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به نقل از خبرگزاریها در مورد pesaran iran shariati : h an rouhani, the president of iran, has spent a three-day visit in india, in order to smoothen the ties between indian and iran. iran's nuclear chief said monday that iran might reconsider its cooperation with the un nuclear watchdog (iaea) if the united states fails to respect its commitments under 2015 nuclear deal, iran daily reported. a senior iranian banker believes that oberbank’s deal to finance projects in iran renders a "positive and constructive" turning point in iran’s banking ties with other countries. as the fate of iran’s nuclear deal and how will donald trump administration deal with it has become a very controversial subject for international debates, some western media are trying to increase pressures on iran by spreading false reports about other aspects of iran’s domestic and foreign policies. iranian missile program has appeared to be the most important target for such debates. saudi arabia has experienced a very controversial weekend, one that could have major implications not only for riyadh, but the whole region. meanwhile, the latest array of accu ions against iran by the saudis and their american supporters has sparked iran’s reaction. in an interview sunday with cnn's fareed zakaria, iranian foreign minister javad zarif discussed what iran would do if the u.s. and its allies withdraw from the p5+1 nuclear deal or impose more sanctions on iran. the u.s said on wednesday that it was “putting iran on notice,” in response to what national security adviser michael flynn described as its “provocative bal ic missile launch and an attack against a saudi naval vessel conducted by iran-supported houthi militants.” جدید ترین موزیک های پاپ،دیس لاو، ،و... official پخش سراسری موزیک شما با کمترین هزینه و بازدید بالا در تلگرام official طراحی کاور حرفه ایی با کمترین هزینه official به کانال تلگرامی ما بپیوندید
an earthquake measuring 5.2 magnitude on the richter scale shook malard town in iran's tehran province on wednesday at 23.27 local time (1957 gmt), the iran seismological center (isc) said, china's xinhua news agency reported. russia's zarubezhneft and iran's idro oil urday signed a cooperation agreement to jointly bid for a $1 billion contract at the onshore susangerd oilfield in southern iran, the official irna news agency reported. the susangerd oil field in the khuzestan province is one of iran's newest finds, which tehran hopes will produce around 30,000 b/d in two development phases. a senior adviser to the supreme leader of iran has slammed a new set of sanctions against tehran recently approved by the us senate, calling them a “breach of the spirit and the letter” of the deal reached between iran and six major powers in 2015. iranian oil minister bijan namdar zanganeh said sunday that iran has held its end of the bargain by taking the iran-pakistan gas pipeline to the pakistani border, but pakistan has not yet taken any action in this regard. the head of the united nations nuclear watchdog is due to visit iran on october 29 for talks with senior officials there, as opposition from the united states threatens to undermine a landmark international agreement to limit iran's nuclear program. two-time oscar nominee asghar farhadi, who wrote and directed the salesman, iran's entry for best foreign-language film, announced sunday he would not attend the academy awards next month even if he were granted an exception to president trump’s visa ban for citizens from iran. iran has imposed no restrictions on u.s. oil firms willing to participate in energy projects in the country but american sanctions make such cooperation impossible, iran's deputy oil minister said on monday. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu said on monday he planned to push u.s. president donald trump to renew sanctions against iran during a visit to washington next month, complaining that iran had once more tested a bal ic missile. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu said on monday he planned to push u.s. president donald trump to renew sanctions against iran during a visit to washington next month, complaining that iran had once more tested a bal ic missile. iran signed an agreement with russia under which it has broken free from the petrodollar, and will "sell", or rather barter crude oil to russia in exchange for products. the announcement was made by iran’s oil minister bijan zanganeh, as reported by russia’s ria and t news agencies. the iranian car manufacturing company iran khodro and the german daimler concern signed an agreement on the start of production of mercedes-benz cars in iran from the islamic new year (late march), the isna news agency reported on friday. if the united states terminates the iran nuclear deal or reimposes sanctions on tehran it could result in iran developing nuclear weapons and raise the danger of war close to europe, germany’s foreign minister said on urday. بعد از مناظر طبیعی موجود در ایتالیا یکی از مهمترین زیبایی های این کشور کار بر روی سنگ و ایجاد نقش و نگار بر روی آن و ساخت مجسمه با این سنگ هاست. به طوری که به هر شهر این کشور سفر می کنی اولین چیزی که به آن پی می برید استفاده از سنگ های پر نقش و نگار در ساختمان ها و آثار باستانی و حتی کف فرش های خیابانی است.
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iran. chum. 1956. zoroastrian ceremony.

iran. chum. 1956. zoroastrian ceremony.

iran. chum. streetscene, zoroastrians. 1956.

iran. chum. young zoroaster. 1956.

iran. chum. zoroaster village near yazd. 1956.

iran. chum. zoroaster village. 1956.

iran. yazd. 1956. offerings in a zoroastrian chapel.

iran. yazd. 1956. ateshgah (fire temple) of a zoroastrian chapel near chum.

