meizu m5s p es 4 25m registrations in a day

به نقل از خبرگزاریها در مورد meizu m5s p es 4 25m registrations in a day : just on schedule, today meizu has announced midrange m5c. the handset has a polycarbonate unibody coming in five different colors - black, gold, red, blue and pink. it's a light package weighing just 135g and is relatively thin at 8.3mm. meizu m5c the meizu m5c comes with a 5.0" display, and is powered by a quad-core 1.3ghz processor and 2gb of ram. imaging is covered by a 5mp front-facing era that supports arcsoft beautification algorithm and an 8mp f/2.0 main snapper on the back. meizu m5c there's 16gb of on board storage but you can expand it... we've seen plenty of companies adopting the new 18:9 standard in smartphone displays. one manufacturer that is yet to follow suit is meizu, but according to a weibo leak, it won't be a long wait. the mysterious meizu up until now, all meizu phones have the fingerprint reader on the front, but according to the latest images, the scanner will go on the back, below the vertical dual era setup. there is simply no space on the front panel, mostly taken by the 18:9 screen. meizu previously said it will launch a fullview phone in 2018, so this smartphone is most likely still in... meizu سال گذشته ۲۲ میلیون گوشی فروخت
شرکت چینی meizu سال ۲۰۱۶ عملکرد بهتری نسبت به سال ۲۰۱۵ داشته و در این بازه‌ی زمانی ۲۲ میلیون دستگاه گوشی‌ هوشمند فروخته است. meizu used a high-end exynos chipset for the meizu pro 6 plus, but the pro 6s (which launched around the same time) used a mediatek helio instead. and recently, the company introduced its first snapdragon-powered phone, the meizu m6 note. so what's going on? here's what a company representative had to say: "we will use all three major soc oems for our future devices; samsung exynos, qualcomm snapdragon, and mediatek. each one offers a unique a ntage, and will complement our products differently." meizu will continue to source chipset from three manufacturers that approach... meizu launched the m6s last week and all eyes are now on the anniversary phone from the company named meizu 15 plus. according to latest leaked images, the phone is expected to come with narrow bezels on three sides, with the top one being a bit thicker to house the era and sensors. the leak also mentions that the new meizu flagship will have snapdragon 845 or exynos 8895 chipset with a price tag of cny3,599 (around $560). front and back of meizu 15 plus a leaked sketch of the back panel suggests a dual era setup with a ring of led flashes and laser af sensor below,... تصاویر گوشی meizu m5s فاش شد
به‌تازگی تصاویر جدیدی از گوشی‌ هوشمند معرفی نشده‌ی meizu m5s منتشر شده است. the upcoming meizu pro 7 will have a second, color display on the back as one of its key selling points. we always hoped that we would be able to use it for taking selfies with the primary era, but now we have actual confirmation of that functionality. meizu pro 7 second screen the interesting feature allows you to use both the front and back eras to take a selfie - yay! meizu is expected to unveil the pro 7 and maybe a pro 7 plus in china at the end of the month. the pro 7 will have a 5.2" 1080p display on the front and a 2.0" secondary screen on the back. it should be... january 17 is the launch date of the new meizu m6s, but specs and promo materials leaked on the chinese social network weibo revealing almost everything there is to know about it. the new phone will be the first meizu handset with 18:9 screen and will have a fingerprint scanner on its side. the m6s will arrive with a 14nm exynos 7872 chipset. the back will keep the minima style already seen in the meizu m6 - one 16 mp era, led flash and nothing else. the front will be mostly occupied by a 5.7" screen with hd+ resolution (1440 x ixels). there will also be a selfie snapper... کلیک – اخیرا تصاویری از پرچمدار شرکت چینی meizu منتشر شده است که نشان می دهد در قاب پشتی این دستگاه نیز شاهد