lg won t launch smartphones on regular basis says will do it when needed

به نقل از خبرگزاریها در مورد lg won t launch smartphones on regular basis says will do it when needed : at the phone launch event in barcelona, hmd global said all nokias from nokia 3 and above would be part of the android one program, meaning they will receive security updates up to 3 years after their launch. the android one program is a line of smartphones with pure android, a limited amount of pre-installed apps to allow more storage and highest grade of security. phones under this project are the first to receive the monthly updates, and in this particular case, the nokias will get android p once it arrives. the full of nokia android one smartphones is: nokia 3, nokia 5,... while we already know that asus is gearing up to launch as many as six new zenfone 4 series smartphones, we now have the launch related information for their european launch. the taiwanese company has started sending out press invites for an event that will be held on september 21 in rome. i think we have a launch date for asus' #zenfone4 line in europe. (pic from press 'save the date') pic.twitter.com/up09gahiew— roland quandt (@rquandt) june 28, 2017 the invite image doesn't explicitly reveal the name of the product, but such an event clearly points to a major release. also,... روی تخت یکی از بالاترین رستورانهای سنتی دربند نشسته بودیم. آب با وش زیبایی از زیر پایه های تخت میگذشت. من تکیه داده بودم به پشتی قرمز و پاهام رو جمع کرده بودم توی شکمم . عماد با صدای نسبتا بلندی که مرد بتونه بشنوه گفت آقا ما غذامون خیلی وقته تموم شده ها پس کو چای و قلیون؟ من هوس دستم رو بزنم توی آب . خم شدم ، عماد گفت میوفتی تو آب ها. چند. nokia has revealed that it will be pushing out monthly security updates to all its smartphones. the confirmation e in the form of a reply to a user query on twitter. @madhavchinnam our products will receive android updates and monthly security updates.— nokia mobile (@nokiamobile) march 11, 2017 in addition, the tweet said the company will also push out regular software updates. however, the time-frame for which a particular handset will receive such updates wasn't revealed. the nokia 6, which was announced in january this year, marked the company's return to smartphones. last... huawei is set to launch the new nova 3 and the nova 3i in india at an event on july 26. the company has already sent out invites to the media for the same. we don't know the exact pricing and availability information but the phones will be available exclusively on amazon. the launch will happen just two days after the company launches the honor 9n in india, on july 24, which will be available through flipkart. the nova 3 and the nova 3i are premium android smartphones, with the more expensive nova 3 having a kirin 970 processor, 6gb ram, 128gb storage, dual 16+24mp rear... huawei's honor line of phones will welcome a new member of the family on april 5. it will start at 10:30 gmt and you can attend the launch event virtually (we're guessing a regular livestream, unless honor goes 360° like nokia). what phone will we see? a poll teases several options - honor v9, honor magic and honor 8 lite. the rumor mill suggests that the honor v9 (which is already available in china) will launch in europe as the honor 8 pro. and the unveiling is allegedly scheduled for april 5 - that's more than a coincidence. the huawei honor magic is in a similar position -... google doesn't officially disclose the number of units sold and in the case of the pixel smartphones that's particularly irksome. however the company's play store gives us a pretty accurate estimate of how many pixel and pixel xl phones google has sold. see google's play store gives a range number for app installs and in the case of the pixel launcher app that number just p ed from the threshold from the 500,000 - 1,000,000 to 1,000,000-5,000,000 meaning that google has sold around 1 million pixel smartphones since their launch some 8 months ago. the pixel launcher is exclusive... اینو یه جا خوندم:
همیشه آماده باش تا اشتباهات دیگران را ببخشی. بی ادبی شان را، خیانت شان را، بی عقلی شان را و تهمت شان را. این ها نشانه ی عدم بلوغ روحی آدم هاست. آدم های نارس از این چیزها زیاد دارند. تو رسیده باش و بالغ. با سبکبالی و بدون اینکه قضاوت کنی یا سرزنش، و بدون اینکه از این حرف ها آزرده شوی و آسیب ببینی، از کنار این چیزها رد ش. از یخدون حرکت به سمت کتابخونه ملی هست، برای اینکه لذت من از دیدن این بنا را متوجه بشید، باید بدونید که معماری پهلوی اول و دوم برای من تنها مسیر جذاب هنری انتقال از ستت به مدرنیته در هنر ایران بوده است که متاسفانه اینهم بعد از انقلاب به فنا رفت و شدیم ن این ای زشت و بی قوار تابخونه ملی کرمان مال دوره معماری پهلوی اول هست و به قصد کارخو. canadian launch for the sony xperia xa1 ultra has been pushed back. the device was earlier set to officially arrive in the country on june 22, but that didn't happen, and the company has