oppo f7 teasers desperately want you to like the notch

به نقل از خبرگزاریها در مورد oppo f7 teasers desperately want you to like the notch : oppo is gearing up to announce the r15, a successor to the r11, a device whose hardware design would later be adopted by the oneplus 5. the phone has been teased with a notch in its display and an entire tv commercial, complete with the unreleased phone's name has also been shared around. a new leak comes from weibo where the phone's supposed specs have surfaced. the phone was previously rumored to have mediatek's newest helio p60 cpu. this leak coincides with that rumor since it also mentions the helio p60. source: weibo according to the leaked image from weibo, the oppo r15 and... the oppo r11s is now almost completely revealed, days before it is supposed to be announced on november 2. the phone is now officially ed on oppo's chinese website so people can register their interest in buying it. there's also a live product page for the oppo r11s. you'll be able to buy the oppo r11s in champagne, black, red and a special star screen red, in which the red color continues under the front gl . judging by the current price of the oppo r11 - around 3,000 cny for the 64gb model - we can expect something similar for the oppo r11s. the oppo r11s is said to... today in an official message oppo confirmed the date for the official launch of oppo f3 and oppo f3 plus. both devices will be the first in oppo's portfolio with a dual- era setup on the front which the company dubbed as "selfie expert" due to the 16 mp + 8 mp front eras. they will be available across five markets on march 23. the oppo f3 plus is expected to have a 6" screen with full hd resolution and snapdragon 653, coupled with 4 gb ram and 64 gb internal storage. when talking about eras, oppo f3 plus will come with one rear 16 mp era and a 16 mp + 8 mp pair on the... oppo a71 was announced in september and then re-introduced in january with refreshed hardware. first it arrived in pakistan and just two weeks later it popped up on flipkart after an official introduction by the brand director of oppo india. the phone comes with 3 gb ram and snapdragon 450 chipset with a promo price of inr9,990 (about €126/$155). oppo a71 (2018) the oppo a71 (2018) has eight cortex-a53 cores, clocked at up to 1.8 ghz. the era on the back has 13 mp sensor and f/2.2 lens, while the front one comes with 5 mp and f/2.4 aperture. oppo a71... ivan: the notch gives character. when the apple iphone x e out in the fall of last year we were split on "the notch" and the controversy hasn't stopped ever since. i'm pretty sure most people (along with my colleague at the opposite end of this argument) find the notch ugly and pointless. but i find it kind of attractive, weird as that may sound to most people. it gives the iphone x a character of its own, a face even. it's an iconic design already, much like the round home on was. i've subsequently bought an iphone x and i've not once found the notch a hindrance.... oppo f5 was announced on october 26 and has been leading our top 10 most popular phones chart since. and now that we got the phone for a review we'll be able to find out what all the fuss is about. the selfie expert the chipset is decidedly mid-range and the design is hardly very exciting - although the taller screen helps improve the traditional oppo look. oppo targets this at selfie enthusiasts so we are willing to live with those compromises. and at €320 the mediatek p23 isn't that bad a deal. keen to share some of the iphone x spotlight, oppo repeatedly points out that... after a months' worth of ads and promotions across the philippines, the oppo f5 is finally official. the successor to the oppo f3, the f5 drops the front fingerprint on for a tall 18:9 6.0-inch lcd of 1080x2160px resolution. the fingerprint scanner has been moved over to the back but if you don't care to reach for it, the oppo f5 supports face unlock. mind you oppo warns that this isn't as secure as the fingerprint reader. the eras are the clear focus on the oppo f5. the rear snapper is a 16mp unit with an f/1.8 aperture but the higher-resolution one is the 20mp f/2.0 unit on... oppo is bolstering its entry-level range with the introduction of the oppo a1. it has a tall-aspect 18:9 5.7-inch s-ips lcd, 4gb of ram, 64gb of storage and a 3,180 mah battery. there's a lone 13mp era on the back and a fixed-focus 8mp selfie era. the oppo a1 lacks a fingerprint scanner but makes do with face recognition entry. oppo will start selling the a1 on april 1 in china in cherry red and dark blue for cny 1399 - or around €179. via
