oneplus 6 اولین رقیب سر سخت galaxy s9 تابستان وارد بازار می شود

به نقل از خبرگزاریها در مورد oneplus 6 اولین رقیب سر سخت galaxy s9 تابستان وارد بازار می شود : oneplus has a history of weird ads. the latest promo, posted on youtube, proves that the company is no stranger to the cringe, but at least knows how to make a memorable video. the 5t is put against the samsung galaxy note8 to test the processing speed in the most unusual way - winner is the first half-naked guy who opens 20 apps while being bombarded with various cacti species. both the oneplus 5t and the galaxy note8 are running the snapdragon 835 chipset in the us market where the ad is expected to air on tv. if the video magically made you crave the 5t, the y lava red... چند سالی است که مدت کوتاهی بعد از رونمایی از یک گوشی، مدل دو سیم کارته آن هم وارد بازار می شود. این موضوع در مورد galaxy s8 plus هم صدق کرد و سامسونگ مدل دو سیم کارته آنرا وارد بازار کرده است. the oneplus 5 (unveiled june last year) brought a dual era, the oneplus 5t (november) moved to an 18:9 screen. so, what will the oneplus 6 be like? if these p os are to be believed, it will be part iphone x, part galaxy s9+. the front shows a notch in the screen, big enough to hold the earpiece and selfie era. note the android version (8.1) and oxygenos version (5.1), they are ahead of what's currently available for the 5t. the back is a different story - a vertically-oriented dual era with rectangular fingerprint reader below it. when oneplus moved the fingerprint reader to... وان پلاس – oneplus
وان پلاس - oneplus
وان‌پلاس – oneplus یک شرکت تولید کننده گوشی‎های هوشمند چینی است که در 16 دسامبر 2013 تاسیس شد. دفتر مرکزی این شرکت در شنزن چین واقع شده است. بر اساس اسناد ثبت شده در سازمان نظارت بر بازار شهرداری شنژن در ت چین اعلام شد وان‌پلاس یکی از شرکت‌های تابعه اوپو است اما مسئولان وان‌پلاس اعلام د که تصمیم گرفته‌اند خود را از شرکت oppo جدا کنند. 6 vs. 7. vs. 8 - which is more? in an attempt to determine just that, we're setting contender oneplus 5 against defending champs, so to speak, like the iphone 7 plus and the samsung galaxy s8. oneplus 5t تصمیم دارد که با رنگ بندی های جدید برای چینی ها و یی ها روانه بازار شود. این تنوع رنگ به طور فاحشی به افزایش قیمت گوشی ها منجر شده است. وان پلاس – oneplus وان پلاس - oneplus
وان پلاس – oneplus یک شرکت تولید کننده گوشی‎های هوشمند چینی است که در ۱۶ دسامبر ۲۰۱۳ تاسیس شد. دفتر مرکزی این شرکت در شنزن چین واقع شده است. بر اساس اسناد ثبت شده در سازمان نظارت بر بازار شهرداری شنژن در ت چین اعلام شد وان پلاس یکی از شرکت های تابعه اوپو است اما مسئولان وان پلاس اعلام د که تصمیم گرفته اند خود را از شرکت oppo جدا کنند. we received an exclusive screens from a very credible source, revealing the oneplus 5 benchmark scorecard on geekbench. the results show an impressive score of 1963 (single-core) and the m ive 6687 score (multi-core), topping the geekbench 4 . the galaxy s8 and the xperia xz premium are two of the more popular devices with the same chipset, but their scores are a bit lower than the oneplus 5's. samsung's flagship scored1929 in single-core and 6084 in multi-core , while sony's brightest star got 1943 in single-core and just 5824 in multi-core. .jrg hcontainer {... به تازگی فروش گوشی oneplus one در بازار هند ممنوع شده و این ممنوعیت به دلیل استفاده از برند cyanogen روی این گوشی است درحالی که شرکت هندی میکروم روی گوشی‏هایش از آن استفاده می‏کند. بر این اساس دادگاه عالی دهلی فروش این گوشی را در بازار هند ممنوع اعلام کرد. گزارش‏ها حاکی است که شرکت وان‏پلاس به این حکم اعتراض کرده و خواستار تجدید نظر شده تا . yet another week is behind us and oneplus 5 was the device to dominate headlines over the past seven days. we saw a screens from the upcoming flagship from the chinese company as well as suggested specs and pricing in an online ing. in more official news, the maker revealed why it will be skipping number 4 and calling it oneplus 5. sony caused some excitement as its x ultra handset leaked, while the xz premium got benchmarked. a couple of samsung mid-rangers also made an appearance - the galaxy j5 (2017) and galaxy j7 (2018) should be going official shortly. in the more... oneplus manufactures top-notch smartphones, but all its devices lack a feature found in all the