iran. yazd. 1956. zoroastrian priest saying daily prayers next to the huge vessel of holy fire that has burned in yazd for 2,000 years. it is fueled with the wood of fruit trees.

iran has found a dozen new oil fields that could produce 30 billion barrels of crude and 128 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, according to press tv quoting officials in tehran. armenia’s foreign minister edward nalbandian has condemned the twin blasts in iran. us president donald trump’s tough positions on iran’s nuclear deal has encouraged some other western as well as middle eastern states to raise the idea of “amending” the deal. however, iran has strongly rejected any idea for changing the current content of the deal. iran, one of the states targeted by donald trump’s muslim ban, is a country from which the us could learn a lot on the resettlement of refugees, the un has said. iranian foreign minister mohammad javad zarif has travelled to norway to attend the annual meeting of oslo forum. in his remarks in the meeting, zarif slammed saudi arabia’s threats against iran’s national security. he also criticized us “wrong policy” toward iran. سلام.وقت بخیر.متن مصاحبه من با کمی جرح و معدیل در رو مه ایران(بخش ایران جوان) امروز، یازدهم شهریور منتشر شد و گفتگویی صمیمانه با دوستان "ایرانی "در ارتباط با طنز داشتم.خوشحال می شم نظرتون رو بدونم. from the days of his electoral paign, us president donald trump had been persistently criticizing the iran nuclear deal, saying that he would s the deal once becomes president. however, in his first official report to the congress, trump admits iran’s compliance to the deal. iranian protesters demonstrated against continued u.s. hostility towards iran to commemorate the day students occupied tehran's u.s. emb y in 1979. asre khodro - iran’s industry minister said two automotive contracts with foreign partnership will be inked by the end of the current iranian calendar year (to end march 21). as the us administration is persistently trying to undermine iran’s nuclear deal by raising false excuses, iran’s foreign minister urges more support from the europeans to preserve the deal. zarif, who is in a trip to rome, has also clarified the roots of iran’s foreign policy decisions. un secretary-general antonio guterres warned on wednesday that any issues not directly related to the iran nuclear deal “should be addressed without prejudice to preserving the agreement,” according to reuters. ورق ژئوت تایل و کاربرد آن
کلمه ژئوت تایل ترکیبی از دو کلمه ژئو به معنی زمین و ت تایل به معنی پارچه تشکیل شده است . به معنی زمین پارچه. ژئوت تایل نوعی پوشش الیافی نفوذ ناپذیرند که از پلی استر و یا پلی پروپیلن تولید می شوند. عموما ورق ژئوت تایل به دو شکل بافته شده و یا بافته نشده تولید می شود .
با توجه به کاربرد و انواع ورق ژئوت تایل . با سلامسال 92 هم به پایان رسید و تنها خاطرات هستند که بر صفحات نقش می بندند و یاد دوستان در دل خواهد ماند .قله خانگرمز دوچرخه سواری دیواندره به بانهقله آلمابلاغغار امجک استان مرکزیقله سفید قطور طالقانقله دماوند جنوبیقلعه بابکگرده آلمانهاقله دالاخانی سنقرقله دومیر کاشان

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عطر ماه تولد نه متولدین مهر ماه دخترانه اورجینال 12,000 تومان عطر آنجل مردانه شیشه 7 گرم مخصوص آقایان9,000 تومان دستمال ع ات ماسکیت (مجوز 23236 / ج / 14)18,000 تومان دستگاه بافت مو افریقایی ۴ شاخه25,000 تومان ماساژور سر یوکای4,500 تومان عطر لاگوست پورهم مردانه شیشه 10 گرم مخصوص آقایان17,000 تومان بیگودی جادویی13,500 تومان ادکلن نه جادور (jadore)40,000 تومان روغن طبیعی موز21,800 تومان ادکلن مردانه فراری38,000 تومان از بین برنده غب غب29,500 تومان تتو موقت شیمر تتو موقت shimmer18,000 تومان موچین نوری چراغدار لایت توئیزر light tweezer10,000 تومان عطر نرگس نه شیشه 7 گرم مخصوص خانمها9,000 تومان عطر کنزو فلاور نه بصورت صد درصد خالص17,000 تومان عطر آلور اسپرت مردانه شیشه 7 گرم مخصوص آقایان9,000 تومان عطر ماه تولد نه بهمن , عطر متولدین ماه بهمن نه12,000 تومان موزن گوش و بینی پرو م 29,000 تومان ادکلن مردانه تام فورد نویر (tom ford noir)40,000 تومان عطر تامی بوی نه شیشه 7 گرم مخصوص خانمها9,000 تومان پنکک چرب با ضدآفتاب mac21,000 تومان asre khodro - uncorroborated reports circulating on social media about "the possible departure of peugeot from iran" due to “pressures imposed by the us government on the french firm,” disrupted tehran’s… israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has welcomed new sanctions imposed by the trump administration on iran, saying its continued nuclear weapons program posed to a threat to the world. more than 5,000 people on death row in iran could be offered a reprieve following a softening of the country’s drug laws, which are among the harshest in the world.