes states, my soul seems to be back again and miracles how i bought around! chi vs ghd straightener one more states, we have been climbing jacob’s ladder, just about every spheri. quit supposin if you desire to be happy dont think of the thing that you dread just give up supposin the worst thing and look for "the best things "instead دست از گمانه ها بردار!
اگر می خواهی شاد باشی، به آنچه تو را می ترساند فکر نکن. دست از گمانه های بد بردار
و تنها به دنبال بهترین های زندگی باش. هلن استاینر رایس the oppo r11s is a great example of what has been going on in the mobile industry over the past six months or so. soon after the original r11 launched in june, widescreen be e the next big thing, face id took over from fingerprint unlock and the telep o era was repurposed for broader use. in the name of god a flashback to the past now it is sunday ,3rd of mordad ,9 a.m. and i want to have a flashback to the past .suppose you have climbed a mountain ,when you reach to the top of the mountain ,you stand and look at the back ,you see the road that you have p ed and you have a strange feeling .you can see what you have done ,the things you have done which is wrong ,which is right and which is the best. finally you find out that what you should do in the future so that you will never regret for the past.even you find out the strong and weak points of your life. i (as i have mention. quiet/not giving a /not even ening mode (86%)
happy for no reason mode (11%)
sad for no reason mode (2%)
gone mad/talking mode (1%)

i don't feel like a human being.

smiling/laughing (all the time - they say)
smart enough/knows everything/makes mistakes purposefully/well dressed (all the time - i say)

one last thing,
it seems that i'm loosing my strict belief in ethics.
big change, kind of scary.
if you have somewhere to go, just go. if you have someone to cling to, do so. cause this whole life thing s. but if you can move and have new stories, it's worth living ,compared to having to live without new stories. i have never been this close to pain. it was either more physical or more spiritual; mostly spiritual though. during these days i went through a balanced amalgamation of both kinds. and it ed more than ever. that's why i believe one should go for so much of anything. so much of love, even if it lasts not for a life time is better than a little of it just to keep alive. i mi. اثر ارسکین کال ترجمه: احمد شاملو
وقتی “بن سیمونز”- کلانتر محل- از کوچه بالا آمد و وارد حیاط شد، تازه شام مان را خورده روی ایوان جلو خانه نشسته بودیم. بابام آن شب همچه کیفور نبود و تقریبا در تمام مدت یک کلمه حرف نزده بود، جز این که گاهی زیر لب با خودش چیزی می گفت و غری می زد. در حقیقت بابا جانم از صبح آن روز تو لب بود. علتش هم این بود ک. این خبر کاملا رسمی است: چینی ها برای اولین بار موفق به تله پورت اولین شی از زمین به فضا شدند. قبلا در یکی از مقالات وب سایت درباره این پژوهش نوشته و زوایای مختلف درهم تنیدگی کوانتومی را بررسی کردیم بودیم. با استفاده از این فناوری امکان ارسال آنی اطلاعات یا جابه جایی آنها با[ادامه مطلب] عَسَى أَن تَکْرَهُواْ شَیْئًا وَهُوَ خَیْرٌ لَّکُمْ وَعَسَى أَن تُحِبُّواْ شَیْئًاوَ هُوَ شَرٌّ لَّکُمْ وَاللّهُ یَعْلَمُ وَأَنتُمْ لاَ تَعْلَمُونَ(216 البقره)

and it may be that you dislike a thing while it is good for you,and it may be that you love a thing,while it is while for you , and allah knows while you do not know albaqare,216 http://www.uplooder.net/img/image/21/afdad9427826fccafb3247c5a2f4d7a4/10532_903.jpg earlier today zte sort of announced the axon 7s, which may or may not be a successor for the axon 7 from last year. we say "sort of" since the only thing that's been revealed about the new phone is that it's powered by qualcomm's snapdragon 821 chipset, instead of the 820 found in the axon 7. it's still unclear what else has changed (if anything), and whether the 7s will be sold alongside the 7 or will replace it entirely. it seems likely that the latter option might happen, however, since we're already seeing the best price ever on the axon 7, at least in the us. normally priced at...