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به نقل از خبرگزاریها در مورد pesaran iran shariati : as the us has been recently showing increasing signs of its willingness to make some revisions in iran nuclear deal (jcpoa), iran’s supreme leader warned the american officials of the consequences of any “wrong move.” he also insisted on iran’s firm stance in this regard. h an rouhani, the president of iran, has spent a three-day visit in india, in order to smoothen the ties between indian and iran. u.s. president donald trump on sunday said he does not object to france and germany continuing trade with iran, despite his refusal to recertify the iran nuclear deal. iran's nuclear chief said monday that iran might reconsider its cooperation with the un nuclear watchdog (iaea) if the united states fails to respect its commitments under 2015 nuclear deal, iran daily reported. improving cooperation between turkey and iran would make a significant contribution to solving regional problems, iran's president said on monday, on the eve of a visit by his counterpart, apa reports quoting anadolu agency. as iran and the eu countries are continuing their close contacts in order to preserve the nuclear deal, the iranian president has started an official trip to europe to hold talks on the future of iran-eu ties. at the same time, iran’s foreign minister is in muscat for high-level talks with omani officials. as the fate of iran’s nuclear deal and how will donald trump administration deal with it has become a very controversial subject for international debates, some western media are trying to increase pressures on iran by spreading false reports about other aspects of iran’s domestic and foreign policies. iranian missile program has appeared to be the most important target for such debates. since the breakout of protests in some parts of iran less than a week ago, iran’s main international rivals and opponents have been trying to use it as an et to pressure the iranian government. high-ranking iranian officials have reacted to the issue, condemning any foreign interference in iran’s internal affairs. donald trump’s decision to announce the united states withdrawal from the iran nuclear deal has faced with many reactions from iranian and foreign officials. the most important reaction e from iran’s supreme leader, who urged the european countries to provide iran with a concrete commitment for the continuation of the deal. during years of tough negotiations between iran and the six world powers over the nuclear issue, france was known to have one of the strictest positions against tehran. now that the us is trying to once again increase pressures on iran with non-nuclear excuse, it seems to have paris on board again. ایران کشوری قدرتمند و مهمان نواز با مردمانی مهربان است که در مرکز خاورمیانه قرار گرفته کشوری دارای 4 فصل است با آثار تاریخی بسیار زیاد و سابقه و پیشینه علمی و فرهنگی بسیار بالا . iran is powerful and hospitable country with kind people.iran is in the center of middle east and has 4 seasons and has many historical places and iran has powerful cultural and scientific past . while the united states and the israeli regime have recently increased their pressures on iran to force it out of syria, iran once again clarifies that its syrian mission is still far from over. tehran at the same time warns about tel aviv’s plots against the arab country. the u.s said on wednesday that it was “putting iran on notice,” in response to what national security adviser michael flynn described as its “provocative bal ic missile launch and an attack against a saudi naval vessel conducted by iran-supported houthi militants.” the international court of justice (icj) will hear iran’s lawsuit against the united states over the freezing of two billion dollars worth of ets of the central bank of iran (cbi), a spokesman for the iranian foreign ministry announced on monday, june 25, according to irna. the islamic revolution guards corps announced on urday that its forces have disbanded a terrorist cell near iran’s northwestern borders with iraq, apa's iran bureau reports. تراکتور زراعی سیستم انتقال غلات دروگر خودگردان بکهو لودر تراکتوری چاپر خودگردان کمباین تیلر تراکتور باغی رتیواتور دروگر گندم و جو بذرکار خطی کمپرسی russian experts will help the atomic energy organization of iran (aeoi) construct two new nuclear power plants in the country’s southern city of bushehr, according to iran’s .energy minister hamid chitchian with a looming deadline on whether to continue the suspension of sanctions on iran, the trump administration is frantically working to demonstrate tehran’s non-compliance under the so-called iran deal and thereby fulfill an ill-conceived paign promise. نام کتاب : کویر نویسنده : علی شریعتی ناشر : زبان کتاب: پارسی تعداد صفحه : ۲۹ قالب کتاب : pdf توضیحات : علی شریعتی با نام اصلی علی مزینانی نویسنده، جامعه شناس، تاریخ شناس و پژوهشگر دینی اهل ایران است. وی در نزد هواداران به معلم شهید شریعتی معروف است. در اینجا more than a month after the united states’ withdrawal from the nuclear deal with iran, the other parties have still not found any solution to keep it alive. however, as the ambiguities persist, iran warns that it may leave a deal that won’t bring any benefits for the country. iranian oil minister bijan namdar zanganeh said sunday that iran has held its end of the bargain by taking the iran-pakistan gas pipeline to the pakistani border, but pakistan has not yet taken any action in this regard. the head of the united nations nuclear watchdog is due to visit iran on october 29 for talks with senior officials there, as opposition from the united states threatens to undermine a landmark international agreement to limit iran's nuclear program. as the deadline looms for the us president to declare his new position on the iran nuclear deal, more international political figures are urging him not to exit from the deal. at the same time, iran continues to underline that it’s ready for every scenario in this regard. as some world powers involved in the syrian conflict has been asking iran directly or indirectly to cease its activities in the arab country, tehran once again reiterates that it has no desire to comply