به نقل از خبرگزاریها در مورد iran : us secretary of state mike pompeo’s latest remarks against iran, in which he raised 12 “conditions” for the islamic republic, is still being faced with criticisms both inside and outside of iran. underlining iran’s right to increase its defense capabilities, iran’s top military commander says the country needs no permit to do this. improving cooperation between turkey and iran would make a significant contribution to solving regional problems, iran's president said on monday, on the eve of a visit by his counterpart, apa reports quoting anadolu agency. iran’s oil minister says there is no ban on american companies working in iran’s oil industry. since the breakout of protests in some parts of iran less than a week ago, iran’s main international rivals and opponents have been trying to use it as an et to pressure the iranian government. high-ranking iranian officials have reacted to the issue, condemning any foreign interference in iran’s internal affairs. donald trump’s decision to announce the united states withdrawal from the iran nuclear deal has faced with many reactions from iranian and foreign officials. the most important reaction e from iran’s supreme leader, who urged the european countries to provide iran with a concrete commitment for the continuation of the deal. during years of tough negotiations between iran and the six world powers over the nuclear issue, france was known to have one of the strictest positions against tehran. now that the us is trying to once again increase pressures on iran with non-nuclear excuse, it seems to have paris on board again. in an interview sunday with cnn's fareed zakaria, iranian foreign minister javad zarif discussed what iran would do if the u.s. and its allies withdraw from the p5+1 nuclear deal or impose more sanctions on iran. although during the recent months the us administration has tried to increase the pressures on iran with the excuse of tehran’s non-compliance to the nuclear deal, the international atomic energy agency once again declared that iran has so far fulfilled its commitments according to the deal." alt="" width="100" height="100" />" alt="" width="100" height="100" />" alt="" width="100" height="100" />" alt="" width="100" height="100" /> تراکتور زراعی سیستم انتقال غلات دروگر خودگردان بکهو لودر تراکتوری" alt="" width="100" height="100" />" alt="" width="100" height="100" />" alt="" width="100" height="100" />" alt="" width="100" height="100" /> چاپر خودگردان کمباین تیلر تراکتور باغی رتیواتور دروگر گندم و جو بذرکار خطی کمپرسی russian experts will help the atomic energy organization of iran (aeoi) construct two new nuclear power plants in the country’s southern city of bushehr, according to iran’s .energy minister hamid chitchian european leaders are determined to try to salvage the iran nuclear deal even though this potentially puts them on a collision course with an uncompromising us president determined to confront iran as the “leading state sponsor of terror”. a senior adviser to the supreme leader of iran has slammed a new set of sanctions against tehran recently approved by the us senate, calling them a “breach of the spirit and the letter” of the deal reached between iran and six major powers in 2015. russian president, vladimir putin arrived in tehran on wednesday where he will discuss a number of issues including the syrian crisis, iran’s nuclear program and the strengthening of economic cooperation between russia and iran, iranian state television reported. as the deadline looms for the us president to declare his new position on the iran nuclear deal, more international political figures are urging him not to exit from the deal. at the same time, iran continues to underline that it’s ready for every scenario in this regard. after the us amb ador to the united nations targeted iran with an array of accu ions over yemen crisis, iranian officials have doubled down on their efforts to reveal us’ true intentions in the region. iran is also about to formally submit a complaint on this case to the un. iran’s foreign minister visits moscow on monday as russia tries to keep the iran nuclear deal alive in the wake of washington’s pull-out, pushing it into rare cooperation with europe. iran’s foreign ministry has dismissed as unconstructive turkish foreign minister mevlut cavusoglu's recent anti-iran claims, saying turkey and certain other "delusional" countries are responsible for instability and insecurity in the middle east. s. president donald trump took an aggressive posture toward iran on wednesday for test-firing a bal ic missile, with his national security adviser declaring “we are officially putting iran on notice” for what he called a provocation. in a latest sign of continuing its path of normalization, iran’s nuclear program has attracted a new, serious international partner. while the us president is