competitors - waterproofing. all phones until the oneplus 5t do not have ip67/68 capabilities, but according to the company, the upcoming oneplus 6 will finally be safe from the natural elements like water, especially rainwater. don't you just hate it when you have to stop using your phone when it rains? so do we 😉— oneplus (@oneplus) april 16, 2018 other features and specs that the oneplus 6 will have are a 3.5 mm audio jack and a notch on the top of the... oneplus switchoneplus switch اپلیکیشنی است که به کاربران اندرویدی کمک می کند که از دیوایس های خود دل ند و به جمع وان پلاسی ها افزوده شوند بدون اینکه اپ های خود را از دست دهند the oneplus 5 will be getting the face unlock feature from the oneplus 5t in a software update. this information was relayed by oneplus co-founder carl pei on twitter, who said the feature is being added to the oneplus 5 by popular demand. due to popular demand, face unlock is coming for the oneplus 5. thanks for the feedback, and merry christmas! 🎅🎄🎁— carl pei (@getpeid) december 24, 2017 currently, oneplus' face unlock feature is only available on their flagship oneplus 5t. it's a much simpler version of the technology used on the iphone x as it uses just... oneplus has already started talking about its next smartphone, the oneplus 5. it's teased some possible color versions, and the ceo revealed what chipset will be powering it. as we inevitably get closer and closer to its unveiling, the company seems intent on focusing just on the oneplus 5. so it's decided to retire the oneplus 3t. there are apparently only a few units still available for purchase, so if you want a 3t you should grab one as soon as possible. oneplus says "this is the last call" to buy the 3t "before stock runs out". when that happens, it's all over for what was one of... despite a rocky first couple of years, oneplus has really turned things around with its well-praised oneplus 3, and then later, the just as well respected oneplus 3t. oneplus is expected to deliver again with its next major smartphone release: the oneplus 5. this isn't the first time this happens: oppomart has ed the oneplus 5, complete with specs and a retail price of $449.00. the image used is the same leaked render of a black model with a dual- era. though, this model is still alleged and final hardware could look different. check out the specs from the ing: keep... to celebrate valentine's day oneplus is giving you the chance to snag not one but two "personalized" oneplus 3ts by signing up for the #lickoflove competition on oneplus's website. and while winning the spanking 3t is all well and good, it's oneplus's accompanying ad that's the interesting bit. oneplus made a video for the #lickoflove competition which shows people literally licking the phone. here's the cringe-inducing video itself. this isn't the first time oneplus has made a polarizing ad. then again the maker means well - the #lickoflove ad is focused on highlighting all of the... despite a rocky first couple of years, oneplus has really turned things around with its well-praised oneplus 3, and then later, the just as well-respected oneplus 3t. oneplus is expected to deliver again with its next major smartphone release: the oneplus 5. oppomart has ed the oneplus 5, complete with specs and a retail price of $449.00. the image used is the same leaked render of a black model with a dual- era. though, this model is still alleged and final hardware could look different. check out the specs from the ing: keep in mind these specs are not yet... this year's "flagship killer" will be called oneplus 5, not oneplus 4, because of tet hobia. we've already established that, and we've seen some leaks talking about the upcoming device's specs. what we haven't gawked at so far is an image of the oneplus 5. well, that changes today. what you see below are said to be renders of the handset based on what "people who have seen the phone and have possibly worked on the oneplus 5" have described. that said, note that this design is still subject to change. the obvious thing to notice is that oneplus is set to reprise its black hue for the... oneplus has been up to something lately and it doesn't seem to be the rumored oneplus 5. the chinese manufacturer has been dropping some design hints and its all starting to make a lot more sense now that we know the colette boutique in paris is involved. something is about to go down with @oneplus & @coletteparis - stay tuned.