with such demands. this comes as the syrian government itself has defended iran’s presence in the country. amid some media and public debates in iran about the possible “concessions” iran has granted to its northern neighbor as part of the recent caspian legal convention, iranian foreign ministers reiterates that the country has not and will not abandon its rights in the strategically important maritime area. the head of the atomic energy organization of iran, ali akbar salehi, warned the european countries of the "terrible future" if the nuclear agreement with iran is abolished, interfax news agency reports with reference to the iranian tv channel press-tv. us withdrawal from the iran nuclear deal has started to make unexpected international alignments, as the eu and china are intensifying their joint efforts to preserve the deal. meanwhile, russia warns about washington’s desire to enter a full confrontation with iran. iran’s foreign minister visits moscow on monday as russia tries to keep the iran nuclear deal alive in the wake of washington’s pull-out, pushing it into rare cooperation with europe. as the negotiations are still going on between iran and the european union over the fate of the nuclear deal, iran’s supreme leader instructs the diplomats how to move forward with the talks. according to him, although the country will continue negotiations with europe, any talks with the us would be simply fruitless. while the united states and its regional allies are increasing the pressures on iran in many ways, the islamic republic appears to eye strengthening ties with russia as a way to counter the rivals and enemies. the recent visit between iran’s special envoy and the russian president could be interpreted in this context. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu said on monday he planned to push u.s. president donald trump to renew sanctions against iran during a visit to washington next month, complaining that iran had once more tested a bal ic missile. in a latest sign of continuing its path of normalization, iran’s nuclear program has attracted a new, serious international partner. while the us president is still insisting on his claims against the iran deal, china has announced its readiness to redesign arak nuclear reactor. as the united states has decided to unilaterally withdraw from the nuclear deal with iran, an important question is the future of iran’s energy sector in the shadow on new us sanctions. iranian officials ure the flow of oil exports will continue, while talking about the possibility of working with the european countries. over a month after us president donald trump’s decision to withdraw from the nuclear deal with iran, the european parties of the deal have yet to find a way to keep it from total collapse. meanwhile, iran warns that it cannot wait forever for the europeans while its interests are not preserved by the current deal. us president donald trump’s last night speech, in which he targeted iran with an array of accu ions, sparked many reactions in iran, both among the governmental officials and the public opinion. both have made it clear that iran won’t surrender to america’s hostile approach. as the deadline is looming for the united states to declare its position on the iran nuclear deal, other parties of the landmark agreement are expressing their determination to keep it intact. as a close partner of iran, russia has once again reiterated its commitment to the deal. as iran and the european parties of the 2015 nuclear deal are still in the process of intensive talks to find a way for preserving the deal, iranian foreign ministry official says the issue of iran’s missile program might have also been raised during the recent talks with the europeans. بعد از مناظر طبیعی موجود در ایتالیا یکی از مهمترین زیبایی های این کشور کار بر روی سنگ و ایجاد نقش و نگار بر روی آن و ساخت مجسمه با این سنگ هاست. به طوری که به هر شهر این کشور سفر می کنی اولین چیزی که به آن پی می برید استفاده از سنگ های پر نقش و نگار در ساختمان ها و آثار باستانی و حتی کف فرش های خیابانی است.
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تی محرم طرح تاسوعا 23,800 تومان کیف پول کتی چرم اصل بادوام، طرح نسیم36,800 تومان کیف پول آلوما و اصل8,800 تومان 399-تی - شهید و بسیج28,600 تومان عینک افت ری بن ویفری22,000 تومان تونیک مجلسی gap با نگین های طرح الماس90,000 تومان 292-تی خوشنویسی - صدای سخن عشق28,600 تومان گن لاغری مردانه ساخت ترکیه با مارک کاسمارا casmara رنگ مشکی70,000 تومان شال صدف با نقوش و اشعار ایرانی12,800 تومان عینک نه روبرتو کاوالی اورجینال29,000 تومان عینک نه روبرتو کاوالی - roberto cavalli37,000 تومان قلم لکه گیر لباس لکه بر لباس15,000 تومان گیاهی فانتزی simles طرح گل سنگ دوزی فری سایز8,400 تومان عینک آفت فانتزی amor قهوه ای28,000 تومان عینک ماتری مدل 115 دسته ف ی40,000 تومان عینک جیمز باند اصل با قابلیت دیدن پشت سر37,000 تومان نه تمام نخ پنبه قلبی9,500 تومان عینک خلبانی شیشه اورجینال22,000 تومان ید تی آریا, فروش تی آریا17,500 تومان گیاهی فانتزی kalianni طرح نوار توپی فری سایز8,400 تومان تی عاشورا اورجینال21,000 تومان the trump administration moved on friday to impose sanctions on iran in response to the country's recent bal ic missile test. the white house already said iran was "on notice" following the test, though trump's national security adviser didn't elaborate on possible actions the u.s. would take. iran is located in an area that is bordered by several mountains and contains herpetofaunal constituents from adjacent countries such as pakistan, iraq, afghanistan, and turkey. we surveyed several border provinces of iran to more completely understand the iranian herpetofauna. during one survey in the northwestern part of iran we found a species of the genus eremias that canbe added to iran’s herpetofauna. previously, the distribution of eremias suphani was limited to the van lake in turkey (type locality). we compared iranian samples with e. suphani from turkey using a molecular marker (cy. as the high-ranking saudi and american officials met today at the white house with blaming iran as a topic high on their agenda, iran’s foreign minister in a twitter post hit back at both trump and bin salman, referring to their ignorance of iran’s past and current conditions.