یک صفحه نمایش هستیم. ماجرا به چند روز قبل برمی گردد؛ وقتی تصاویری از محصول جدید meizu با نام pro 7 منتشر شد که وجود یک صفحه نمایش کوچک در نمای پشتی دستگاه را […] نوشته تصاویری جدید از meizu pro 7 با نمایشگری در پشت اولین بار در کلیک رس. the meizu pro 7 just keeps on leaking, but the many things we've heard about it up until this point don't necessarily fit with what today's leak claims. that said, the following is based on official-looking marketing materials for the device, so it may be accurate information after all. there's no way of being sure, though, so don't forget not to take any of this for granted. chinese media report that the meizu pro 7 will come equipped with a 5.7-inch touchscreen with 3,840x2,160 resolution, also known as 4k. furthermore, the display should have 10,000:1 contrast ratio and cover 153%... meizu pro 5 used to be an excellent device and when the company didn't follow the same formula with the pro 6 it left many of us surprised and its fans disappointed due to the choice of specs, which didn't seem to make it a true successor to meizu's top dog. today, the new pro 6 plus brings back the big 5.7" amoled screen and also comes with 1440p resolution. it comes with the top-end exynos chip by samsung - the same one that powers the galaxy s7 series. meizu has confirmed that the successor to its mx6 smartphone won't be arriving this year. there have been rumors that the mx7 will debut in 2017, but the a top meizu executive has thrown cold water on them by confirming 2018 unveiling for the device. the company's senior vice president yang zhe took it to weibo to reveal that the mx7 will be made official in spring of 2018. interestingly, the post also included an image of the meizu pro 7, presumably to emphasize that it's the current 'latest and greatest' flagship from the chinese company. coming back to the mx7, the device is... all the major chinese makers released their 2017 flagships except meizu. the meizu pro 7 has appeared in numerous leaks, revealing a secondary display on the back, but is yet to officially debut. that might happen soon though as the device has just been spotted in a tv commercial. the video shows a man on a trip, stopping to take some pictures. the meizu pro 7's secondary display on the back is visible in several frames, albeit not used, so we are yet to learn more of its potential usages. for now, we've only seen leaks revealing its full color panel (and not e-ink), and... گوشی جدیدی سری ام meizu با پشتیبانی از شارژ سریع در ۲۷ بهمن معرفی خواهد شد
به‌نظر می‌رسد کمپانی چینی meizu در روز ۱۵ فوریه (۲۷ بهمن) یک گوشی‌ هوشمند جدید از سری ام معرفی خواهد کرد. گوشی meizu pro 7 بر اساس جدیدترین اطلاعات منتشرشده توسط منابع داخلی کشور چین، کمپانی میزو بعد از سال ها همکاری اختصاصی با مدیاتک و سامسونگ قصد عرضه دو گوشی جدید با تراشه های کوالکام را دارد. گوشی meizu pro 7 که آن را به عنوان پرچمدار میزو می شناسیم، یکی از این دو محصول جدید است که احتمالا به تراشه قدرتمند اسنپدراگون 835 مجهز ... نوشته احتمال تجهیز گوشی meizu pro 7 به تراشه اسنپدراگون 835 و سیستم دوربین دوگانه اولین بار در گجت نیوز پدیدار شد. meizu m5s might be coming late to the series, but the phone has a certain charm worthy of our attention. the m5s is akin to the m5 in lots of ways, but the choice of materials and chipset are not among those. for a still unannounced handset, the meizu m5s has definitely been making a lot of appearances lately. we already have a tenaa ing, benchmark results and a couple of official-looking p os, all accounted for. now, a new trio of live s s can be added to the mix. these popped-up on a chinese social network recently and showcase a working unit. the retail package is also captured, leaving little doubt that, that it is the meizu m5s we are looking at. the box sticker also mentions a model number - "m612q", lte capabilities, as well as 3gb of ram and 32 gb of built-in storage. we can... the meizu m5 was launched in november last year, while the m5 note