now confirmed that launch will happen july 5. the xperia xa1 ultra was officially unveiled back in february this year, along with the xperia xa1. the 6-inch device arrived as only the third phone with an ois-enabled selfie era (after the htc 10 flagship). it went on sale in europe last month. over in the us pre-orders have already started shipping, but regular sales will start from july... canadian launch for the sony xperia xa1 ultra has been pushed back. the device was earlier set to officially arrive in the country on june 22, but that didn't happen, and the company has now confirmed that launch will happen july 5. the xperia xa1 ultra was officially unveiled back in february this year, along with the xperia xa1. the 6-inch device arrived as only the second phone with an ois-enabled selfie era (after the htc 10 flagship). it went on sale in europe last month. over in the us pre-orders have already started shipping, but regular sales will start from july... the huawei mate 10 series was officially unveiled yesterday. at that time, the chinese company revealed the devices will go on sale in october and november, and also shared a of countries that will get them in the first launch wave. that included the company's home country of china. and now, huawei has confirmed the official china launch date for these handsets - it's october 20. as clear from the image above, the complete mate 10 series of smartphones - including the mate 10 pro and porsche design - will be made available in china. information related to pricing as well... دیدار ارگ بم غم انگیز بود، حسرت اینکه چرا زودتر نیامدم و گرما کلافه کننده بود، تنها بخش جذابش انتقال صدا در قسمتی از ساختمان بود واگرنه این ویرانه ها تنها از شکوهی حیرت انگیز در گذشته حکایت داشتبرگشتیم و با یک یخ در بهشت قرمز تمام غم و غصه هام در یخ و برف آب شد(می دونم جمله به لحاظ ادبی مشکل داره اما عواطف را منتقل می کنه دیگه نه؟!)از . ساختمون موزه با یک سر در وارد حیاط بزرگی می شدی که درخت کم داشت اما مجسمه های خوشکلی داشتبا فواره ای مدرن درجلو کاج های قدیمی، وارد ساختمون که شدم خانم متصدی کفت ع ن ید، خیلی بامزه است، ماجرا از این قراره که قبلا نور فلاش دوربین ها رنک های تابلوهای رنک و روغن را اب می کرده و عکاسی را ممنوع ، الان که با کوشی های هوشمند بدون فلش می شه ع ک. it looks like sony isn't going to be the only company to introduce no less than five new smartphones at this year's mobile world congress in barcelona. the show starts in late february, and a new leak tells us that alcatel will be present too. not just that, but it will have five new handsets of its own to showcase. details are scarce about them at this point, but one will apparently be modular, with a system that will allow for different functions to be achieved through replaceable back covers. so yet another take on the whole modularity thing, after lg's failed 'friends' attempt for the... از موزه اومدم بیرون پیاده رفتم تا به کافه باصفایی رسیدم با اتاقکهای حصیری، نشستم و شوک بعد از حادثه را آنجا با شربت نسترن سپری ، های کرمان را هم دیدم که سبزه و چشم ابرو مشکی بودن و دستکاری های دختر تهرانی ها در صورتشان نبوداز اونجا رفتم موزه هرندیخانه با ابهت قاجاری در زمینی بزرگ و همچنان درختان قدبلند اما اند ه موزه در آنجا بود، یک. از آنجا که امیدی به برنامه ریزی گروه نداشتم، رفتم برای خودم توی یک مغازه بندری م ی سفارش دادم و خوردم و یک نوشابه هم پشتش و مقادیری هم قاقالی و آب یدم تو کیفم ریختم که در راه زنده بمونمو به راه افتادیم اما اقای ناطق علاوه بر کوبیدن به دست اندازها ، شوک دیگری هم به من داد. ناشناسی به او زنگ زده بود و دعوتش کرده بود به روستایش و او می خوا. www.thecredithub.co.uk something that is regular to many people is the surprising requirement to get keep of a cash enhance. probably even if customers are working and completely applied, that isn't going to indicate that they have a truckload of cash for something that might actually appear. the resources could be needed for a anxious home repair, a needed auto fix, or possibly a little something much more relaxing along with a well deserved and needed holiday vacation to get away from all of it and replenish your energy. whatever the objective, the fastest and most effective strategy to get . we've seen the htc u11 and its plus-sized sibling htc u11+ being launched, but both devices missed one key feature that most other 2017 flagships had - a dual era. according to htc president chialin chang, the company will implement it next year, once it figures out how to make it stand out. chang confirmed that htc is going to match its 2017 release strategy and launch only five or six smartphones next year. it also plans to jump into the grinder that is the chinese smartphone market. it is dominated by affordable to mid-tier devices with a price tag not more than cny2,000/$300.... the vivo nex s and nex a will become available in india on july 19, as per an official teaser from vivo. this date confirms what we already knew - a launch in the third week of july. the price of the