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ادامه مطلب oppo has had some innovative era designs, but is relatively new to the dual era field. the f3 plus was announced just days ago with a dual selfie era, but rumor has it that the oppo r11 will bring two eras to the back. at this year's mwc, the company brought the world's first dual setup with 5x optical zoom (using a periscope system). it's too early to tell, but a premium line like the r series could conceivably get such a high-end imaging setup. the design is similar to the oppo r9s (at least going by the image) and there will be a plus model too - a 5.5" oppo r11 and a... oppo's next flagship the r11 is going to be announced on june 10, two different sources revealed last week. we've already seen the phone in numerous leaks, but the latest one gives us the press images oppo, revealing the color scheme of the phone. the oppo r11 will be sold in pink, black and gold flavors. the images confirm the oppo r11 will have a dual- era setup with a single led flash on the back, a first for the r-series. it will sport a fingerprint scanner, implemented in the home on on the front and only one selfie era. the power on is on the right side,... if you're hankering after a smartphone with a 'notch' as a key feature and for it to have s9 in its name then leagoo has you covered. and all for $150. at the mobile world conference this week leagoo released more details about its upcoming leagoo s9 smartphone, proudly carrying the slogan 'world's first android notch display smartphone'. in addition to a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor the 'notch' houses the technology to enable a "face access" feature unlocking the phone in under 0.1 seconds. but if you have a look at it compared to the iphone x, you will notice the notch... mere hours after oppo unveiled the r15 duo, vivo followed suit and announced its top-tier vivo x21 smartphone. it packs a 6.28" amoled screen with a notch, runs on snapdragon 660, and has a dual- era on its back. sounds familiar, right? so, the x21 has a 6.28" super amoled of 1,080 x 2,280 pixels at the front. in its notch sits a 12mp selfie shooter behind f/2.0 lens accompanied by an ir fill light, so it can do fast face wake 2.0 with 3d mapping. there is a dual- era setup on the back with 12mp f/1.8 main shooter and a 5mp f/2.4 secondary one for various background... oppo is set to unveil the r11 during an event on june 10. the information leaked through a poster just yesterday and is now being reconfirmed by another one. oppo event invite accompanying the leaked invite are two official tv commercials highlighting the 20mp back and front eras. this isn't the first leaked oppo r11 commercial either. recently, a tenaa ing leaked to reveal all of the specs. the oppo r11 will come with a 16mp+20mp duo era on the back, a 20mp selfie era, a snapdragon 660 chip with 4gb of ram and 64gb of internal storage. the screen will be... oppo announced the r11s and r11s plus in the beginning of the month with the small version going on sale two weeks ago. now, the plus variant joins it on the shelves as the company announced the starts of its availability in china. the oppo r11s plus shares plenty of hardware with the regular oppo r11s. the chipset is the same - snapdragon 660, as well as the 20 mp + 16 mp dual era setup on the back. the plus in the name indicates bigger 6.43" screen, more ram and mightier power cell. the memory combo is 6 gb + 64 gb, while the battery capacity is 4,000 mah. the price is also... getting noticed in a busy place like the smartphone market is no easy feat. oppo's decision to go after the selfie-loving crowd is one that seems to be paying off so far. granted, technological s like vooc fast charging have likely played a part too, but it's no accident that the selfie experts are the most popular oppo phones in our database. a tv commercial for the oppo r11 leaked on thursday, confirming the name of the device, its design and its era features. it will be the first r-series phone by oppo with two eras on the back while the front shooter will be 20 mp. the 20-second video shows a that is too short to take a video of street performers, but a handsome, tall guy helps her out. he takes the phone to a proper height while she is mesmerized by his looks. the ad ends with the actual name of the device oppo r11 next to