— oneplus (@oneplus) march 13, 2017 the collaboration was announced on twitter and teases an event, scheduled from tomorrow - march 15. by all accounts and estimates, we can expect a new color for the oneplus 3t - likely a blue one,... the oneplus 6 is coming soon and today the chinese company has decided to start its marketing paign for the device in earnest. thus, oneplus has outed the first official teaser video for its next flagship smartphone. it's only four seconds long, but it manages to confirm the oneplus 6 name. it also tells us that this phone will pack "the speed you need". 6et ready!— oneplus (@oneplus) april 2, 2018 oneplus ceo pete lau has already confirmed that his company's next handset will be powered by qualcomm's snapdragon 845 chipset, and that's where that speed... yesterday, oneplus announced the last call for prospective oneplus 3t buyers to pickup the phone stating that the company has limited units left in its warehouse. today, the company sent a clarification specific to the indian market. in this update, oneplus has clarified that the oneplus 3t will continue to be available in india until "later this year". both the 64gb and 128gb variants of the phone will be available through all three official channels, amazon india, oneplus online store as well as the oneplus experience store in bengaluru. we wish the company was more precise than... the limited edition oneplus 5 jcc+ is now on sale in europe. the phone has a custom inscription on the back as well as a blue power on, yellow sound switch and red volume rocker, made in collaboration with famous designer jean-charles de castelbajac. underneath the fresher uniform this is a top of the line 8gb + 128gb oneplus 5 and is priced the same - not a penny over the "regular" oneplus 5 - €559 / £499. oneplus 5 jcc+ if you want the limited oneplus 5 jcc+ you'd better hurry as stock will be much lower than the regular unit. source via amid all the excitement over today's oneplus 5 announcement, carl pei, co-founder of oneplus tweeted that the oneplus 5 is the company's fastest selling device ever. 🔥🔥🔥the first numbers are in, the oneplus 5 is our fastest selling device ever!🔥🔥🔥— carl pei (@getpeid) june 20, 2017 although the phone doesn't officially go on sale until june 27, oneplus held an early sale both online and at pop-up shops that opened in various cities around the world such as new york city, where the queue went all the way around the city block. about... the day has finally come and we are about to see the oneplus 5t go official. after a ton of leaks, the oneplus 5t might not be a big surprise. it is expected to come with fullview display and a refreshed dual era. the event starts at 4 pm gmt and after it is done, keep an eye on our homepage for all the official info on the oneplus 5t, garnished with our first-hand impressions. we've already seen supposed renders and teasers of what a oneplus 5t might look like, though thanks to the most recent oppo r11s leak, we have a pretty good idea. there was even an event invitation for a november 5 announcement that oneplus deemed a fake. the most recent rumor was that the supposed oneplus 5t would get a minor era upgrade. today, @evleaks officially caught wind of new oneplus 5t information from two reliable sources. firstly, he's confident that oneplus is definitely working on a new device with an 18:9 display aspect ratio, secondly, he's also heard that the purported... the oneplus 5t is on its way, and the company launched its "the lab" project that lets fans review the latest phone before the official announcement. in a message on oneplus' forum, a staff member said that the "10 savviest never settlers" will be among the first people to get their hands on the new phone. their mission is to share impressions and reviews with the oneplus community. candidates should follow a link where they have to fill in some basic info about themselves and a short review (up to 