به نقل از خبرگزاریها در مورد korea : lear differences of opinion are emerging between south korea and the us over how to deal with north korea, with the us accusing pyongyang of attempting to “buy time” to further a nce its nuclear weapons and bal ic missile programmes. north korea will send another high-level delegation to south korea in time for the closing ceremony of the pyeongchang winter olympics, the south’s ministry of unification said on thursday. the united states and south korea agreed on thursday to proceed with the deployment of an a nced u.s. missile defense system that has angered china, a day after north korea's latest test launch drew condemnation across the volatile region. egypt’s defence minister, sedki sobhi, announced today that his country has cut military ties with north korea, a report by south korea’s yonhap news agency revealed. a peace activist said in an interview with sputnik that by rushing to deploy the terminal high altitude area defense (thaad) system on the korean peninsula, washington is trying to "up the ante" in the region, provoking extreme opposition in china, north korea and south korea. north korea is planning to show off dozens of long-range missiles at a february 8 parade, the day before the winter olympics is set to begin in south korea, two diplomatic sources with deep knowledge of north korea's intentions told cnn wednesday. president trump ured south korea’s acting president on monday of the united states’ “ironclad” commitment to defend the country, agreeing with seoul to strengthen joint defense capabilities against north korea. u.s. vice president mike pence put north korea on notice on monday neither the united states nor south korea would tolerate further missile and nuclear tests, with u.s. attacks in syria and afghanistan showing its resolve. korea/ 4x111/gsmarena_000.jpg" width="184" height="111" hspace="3" alt="" border="0" align=left style="background:#333333;padding:0px;margin:0px 4px 0px 0px;border-style:solid;border-color:#aaaaaa;border-width:1px" /> apple has sold out the iphone x in south korea - lg and samsung's home market. south korea's biggest carrier - sk telecom - has confirmed that it has exhausted all of its iphone x pre-order stock in 3 minutes - in contrast, the initial iphone 7 stock took 20 minutes a year ago. sk telecom has said to korea's yonhap news agency that it had less than half as many iphone x units as it had iphone 8 ones and that the silver iphone x took about 1 minute to sell out in pre-orders. industry analysts estimate that around 150,000 iphone x units were allocated to south korea. according... north korea test-fired a bal ic missile into the sea off its east coast on wednesday, south korea's military said, according to reuters, ahead of a summit between u.s. and chinese leaders who are set to discuss pyongyang's arms program. north korea fired four bal ic missiles into the sea off japan's northwest coast early on monday, south korean and japanese officials said, days after the reclusive state promised retailiation over us-south korea military drills it sees as a preparation for war. reining in north korea’s nuclear ambitions will top south korean president moon jae-in’s agenda in beijing during a visit this week aimed at breaking the ice after a furious row with china over seoul’s deployment of a u.s. anti-missile system. south korean and u.s. troops began large-scale joint military exercise on wednesday conducted annually to test their defense readiness against the threat from north korea, which routinely characterizes the drills as preparation for war against it. china, fearing a id escalation of tension on the korean peninsula, called on north korea on wednesday to stop its nuclear and missile tests and for south korea and the united states to stop joint military drills and seek talks instead. north korea has a last chance to engage in dialogue with the outside world, south korean president moon jae-in said on monday during a meeting with former u.s. president barack obama, moon's office said. hong g — the united states said on tuesday that it had begun deploying an a nced and contentious missile defense system in south korea, prompting china to warn of a new atomic arms race in a region increasingly on edge over north korea’s drive to build a nuclear arsenal. despite the recent thaw on the korean peninsula, north korea hasn't abandoned its plans to possess a nuclear deterrent. south korean troops are on full combat alert in order to respond to any north korea's provocations following recent missile tests carried out by pyongyang, south korea’s joint chiefs of staff said wednesday in a statement. the security council is set to vote monday on the us-led effort to impose harsher new sanctions against north korea, which has defied multiple measures to rein in its weapons programme north korea intends to continue launching ellites, despite un security council sanctions and resolutions. the value of north korea's untapped minerals would be enough to pay every one of earth's seven billion people more than $1000. us president donald trump has declared he would be willing to go it alone to restrain north korea's nuclear weapons program should china fail to change the situation, saying if beijing won't help solve it, then "we will" alone. with tensions rising between the us and north korea, the