three units, revealing at least two color options - pink and gold. according to... oppo released the f3 for five key markets, but before it hits the shelves, we snatched a unit for our tests. the company dubbed the oppo f3 the "selfie expert," so we tinkered around a bit with the front era to see if it stands up to its name, before sending the device to our labs for external tests. the f3 review unit we got here is gold in color but it can easily be mistaken for rose pink in certain lighting or at an angle. the back is the only gold-colored part though, which is how oppo has always preferred to have it. design-wise, the back panel doesn't look particularly... june 5 was just a preview, now oppo is unveiling the r11 and r11 plus in earnest. we already saw the r11, so let's focus on the plus model now. not that there's much difference between the two. the oppo r11 plus boasts a 6" display - an amoled panel with 1080p resolution - and a large 4,000mah battery (complete with vooc flash charging). this dwarfs the 5.5" screen and 3,000mah (still vooc-supporting) battery of the regular r11. oppo r11 plus anyway, the dual era is where it gets fun. a 16mp sensor behind a bright f/1.7 aperture is the backbone of the system,... billboards for the unannounced oppo f3 and f3 plus were spotted in the philippines a couple of days ago, and sure enough, the company's local branch has sent out invites to the press in the country for a launch event. it is to be held on march 23, and while the f3 and f3 plus aren't explicitly mentioned, it's only logical that they will be the stars of the show. being the next selfie experts - a marketing slogan oppo used for the original f1, the f3 and f3 plus will up their selfie game by packing a dual front era. or maybe just the plus, who knows. oppo's cousin company vivo... the oppo r11 has been selling in china for a few days and it has been a successful endeavor as in just 40 minutes it broke the record for first day sales (both on and off-line). and now the r11 is coming to singapore, set to launch on june 22, this thursday. the press release gave no clue on the price, however. in china, it sells for cny 3,000 (around $440) and it should start selling tomorrow in taiwan at ntd 16,000 (around $525). oppo r11: in black • gold • rose gold • heat red the oppo r11 has two major features that work in harmony - a dual era (16mp + 20mp) and the... oppo has launched a more affordable version of its f5 mid-ranger. dubbed oppo f5 youth, it retains the 6" 18:9 display with minimal bezels and fhd+ resolution (2160x1080 pixels), but comes with a downgraded era setup. the oppo f5 youth is powered by the same mediatek helio p23 chipset as the regular f5, featuring an octa-core cortex-a53 cpu and arm mali g71 mp2 gpu, but has its ram reduced to 3gb. storage is 32gb, but there's a microsd card slot for adding to it. the memory expansion slot comes in addition to the two nano-sim slots, so you don't have to sacrifice the second line to get... screen protectors on amazon are perhaps not the most trusty source, but here's another clue that the huawei p20 pro will have a notch on its screen. the cutout is tied to the trend of shrinking bezels as the other solution - putting the earpiece under the screen and moving the selfie to the bottom - isn't great. a screen protector with a notch for the huawei p20 pro the notch isn't the only way the upcoming huawei flagship will resemble the iphone x, the company is working on its own implementation of 3d scanning for faceid and animoji. where the p20 will one-up the apple... the oppo r11 is due to be announced a week from now, and following render leaks, live s s and oppo's own teaser, there seems to be little the company can surprise us with come june 11. oh, and as if that wasn't enough, a geekbench entry now reveals the r11's cpu performance numbers. the results aren't radically different from what a certain heart-named device posted a couple of weeks back - in fact, the single-core's 1588 points are identical between the two. however, the oppo r11 appears to be tweaked towards slightly higher multi-core performance, its 5780 points being some 6% more... chinese smartphone manufacturer oppo is rumored to launch a new smartphone soon. dubbed oppo a77, the device will be powered by mediatek mt6750t soc and sport a 5.5-inch full hd display. oppo a57 ram is 4gb, while internal memory is 64gb. the handset features a 13mp main era and a 16mp selfie shooter. the device offers supports for dual