300 words) of the most impressive phone they have ever used. oneplus gives bonus... oneplus' teaser paign for its next smartphone is already in full swing. today we get a glimpse at the oneplus 6's left side, courtesy of what has now become traditional for the company - namely, a s of its current flagship sitting atop the yet to be released model. that's the oneplus 5t's back you can see in the image, but underneath it is the upcoming oneplus 6. and we can glance at its left side. there's only so much info we can gather from such a teaser, but if you look closely it does seem like the antenna bands are confined to the metal frame and don't slip over onto the phone's... if you've been living under a rock for the past several days, oneplus 5 is launching on june 20. yesterday the company showed the back design with a dual- era setup and now an alleged benchmark on gfxbench outed most of the specs of the "flagship killer". this is the second benchmark ing in the last 24 hours after the oneplus 5 appeared on geekbench as well. if the ing is legit, the oneplus 5 will have a 5.5" screen with full hd resolution like its predecessor, the oneplus 3t. unsurprisingly, oneplus decided to go with the snapdragon 835 soc with octa-core cpu and adreno... according to a new report, samsung has started working on the oreo update for its galaxy s8 series of smartphones. the update could carry firmware version of g955fxxu1bqi1 and g950fxxu1bqi1 for the s8 and s8+, respectively. while there's no information on the roll out time-frame, the report notes the south korean company will likely kick off a beta testing program before pushing out the update to all. it also says the firm might not implement all android 8.0 features in the update. recently, oneplus started pushing the oreo update to the oneplus 3 closed beta channel. among other... قیمت وان پلاس 5 به دنبال معرفی گوشی جدید وان پلاس، زمان عرضه و قیمت وان پلاس 5 (oneplus 5) در بازار کشورهای اروپایی، آسیایی و اعلام شد. وان پلاس با بهره گیری از سخت افزار قدرتمند، تلاش کرده تا روند قبلی خود در تولید پرچمداران مقرون به صرفه را دنبال کند و اسنپدراگون 835، هشت گیگابایت رم و ... نوشته زمان عرضه و قیمت وان پلاس 5 برای بازار کشورهای مختلف اعلام شد اولین بار در گجت نیوز پدیدار شد. it's no secret that oppo and oneplus (and vivo) are owned by the same company and it shows in a variety of ways across the devices of the three manufacturers. the oneplus 5 has an uncanny resemblance to the oppo r11 - they differ slightly in size, chipset and ram, in eras and batteries but are more or less identical in terms of design. which is why you needn't look further than the upcoming oppo r11s to know how the oneplus 5t will look. the oneplus 5t will move the fingerprint scanner to the back to make room for a new nearly bezel-less 18:9 display - a 6.0-inch amoled... we've been hearing a lot about the oneplus 5. in the past couple of weeks or so, we've seen the phone's specs leak a couple of times, and we saw it ed on one or two online retailers. although oneplus confirmed to the verge of the phone's existance, there's finally concrete evidence. oneplus has posted its first teaser for its upcoming flagship device on its weibo account. the teaser is a p o of the words "hello 5" with the oneplus insignia in the corner. the company's caption is "hey summer! give me five!" while the teaser doesn't reveal anything about the actual phone except... نسخه نهایی اندروید 8 برای وان پلاس 3 تی و وان پلاس 3 منتشر شد اندروید 8 برای وان پلاس 3 تی (oneplus 3t) و وان پلاس 3 (oneplus 3) پس از هفته ها انتظار عرضه شد و تغییراتی در رابط کاربری گوشی های محبوب وان پلاس ایجاد کرد. مدتی پیش، وان پلاس نسخه بتای اندروید 8 اوریو را برای گوشی های وان پلاس 3 و وان پلاس 3 تی منتشر ... نوشته انتشار نسخه نهایی اندروید 8 برای وان پلاس 3 تی و وان پلاس 3 اولین بار در گجت نیوز پدیدار شد. we've seen our share of head-to-head youtube speed tests of the latest smartphones, but there's always an extra 5 minutes for another one. in this case, it's the oneplus 5 vs. the htc u11 and the samsung galaxy s8 - a battle of the 835 snapdragons, if you will. in this iteration, its 20 apps run in succession on the three phones, against the clock. a second round is performed to