still insisting on his claims against the iran deal, china has announced its readiness to redesign arak nuclear reactor. iran signed an agreement with russia under which it has broken free from the petrodollar, and will "sell", or rather barter crude oil to russia in exchange for products. the announcement was made by iran’s oil minister bijan zanganeh, as reported by russia’s ria and t news agencies. us president donald trump’s last night speech, in which he targeted iran with an array of accu ions, sparked many reactions in iran, both among the governmental officials and the public opinion. both have made it clear that iran won’t surrender to america’s hostile approach. if the united states terminates the iran nuclear deal or reimposes sanctions on tehran it could result in iran developing nuclear weapons and raise the danger of war close to europe, germany’s foreign minister said on urday. the islamic republic and the european union will start the construction of an a nced nuclear safety center in iran in the near future, iran’s nuclear chief says, presstv reported. most of people around the world has little information about iran and in this weblog we try to show the world what country iran is. iran is islamic country people in iran are shia people are so kind and hospitable capital of iran is tehran city . language of iran is persian or farsi. everey body that visit iran for sure comfirm how much perisan people are kind . they choose the best things the best food the best place for their guests. mashahad city for visiting emam reza holy tomb you could travel there shiraz city for visiting historical places in iran you could go there. most of them are fo. france’s supermajor total sa continues to work on the south pars gas project in iran despite the uncertainty over potential new u.s. sanctions on iran, total’s chief executive patrick pouyanne told french newspaper le monde in an interview published on tuesday. amid positive comments from opec on the global oil supply situation and indications that some members of the cartel are ready for a longer extension of the production cut deal, iran’s oil minister bijan zanganeh has sparked uncertainty with his proclamation that iran could raise its oil production in a matter of days should opec decide to s the deal at its meeting in june. the death toll in the deadly 7.3 magnitude earthquake that struck the iran-iraq border area on sunday (12 november) night has crossed 140 in iran. authorities have added that more than 1,000 people are reported injured. when president donald trump announced two months ago that he would not certify iran’s compliance with the nuclear deal, he automatically triggered a 60-day review period during which congress could decide to snap tough economic sanctions on iran back into place -- a move that would effectively kill the landmark nuclear arms agreement. british, american and european diplomats are close to agreeing a joint approach to reining in iran’s territorial ambitions and missile programme, according to boris johnson, the foreign secretary, who is due to arrive in washington for last ditch talks to save the iran nuclear deal. as the saudi officials continue their smearing paign against iran and at the same time, are trying to increase the pressure on tehran in the region, iranian officials have once again denied the accu ions, noting that it’s riyadh, not iran, which is consistent in its destabilizing foreign behaviors.
تی محرم طرح تاسوعا 23,800 تومان iran market center" />کیف پول کتی چرم اصل بادوام، طرح نسیم36,800 تومان iran market center" />کیف پول آلوما و اصل8,800 تومان iran market center" />399-تی - شهید و بسیج28,600 تومان iran market center" />عینک افت ری بن ویفری22,000 تومان iran market center" />تونیک مجلسی gap با نگین های طرح الماس90,000 تومان iran market center" />292-تی خوشنویسی - صدای سخن عشق28,600 تومان iran market center" />گن لاغری مردانه ساخت ترکیه با مارک کاسمارا casmara رنگ مشکی70,000 تومان iran market center" />شال صدف با نقوش و اشعار ایرانی12,800 تومان iran market center" />عینک نه روبرتو کاوالی اورجینال29,000 تومان iran market center" />عینک نه روبرتو کاوالی - roberto cavalli37,000 تومان iran market center" />قلم لکه گیر لباس لکه بر لباس15,000 تومان iran market center" /> گیاهی فانتزی simles طرح گل سنگ دوزی فری سایز8,400 تومان iran market center" />عینک آفت فانتزی amor قهوه ای28,000 تومان iran market center" />عینک ماتری مدل 115 دسته ف ی40,000 تومان iran market center" />عینک جیمز باند اصل با قابلیت دیدن پشت سر37,000 تومان iran market center" /> نه تمام نخ پنبه قلبی9,500 تومان iran market center" />عینک خلبانی شیشه اورجینال22,000 تومان iran market center" /> ید تی آریا, فروش تی آریا17,500 تومان iran market center" /> گیاهی فانتزی kalianni طرح نوار توپی فری سایز8,400 تومان iran market center" />تی عاشورا اورجینال21,000 تومان iran market center" /> the trump administration moved on friday to impose sanctions on