was launch last month. and so far, they are only available in the company's home country of china. this, however, may soon change as both devices have been spotted on postel (the indonesian equivalent of the us fcc). sadly, there's currently no information when exactly the international launch will happen, as well as the price tag the phones will carry in markets outside of china. in china, the m5 note starts at rmb 900 (around $130), while the m5 starts at rmb 700 (around $100). it's worth mentioning that meizu has... launched back in november last year, the meizu m5 and meizu pro 6 plus smartphones have only been available in the company's home country of china so far. however, that's no longer the case as the devices are now available in russia as well. the phones were up for pre-order in the country, and have now started shipping. while the pro 6 plus is only available in 64gb storage and dark gray color option, the m5 is available in black color and both 16gb and 32gb storage options. other pro 6 plus and m5 variants are expected to go on sale in russia in february - they are currently up for... meizu has already scheduled a mwc press event on february 28 in barcelona. its slogan is faster than ever, but that's all the hints we got so far. according to the latest rumors though, the star of the meizu show will be mcharge 4.0. that's quite obvious in fact, just look at that big lightning sign on the invitation. the next iteration of mcharge should further improve on the technology and could fully charge a depleted smartphone battery in just 45 minutes. the 4.0 revision is rumored to use a 9v/4a charger (36w), which means it will charge at lower 9v voltage (down from 12v)... the launch of oneplus 5 will take place on june 20. an event is planned in china on june 21 and in india the day after, but the yet unannounced phone is already gaining interest with over 300,000 registrations on this number includes only the registrations on the chinese retailer's web site. the actual interest is much higher if we consider that most purchases will go through the official oneplus site anyway. oneplus is teasing the "flagship killer" bit by bit, already revealing the back design. pete lau showed off how the oneplus 5 will shoot in the dark and how good the... meizu announced january 4 as the official launch date of its new phone. it is most likely the meizu m6s, which will go by as blue charm s in china. the phone will have a tall display with an 18:9 ratio and will be the first device without any physical home on on the front. the m6s/blue charm s will most likely come with a fingerprint scanner on the right side, below the power on. it will be the first of six new phones that will be introduced in the first half of 2018. according to a tenaa ing, the new phone will have 5.7" display and a 2930 mah battery. it is... the meizu m5 note is a decent mid-ranger with an attractive design, and now you have the chance to get one for free by participating in the company's giveaway that will see five units get new owners. the rules are rather funny - you have to write your name on a sticky note, add #meizunotes and stick it on someone else's back. then just take a picture or video and post it on facebook, twitter or instagram (or all three, if you prefer) with the hashtag #meizunotes. the company will give five m5 note devices to five lucky participants. the paign was announced on meizu's... the oneplus 5t was launched for pre-order in china on november 28 and has scored over 400k registrations. plenty of the registered users are involved into various raffles for a discount or a free unit of the latest oneplus flagship. bear in mind that the number of registrations does not mean actual pre-orders. the amount shows people that are having some interest in the oneplus 5t and most likely only a small part of them will actually end up buying it. the oneplus 5t will arrive in china on december 5 with two