youtube on its way to become the most visited social network in us

به نقل از خبرگزاریها در مورد youtube on its way to become the most visited social network in us :   it's a difference if you use a little / a few or little / few. without the article, the words have a limiting or negative meaning. a little = some
little = hardly any example: i need a little money. - i need some money. i need little money. - i need hardly any money. a few = some
few = hardly any example: a few friends visited me. - some friends visited me. few friends visited me. - hardly any friends visited me. without the article, little / few sound rather formal. that's why we don't use them very often in everyday english. a negative sentence with much / many is more com. youtube was expected to launch a dedicated streaming service for quite some time and it only makes sense since many go to the video portal for their al fix already. the company has now officially announced its plans with the actual start of youtube scheduled for next week. on may 22, youtube will officially launch its streaming service that will be available for free but, of course, it will surely come with some restrictions. we ume background playback is going to be one of them as well as the inclusion of ads. a youtube premium account will cost you... یوتیوب موزیک (youtube ) و یوتیوب پریمیوم (youtube premium) سرویس های جدید هستند که از تقسیم یوتیوب رد (youtube red) به دو قسمت جداگانه حاصله شده اند. برنامه های یوتیوب موزیک و یوتیوب پریمیوم در دو نسخه رایگان به همراه تبلیغات و همچنین پولی و فاقد تبلیغات عرضه شده اند. برای استفاده از یوتیوب موزیک و یوتیوب ... نوشته گوگل دو برنامه یوتیوب موزیک و یوتیوب پریمیوم را معرفی کرد اولین بار در گجت نیوز. پدیدار شد. youtube is undoubtedly one of the most popular online video services available today. but just how popular is it? well, here's a number that should give you an idea: we are consuming a whopping billion hours of youtube content each day. to put that figure into perspective, "if you were to sit and watch a billion hours of youtube, it would take you over 100,000 years," the company said in a blog post. "if you spent 100,000 years traveling at the speed of light, you could travel from one end of the milky way to the other." youtube was recently in the headlines after google announced that... youtube tv is google's live tv service, which launched earlier this year, and has been expanding its reach within the us ever since. while you have been able to view its programming on tvs by using a chromecast (including with voice commands through google home), only now is the company finally announcing that it's developed a youtube tv app for actual tvs and consoles connected to tvs. better late than never, sure - but this has been quite an odd omission so far. anyway, "in the next few days" a new youtube tv app will be available for android tv devices and the xbox one family. then "in... german authorities on tuesday raided apartments linked to a mosque in the city of hildesheim visited by tunisian failed asylum seeker anis amri, who drove a truck into a berlin christmas market in december and killed 12 people. google has released an update for the ios version of the youtube app which brings a useful feature for chromecast users. users who cast youtube videos from their ios device to their chromecast, smart tvs, game consoles, etc. will now be able to control playback from the lockscreen as well as the control center. previously, the only way to control playback on youtube while casting on ios was through the app itself. this update should let you do it while being in other apps or even when the phone is locked. furthermore, you will also be able to control playback from an apple watch if... google istant has gained a new feature that makes it capable of streaming youtube tv. so this effectively means that google home users - including those owning a home mini or home max - can now control their youtube tv broadcasts with their voice. you can now stream youtube tv with #google istant. link #googlehome with #chromecast to get started. hey google, play #thewalkingdead.— youtube tv (@youtubetv) october 17, 2017 for the uninitiated, youtube tv is a streaming video service that delivers live tv from some of the major broadcast networks out... youtube has been offering pip mode for long, but it was only limited to users of its paid red service. but last month, there were reports of picture-in-picture mode working for a limited number of non-red youtube users as well (both in the us and around the globe). now, it appears the rollout has expanded to everyone in the us. needless to say, this is a good news as youtube app is one of the most used android apps out there, and the ability to have pip mode working (both inside the app as well as when you switch out of it) is definitely a convenience. keep in mind that content... hello friends after a long jourany of choosing gloal of learning i come back with a great tutorial over learning c++ and making games with sdl and finally a little engine to understand behind the sence of engine programming, despite you need virtual private network account to access this website , worthing to spend your time over that to continue your way. -> main