see how quickly the phones can access the apps already launched on the first go - ram mana ent is key for this one. oh, and the amount of ram too, of course - 8gb for the op5, half that for the s8 and u11. the... در طی چند هفته اخیر، شایعات و گمانه زنی های متعددی پیرامون گوشی پرچم دار جدید oneplus 5 منتشر شده است. شرکت وان پلاس، مدتی پیش عرضه نسل جدید گوشی پرچم دار خود را در سال ۲۰۱۷ تایید نمود و البته اطلاعات بیشتری پیرامون این مدل در آن زمان ارائه نشد. با این‎حال، به تازگی وان پلاس تایید نموده است که گوشی[ادامه مطلب] chinese manufacturer oneplus has started selling phones in denmark, with the oneplus 3t being the first device that has been launched there. both 64gb and 128gb storage options are available, with color options including gunmetal. the handset is exclusively available through 3 denmark, which is offering it for as low as dkk 4,270 (around $620). "we have already registered more than 2.500 oneplus devices in our network, which says it all," said david els , vp for consumer market at 3. "it is probably the best smartphone in the world at the moment." source via 3 denmark oneplus 6 is nearing its launch, and we get to know more and more about the phone one leak at a time. the latest information comes from india, where the pricing of oneplus a6003 is ed. the phone will have three storage options and versions with 6 gb and 8 gb, with the cheapest one being inr33,999 or about $523/€427. according to the source, oneplus is also preparing to launch wireless bullets earplugs but has not yet decided on the price of those. storage price in inr price in usd price in eur oneplus 6 64 gb 33,999 - 36,999 ... shortly after rolling out a similar update to samsung galaxy note 4 units on its network, verizon has started pushing out the blueborne security fix update to samsung galaxy note edge units as well. arriving as software version mmb29m.n915vvru2cqi3, the update also brings along "most up to date android security patches" - the carrier doesn't explicitly specify whether or not these are september fixes. recently, oneplus also pushed out the blueborne fixing update to the oneplus 3/3t on the open beta channel. source via after a video teaser on youtube, followed by another on twitter, oneplus has finally announced the oneplus 5t sandstone white edition. it will be available for purchase on january 9 in only one configuration. the sandstone finish resembles the older oneplus one and oneplus two phones. the phone is also the same as the star wars limited edition we showed you last month, minus the logo on the back and the fancy retail box contents. the oneplus 5t sandstone white edition will be available only in the 8gb/128gb memory flavor. the more affordable version with 6 gb ram and 64 gb storage... oneplus has announced that its limited edition oneplus 3t midnight black is going to be slightly less exclusive, as the company will be selling more units of the device beyond the originally planned 250. oneplus will be making another 250 units available through hypebeast website on march 24, 4pm gmt. additional units will be available at a later date from in north america and europe. in india, the phone will be available for pre-order on amazon on march 23 and will be available for purchase starting march 31, 2:00pm ist on amazon and last week the... oneplus is taking special interest in the p og hy skills of its next flagship and is now recruiting mobile p og hy enthusiasts to test the oneplus 5. first, you need to join the lab. you'll need to follow the @oneplustech instagram account and fill out a form, then submit 3 p os from your own instagram account to be judged. ten winners will be selected, they will receive the next oneplus handset early so they can give feedback to the company before the phone launches for the m es. for many people, smartphones are their go-to daily era. with the right technology in their... the sandstone material is iconic to oneplus fans - it was one of the unique feature of the original oneplus one. while the company dropped it in favor of metal since the oneplus 3, it is making a comeback - in just 2 days! sure, there have been cases for the oneplus 3/3t and the 5/5t, but on january 5 fans will get