unique features - it comes with hydrogen os instead of oxygen os (so... meizu is definitely cooking something big for its next "pro" line release. the full picture still eludes us, but most leaks hint at a pro 7 and pro 7 plus handset announcement at the end of this month. we are also fairly certain that the signature feature of the smartphone pair will be a small secondary display, positioned underneath the dual era setup on the back panel. meizu pro 7 secondary screen a few new p os surfaced today on weibo that appear to showcase said screen in detail. one of them has it running and displaying color, which means it's an lcd unit. this is a... the meizu m5 is shaping to be the more interesting device of the mid-range m5 duo. we already took the m5 note for a spin and it turned rather uninspiring and had no meaningful upgrades whatsoever. on the other hand, the m5 comes with a bigger screen and battery, the latest mtouch key with biometric security, and newer android version. we've seen plenty of leaks of the upcoming meizu pro 7 with a secondary screen on the back. the latest one come to show the back display copying the front one, meaning it can display the full ui. the images align nicely with the leak from two days ago. the panel is color lcd, which means it be used for anything from reading notifications to era viewfinder. the dual era is not the only innovation for meizu. the phone is expected to be the first with mediatek's newest and fastest chipset, the helio x30. via meizu will be the next manufacturer to follow the dual era trend with the upcoming pro 7 flagship. according to the ever-growing amount of leaks, the phone is about to also have a small secondary screen below the era setup. latest renders from a case manufacturer reconfirm these rumors. if we tend to believe the images, they reveal the complete design of the meizu pro 7. the phone will come with a home on on the front that doubles as a fingerprint era. above the display is a single era, on the left of the speaker grill. on the bottom we can see a speaker,... صفحه نمایش دوم میزو پرو 7 به تازگی تصاویر جدیدی از صفحه نمایش دوم میزو پرو 7 (meizu pro 7) منتشر شده که رنگی بودن آن را تایید می کنند. در این صورت باید منتظر یک نوآوری بزرگ از سوی میزو باشیم. بر اساس اطلاعات اخیر، امسال دو گوشی جدید از خانواده «پرو» با نام های پرو 7 و پرو 7 پلاس (meizu pro ... نوشته صفحه نمایش دوم میزو پرو 7 رنگی خواهد بود + تصاویر اولین بار در گجت نیوز پدیدار شد. as you may already know, the nokia 6 is an amazon exclusive in india. as previously announced, the mega retailer has opened registrations for the handset today. if you register at the page in the source link below, you'll get your chance to purchase the nokia 6 during its first flash sale in the subcontinent, which will take place on august 23. as usual with flash sales, only those who have registered will be able to buy the phone. the price of the nokia 6 in india is inr 14,999 (that's about $233 or €203 at the current exchange rates). if you're an amazon prime member, you'll get inr... we saw some prototypes and then a p o of the back of the meizu pro 7 with a secondary screen on the back. now a couple of images give us the best look of the device yet. the p os show us the overall design of the meizu pro 7. there is one era on the front and a bland white front panel, nothing surprising. the home on should double as a fingerprint scanner. on the back, the era module is positioned above the secondary display on the left. we see the dual-led flash and dual eras over the minuscule secondary screen. the antenna bands follow the curvature of... a couple of meizu phones have p ed what's known as china compulsory certification (3c). one is ed as meizu m741y, the other carries the m741a model number. except 18w fast charge, the ings doesn't reveal anything else about the devices. it's worth mentioning that the m741y has already received radio transmission approval in the asian