range topping nex s will likely be inr 40,000 (€500), while the nex a is rummored to command a price of inr 32,000 (€400). vivo is launching its two nex smartphones in india on july 19 both nex phones have gone on sale in china this week but the rest of the world is eagerly waiting to get them as well. we're yet to hear of any specific dates for any specific markets outside of... xiaomi will host a special event next week - may 31 - at which it will unveil its next flagship - the mi 8. and as these things go there's a launch poster for the event, which teases the upcoming announcement. but does that poster show more than meets the eye? some techies with time on their hands have dissected the imagery and believe that xiaomi placed little hints to devices it will show at the event. there looks to be between 3 and 5 smartphones hidden in the details in the buildings and what looks like a xiaomi mi band 3 way off in the distance. is xiaomi unveiling more than one... سیاست خارجی بن سلمان در حوزه سیاست خارجی نیز تلاش کرده است به تمامی کشورهای دنیا سفر کند و با ایجاد پیوند های عمیق اقتصادی متحدین راهبردی برای خود دست و پا کند. پیش از این محمد جواد ظریف، خارجه ایران گفته بود اگر می خواهیم ایران قابل تحریم نباشد باید آنچنان با اقتصاد جهانی آمیخته شویم که تحریم ما دشوار باشد. این اظهار نظر اگرچه در د. htc released htc u ultra and htc u play yesterday, but it's not done with the announcements. it was later revealed that the company aims to halve the number of devices it releases in 2017 compared to 2016. in an interview, chialin chang, president of smartphone and connected devices business said htc is aiming to launch 6-7 phones and said that way the company will focus on its smartphones' core features. one of the main features we saw yesterday was sense companion - a virtual istant that combines google's awareness api and third-party data. in order to work properly, the... asus plans to launch its next generation zenfones in may. this may sound strange and early because the zenfone 3 zoom only debuted at ces two weeks ago with the device hitting shelves in february. jerry shen, ceo of the company, announced earlier this week the plan is to double sales in 2017. and apparently increasing the number of available phones is how asus plans to do it. sources say though the more rea ic goal for the company is to ship over 20m devices and to pull itself out of the red where it resided for the whole 2016. little has been rumored about any future... north korea’s latest missile launch, essed by the observers to be the most dangerous one so far, has sparked serious reactions around the world. as the us talks of all options being on the table, there has been signs of the launch’s effects on the global markets. at the launch event for the mate 10, mate 10 pro, and mate 10 porsche design, richard yu, the ceo of huawei's consumer business group, revealed an interesting tidbit in an interview with cnet. it turns out that samsung and lg aren't the only companies currently working on foldable smartphones, and zte's axon m may not be alone in the space for long. huawei mate 10 pro yu says huawei already has a working prototype of such a device. the chinese company isn't going to launch it in 2017, however. on the other hand, the handset may debut next year, which is also when samsung is... meizu recently set an official unveiling date for its upcoming meizu 15 lineup. the new smartphone trio will make its debut on april 22 at the wuzhen internet international conference center in wuzhen, china, at 7:30 p.m. the of new devices includes the regular meizu 15, as well as its meizu 15 lite and plus siblings. the meizu 15 will be the company's first release of 2018 and a special flagship, personally designed by founder, jack wong. the meizu 15 promises a marriage of old and new, like a full-metal body, ultra-slim bezels, and a dual-rear era with a ring flash, while... samsung may launch a new smartphone in india today. the south korean tech giant has sent out invites saying their "next innovation" will be unveiled at the event, which will be held in the country's capital city of new delhi. sadly, there's currently no confirmation on which device(s) will be unveiled, although reports say the 2017 iteration of the company's galaxy j series smartphones could be the star of the event. in case you missed, earlier this year, there were reports that samsung has set an internal target of selling 100 million galaxy j series smartphones this year. via in january asus was planning to launch its new zenfone 4 series in may. yet the taiwanese company is now having a change of plans and is postponing the release to the end of july because of "design overhaul and efficiency upgrades". jerry shen, asus ceo, said the zenfone 4 smartphones would arrive in q3 2017 with competitive prices, aiming to turn around the money-losing phone business of the company. preliminary