sim, and packs in a 3,200mah battery. reports say the device will be launched sometime around end of this month (rumored date is may 26), and taiwan will be the first market to get it. there's currently no information on how much it will... oppo launched another "selfie expert" - the oppo f3, at an event in india. the smaller sibling of the f3 plus has a dual front era setup - a 16 mp unit with 1/3.1" sensor size and f/2.0 aperture along with an 8 mp f/2.4 wide-angle one for selfies with all your friends. the era on the back has a 13mp 1/3-inch sensor with an led flash, pdaf and f/2.2 lens. the oppo f3 is built around a 5.5" lcd of full hd resolution with gorilla gl 5 on top of it. under the gold back panel beats a mediatek mt6750 chipset with octa-core cpu. the soc also has room for 4 gb ram and 64 gb... the ceo of xiaomi, lei jun, has been posting teasers about the mi mix 2, sometimes even from the mix 2 itself. yesterday, he shared that the phone has entered m production and today he even posted a few s s of the retail packaging. xiaomi mi mix 2 retail packaging (s on mi 6) here are the beginnings of the promo paign - the schtick is that the phone is nearly invisible when you turn on the era, because the bezels are barely there. some mi mix 2 teasers and here are some more official teasers: more mi mix 2 promo images jun also shared the... the 6gb ram variant of the oppo f5 smartphone is now available in india. the model comes in black and red color options and is already offered by etailer flipkart. your long wait is over! pre-order #oppof5 6gb exclusively on flipkart (https://t.co/gqcj2c8tyy) or visit offline stores near you. know more - https://t.co/v5xax5lmgu#oppof5powerfulred pic.twitter.com/mhdeibzrlx— oppo mobile india (@oppomobileindia) november 27, 2017 the 6gb ram oppo f5 costs inr 24,990 ($385). for comparison, the 4gb ram variant, which launched in the country earlier this month, costs inr 19,990... شرکت چینی oppo در نمایشگاه mwc 2017 از مدل آزمایشی گوشی خودش رونمایی کرد که دوربین فوق العاده ای برای آن در نظر گرفته شده است. دوربین دوتایی گوشی جدید oppo به زوم ۵x مجهز شده و ساختاری پیر ن یا پریسکوپ مانند دارد. a new oppo smartphone has been spotted on benchmarking website gfxbench. ed as oppo r6091, the device is powered by mediatek's mt6750t soc with octa-core cpu, and sports a 5.5-inch 1080p display. ram is 4gb, while storage should be 32gb. the two onboard eras have 16mp and 12mp resolutions, while the android version is 6.0 marshmallow. nothing else is known about the r6091 at the moment, although reports say it's the oppo f1 plus with marshmallow on board (the difference in chipsets could be an error at gfxbench's end). there's, however, no confirmation on this at the... the oppo f5 youth - which was made official by the company late last month, and has only been available in the philippines so far - has now landed in india as well. the device carries a price tag of inr 16,990 (around $265). as for availability, you'll be able to purchase the handset through both online and offline channels. reports say launch is set for today. the phone is currently ed on oppo's official india website as well, but the 'buy now' on does nothing at the moment. source via the oppo a77 is official. oppo made the announcement over on its taiwanese website and will open up pre-orders in taiwan starting may 19. the a77 packs much better specs compared to its predecessor with a 5.5" screen of a higher 1920x1080px resolution, a larger 3,200mah battery, an octa-core 1.5ghz mediatek mt6750t chipset and more ram - 4gb. there's a hybrid sim slot housing either two sims or a sim and a microsd card. the two eras on the oppo a77 are a 13mp f/2.2 snapper on the back with phase detect autofocus and a dual led flash and a 16mp f/2.0 selfie era with beauty 4.0... اوپو ای 83 (oppo a83) گوشی هوشمند اوپو ای 83 (oppo a83) با 4 گیگابایت رم، 32 گیگابایت حافظه داخلی به همراه صفحه نمایش 5.7 اینچی و دوربین قدرتمند 13 مگاپی لی رونمایی شد. مدت کوتاهی پس از رونمایی از مدل های a75 و a75s شرکت اوپو از نسل جدید گوشی های هوشمند خود به نام اوپو ای 83 رونمایی کرد. این ... نوشته اوپو ای 83 (oppo a83) با صفحه نمایش 5.7 اینچی و دوربین 13 مگاپی لی رونمایی شد اولین بار در گجت نیوز پدیدار شد. in a world where smartphones are either champagne/rose gold or black, every different color option is appreciated. huawei spent half of their p10 launch presentation on talking about the new colors. samsung introduced a unique galaxy s8 to match the autumn foliage. now oppo joins