country, something which e to light just a couple of weeks ago. the m741a, on the other hand, seems to be a new device, although it's said to be a variant of the m741y. rumors currently say both m741y and m741a are either model numbers for... the meizu m6 note flaunted its snapdragon 625 chipset in front of geekbench yesterday, but earlier rumors said it will have a helio p25 chipset. well, a new leak suggests that it will have both. the base version uses the mediatek chip paired with 3gb of ram and 32gb storage. another version swaps out the p25 for snapdragon 625 and keeps the memory configuration. the top version ups the ram to 4gb and doubles the storage to 64gb. that is the one we saw yesterday. the meizu m6 note will launch tomorrow and will bring dual era goodness, plus a 5.5" 1080p screen, android nougat and... the meizu e2 will be officially unveiled this wednesday, so consider this a sneak preview. leaked images show the metal ch is of the upcoming mid-ranger and a very unorthodox flash. it features four leds of alternating cool and warm colors that are arranged in a straight line. we're not sure what's the reasoning behind this arran ent, though it does lie neatly on the top antenna line. perhaps not drilling a hole in the metal for the flash improves the rigidity? or maybe it's just a design thing? anyway, the rest of meizu e2's back fits neatly into the company's lineup (though most... right on schedule, the meizu m6 note went official today. the latest m-series smartphone comes with a snapdragon 625 chipset, becoming the first meizu device with a soc from qualcomm. the m6 note has a 5.5" display with full hd resolution. below the screen sits a fingerprint scanner that doubles as a home on. it has also a dual еra setup on the back with a sony imx362 sensor (12mp, 1.4 µm pixel size) behind an f/1.9 lens and a 5mp secondary era to help the artificial bokeh effect. a dual-tone 4-led flash should boost low-light performance, while the dual pixel... میزو ام 6 گوشی میزو ام 6 (meizu m6) به صورت رسمی با پردازنده هشت هسته ای و نمایشگری 5.2 اینچی معرفی شد. در ادامه به بررسی ویژگی های گوشی جدید میزو می پردازیم. اگرچه پیش تر برخی منابع از معرفی رسمی این تلفن هوشمند خبر داده بودند، اما نباید در انتظار محصولی قدرتمند یا خاص از سوی چینی ها باشید. میزو ام ... نوشته میزو ام 6 (meizu m6) با صفحه نمایش 5.2 اینچی و پردازنده 8 هسته ای از راه رسید اولین بار در گجت نیوز پدیدار شد. میزو ام 6 گوشی میزو ام 6 (meizu m6) همراه با طراحی بی نظیر، مشخصات فنی قابل قبول و قیمت 100 دلاری معرفی شد. در ادامه با مشخصات فنی و قابلیت های آن آشنا شوید. در روزگاری که شاهد عرضه گوشی های 1000 دلاری به بازار هستیم، گوشی هوشمند میزو ام 6 خیلی سخاوتمندانه همراه با قیمتی عالی پای به میدان ... نوشته میزو ام 6 معرفی شد؛ مشخصات میان رده، طراحی مدرن و قیمت فوق العاده اولین بار در گجت نیوز پدیدار شد. پردازنده میزو پرو 7 پردازنده میزو پرو 7 (meizu pro 7) مشخص شد و حالا در جریان یکی از مهمترین مشخصات فنی میزو پرو 7 به عنوان پرچمدار آتی این شرکت قرار گرفته ایم. اخیرا آمار رسمی درآمد شرکت مدیاتک در ماه ژوئن اعلام شده است. جمع کل درآمد در ماه ژوئن حدود 3 میلیارد دلار است که در مقایسه ... نوشته پردازنده میزو پرو 7 توسط شرکت مدیاتک تایید شد اولین بار در گجت نیوز پدیدار شد. meizu pro 7 plus is the first smartphone to utilize the latest helio x30 chip by mediatek. it has a powerful deca-core processor and powervr g hics. meizu has added 6 gigabytes of ram, more than enough for smooth multi-tasking. the 10-core processor has two powerful cortex-a73 cores clocked at 2.6ghz, four energy-efficient yet powerful enough a53 cores running at 2.2ghz, and four super lightweight a35 ones ticking at 1.9ghz. the gpu in charge of g hics is powervr 7xtp series - apple has picked a similar one for the iphone 6s in its a9 chip. traditionally, we start our... amazon has started registrations for the honor view 10 launch in india, unsurprisingly exclusive to amazon india. registrations in this case doesn't mean you put any money down but simply that you