financial results show asus is struggling with operating loss but will swing back to profitability by the end of 2017. the upcoming zenfone 4 series will have a flagship... we already know the oppo f5 is coming later this month, and so far it was all but confirmed that the philippines will be among the first to get the phone. now, the chinese company has officially confirmed the launch markets for the device. the handset will be available in the following asian countries: india, indonesia, malaysia, myanmar, the philippines, thailand and vietnam. it's not clear whether this is the final of launch markets. it could be that these markets are part of the initial launch wave, and the company will expand the availability based on the response the... چرا اپلکیشن «آ ین خبر» از کافه بازار حذف شده است؟ واکنش همراه اول به منتقدان گرانی رئیس سازمان پ ند غیرعامل از قطع شبکه های ارتباطی با ز له 5 ریشتری خبر داد! موبایل تبدیل به مرکز درمانی می شود امضای تفاهم نامه میان سازمان نظام صنفی رایانه ای و انجمن تشکل هایict عرب جای شماره نام افراد را به ذهن بسپارید فارس از اختلال در شبکه رایتل خبر . the samsung galaxy s8 will land in china in may, according to a new rumor. a weibo post says the launch is set for may 10, with pre-orders beginning april 28. artistic render of the samsung galaxy s8 that's a bit late when compared to other major markets like the us, where the launch is reportedly set to happen on april 28. korea will get the phone first - pre-orders will start april 7 onwards, with launch set for april 21. there have been rumors that the galaxy s8 variant with 6gb ram and 128gb storage will be china-exclusive, at-least at launch. source via samsung put a lot eggs in its basket. and by basket, we mean bixby. in a statement to the verge this afternoon, samsung provided an update to the current state of bixby pertaining to the states-side launch of the samsung galaxy s8 and s8+. . key features of bixby, including vision, home, and reminder will be available with the global launch of the samsung galaxy s8 on april 21. bixby voice will be available in the us. later this spring. bixby voice was not going to be available outside of the us and south korea at launch anyway, so the news that the united states won't be able to use... oneplus is about to launch its next flagship, but an official release date is yet to be set. according to a tip we received in our inbox, the launch will take place on may 21. the information comes from an email sent to oneplus owners, selected to trial the new oneplus phone before their launch in the company's new lab program. oneplus 6 inside various cases a reader of ours enrolled for lab and received an e-mail with all the terms and conditions, along with the date of the launch. if the oneplus 6 really is arriving on may 21, this will be the earliest market release the... گوشی های سال 2018 2017 به پایان رسید و همه منتظر گوشی های هوشمند سال 2018 هستیم. سال 2017 تغییرات بزرگی در ساختار و قابلیت های گوشی های هوشمند را به نمایش گذاشت حال انتظارات ما از گوشی های هوشمند سال 2018 چیست؟ برای طرفداران گوشی های هوشمند، دلایلی زیادی وجود دارد که تا 12 ماه آینده هیجان را ... نوشته 3 ویژگی که از گوشی های هوشمند سال 2018 انتظار داریم اولین بار در گجت نیوز پدیدار شد. it seems that the march launch of a snapdragon 835-powered xiaomi mi 6 will not happen due to availability issues. so rumor has it that the company has reconfigured one of the three versions of the upcoming flagship so that it could launch earlier by switching to snapdragon 821. several other companies have done the same - lg with the g6, sony with the xperia xzs. xiaomi's first in-house chipset isn't up to the task and the rumored higher-end chip isn't official yet. in the end, the top of the line version with a snapdragon 835 may launch 1-2 months after the s821 and helio x30... today, amazon has added five new smartphones to its prime exclusives category of unlocked smartphones. this category of smartphones gives you a deal on the phone if you don't mind amazon's ads on the lock screen. alcatel has three new "prime exclusive" devices: alcatel idol 5s, a50, and a30 plus. both the idol 5s and a50 feature a 5.2-inch display, though the a30's is and the idol 5s' is 1080p. meanwhile, the a30 plus has a larger 5.5-inch display. as for cpus, the a30 plus and a50 run a mediatek 6738 quad core cpu 1.5ghz while the idol 4s runs a beefier octa-core snapdragon... iran has four homegrown ellites awaiting launch, minister of communication and information technology mohammad javad azari jahromi said. جذاب ترین گوشی های سال 2017 با معرفی پرچمداران شرکت های مطرح، بد نیست نگاهی به جذاب ترین گوشی های سال 2017 داشته باشیم؛ محصولاتی که ظاهر آنها همانند باطن شان شما را مجذوب خواهند کرد. اگر محصولی قدرت پردازشی بالایی داشته و با قیمتی پایین در اختیار کاربران قرار گیرد اما طراحی مناسبی نداشته باشد، هیچ آن را نخواهد ید. این موضوع ... نوشته جذاب ترین گوشی های سال 