person who made this tutorial and his reasons beginning c++ programming : =plspw4asqyyynkp. youtube red سرویس فوق العاده ای است که به طور خاص در ایالات متحده همراه با اشتراک google play ارائه می شود. با داشتن این سرویس دیگر لازم نیست شاهد تبلیغات باشید، می توانید بعد از بستن اپلیکیشن یوتیوب یا حتی خاموش صفحه ی دستگاه پخش ویدیوی مورد نظر خود را ادامه دهید، امکان ویدیوها را[ادامه مطلب] youtube has announced that users will soon be able to live stream directly from their smartphone's era app, making the process simpler than ever. in a blog post, the company revealed they are working with asus, lg, motorola, nokia, and samsung to begin with, and the feature should start rolling out in the coming months. "our goal is to bring this feature to even more device manufacturers throughout the year through the new youtube mobile live deep link." this revelation e as part of a larger announcement that youtube live streaming from pc has been made simpler. the process... nearly 500 accounts that likely originated in russia purchased $100,000 in facebookads during the 2016 election, the social network said wednesday. youtube has announced that the number of registered users who watch videos hosted on the platform each month now stands at whopping 1.8 billion. for comparison, the figure stood at 1.5 billion in june 2017. the announcement was made by ceo susan wojcicki at the youtube brandcast presentation. wojcicki also talked about some other topics like the pros and cons of youtube being an open platform. this is the impact of an open platform: it brings the world together in ways that were just not possible before. but we've also seen that with openness comes challenges, as some have tried to... hello friends after a long jourany of choosing gloal of learning i come back with a great tutorial over learning c++ and making games with sdl and finally a little engine to understand behind the sence of engine programming, despite you need virtual private network account to access this website , worthing to spend your time over that to continue your way. -> main person who made this tutorial and his reasons beginning c++ programming : =plspw4asqyyynkp. looks like the ability to live stream using youtube's mobile app has been made more accessible. according to latest reports, the company has dropped the 1k subscriber limit altogether. this means that now you can live stream even if you don't have a single subscriber. however, there are still a couple of requirements: the channel should be verified and should not have faced any live stream restrictions in the last 90 days. the change has already started rolling out, although google/youtube is yet to officially confirm it. via for example, in a previous project in jordan?awhere nearly two-thirds of people is obese or overweight zi xiu tang and it has a high prevalence of diabetes?athe
researchers discovered that, even 2 yrs after completing a four-month program emphasizing shared weight-loss activities and peer support, participants still
maintained weight reduction and significantly reduced their blood sugar levels. moreover, in another harvard-mci collaboration led by ding and zoughbie in appalachia, participants inside a nine-month social network program were able to
improve their weight, waist . according to a new report, google play service will be killed by the end of 2018. it'd be a forced end, meaning all play users will have to give up the service. so what's replacing play ? well, an upcoming service called youtube remix. if that rings a bell, that's because the service has already made headlines last year. it was back in december when youtube remix was mentioned revealing it'd be a paid service, offering spotify-like on-demand streaming as well as video clips. at that time, reports said youtube remix will be launched in early 2018. however, that... ever since september 2016 youtube has been testing a new ui for its android app. this has gone through a few different iterations throughout the testing phase, and today it's finally ready to officially make it to every single user of youtube for android. the main new thing you'll see once the update goes live for you is a bottom navigation bar. this features clearly labeled tabs, so you no longer have to wonder what you're about to tap on. it's also visible on all pages (except when watching videos). account and library are now separate sections, making it simpler to find what you... the past few years, we have seen the birth of some of the first cord-cutting tv services like directv now or playstation vue. today, google has announced its own tv service that incorporates about 40 live channels for cord-cutters who want more from their lives after cable. youtube tv will offer live streaming from abc, cbs, fox, nbc, espn, along with some local channels and dozens of popular cable networks. you also get a dvr system that works totally on the cloud which you can stream, so you'll never have to worry about running out of storage space. youtube red is also included so you... آموزش از یوتیوب با گوشی موبایل و کامپیوتر های ویندوزی، مک و لینو از یوتیوب یکی از معضلات اصلی مردم ایران در زندگی روزمره است. یوتیوب (youtube) شبکه ای اجتماعی مملو از های آموزشی و تفریحی […] youtube