the real deal - a oneplus 5t with a sandstone back. the traditional g hite color may give way to white, however. to remind you why sandstone is so important, the company tweeted this video with quotes by fans sharing their love of the grippy material. some even go as far... oneplus had been really boasting about the dual- era featured on the oneplus 5, even weeks before the phone's launch. it gave many fans some really high expectations, so some were upset by the era as far as saying that it wasn't worth the hype it got. some notable mentions of the oneplus 5's era are its excellent outdoor s s with "outstanding color and detail". dxo says the oneplus 5's white balance is often accurate, stable and consistent when shooting outside; details are also well preserved. meanwhile, shooing high dynamic scenes tents to under expose shadowy... we are closer to the june 20 announcement of the oneplus 5 and there is still a bunch we don't know about the handset just yet. earlier today, oneplus teased the era setup of the phone, confirming previous leaked images. also, yesterday, we got an idea of what the oneplus 5 might be costing in the european market. today there's new information about what the oneplus 5 could possibly cost in india. true-tech reports that a reliable sourced sent in a table of the alleged retail pricing of the oneplus 5 for the indian market. the table s a 6gb/64gb model at inr 32,999 (~$513) while the... after dropping hints that the oneplus 3/3t would get the face unlock feature, oneplus has now confirmed the development. at the recently concluded ces, co-founder and global director carl pei said the devices will get the functionality in an upcoming beta build. commenting on the decision, he said, "there's no reason to withhold features we can easily implement." it's worth mentioning that the 5t was the first oneplus device to come face unlock, and the feature was later made available to the oneplus 5 as well. source شرکت oneplus اعلام کرد که گوشی وان پلاس 6 زودتر از موعد و تا انتهای سال 2017 عرضه خواهد شد. for the past couple of weeks oneplus has been actively teasing its upcoming oneplus 5t smartphone, focusing on features like the device portrait mode and headphone jack. today the chinese company has released yet another teaser, this time dedicated to the location where the smartphone will be unveiled. guess which city we're going to party in for the #oneplus5t launch!— oneplus (@oneplus) november 5, 2017 the company posted a s from manhattan, asking us guess which city is hosting the oneplus 5t launch, clearly suggesting it's going to be new... the notched screen a la iphone x is the latest trend (don't call it a fad) in the android world, one which has been picking up steam disturbingly fast. and according to a new leak, the upcoming oneplus 6 will go with the flow and come with a notch of its own. this development was first revealed in a leaked live image from last month, which also tells us that it will be incredibly hard to tell the oneplus 6 and the oppo r15 apart. the shared design isn't surprising, given past antics and the fact that both oppo and oneplus are owned by bbk electronics. anyway, the oneplus 6 is to have a... تست مقاومت وان پلاس 5 تی در برابر خمیدگی و خط و خش تست مقاومت وان پلاس 5 تی (oneplus 5t) منتشر شد و استحکام گوشی جدید وان پلاس را در برابر خط و خش و خمیدگی به چالش کشید. به نظر شما نتیجه چیست؟ بر اساس ج زمان بندی، گوشی جدید وان پلاس 5 تی فردا 21 نوامبر (30 آبان) به بازار عرضه می شود. حال طرفداران و علاقه مندان ... نوشته تست مقاومت وان پلاس 5 تی در برابر خمیدگی و خط و خش (ویدیو) اولین بار در گجت نیوز پدیدار شد. oneplus 5 is one of the excellent and reasonably-priced flagships out on the market, but it is usually shipped without headphones. now you can get the chinese manufacturer's bullets v2 for free if you buy the oneplus 5 with 128 gb storage. going on the oneplus website and selecting the $539 phone, at the third step "special offers" you'll see the headphones are offered with 100% discount. the bullets v2, offered in black or white have a retail price of $19.95 which goes down to $0 when the 128 gb oneplus 5 is added to the shopping basket. the company reminds all that the deal is...