the company with its latest r11s flagship in a y red color we received for a review. the color might be eye-grabbing, but the oppo r11s is also great specs-wise. coming as an update of the oppo r11 introduced in june, it now has a tall 18:9 ratio amoled screen. the chipset and memory combo are the same as... shortly after announcing the a75 and a75s, oppo unveiled another smartphone. dubbed a83, the device is powered by an soc with octa-core 2.5ghz processor, and sports a 5.7-inch display with 720x1440 pixel resolution and 18:9 aspect ratio. oppo a83 official images ram is 4gb, while internal memory is 32gb. the handset features a 13mp rear era and an 8mp front shooter. measuring 150.5 × 73.1 × 7.7mm and weighing in at 143g, the phone runs android 7.1 and packs in a 3,090mah battery. the oppo a83 also features facial recognition technology that the company claims can unlock... recently oppo launched a new smartphone dubbed a71. the device was initially only available in malaysia, but now it is on sale in india as well. the a71 is ed on flipkart, carrying a price tag of inr 12,990, which currently translates to $200. both gold and black color options are available. the oppo a71 is powered by mediatek's mt6750 soc and sports a 5.2-inch display. memory configuration is 3gb/16gb, while eras on the back and front are 13mp and 5mp, respectively. a 3,000mah battery is there to keep the lights on. source via گوشی موبایل اوپو اف 5 (oppo f5) با سیستم هوش رونمایی شد. در ادامه نگاهی به ویژگی ها، قابلیت ها، سخت افزار، قیمت و مشخصات اوپو اف 5 خواهیم داشت. سازندگان با حذف کلید فیزیکی هوم، از نمایشگری lcd و 6.0 اینچی با وضوح 1080×2160 و ابعاد 18:9 استفاده کرده و حاشیه های صفحه نمایش را به حداقل رسانده اند. ... نوشته اوپو اف 5 (oppo f5) با دوربین سلفی 20 مگاپی لی و هوش از راه رسید اولین بار در گجت نیوز پدیدار شد. a new update has started rolling out to the oppo r9, r9 plus, and f1s smartphones. currently hitting units in australia, the update brings along android 6.0 marshmallow (all three devices were launched last year running lollipop). "an extra benefit to upgrading to the latest version of the coloros is that it will allow the oppo r9 plus and r9 to have a dual-sim function with 4g+3g compatibility," the chinese company says on its australian website. there's currently no information on when other regions/markets will get the update. thanks for the tip, shubham sharma. source oppo didn't announce an actual handset at the mwc, showcasing an interesting 5x zoom era instead. you can read more about it in our hands-on review, however, it is still some way away from appearing on an actual product. in the meantime, oppo is continuing on its other endeavors, including the "selfie expert" f series of smartphones. it appears an f3 and f3 plus pair or devices is already in the works, as evident from a pair of ads, recently spotted in the philippines. this is a welcome sight, since the company can't keep refreshing last year's f1s with new paint jobs... oppo made the headlines when oppo r9 topped the best selling smartphone in china for the first time after apple's reign for 5 straight years. the dongguan-based company had its best year in 2016 and now aims for even better results in 2017. the vendor ramped up shipments by 132.9% to 99.4 million units last year with 7.3% global share. now, according to sources, we know the target oppo goes for in 2017 - the company targets 160 million units for 2017, or about 60% increase over the previous year. other sources suggest milder growth - 20% to 120 million devices. in order to... the oppo a71 was quietly announced last september, but it looks like it was a short-lived model. that's because today the oppo a71 (2018) be e official in pakistan, ahead of a probably imminent launch in india. the a71 (2018) is very similar to its predecessor, but packs in a couple of improvements (and, oddly, 1gb less ram). it has the same 5.2" display, 16gb of expandable storage, dual-sim functionality, 13 mp f/2.2 main era, 5 mp f/2.4 selfie shooter, and 3,000 mah battery as the original a71. it's even got the exact same dimensions as that, measuring 148.1 x 73.8 x 7.6 mm,... as promised the bigger, 6-inch variety of the oppo r11 went on sale today on jd.com. fans who signed up for the sale have been able to pay for a unit in gold, rose gold or black, since this morning. as previously announced, the asking price is cny 3699, or about $545. that's a $100 more than the basic oppo r11. that extra bit of cash gets you a spacious 