2017 ؛ موبایل های خاص سال را بشناسید اولین بار در گجت نیوز پدیدار شد. محققان به این نتیجه رسیدند که می توان با استفاده از الگوریتم های مختلف، ترکیبی از علایم حیاتی که توسط ساعت های هوشمند (در این بررسی از ساعت های basis b1 و basis peak استفاده شد) جمع آوری شده اند را مورد بررسی قرار داد و چند روز قبل از اینکه افراد به بیماری مبتلا شوند، این بیماری را پیش بینی کرد. the russian missile attack warning systems registered a launch of bal ic missile from the north korean territory, however the launch has not posed any threat to russia, the russian defense ministry said in a statement sunday. the lg q7 is methodically gathering the certifications needed before official launch. after it be e clear a couple of days ago that it's been certified in russia alongside the g7, the q7 has now cleared the us fcc - or at least that's what we're making of the znfq710ts model name that's popped up in the regulator's database. details on the handset's specs have been scarce, and that's not going to change with this fcc filing. occasionally, we've been lucky and the fcc id location in the menus has revealed something like battery capacity, but not today. in any case, if the g6/q6... venezuelan president nicolas maduro looked to the world of digital currency to circumvent u.s.-led financial sanctions, announcing on sunday the launch of the “petro” backed by oil reserves to shore up a collapsed economy. وقتی دانشجوی سینما باشی تعدادی از های م تاریخ سینما را دوست نداشتی بینی، از بس هر ترم ها ه رو می تو چشمت
نتیجه اینکه وقتی امشب داشتن و نداشتن هاوارد هاوکز را می بینی که همفری بوگارد و لورن باکال توش بازی می کنند می فهمی که به خود. for its 8th anniversary, xiaomi introduced a trio of smartphones all of which are aimed at different market segments. while the regular mi 8 can be cl ified as a mainstream flagship and the mi 8 explorer edition brings out the latest and greatest from the company, the mi 8 se should be a perfect fit for those seeking the best value for money. you can check out our first impressions and unboxing video or continue reading further down. but with the price cut come some trade-offs. fortunately, xiaomi didn't have to settle so much along the way and the mi 8 se might turn out to be a... oppo introduced the unique find x flagship with a pop-up mechanism for the eras and screen to body ratio of over 92%. the global launch took place in paris and now the company is doing a local chinese event on june 29. the oppo find x will be introduced in the industrial park of beijing at the famous 79 tank at 751 d-park, famously used for m ive launches by many smartphone manufacturers. the launch on friday will show the device to the chinese audience and some sources suggest there might be a new variant with different colors and eventually different prices. the... in the latest episode of "bizarre inventions," lg is patenting a smart stylus pen that can potentially replace your phone. yes, we know what you think, but upon closer inspection the korean company might be up to something here. the key feature of the stylus are its two displays. it incorporates a small one for app shortcuts, notifications and time while the bigger one is a of the flexible variety. a dedicated on rolls out and retracts the display so you can use it as a conventional smartphone when needed. it can run all the regular apps and can even be used for browsing and... oneplus is doing a soft launch for the oneplus 5 in australia on august 29, 10:00 aest. the company will be selling all variants of the oneplus 5. this includes the 6/64gb model in slate gray and soft gold and the 8/128gb model in midnight black and slate gray. they are priced at a$599 and a$699, respectively, and every customer will get a free sandstone protective case for the phone. the soft launch will be a limited run until stocks last. oneplus also clarifies that the prices and offers at the soft launch are not indicative of the future launches in australia. you can find... today, a financial news website published a complete post of the payment service's launch in canada, only to be taken down within the first hour it was live. when users on reddit couldn't actually add any canadian bank accounts to android pay, this is when they realized the website may have pulled the trigger a bit early. since earlier reports alleged that android pay was going to launch in canada on may 31, this occurrence only gives more credibility to those allegations. google is akin to launching things on wednesdays, so this could very well be the real deal. according to the post,... رایتل تعرفه هایش را کاهش می دهد/افزایش تعرفه های همراه اول کج سلیقگی است همراه اول از بررسی مجدد تعرفه های جدیدش در هیئت مدیره خبرداد پاسخ اپل به ادعای نمایندگی یک شرکت ایرانی: نام این شرکت در دایرکتوری اپل یافت نشد! ید بلیت قطار با تلفن همراه در ایران عملیاتی شد ارتباطات: طی 8ماه آینده جابجایی شماره بین اپراتورها ممکن میشود اظهارا.