iran in response to the country's recent bal ic missile test. the white house already said iran was "on notice" following the test, though trump's national security adviser didn't elaborate on possible actions the u.s. would take. iran is located in an area that is bordered by several mountains and contains herpetofaunal constituents from adjacent countries such as pakistan, iraq, afghanistan, and turkey. we surveyed several border provinces of iran to more completely understand the iranian herpetofauna. during one survey in the northwestern part of iran we found a species of the genus eremias that canbe added to iran’s herpetofauna. previously, the distribution of eremias suphani was limited to the van lake in turkey (type locality). we compared iranian samples with e. suphani from turkey using a molecular marker (cy. as the high-ranking saudi and american officials met today at the white house with blaming iran as a topic high on their agenda, iran’s foreign minister in a twitter post hit back at both trump and bin salman, referring to their ignorance of iran’s past and current conditions. ید و فروش فیش حج ید فیش حج تمتع ید فیش حج عمره فروش فیش حج تمتع فروش فیش حج عمره فیش حج 09199197146 - 09199197145 یدار فیش حج فروشنده فیش حج ید حج عمره ید حج تمتع ید حج واجب فروش حج عمره فروش حج تمتع فروش حج واجب فیش-حج ید 1 فقره فیش حج ید 2 فقره فیش حج ید 3فقره فیش حج ید 4 فقره فیش حج ید 5 فقره فیش حج ید 6 فقره فیش حج ید 7 فقره فیش حج ید 8 فقره فیش حج ید 9 فق. dear members of the human right organizations, we should stand up for put our pressure to stop violence in any aspect of it. if we be together, nobody can beat us for approach our dreams that create a new world and get rid of all corruption rulers and injustice government.
over the past several years, iran has seen many changes. many of these changes were very welcomed, by iranians as well as international powers, uming that the nuclear deal and the appointment of president rohani would result in important political changes within iran. one of these umptions was that iran would become more open and tolerant, which in the longer run would result in a decrease in human rights abuses.
استخدام شرکت معتبر تجهیزات پزشکی استخدام آژانس هواپیمایی واقع در تهران استخدام کارمند تور داخلی و خارجی در تهران استخدام شرکت بازرگانی از کارمند استخدام عکاسی از روتوش کار استخدام موسسه مطبوعاتی سبزینه در تهران استخدام آژانس هواپیمایی جهانگردان توس استخدام مسلط به پاو وینت استخدام مدیر مسلط به phpو work استخدام دفتر وک از استخدام. speaking to journa s on friday, the pentagon chief said he did not know how it would start but an escalation between the two rivals is likely because of iran’s links with hezbollah, who are operating in the area. armenia’s foreign minister edward nalbandian has condemned the twin blasts in iran. the united states president donald trump’s decision to unilaterally withdraw from the iran nuclear deal has faced with negative reactions from the other parties of the deal. while russia stresses its desire to continue developing ties with iran, germany urges for an independent european approach on the international issues. iran, one of the states targeted by donald trump’s muslim ban, is a country from which the us could learn a lot on the resettlement of refugees, the un has said. the second of 100 planes it purchased from airbus follovwing iran's nuclear deal with world powers has landed in the capital tehran. سلام.وقت بخیر.متن مصاحبه من با کمی جرح و معدیل در رو مه ایران(بخش ایران جوان) امروز، یازدهم شهریور منتشر شد و گفتگویی صمیمانه با دوستان "ایرانی "در ارتباط با طنز داشتم.خوشحال می شم نظرتون رو بدونم. iran will equate american troops in the middle east to isis terrorists if the us goes ahead with tough new measures against iran, tehran has warned. iranian protesters demonstrated against continued u.s. hostility towards iran to commemorate the day students occupied tehran's u.s. emb y in 1979. in the post-nuclear deal situation that iran has been relaxed from most part of the western sanctions, rouhani’s visit could be interpreted as an attempt by iran to engage more seriously in regional multilateral structures. asre khodro - iran’s industry minister said two automotive contracts with foreign partnership will be inked by the end of the current iranian calendar year (to end march 21). as the us administration is persistently trying to undermine iran’s nuclear deal by raising false excuses, iran’s foreign minister urges more support from the europeans to preserve the deal. zarif, who is in a trip to rome, has also clarified the roots of iran’s foreign policy decisions. iran has launched a long-awaited national scheme to curb the huge and growing market for smuggled cellphones. russia has lent weight to iran joining the shanghai cooperation organization (sco), an emerging economic and security alliance which is being touted as the counterweight to the west’s institutions.