6-inch, fullhd display. however, you are also trading amoled for an ips panel. there is a bump in ram as well - 6gb. the specs sheet also includes a snapdragon 660 chipset, dual 20 mp (f/2.6, af) + 16 mp (f/1.7, pdaf) era setup... oppo has announced a new variant of their f3 plus for india. since black is the new black these days, oppo has painted its f3 plus in a stunning matte black finish. this means that if it didn't look like the iphone 7 plus to you before, now it definitely will. the black color will be available alongside the standard gold model. the phone is otherwise identical, with the same 6.0-inch 1080p display, snapdragon 653, 16 megapixel rear era, 16+8 megapixel dual front era, and 4000mah battery. the oppo f3 plus is priced at inr 30,990 ($480) in india. word of a new pair of oppo "selfie expert" handsets has been floating around for the past few weeks. ads were quickly followed by leaks and then finally an official invitation to see the oppo f3 and f3 plus unveiled on march 23. the chinese manufacturer is moving quick on this one and understandably so, since there is an ongoing game of catch on the dual-selfie front with vivo's v5 plus family. hence, it is only natural to learn the f3 pair is already in testing, as evident by a gfxbench ing for the f3 plus. besides a good indicator for progress, the leak doe also offer another... turns out the rumors were correct and oppo has officially confirmed that the f5 smartphone will be unveiled on october 26. the confirmation e in the form of a facebook post from the company's philippines subsidiary. it's reasonable to ume that the philippines will be one of the first markets where the device will be made available. there's, however, currently no information on the price tag the handset will carry. the oppo f5 is expected to sport a minimal-bezel 18:9 screen, and feature a 20mp rear era and a 16mp dual era setup on the front for selfies. other rumored... out of the blue, the oppo r11 be e official. available june 10 (in china), the all-metal phone comes in gold, rose gold and black. the r11 plus remains in rumor-land for now. oppo r11: rose gold • gold • black the oppo r11 features a 5.5" amoled screen (1080p resolution, 401ppi) and runs android 7.1 nougat painted with color os. the r11 features a dual era on the back with one 20mp sensor and one 16mp sensor. the are set up for 2x optical zoom with image processing handled by the qualcomm spectra isp. besides zoom, the dual era offers portrait mode - selective focus... مشخصات اوپو آر 11 اس و اوپو آر 11 اس پلاس دو روز پیش از رونمایی لو رفت مشخصات اوپو آر 11 اس (oppo r11s) و اوپو آر 11 اس پلاس (oppo r11s plus) به همراه ع های گوشی جدید اوپو دو روز مانده به زمان معرفی در وب سایت تنا منتشر شد. پس از اینکه کمپانی چینی اوپو ع های اوپو آر 11 اس و اوپو آر 11 اس پلاس را در وب سایت ... نوشته مشخصات اوپو آر 11 اس و اوپو آر 11 اس پلاس دو روز پیش از رونمایی لو رفت اولین بار در گجت نیوز پدیدار شد. week number 10 of 2018 is now history and here are the highlights. the huwei p20-related articles were the most common and the official p20 teaser was the most read article during the past seven days. a very close second belongs to a spy s of the weirdly-placed notch on the xiaomi mi mix 2s. the mi mix 2s is featured once more, down the . a report on the htc u12's dual era gathered a lot of attention too. next up we have a bunch of unofficial lg g7 renders that show what lg's next flagship could look like. other popular articles were about the nokia 7 plus selling out in... oppo has announced that the f3 smartphone will land in india next month - may 4. the announcement e in the form of a tweet from the company's india branch. hold your breath!#oppof3 is coming on 04.05.17!loaded with amazing features & a dual selfie era, the new #selfieexpert is incredible. pic.twitter.com/2ajznabguw— oppo mobile india (@oppomobileindia) april 20, 2017 to refresh, the f3 and f3 plus - which are being marketed as selfie experts - were made official by the chinese company last month. the plus variant went on sale in india earlier this month, costing inr 30,990... اوپو آر 11 اس اوپو آر 11 اس (oppo r11s) با نمایشگر 6 اینچی و بدون حاشیه رونمایی شد. در ادامه، نگاهی به ویژگی ها، قابلیت ها، قیمت و مشخصات اوپو آر 11 اس خواهیم داشت. طی هفته های گذشته، شاهد انتشار اطلاعات بسیاری در رابطه با گوشی جدید اوپو بودیم که بخش عمده آنها حالا به واقعیت تبدیل شده است. این شرکت ... نوشته اوپو آر 11 اس (oppo r11s) با نمایشگر 6 اینچی و کم حاشیه معرفی شد اولین بار در گجت نیوز پدیدار شد.