به نقل از خبرگزاریها در مورد korea : the united states and south korea agreed on thursday to proceed with the deployment of an a nced u.s. missile defense system that has angered china, a day after north korea's latest test launch drew condemnation across the volatile region. north korea executed five senior security officials with anti-aircraft guns because they made false reports that “enraged” leader kim jong un, south korea’s spy agency said monday. north korea on thursday blamed malaysia for the death of one of its citizens there last week and accused the government of an "unfriendly attitude" in a scenario drawn up by south korea, which has said pyongyang agents inated the half brother of north korean leader kim jong-un. plans to deploy an american antimissile battery to south korea and the growing north korean threat will be at the top of james mattis’s agenda this week when the new defense secretary visits south korea and japan on his first foreign trip. north korea warned the united states on tuesday of "merciless" attacks if an aircraft carrier strike group led by the uss carl vinson, which is joining south korean forces for exercises, infringes on its sovereignty or dignity. russia's military chief warned on monday that military exercises by japan, the united states and south korea aimed at countering north korea only raise hysteria and create more instability in the region. south korea said on wednesday it wanted to reopen communications with north korea as new president moon jae-in seeks a two-track policy involving sanctions and dialogue with its reclusive neighbor to rein in its nuclear and missile programs. reining in north korea’s nuclear ambitions will top south korean president moon jae-in’s agenda in beijing during a visit this week aimed at breaking the ice after a furious row with china over seoul’s deployment of a u.s. anti-missile system. the united states has started to deploy attack drones to south korea, a u.s. military spokesman said on monday, days after it began to deploy an a nced anti-missile system to counter "continued provocative actions" by isolated north korea. china, fearing a id escalation of tension on the korean peninsula, called on north korea on wednesday to stop its nuclear and missile tests and for south korea and the united states to stop joint military drills and seek talks instead. north korea has a last chance to engage in dialogue with the outside world, south korean president moon jae-in said on monday during a meeting with former u.s. president barack obama, moon's office said. hong g — the united states said on tuesday that it had begun deploying an a nced and contentious missile defense system in south korea, prompting china to warn of a new atomic arms race in a region increasingly on edge over north korea’s drive to build a nuclear arsenal. japan’s chief cabinet secretary said that united nations security council should consider the introduction of new sanctions against north korea following the recent launch of a bal ic missile by pyongyang. the security council is set to vote monday on the us-led effort to impose harsher new sanctions against north korea, which has defied multiple measures to rein in its weapons programme north korea intends to continue launching ellites, despite un security council sanctions and resolutions. the value of north korea's untapped minerals would be enough to pay every one of earth's seven billion people more than $1000. russian foreign minister sergey lavrov has warned u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson that potential new sanctions against north korea would be "dangerous." un under-secretary-general for political affairs jeffrey feltman met foreign minister ri yong-ho on the second day of the rare un visit to north korea – the first since 2010. un amb ador nikki haley insisted north korea would get the right message as the international community seeks to halt its arms programme. north korean leader kim jong un visits a factory in this undated picture provided by kcna in pyongyang on november 4, 2017. source: kcna via reuters the u.s. military flew two strategic bombers over the korean peninsula in a show of force late on tuesday, as president donald trump met top defense officials to discuss how to respond to any threat from north korea. north korea launched a bal ic missile from the northwestern part of the country early sunday, the south korean joints chief of staff said. north korea fired an unidentified bal ic missile from an area near pukchang, according to the south korean military's joint chiefs of staff. china has moved to limit north korea's oil supply and will stop buying textiles from the politically isolated nation, it said on urday. us defence secretary james mattis is set to visit south korea and japan next month, using his first official overseas trip to reaffirm america’s support for its asian allies. u.s. lawmakers want to leave briefings on north korea on wednesday with something many think has been absent in the trump administration so far: a clear strategy for dealing with a major national security threat. the u.s. army and south korean military responded to north korea’s latest launch with their own exercise of missiles, launching them wednesday into south korean territorial waters along the country’s eastern coastline, u.s. pacific command said in a statement. the launches were directly in response to “north korea’s destabilizing and unlawful actions,” pacific command said, according to the washington post. the united states pressed china to exert more economic and diplomatic pressure on north