pentagon on sunday called for the isolated communist nation to avoid destabilizing the situation further. un under-secretary-general for political affairs jeffrey feltman met foreign minister ri yong-ho on the second day of the rare un visit to north korea – the first since 2010. north korea is "almost certain" to have bal ic missiles within six to 18 months that can reach the uk, mps have warned. un amb ador nikki haley insisted north korea would get the right message as the international community seeks to halt its arms programme. the u.s. military flew two strategic bombers over the korean peninsula in a show of force late on tuesday, as president donald trump met top defense officials to discuss how to respond to any threat from north korea. north korea has hit back at claims it supplied syria with equipment to manufacture chemical weapons, accusing the united states and united nations of "cooking up" allegations as part of the effort to tighten sanctions on pyongyang. the first time south korea hosted an olympics — in 1988 in its capital, seoul — the international olympic committee invited north korea to talks in a nce. the north koreans showed up with a of demands. north korea launched a bal ic missile from the northwestern part of the country early sunday, the south korean joints chief of staff said. north korea fired an unidentified bal ic missile from an area near pukchang, according to the south korean military's joint chiefs of staff. china has moved to limit north korea's oil supply and will stop buying textiles from the politically isolated nation, it said on urday. us defence secretary james mattis is set to visit south korea and japan next month, using his first official overseas trip to reaffirm america’s support for its asian allies. russia has denied claims that un sanctions against north korea have been breached by russian tankers transferring fuel to the regime’s tankers at sea. with its recent threat to detonate a hydrogen bomb in the pacific ocean, north korea continues to be a major irritant with respect to maintaining peace and security in the region around itself and also in the whole world. the united states and south korea completed the first round of talks on reviewing a bilateral trade deal on friday with washington saying there was “much work to do” to reach a new agreement. china, japan and south korea agree at their summit to work together to get north korea to give up its nuclear weapons. north korea carried out a provocative new bal ic missile test early sunday, sending a projectile to a higher altitude and closer to russia than any of its recent tests, according to officials. lg is looking to expand its g6 smartphone lineup, a rumor from its home country of south korea told us at the beginning of this month. today a new report also originating there is letting us know exactly when this will happen. starting on june 27, the g6 we already know won't be the only g6 in the company's portfolio. on that day it is to be joined by the g6 pro and the g6 plus, both handsets that will go on sale in korea first. the g6 plus is said to ship with 128gb of built-in storage, as well as wireless charging support (which is present in the g6 but only for the us market). on the... u.s. vice president mike pence said on thursday the united states wants to peacefully dismantle north korea’s nuclear programme but warned pyongyang not to underestimate u.s. military strength or resolve. as president donald trump prepares to decide on certifying the iran nuclear deal, the white house has come to see a idly escalating standoff with north korea as both a complicating factor and a cautionary tale. north korea’s state news media released a p og h wednesday suggesting that the north was working on a more powerful solid-fuel bal ic missile, and said the country’s leader, kim jong-un, had ordered the production of more rocket engines and warheads. the united states said on tuesday it believed it could persuade china to impose new un sanctions on north korea following its latest bal ic missile test and warned that washington would also target and "call out" countries supporting pyongyang. a rare earthquake that struck south korea on wednesday was the second-strongest on record, authorities said. u.s. defense secretary jim mattis said on urday that he could not imagine united states ever accepting a nuclear north korea, warning that its idly a ncing nuclear and missile programs would undermine, not strengthen, its security. a senior chinese diplomat will travel to north korea on friday as a "special envoy" of chinese president xi jinping amid growing pressure on pyongyang to curtail its nuclear and missile program. two us b-1b lancer bombers flew over the korean peninsula friday in response to north korea's increasing bal ic missile and nuclear threat, according to the us pacific air forces. a u.s. soldier who deserted to north korea more than half a century ago, but who was eventually allowed to leave the secretive state, has died in japan aged 77. u.s. president donald trump on wednesday appeared to confirm he had north korea in mind last week when he described a gathering of military leaders as “the calm before the storm.” north korea has held a large anti-u.s. rally in its capital city, backing its leader kim jong un as he exchanges insult-laden threats with president donald trump.