go is one of the apps that's part of google's effort to get the same information to people in developing countries while using a lot less data. there are other apps with the same concept: a lightweight version of an otherwise data-hungry app that offers the app's core functionalities while keeping tabs on data usage. the app is expanding to 130 countries around the world, so it's quite a big deal. the app is arriving in the play store in many countries in central and south america, middle eastern countries, and part of africa. youtube go first launched as a beta product in india... amazon has announced that all users of fire tv devices will now be able to browser the web through firefox and amazon silk browsers. while the silk browser was made available for at the end of last month, the addition of firefox is new. the move comes shortly after google decided to drop youtube playback functionality through the youtube app on the fire tv. of course, the very first icon you see when you install and launch the firefox browser on fire tv is youtube. hilariously enough, this does not even launch the website but instead opens a youtube app identical to the... facebook inc (fb.o) said it plans on monday to turn over to the u.s. congress copies of some 3,000 ads that the social network says were bought on facebook likely by people in russia in the months before and after the 2016 u.s. election. a woman opened fire with a handgun at youtube’s headquarters near san francisco on tuesday, wounding three people before shooting herself dead as employees of the silicon valley tech company fled into the surrounding streets, authorities said. هر وقت که بهم فشار میاد هر وقت که خیلی خوشحال میشم به خاطر کاری یا چیزی هر وقت که خیلی ناراحت میشم
هر وقت که از ح نرمال خودم هیجان زده تر میشم
یادم میاد که من برای یه چیز دیگه توی این دنیا هستم
اینجا هستم که خودم لذت ببرم و به بقیه هم کمک کنم که لذت ببرن باید قوی تر بشم باید خیلی قوی تر بشم

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ی هست از علم شبکه سر در بیاره؟ شبکه های کامپیوتری نه هاsocial network منظورمه... اگه هست و واقعا وارده، میخوام چندتا کتاب خوب برای یادگیری و فهم از پایه بهم معرفی کنه. واقعا علاقه مند شدم به این زمینه:) 
+ توروخدا اگه نمیدونید نیاید بگید تلگرام، اینستاگرام و فلان! این، اون نیست:/ این آهنگ تا اعماق روح آدم نفوذ می کنه... update: it appears the channels have been fixed. original story follows below. many folks are tweeting that they are unable to see any youtuber's channel pages, only to be met with an internal error 500. wowww i can't go into any channel on youtube #youtubeisbroken— raichu (@raichubaby) april 2, 2018 we just tried to open 10 channels from videos in our youtube feed and all of them return the same error "500 internal service error". surprisingly, mkbhd's channel is seemingly the only one visible and working just fine. even casey neistat's channel is returning the same... according to a new bloomberg report, youtube will launch a new streaming service early next year. the paid service - of we have already heard - will be launched in march 2018. the report notes the service is internally named as remix, and would offer spotify-like on-demand streaming as well as video clips. currently, youtube is in talks with some of the world's biggest record labels including sony entertainment, universal group, and warner group, and the latter is said to be already on board. talks are also on with merlin, a consortium of independent... many folks are tweeting that they are unable to see any youtuber's channel pages, only to be met with an internal error 500. wowww i can't go into any channel on youtube #youtubeisbroken— raichu (@raichubaby) april 2, 2018 we just tried to open 10 channels from videos in our youtube feed and all of them return the same error "500 internal service error". surprisingly, mkbhd's channel is seemingly the only one visible and working just fine. even casey neistat's channel is returning the same error. edit [16:30 et]: mkbhd's channel is down again but casey neistat's is back. it seems... los angeles web design is extended an idea that is brand new. it's currently picking right on up mostly on the web. using the fast-paced that it's picking right on up numerous little too big businesses are currently searching for internet development businesses who're well-versed in social media website improvement. nevertheless, any social network website's effective improvement demands a significant amount of understanding of what're the various methods for socializing on-line and what social media is about. usually steer clear of the error of opting for aged conventional code which can be o. یوتیوب دستور ینگ موقت یوتیوب توسط بالاترین دادگاه کشور مصر صادر شد. به نظر می رسد این تصمیم به خاطر عدم جلوگیری از پخش ضد ی “innocence of muslims” در سال 2012 گرفته شده است. ت مصر دستور ینگ موقت یوتیوب را صادر کرد. تمامی سازمان ها موظف هستند این شبکه اجتماعی و تمام لینک هایی مرتبط با آن ... نوشته مصر یوتیوب را به مدت یک ماه کرد اولین بار در گجت نیوز. پدیدار شد. the youtube shooter was identified by multiple news outlets tuesday evening as nasim aghdam, a middle eastern woman with a grudge against the company. اختصاصی از هایدی دو مقاله مروری 2015 و 2016 شبکه های اجتماعی با و پر سرعت .