korea to help rein in its nuclear and missile programs during a round of high-level talks in washington on wednesday. as tensions between the us and north korea has been in the rise during the last weeks, north korean leaders are trying to show strength by conducting a military parade, showcasing their long-range bal ic missiles. at the same time, they have warned the us that any act of aggression could lead to a harsh response. november is a month, often ociated with falling leaves and samsung got inspired as well. the company launched new color option of the galaxy s8, named burgundy red. the phone is already available in south korea. screens s from the samsung mobile korea video in a picturesque youtube commercial, samsung mobile korea unveiled the new phone. the front stays black as usual, while the back is now dark red. all the scenes take place in a warm, fuzzy environment with plenty of sweaters and long coats. the galaxy s8 arrives in korea with exynos 8895 chipset. it has 4 gb ram... south korea’s purchases of iranian crude oil rose to record high in march and nearly doubled in the first quarter of 2017 from the year before, in a fresh testimony to iran’s successful inroads into global markets. north korea’s state news media released a p og h wednesday suggesting that the north was working on a more powerful solid-fuel bal ic missile, and said the country’s leader, kim jong-un, had ordered the production of more rocket engines and warheads. the united states said on tuesday it believed it could persuade china to impose new un sanctions on north korea following its latest bal ic missile test and warned that washington would also target and "call out" countries supporting pyongyang. us secretary of state rex tillerson has created an “intense atmosphere” for his visit to beijing, chinese observers said on urday, as he landed in beijing after warning that military action against north korea was on the table. north korea said on monday it had successfully test-fired a new type of medium- to long-range bal ic missile a day earlier, claiming further a ncement in a weapons program it is pursuing in violation of united nations resolutions. north korea claims it fired a new type of bal ic missile monday, demonstrating its ability to carry out a highly accurate strike. two us b-1b lancer bombers flew over the korean peninsula friday in response to north korea's increasing bal ic missile and nuclear threat, according to the us pacific air forces. u.s. president donald trump on wednesday appeared to confirm he had north korea in mind last week when he described a gathering of military leaders as “the calm before the storm.” north korea has held a large anti-u.s. rally in its capital city, backing its leader kim jong un as he exchanges insult-laden threats with president donald trump. north korea has warned that it will inflict “the greatest pain and suffering” on the us if it continues to call for fresh sanctions in response to the regime’s sixth nuclear test last week. according to an anonymous samsung official samsung galaxy note fe's availability may expand outside of korea later this month. no word, however, on which overseas markets could get the refurbished galaxy note fan edition. the unnamed official also reportedly told press that samsung doesn't have plans to roll out more than the initial stock of the galaxy note fe in korea, which is said to be around 400,000 units. samsung started selling the galaxy note fan edition, a refurbished galaxy note7, in korea last week. there was no announcement back then on availability in other markets,... the united nations security council has banned four ships from ports globally for carrying coal from north korea, including one vessel that also had ammunition, but the united states postponed a bid to black four others pending further investigation. seoul and washington have begun annual war games, prompting the south korean president, moon jae-in, to warn north korea against using them as an excuse to intensify the “vicious cycle” of tensions. china understands how dangerous north korea's nuclear program has become and agrees action must be taken to stop it, us secretary of state rex tillerson said sunday, as the us sent an aircraft carrier strike group toward the korean peninsula. mike pence, the us vice president, is due to arrive in south korea today carrying a range of military options for tackling north korea’s increasing belligerence. japanese prime minister shinzo abe and u.s. president donald trump agreed to work together to raise pressure on north korea, yasutoshi nishimura, a deputy chief cabinet secretary, said on monday. u.s. vice president mike pence is expected to re ure japan of american commitment to reining in north korea's nuclear and missile ambitions on tuesday, after warning that u.s. strikes in syria and afghanistan showed the strength of its resolve. north korea’s latest missile launch, essed by the observers to be the most dangerous one so far, has sparked serious reactions around the world. as the us talks of all options being on the table, there has been signs of the launch’s effects on the global markets. north korea kept a low profile at the opening of a summit in beijing on china's new silk road plan on sunday, after the united states warned china pyongyang's attendance could affect the participation of other countries. north korea displayed what appeared to be new long-range and submarine-based missiles on the 105th birth anniversary of its founding father, kim il sung, on urday, as a nuclear-powered u.s. aircraft carrier group steamed towards the region.