will be alerted when the phone goes on sale, which will happen on january 8, 2018. the price is yet to be announced. the honor view 10 is the flagship device in the honor series, which is huawei's online exclusive range. it has a 5.99-inch, 2160x1080 18:9 full view display, 16mp + 20mp dual rear era system, and 13mp front era with face unlock. it runs on the kirin 970 soc with 6gb ram... گوشی هوشمند وان پلاس 5 تا به امروز بیش از 300 هزار نفر برای ید گوشی هوشمند وان پلاس 5 (oneplus 5) در وب سایت “jd” ثبت نام کرده اند که محبوبیت بالای آن را پیش از معرفی رسمی نشان می دهد. طی روزهای گذشته، وان پلاس با انتشار تیزرهای مختلف برخی جزئیات مربوط به گوشی جدید خود همچون طراحی بخش پشتی آن را ... نوشته ثبت نام بیش از 300 هزار نفر برای ید گوشی هوشمند وان پلاس 5 طی تنها 2 روز اولین بار در گجت نیوز پدیدار شد. مشخصات فنی میزو پرو 7 به تازگی شاهد درز قیمت و مشخصات فنی میزو پرو 7 (meizu pro 7) و میزو پرو 7 پلاس (meizu pro 7 plus) از طریق یکی از منابع چینی هستیم. بر اساس اخباری که تا به امروز منتشر شده است، تقریبا مطمئنیم کمپانی چینی میزو در تاریخ 26 جولای (4 مرداد) این دو گوشی جدید ... نوشته مشخصات فنی میزو پرو 7 و پرو 7 پلاس همراه با قیمت آنها لو رفت اولین بار در گجت نیوز پدیدار شد. meizu-pro-7-leak_1 پس از ماه ها درز شایعات و اخبار مختلف در خصوص پرچمدار آینده کمپانی شرکت میزو، بالا ه تصویر جدیدی از آن به بیرون درز پیدا کرد. همانطور که در زیر می توانید مشاهده کنید، این نسخه سفید گوشی میزو پرو 7 (meizu pro 7) است که در تایید شایعات شنیده شده از نمایشگری دو لبه خمیده بهره ... نوشته تصویری از گوشی میزو پرو 7 با نمایشگر خمیده و کلید هوم فیزیکی در دنیای واقعی اولین بار در گجت نیوز پدیدار شد. ع جدید میزو پرو 7 ع جدید میزو پرو 7 (meizu pro) که روز گذشته منتشر شد، نمایشگر جوهر الکترونیکی این گوشی در بخش پشتی را به خوبی نشان می دهد. رنگ مشکی این گوشی باعث شده تا جزئیات به خوبی مشخص نباشند. با این حال، در نمایشگر دوم میزو پرو 7 اطلاعات مختلفی از جمله ساعت، تاریخ و وضعیت آب ... نوشته ع جدید میزو پرو 7 نمایشگر دوم آن در بخش پشتی را نشان می دهد اولین بار در گجت نیوز پدیدار شد. میزو پرو 7 پلاس به تازگی شاهد درز ع های میزو پرو 7 (meizu pro 7) و میزو پرو 7 پلاس (meizu pro 7 plus) همراه با یک ویدیوی 360 درجه هستیم که ما را تا حد زیادی با این گوشی های جدید آشنا می کنند. امسال میزو قصد دارد تا با تجهیز گوشی های های جدید خود به یک ... نوشته تصاویر و اطلاعات بسیاری از گوشی های میزو پرو 7 و میزو پرو 7 پلاس منتشر شد اولین بار در گجت نیوز پدیدار شد. meizu's next affordable smartphone, the m5s, has been leaking a lot lately, which makes sense since we're very close to its official announcement taking place on february 15. we've seen it getting certified by tenaa, doing its thing in a benchmark run, as well as smiling for the era in some live s s in the wild. leaked renders have been outed too. by now we have a pretty good idea about its specs, but one thing that hasn't been leaked yet is its price. past rumors spoke about levels varying from around $150 to $220, but now the purported leaked promo material you can see below comes...
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گرداوری شده توسط سایت پی سی 20
ادامه مطلب the meizu m6s has already been the subject of several leaks and rumors and now it appears the device has been certified by china's tenaa as well. a ing alleged to be of the device (model number m172c) reveals 5.7-inch display and a 2,930mah battery. the 152x72.54x8.0mm figures should be the device's measurements. sadly, that's all what the ing reveals, and the agency didn't publish any images for the handset as well. other rumored specs include mt6793 soc, 3gb/32gb memory config, and 13mp/5mp era combo. via ع های جدید میزو پرو 7 به دنبال انتشار اخبار مختلفی مبنی بر تجهیز گوشی جدید میزو به نمایشگر پشتی رنگی، حالا شاهد درز ع های جدید میزو پرو 7 (meizu pro 7) هستیم که این اطلاعات را تایید می کنند. جالب ترین موضوع در ع های جدید میزو پرو 7 ، نمایش دقیق محتوایی است که در نمایشگر اصلی نیز می بینیم و این ... نوشته ع های جدید میزو پرو 7 نمایشگر پشتی ال سی دی آن را تایید می کنند اولین بار در گجت نیوز پدیدار شد.