دو مقاله مروری 2015 و 2016 شبکه های اجتماعی
دو مقاله مروری 2015 و 2016 شبکه های اجتماعی a literature survey on older adults' use of social network services and social applicationsarticle info article history: received 12 october 2015 received in revised form 18 december 2015 accepted 19 december 2015 available online keywords: older adults social network services family multimodal survey abstract :with aging, adults which once worked and were active become isolated from the world because with retirement comes a whole range of problems which span from the physical to the social scope. one of the most concerning is social isolation, which can only be fought by isfying social needs. in terms of technology, the challenges are in designing social technologies that encourage older people to actively engage with each other and with the people around them. this paper presents a survey reviewing research surrounding the emergent field of social network services (snss), along with other meaningful social applications, and its use by the older segment of the population. a total of thirteen domains are identified related with how these services can be improved to consider older adults characteristics: from the most important related with the family role and privacy control, to issues related with the design of the user interface, the importance of multimodal interaction and adaptive solutions to compen e agerelated declines, to several other focusing on the importance of groups, p os, cultural and health information. main contributions to the field of sns and older adults are given in a set of recommendations which result from discussions on each domain and which aim at the design of a more inclusive sns solutionanalyzing negative ties in social networks: a surveymankirat kaur *, sarbjeet singh uiet, panjab university, chandigarh, ut, india received 20 february 2015; revised 18 july 2015; accepted 13 august 2015abstract: online social networks are a source of sharing information and maintaining personal contacts with other people through social interactions and thus forming virtual communities online. social networks are crowded with positive and negative relations. positive relations are formed by support, endorsement and friendship and thus, create a network of well-connected users whereas negative relations are a result of opposition, distrust and avoidance creating disconnected networks. due to increase in illegal activities such as masquerading, conspiring and creating fake profiles on online social networks, exploring and analyzing these negative activities becomes the need of hour. usually negative ties are treated in same way as positive ties in many theories such as balance theory and blockmodeling analysis. but the standard concepts of social network analysis do not yield same results in respect of each tie. this paper presents a survey on analyzing negative ties in social networks through various types of network analysis techniques that are used for examining ties such as status, centrality and power measures. due to the difference in characteristics of flow in positive and negative tie networks some of these measures are not applicable on negative ties. this paper also discusses new methods that have been developed specifically for analyzing negative ties such as negative degree, and h* measure along with the measures based on mixture of positive and negative ties. the different types of social network analysis approaches have been reviewed and compared to determine the best approach that can appropriately identify the negative ties in online networks. it has been analyzed that only few measures such as degree and pn centrality are applicable for identifying outsiders in network. for applicability in online networks, the performance of pn measure needs to be verified and further, new measures should be developed based upon negative clique concept. 2015 production and hosting by elsevier b.v. on behalf of faculty of computers and information, cairo university.
دو مقاله مروری 2015 و 2016 شبکه های اجتماعی
youtube red سرویس فوق العاده ای است که به طور خاص در ایالات متحده همراه با اشتراک google play ارائه می شود. با داشتن این سرویس دیگر لازم نیست شاهد تبلیغات باشید، می توانید بعد از بستن اپلیکیشن یوتیوب یا حتی خاموش صفحه ی دستگاه پخش ویدیوی مورد نظر خود را ادامه دهید، امکان ویدیوها را […] trump has defended his use of social media after being criticised over comments he made about a pair of tv hosts. پردرآمدترین ستاره های یوتیوب در سال 2017 در این لیست با پردرآمدترین ستاره های یوتیوب در سال 2017 آشنا می شویم. این افراد که با نام میلیونرهای یوتیوب نیز شناخته می شوند، ثروت خود را از راهی متفاوت به دست آورده اند. از سال 2005 که یوتیوب آغاز به کار کرد، این شبکه اجتماعی به سکویی برای معرفی نسل بعدی سلبریتی های اینترنتی تبدیل شد. شکی نیست ... نوشته پردرآمدترین ستاره های یوتیوب در سال 2017 ؛ میلیونرهای یوتیوبی را بشناسید! اولین بار در گجت نیوز پدیدار شد. announced back in february this year and launched in the month of april, youtube tv is currently only available in a handful of markets in the us, including chicago, la, nyc, philadelphia, and the san francisco bay area. however, that's soon going to change, as google has now announced that the service will be available in more markets in near future. specifically, the mountain view, california based company said the service will be available in 10 more markets in the next couple of weeks. these include dallas-fort worth, washington, d.c., houston, atlanta, phoenix, detroit,... تعداد کاربران یوتیوب تعداد کاربران یوتیوب حالا به 1.8 میلیارد نفر رسیده است. همراه با اعلام این خبر، مدیر ارشد اجرایی یوتیوب آمار جالبی از دیگر موفقیت ها و رکوردهای این شبکه اجتماعی را منتشر کرده است. بدون شک، یوتیوب بزرگ ترین پلتفرم ویدیو در سراسر دنیاست و روز به روز به تعداد کاربران آن نیز افزوده می شود. بعد از ... نوشته تعداد کاربران یوتیوب به 1.8 میلیارد نفر رسید اولین بار در گجت نیوز. پدیدار شد. the 19.5:9 aspect ratio of the apple iphone x is not quite perfect for watching videos when the majority of content out there is at 16:9. such content covers the equivalent of a 5" screen (a bit less actually) due to letterboxing. the latest youtube update allows you to get rid of that and use the screen fully, horns and all. you lose a bit from the top and the bottom of the video while the sides lose bits due to the notch and the rounded corners. still, if you want to, you can. all you need to do is a pinch gesture to fill up the screen. check the app store for updates, the new... if you've been using youtube for a few years now, then its hard not to notice how much it has changed and gradually morphed. google's efforts all seem to be aimed at one goal - to position the video platform as a viable mainstream content provider, not unlike tv and capitalize on advertisement accordingly. a lot has already been said about the new policies and parts of the community are constantly expressing concern. but, without going into too much detail, we will note that nowadays popular content tends to be longer by design, aimed at ramping-up viewing times and often delivered by big... professor anu luther maitra visited tourist library, .she donated library in cash anu thank you professor anu
گرداوری شده توسط سایت پی سی 20
ادامه مطلب کاربران محترم، در حال حاضر نسخه پشتیبان قدیمی فعال شده است، با توجه به این مسئله بخشی از مطالب اخیر شما در پنل قابل مشاهده نیست
میتوانید نوشته های خود را در وبلاگ مجدد درج کنید. بخشی از مطالب وبلاگ شما در روزهای آتی به بخش مدیریت اضافه خواهد شد لطفا ببینید وبشنوید ۵ مهارت کم اهمیت در شبکه سازی موفق
بر خلاف باور بسیاری از فعالان دنیای ب و کار، مهارت داشتن در شبکه های اجتماعی در شبکه‌سازی اهمیت چندانی ندارد. at&t has announced yesterday that it is ready to move forward with 2017 and has shut down its legacy 2g network, effective january 1. the us carrier mentions that the shutdown of the old 2g technology frees up spectrum so that it may be repurposed for other wireless technologies like 5g or just plain-old lte. at&t first announced that it was shutting down its 2g network about four years ago, and has kept in constant contact with partners and customers who were still relying on 2g radios for the minimal exchange of information for business infrastructure, recreational, iot or m2m... with google's new android p os come plenty of new features and changes. one of them is focused on your "digital well-being" as it will track the time you spend on your device with a breakdown of each app. it will also include information of how many times you've unlocked your phone. however, the first step from youtube comes early as it doesn't require android p to work. it's actually a simple reminder, which you can customize, telling you that you should take a break from watching videos on the platform. you can go and check them out now by tapping on your profile icon in the upper-right... عنوان فارسی مقاله:مقایسه طرح شبکه اجتماعی و تصویرسازی شبکه فردیعنوان انگلیسی مقاله:a comparison of social network mapping and personal network visualization
برای رایگان مقاله انگلیسی مقایسه طرح شبکه اجتماعی و تصویرسازی شبکه فردی با فرمت پی دی اف و ید ترجمه فارسی آن با فرمت ورد اینجا کلیک نمایید
youtube has finally added thumbnail previews on desktop. users can now mouseover any video thumbnail on the website and get a 3 second preview of the video contents. this works on certain browsers only for now (chrome and opera) and is not available yet on mobile. the lack of thumbnail previews made it difficult to gauge the content of the video without clicking it, even though this technology has been available on some video sites for years now. this has been taken a ntage of by content creators by using "clickbait" images for the thumbnails to entice viewers into clicking on...